Blaupunkt 6.2″ Touchscreen Multimedia Receiver with Bluetooth

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Watch over 90 years of innovation by Blaupunkt in action with the MEMPHIS 440 BT DVD Receiver with 6.2″ touch screen. This stereo system will become the focal point of your car as you play music, watch movies, and go hands-free with the built-in Bluetooth functionality. With 40 station presets, you’ll never be without music …

Watch over 90 years of innovation by Blaupunkt in action with the MEMPHIS 440 BT DVD Receiver with 6.2″ touch screen. This stereo system will become the focal point of your car as you play music, watch movies, and go hands-free with the built-in Bluetooth functionality. With 40 station presets, you’ll never be without music and talk shows to listen to while on-the-go. Insert a miniSD card into the receiver and you’ll be able to view all of your favorite photos, listen to music, and watch all of the films you could imagine with ease. The MEMPHIS 440 BT also plays CDs and DVDs, giving you a variety of ways to enjoy using this car stereo and making it the ultimate choice when looking for a brand new stereo system. REMOTE: Pass the remote off to your passengers and give them the power to change songs, play or pause videos, switch to radio mode, and even answer phone calls. This sleek remote has every button you need to operate the MEMPHIS 440 BT.

  • – 6.2″, 800 x 480 touchscreen
  • (R) hands-free
  • Compatible with DVD, DivX(R), VCD, WMA, MP3 & CD
  • Electronic skip protection
  • Aux input
  • miniSD(TM) Card/mini port
  • AM/FM radio
  • 40 station presets, station seek & preset scan
  • Volume/bass/treble/balance/fader control
  • Selectable EQ curves (Pop, rock, classic, jazz & custom)
  • 40W x 4
  • Includes remote, adapter cable & wiring harness


Features iPod Connections, Bluetooth
Brand Blaupunkt
Manufacturer Part Number MMP440BT
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.97 x 6.97 x 3.94 Inches
  1. Bobby

    It Was Very Well Packaged….Nothing Broken… Delivered By UPS….

  2. Cheryl

    Literally amazed with just how much this head unit can do for so cheap. I can’t believe it. I have 2006 Ford focus zx3 and installation was super easy. Just be sure to get the adapter. I really have nothing bad to say about it. The colors are adjustable, the DVD player works, the Bluetooth is awesome, and to me it sound a lot louder than my stock radio. Can’t speak on how long it’ll last but for now I am very happy with it

  3. Thomas

    I bought this for an older toyota with a double din dash. For about $60 (on sale or clearance) I took a chance since I could install it myself in about an hour.in the driveway. It fit the dash opening well without needing any faceplate adapter (Your car may vary) and I connected the radio wiring to a Toyota wiring adapter -available from Walmart for about $10 – in my living room before physically installing the radio in the car.
    I am pretty impressed with it and it fulfilled the previous buyer reviews that helped motivate my purchase. A TIP – If you just ground the correct wire then it will play DVDs or almost any videos- even while you drive. (Just keep your eyes on the road while moving as the driver!)
    Great for concert DVDs or the many Youtube Concerts (or other music or podcasts) that you can download with the right (non-chrome) PC browser to a USB drive or micro SD card.

    The screen can be ‘blacked’ by hitting one button for nightime driving with audio continuing if you want – and it plays all kinds of audio CD’s, DVD’s mp3s or connects easily to your smartphone (I have an android) for phone calls or music or radio apps.

    The touch screen and the rear- view camera connection all work fine too. The only non-perfect feature is the AM-FM reception.
    I replaced a premium Pioneer radio with HD-radio and the reception for weak or distant radio isn’t quite as good but that wasn’t a surprise. I just use my phone to hear almost any U.S. radio station or Podcast via the Bluetooth or aux-in anyway, which is nearly always equal or superior to over the air radio anyway. With the decent stock speakers in My Toyota the sound for music is very good and capable to be loud with good Bass.
    Not any noticeable difference from my previous Pioneer or Sony radios even for loud rock or jazz music.
    If you can’t get this radio at the great price I got, it looks like one of the Dual Brand radios is nearly an identical clone of this one based on appearances and other customer reviews.
    Some come with the CD/DVD feature and others don’t. Choose based on your preference and current pricing. Just be sure which you choose since only the small Disc slot at the top looks different between units.
    Also some similar units may have a steering wheel attachable remote rather than the credit card size remote this and most others usually include. Personally the decent size icons and touch-screen and mechanical volume knob make this easy to use with a quick glance even while driving so I rarely use the included remote. ( With my previous Pioneer radio, with too complicated menus and smaller displays and buttons partly due to being single din – half the size , I often had to use the remote to simplify adjustments without distraction or ‘errors’ while driving )
    Some newer cars may need a more expensive adapter/connector if the car came with radio associated features such as security features, steering wheel controls or deluxe multispeaker JBL which may or may not be compatible with these aftermarket radios – even with a $20+ adapter. Do a little thinking and online research related to the vehicle you might add this radio too, especially if replacing the original factory radio.

  4. Gerald

    The sound quality on the thing is really good. Much better than the stock radio even using the stock speakers. Connection to I-Phone blue tooth,(Takes about 10 seconds from start up and stays connected well) The remote works fine, DVD picture quality isn’t bad if you want to use it. (I don’t) So what is the down side? This is a car radio by definition. The one thing it does not do as well as the stock unit. (FM) the reception stinks. And the controls are not at all ergonomic while the driver is watching the road. If you want to use this for anything other than FM radio buy it. It does everything else very well. And again the sound is great.

  5. Johnny

    This stereo is amazing love it alot sounds great perfect sound has lots of hookups for and great picture and easy to install and use thank you

  6. Christina

    Is it good radio for the price that I paid. Easy aux access. I recommend this product to anyone.

  7. Heather

    awesome radio, wish it had sirius radio capabilities

  8. Henry

    Great Stereo, Very Good Sound, Easy Install. Great price.

  9. Dennis

    This stereo has many great features at an affordable price.

  10. John

    I haven’t fully utilize all the basic functions,but it seems pretty good.

  11. Louis

    The XO is the same radio But this model has more features! I like it for the price front rear cameras and bluetouth with hands free!

  12. David

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