Boss 6.5 Inch 300 Watt 3-Way Car Coaxial Audio Red Stereo Speakers CH6530 (Pair)

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These Boss Audio Three-Way Car Speakers can handle 300 watts and produce a strong, quality sound for automobile stereo systems. The 300-watt speakers handle highs and mids well and offer strong bass playback. These Boss Audio 6.5″ Full Range Chaos Speakers are stylish, with a sleek glossy black trim, shiny chrome embellishments and a pop …

These Boss Audio Three-Way Car Speakers can handle 300 watts and produce a strong, quality sound for automobile stereo systems. The 300-watt speakers handle highs and mids well and offer strong bass playback. These Boss Audio 6.5″ Full Range Chaos Speakers are stylish, with a sleek glossy black trim, shiny chrome embellishments and a pop of a rich red color. The speakers feature high-quality 1/2″ piezo dome tweeters and excellent voice reproduction that will enhance your listening experience with every song or audio recording you play. Great for a long road trip or just short drives around town, these Boss audio car speakers 300W pair of speakers give you excellent sound quality every time. These speakers are built with Kapton voice coil formers and butyl rubber surrounds for superior power handling, maximum durability and enjoyable listening experience. The Boss Audio Three-Way Car Speakers are ideal for using your car.

  • 6.5″ 3-way Speakers
  • Freq Resp: 100hz-18khz
  • Piezo Dome Tweeters
  • Full-range Speakers
  • Red Metallic Poly-injection Cones
  • Butyl Rubber Surrounds
  • Imp: 4ohm
  • Includes Grilles
  • Pair
  • 300 watts max power handling
  • 1/2″ piezo dome tweeter
  • 30oz. magnet structure
  • Pair of Speakers

  1. Zachary

    These speakers were very good for the price. The sound quality is above average, not as loud as the factory speaker because the magnet was a little bigger. very easy to install, well if you know how to solder. But if you do not, you can but a factory adapter for your specific car at BesBuy. Products I used and why..
    -Wire strippers/cutters: cut the factory plug off from the car are expose the copper wires.
    -soldering iron and rosin core solder: to solder both the speaker wires to the car wires and use the core solder to keep it together.
    – heat shrink wrap: to cover the exposed copper and solder wires OR use electric tape to cover it.
    – A Dremel tool. To shave down these weird little parts sticking out of the door so that the speaker would fit.

    – ***Also you might need a special 5 star pointed screw driver AND some ratchets to get into your door and get the speaker out. Hope this was helpful.***
    -***ALSO!!!!, look at ohm’s when buying speakers, sound quality and how powerful it is.

  2. Christopher

    I needed four new speakers for my Dodge truck which I just recently purchased. I didn’t want to spend to much money on new speakers. I found these Boss Speakers on the Walmart website. The speakers arrived at my Walmart store in two days. I proceeded to install the speakers which required some mounting modifications. After completion of the install, I turned on the radio and to my surprise the speakers sounded GREAT! I turned the radio all the way up and the speakers had no problems, the music sounded great! I could not believe that I only paid $24.00 for four speakers. I got a quote from an audio company and the wanted $120.00 for the purchase and installation for two front speakers, not the rears. I am so glad that I found these Boss speakers at Walmart, great price! for great sound!

    Happy Customer

  3. Louis

    The speakers were used to replace front door speakers on a Chevy Cobalt. Came with plenty of speaker wire and quick connections. They sound good. I was expecting a better quality sound then the stock speakers, however that is not the case. But for $19 as replacements with no downgrade in sound quality, you can’t really go wrong.

  4. Angela

    I was skeptical because of the price but I read the reviews and I thought, what the heck, take a chance. I am so glad I did! The speakers come with everything you need and they sound great. I replaced the speakers in my 2002 C240 Mercedes best thing I did. Incredible item and great price! Thanks Walmart!!

  5. Larry

    Great product, installs easily, great sound, definitely needs to be amplified to reach full potential, unless radio has high enough wattage, but great balanced sound over all.
    I would recommend, especially with its pricing.

  6. Christina

    Replaced stock speakers from my 2003 Tahoe….they sound awesome, just like when I first bought the truck! Easy install, will definitely buy again for my other cars!!!

  7. Larry

    Bought these speakers after reading all the reviews. Got to say for the price they are not bad. They don’t kick out all that much bass, but sound much better then the blown factory speakers they replaced. I would recommend these speakers for someone that is looking to not spend a lot of money. Just remember that speakers only sound as good as the system driving them.

  8. Christina

    It’s better than destroyed one, Easy install, and cheap!
    Got 4 speakers to my Acura Integra.
    My Screenshot audio system has 1500W, and I think I need one better than that to get all the power of those speakers!
    However, the sound is not 0 clear. In my opinion, I guess they are clear.
    Even though I bought it when my previous speakers were destroyed and annoying, so I’m not a loser.
    The Installation was easy because I have the right tools and the knowledge.
    Just Do It.

  9. Louis

    Speakers used to replace blown factory speakers in 07 trailblazer ls. The speakers are decent. They sound ok, but not very loud. No bass to speak of. They are pretty clear and the mid and treble sound decent, but for some reason, they just do not seem loud, even turned up all the way. I have 1 OEM speaker remaining in the front right door, and that thing sounds great. Way better than these replacement speakers, so not sure what the deal is. The speakers installed fairly easy and look nice. I did not want to spend money on speakers, so they are about what I expected. I am not trying to make my vehicle heard coming down the road, but I do enjoy listening to my Christian music, so these work pretty well for that purpose. You can hear them and they get the job done, but they are definitely not anything special. If you are looking for cheap cheap cheap replacements, these are perfect. If you are wanting something more high-end, these are not for you.

  10. Gloria

    I picked this up for a portable deck sound system project and not my car. I wanted a cheap way to listen to local radio or my mp3, ipod, usb stick, or sd card with mp3’s on them outside on my deck. I used a 12v power supply/battery and the Boss head unit to power the Boss 6 1/2 speakers built into a little box/table I built. It plays loud enough to enjoy in the back yard. It’s not DJ party loud but I did not want that.

  11. Catherine

    I have had quite a few of these speakers with years of enjoyment. I have had them amped with an ARC Audio amp with ZERO problems. Well built AND cheap. You can easily cut the tweeter wires if you decide theres to much treble. Nice clear audio as long as your stereo can keep send enough power to them.

  12. Henry

    I have purchased three pairs of these speakers, initially I just wanted some cheap replacements for my trailblazer, which I was going to sell but did not. So for the past months I have been driving it around and the sound is very nice. for almost a third of the price of cheap Best Buy ones or other shops. I will be buying another set for my other cars that just went out. I have owned Boss equipment in the past for many years and they make decent equipment.

  13. Karen

    I thought I needed a new radio for my car. I like to listen to music when I am driving rather than the sound of my old car. The sound was very statically and couldn’t get it loud enough to hear the music. I ordered a new radio and speakers for my 97 ford escort. The speakers came first so my Grandson put them in the front doors. Oh my goodness what a difference to the sound. I don’t need the new radio but will keep it just in case or give it as a present to one of my grandkids.
    This 67 year old Nana can listen to her music now while I am driving. The speakers are awesome.

  14. Crystal

    This speaker are good , good sound

  15. Donald

    Great product at reasonable price!

  16. Robert

    You cannot beat the speakers for the cost. They sound so much better than original equipment, I less expensive. Maybe better speakers and I am not certain how long they will last but for now they have far exceeded my expectations

  17. Linda

    Though the installation was hard in my Vehicle due to the wiring, these speakers are amazing. Crystal Clear audio, and work well with the Volume and Bass at max power. Highly recommended, and will buy again for future cars.

  18. Jesse

    Replaced all four stock Chevy HHR speakers. The sound is much better now. Wires were a smaller guage than I’d like but more than adequate for this application.

  19. Sharon

    I wasn’t expecting the loudness and clearity of speakers that cost 3 times as much or more, and it is not equivalent to them, but it gives nice loud sound with my higher watt system in my RV. I wished it had come with a cutout template, but I made one easily enough. It works well for a $20 speaker set. I recommend it.

  20. Danielle

    I bought these for my boat, not expecting too much. They came in early and carefully packaged. I hooked them up to a matching Boss stereo that came the same day, without installing them yet. I was amazed at the sound! I have since installed them on my boat with weather covers, and listen to great sound while on the water! Highly recommend. Great deal for the money spent!

  21. Brandon

    I bought this for my 2001 nissan sentra gxe cuz the factory speaker were wormed but overall it’s ok I mean it’s doing it’s job but you can’t expect high volume or high bass from this speaker, it’s simply as per value, doing it’s job but look wise it’s excellent n the delivery came before promised time

  22. Janice

    Boss isn’t big like pioneer or anything but it’s affordable. Very good quality, I have boss subs (2 12s), 4x6s and the 6x5s. I like my music loud so they get beat to the max and I’ve had no problems out of any of them. Even the amps and radios are good quality.

  23. Barbara

    I had some really poor speakers in a soundbar. These were much bigger so I had to do some modifications. Once I got them installed they sounded great! I am super impressed with the sound difference and the range these speakers have in my Jeep. Huge upgrade for me and I would recommend.

  24. Victoria

    I must say I couldn’t be happier with these terrific speakers!!! I spent a lot of time researching to replace the blown stock speakers in my 1996 Mazda Protege. I started with famous Crutchfield audio tech people on the phone who scared the wits out of me with a lot of ‘unknowns’ factors and expensive replacements that came up to well over 250 dollars! My car’s after-market head unit was Boss 612UA ( again a Walmart purchase ). I listen to a lot of Vintage recordings from India that have either less bass or no bass at all. Plus my car is getting old. I didn’t want to make a huge investment on Audio since I am not sure how long I would keep it. I compared the sound of these babies with another pair of Schosche speakers I bought from Walmart. Schoshe were a tad tinnier plus the holes wouldn’t match at all. With these speakers, only 2 holes would match, I had to drill two extra wholes which was easy. I didn’t use any baffles or covers though. I also replaced the rear speakers with 2 other 6.9 3-way speakers from Boss. The rear ones were easy fit and easy install. I cranked the sound up with some classic Dire Straits, Doobie Brothers, Eric Clapton & Steely Dan that I had transferred from CDs to MP3s on to an SD Card. Boy what a difference! They sound much warmer, richer and ‘real’ with these speakers. For the price and practicality of these speakers, you simply can’t beat ’em! 🙂

  25. Jordan

    these speakers are pretty darn sweet for the price. they sound excellent. cant complain.

  26. Jessica

    Just don’t expect any BASS from these speakers.. Probably be good for Talk Shows..

  27. Ryan

    Good sound for the price. Better than their 3.5″ speakers. Would like to try their 6×9’s.

  28. Marilyn

    You can’t beat the price. They are pretty stylish speaker. Not as loud as I was hoping.

  29. Emma

    Order was easy, delivery on time promised. Speakers do the job.

  30. Teresa

    This is not a fake review. I set them up and they sound great. Defiantly worth it and can’t beat the price

  31. Charles

    Not only do these look really nice but they sound amazing. Very impressed and will purchase again if ever needed.

  32. Mark

    i only hooked up 2 so far and they sound loud can’t wait for the other 2 to see what it would sound like with all 4

  33. Bobby

    I ordered these for my wifes jeep liberty not factory size but will work. Sound great for some cheap speakers.

  34. Christopher

    great speakers to replace OEM originals, can’t complain for the price. great product,very good sound

  35. Charles

    I used the speaker in an older 1983 Toyota truck. Great for regular speakers for easy listening music..

  36. Joyce

    I was slightly hesitant about purchasing these speakers due to the price, but I am very happy with them. They are very clear and look great too.

  37. Tiffany

    We bought these for my son’s Saturn SC2 and hooked them to a Sony amp- I am very shocked at how well these sound! I don’t know how long they will last though…

  38. Grace

    Product was delivered earlier than promised. It was easily installed to replace factory speakers and immediately showed an improvement in the performance of the audio system. Worth the price if it holds.

  39. Judy

    Speakers outperformed my expectations as to sound quality, the high tones, low tones, medium tones. Easy to install, just what I expected. I’d highly recommended to other buyers, And for the price, there’s nothing like it on the market or at upfront stores.

  40. Katherine

    Item is as described, but the shipping was the worst I’ve ever seen. When I bought this item it said the cheap shipping would take 5-7 days. It was almost two weeks, fed ex took nine days to cross the country, and then the post office took over for another three days.

  41. Emily

    I would have given them 5 stars had they surprised me and included screws for mounting them. Of course, mounting screws were not included in the item description, but everyone appreciates a pleasant surprise once in a while. 😉

    Anyway, They speakers are well made and work amazing well in my homemade ukulele amplifier.

  42. Laura

    Sounds perfect for value bundle radio package

  43. Helen

    Product was exactly as described and arrived 1 day early

  44. Timothy

    really good for the price mounted in wood enclosures to use in garage

  45. Christian

    Bought 4 of them will run you out my tahoe not bad for the price

  46. Alexander

    Sound excellent for the price, better than factory speakers.

  47. Catherine

    good deal nice sound easy install came with wires

  48. Crystal

    Replace stock speakers in my 98 Camry.
    Major improvement. Can’t beat the price!

  49. Daniel

    upgraded stock speakers with these and they perform great ! For the price they are great value.

  50. Debra

    I’ll be picking up the 4×6’s next, you can’t best these for the price, plus free shipping to the local brick and mortar Walmart.

  51. Melissa

    Great sounding speakers I would buy more there worth it! Thanks! The screws are no good, but hey” buy better ones, move on.

  52. Kathryn

    They sound stock, which is exactly what I was looking for. Easy installation into an Isuzu Ascender.

  53. Helen

    These fit great and sound good. I replaced my factory speakers with these and the surround is great.

  54. Barbara

    I did receive this speakers pretty fast and when I put them in my car I was pretty impressed by the sound quality. I read a couple of bad reviews about this speakers but quite honestly they have worked good for me and not even mention the price.

  55. Joseph

    Needed to replace factory speakers that had gone bad. These were about as cheap as I could find and sound as good or better than the factory speakers did.

  56. Frances

    I get those speakers for my wife’s minivan , ease to install , and arrive on time , the sound is not the best to be a 3 way speakers , people says “you get what you plaid “.

  57. Christina

    Nice surprise no distortion on lound more than decent sound for the price. I usually go higher end on speakers but this was for a 94 Jeep I use in my station car. Can’t go wrong with the price.

  58. Helen

    I installed these in a 2000 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner standard cab. The 6.5″ speakers fit perfectly and the mounting holes lined up perfectly. The install took me all of a half hour and everything works very well. After my Infinity’s busted, I needed a pair of speakers to put in the truck to last me a coupe years until I sell. For $15 you can’t go wrong. If you want super lows and mids, these are not for you … because they are $15 and if you expect such a high level of performance and are viewing this item, then you have larger problems to work on. BUT, If you want decent enough bass and decent enough mids and you don’t plan to jam your radio at max volume, then these will be suitable replacements for you.

    The sound is decent. You can hear pronounced bass and mid range and the highs are nice. And for the price, if they end up not lasting my entire two years or so, i’ll just grab another pair. Great value for decent replacement speakers!

  59. David

    This is a great choice for someone who wants good sound for cheap. I just installed two of these in a 2004 trailblazer and they sound great with the factory stereo. Much better quality that the factory speakers. I will be buying two more for the back doors soon.

  60. Randy


  61. Judy

    Great sound for the price.

  62. Jack

    Very nice easy to install

  63. Elizabeth

    sound good compared to what was going on

  64. Doris

    I have no commit, only to say that this is a pretty fair item and I would recommend it.

  65. Dennis

    They work just fine and i am happy with them

  66. Diane

    Excellent value when ordering on line. Sounds great with no distortion at very high volume.

  67. Doris

    easy to install great sound flashy looks

  68. Philip

    Sounds Great work beter then expected value +

  69. Frances

    No problems. Great for the price

  70. Brian

    Installed in my Camper. sound very goog

  71. Jordan

    these are great speakers for the price I haven’t had any trouble with themthey nice and loud

  72. Stephen

    i just purchased my first car stereo and this speakers are perfect match!!!

  73. Kathryn

    Good product, bad service

  74. Karen

    easy to hook up and sound very clear. i recommend to everyone. also fast shipping came to my house in about 2 days with regular shipping.

  75. Susan

    Great sound and price for the money. The mid range speakers put out an impressive sound as well. I would recommend these speakers to my friends.

  76. Angela

    The Walmart service made easy to order the speakers were easy to install and they sound absolutely great !!!

  77. Benjamin

    They sound good up to mid range but after that they start to break up. I haven’t been able to crank it all the way because they start vibrating.

  78. Tammy

    Good product at afordable price

  79. Edward

    works great for what I used it for.

  80. Joyce

    sound good happy with purchase

  81. Douglas

    I installed these in my sons car and the sound quality is not bad for the price.

  82. Virginia

    Good little speakers for the price

  83. Carolyn

    The speakers are great at an even better value.

  84. Tammy

    These speakers sound great

  85. Ralph

    I love the product nd it works very well..

  86. Andrew

    They sound very good for the price. Even my wife said so, I would recommend it to anyone.

  87. Jose

    My son loves them and is begging for another set for the back of his car. Well worth the money!!!

  88. Richard

    For the price they are great.

  89. Christina

    Sound good fit perfectly.

  90. Katherine

    On time and what I wanted for a fair amount

  91. Anna

    They were easy to put in and hook-up. Now with all 4- speakers hook-up, the car sounds great.

  92. Bruce

    one of the 4 speakers does not work

  93. Samuel

    work very well have a lot of bass

  94. Cynthia

    More then impressed with the quality and speed of delivery.

  95. Ryan


  96. Joshua

    easy install. sounds great.

  97. Gary

    Has a nice should. I installed them in my utility vehicle. Sounds great for the price

  98. Larry

    Great solution, but a 6″ speaker was needed–my fault. The 1/2″ made a big difference.

  99. Joyce

    The speakers are pretty good. After I get an amp and new stereo I might revise this review.

  100. Aaron

    A great buy, easy to install.

  101. Steven

    Low cost, free in store pick up, and speakers have very good sound. Great Triple combo .

  102. Sandra

    Purchased for 2002 tahoe speakers fit perfectly.

  103. Rachel

    output seems quieter than stock but the sound is richer and I have no desire to blow my eardrums out so they work well for me as replacement speakers. the ford speakers stock on the s model fiesta crapped out after a few rap songs lol. these don’t blow out at max volume where you can see the door panel vibrate the are plastic not paper cones…did not up my voltage or amperage but I bet you eardrums will split before these speakers do. had to adjust equalizer up base lower tweeters. but I don’t see why people complain about these speakers when you look at the price.can you compare it to 200$ speakers ? ofcourse not but the out perform $50 at half the price…
    ps if replacing fiesta you need to save the old housing to make it fit. literally cut out the old speaker from housing using knife then hot glue and or screw new speaker to housing then it will fit back in door.

  104. Randy

    Great sound

  105. Rachel

    Great Bass

  106. Dennis

    The best

  107. James

    going to buy more

  108. Carol

    excellent value

  109. Diane

    Speakers sounded great!

  110. Donald

    Came earlier than expected and they sound great

  111. Frank

    great speaker for the price. Sounds good and does exactly what you think you would much better than you would think for the price.

  112. Daniel

    far better than factory installed AC Delco speakers in my Silverado. For the price, you can’t beat them.

  113. Betty

    Considering the price of these pair of speakers, I would highly recommend these to ANYONE! They sound awesome!! Definitely not cheap quality.

  114. Frank

    I can hear a crisp clean sound to them. Great buy for the price and they were delivered a couple days early! So overall, I could recommend this product to anyone that asks about them.

  115. Ethan

    It’s got a nice sound

  116. Christian

    good buy

  117. Larry

    they work

  118. Jacob

    I would recommend

  119. Judy


  120. Betty

    Overall a good product. They have a good clear sound and look good in the car. Most speakers I have purchased in the past come with a mounting template so you its a little easier to cut and drill without using the speaker and risking damage to the product.As with most products,you get what you pay for.

  121. Donna

    I have an aftermarket stereo in my truck, and originally the speakers didn’t sound that great. I bought a 400w amp to power them up and what a difference. I went from hollow sounding and distorted (due to lack of power) to very loud and crisp. Great lows, mid and high range. I’m not looking to turn heads when I drive but my goal was to get a better and louder quality sound from the factory speakers. Mission accomplished, I would buy these again

  122. Jean

    Went in easy. Plenty of mounting holes. Built well. Good solder joints. Made my radio/player sound great including comedy disc. It handled all the sound modes well. I wish they had better advertising. The “low” price had me worried they would be junk. They’re not. Time will be the true test.

  123. Randy

    Excellent speakers for low price.

  124. Christina

    It’s better than destroyed one, Easy install, and cheap!
    Got 4 speakers to my Acura Integra.
    My Screenshot audio system has 1500W, and I think I need one better than that to get all the power of those speakers!
    However, the sound is not 0 clear. In my opinion, I guess they are clear.
    Even though I bought it when my previous speakers were destroyed and annoying, so I’m not a loser.
    The Installation was easy because I have the right tools and the knowledge.
    Just Do It.

  125. Christina

    It’s better than destroyed one, Easy install, and cheap!
    Got 4 speakers to my Acura Integra.
    My Screenshot audio system has 1500W, and I think I need one better than that to get all the power of those speakers!
    However, the sound is not 0 clear. In my opinion, I guess they are clear.
    Even though I bought it when my previous speakers were destroyed and annoying, so I’m not a loser.
    The Installation was easy because I have the right tools and the knowledge.
    Just Do It.

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