Boss 611UAB Boss Audio 611UAB Single-DIN MECH-LESS Receiver

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Boss 611uab boss audio 611uab single-din mech-less receiver, bluetooth – in-dash – mp3, wma – am, fm – 12, 18 x am, fm preset – sd – bluetooth – usb – auxiliary input Product Features MP3-compatible digital media 4 channel MP3/WMA Bluetooth® audio streaming, stream and control your favorite music apps www.bossaudio.com iPod® and iPhone® …

Boss 611uab boss audio 611uab single-din mech-less receiver, bluetooth – in-dash – mp3, wma – am, fm – 12, 18 x am, fm preset – sd – bluetooth – usb – auxiliary input

Product Features

  • MP3-compatible digital media
  • 4 channel
  • MP3/WMA
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming, stream and control your favorite music apps


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  1. Michael

    This is a nice product for the price. Had unit for a month now and did not had to reset it cause the bluetooth was not pairing with my device. My other unit I bought for a little less than this one blewout, because of a overheated component in unit along with a amplified antenna. The quality of this unit is much better than the 20.00 unit I purchased before. The bluetooth is clear and the radio station have very little static. I’m sure the aux is just as clear as the bluetooth.

  2. Austin

    For a $30.00 radio I love it bluetooth works great and thats what I needed for. I don’t use FM or am at all so I can’t tell you if it’s good or not

  3. Amber

    Radio performance is pretty good… install was pretty easy with the dash kit I purchased. Love the convenience of the Bluetooth for music and easily answering phone calls while driving… looks nice in dash… plenty of preset EQs and control options. Overall very happy with purchase! Did buy the extended warranty for 3 bucks… can’t beat that. Highly recommended.

  4. Michael

    Its real nice for the price, i replace it because the one I had was older. As soon as i installed it you can hear the difference. The voice/bass its clean.

  5. Matthew

    For the price, it’s a descent radio.
    Love that it has Bluetooth the only problem is that it takes a little longer to connect.
    But it’s what I expected.

  6. Raymond

    I bought this unit to replace my 99 suburban stock radio. I bought wire harness separately from advance auto parts, after that it was a matter of matching wire colors.
    I also replaced all speakers, but on this unit, it works great!!
    The USB port connects to my thumb drive and plays fine.
    BT connects to my iphone and it plays music fine. I have not tried the jack in or memory card but i suspect they work too.
    This unit is very easy to install and use.

    There are some considerations though, your MP3 files have to be clean, as in without errors. I have come across some files that would not play in my iphone. The same files when attempted to be played from the USB stick would freeze this unit. In which case you have to reset it with a paper clip.

    I dont use the BT for phone calls because while testing it I got a lot of feedback, I guess noise cancellation if not very good on this unit. That was the only drawback i found so far.

  7. Charles

    The unit was easy to install and works exactly as stated. The Bluetooth link to the phone worked flawlessly for me. The sound is as good as can be expected for a unit at this price point. Overall, I am very happy with it and would consider purchasing another one in the future.

  8. Bruce

    got this radio and put it in my granddaughters car…great options everything works and all options work great…but within a week the bottom of the words went blank…radio still worked great but could not read anything on the face…I had a hard time mounting it in her dash so I just ordered another one to slip in it’s place and will bring this one back…if I have the same or another problem with the next one it will be the last one…I will let you know what happens


    a hard time putting it in that i just ordered another same radio to put in it’s place and will bring the first one back…will let you know what happens to the next one…if same or something else happens it will be the last one

  9. Sharon

    Best bang for the buck by FAR! it works, the mic works good in calls in a loud truck. paid only $24 for it! I have streamed spotify on it and also used a USB with music. both options are good. One thing that surprised me is that if you have spotify open on your phone and turn the car on and the last time you turned your car off you were listening to spotify, it will start playing for you without you having to push play on your phone. Very convenient! I prefer using the USB for long trips, no signal for spotify and no commercials. It also takes a Micro SD so you dont have a dongle hanging out of your usb slot like I do.

  10. Mark

    Very light weight and easy install.
    Controls are easy and with an accessible eq.

  11. David

    Very suprised on the Great sounds of this Stereo. It was very inexpensive, I was a little weary about buying it, but Im glad I did!

  12. Alice

    Can’t believe the wires plugged straight in to a New Holland tractor! Great sound, lots of controls once you read the instructions. Big bass. Little weak on the AM reception side but I notice that on all new stereos now. Don’t know why. Bluetooth to phone hooked up immediately. Great stereo for a good price.

  13. Ralph

    You get what you pay for. Its cheap but yes it works. You will have to make your own ground because the if you use the factory ground you will hear noise in the speakers. Also the sound quality isn’t the best at low volumes. When using the radio it sounds like the music is far away. But for $22 its great for bluetooth.

  14. Lisa

    It’s ok.

  15. Kevin

    nothing to write home about, just a radio

  16. Linda

    Works great! Especially for the price you get it for. Bluetooth sounds really good. The only thing is that it is really bright at night time. But nice Replacement for such a cheap car.

  17. Jacqueline

    I did my research before I decided to buy this radio. It has everything I wanted and the price was outstanding. Setup was real easy with minimal manual searching. My only thing that was misleading to me was that the box said the radio was SD card. But I found out it was only MicroSD card only. No standard SD card size slot. The MicroSD slot is beside the USB port. Not a big deal since I use a 8GB card in it for my music. Bluetooth setup was a snap. I can make phone calls and the microphone on the unit itself is awesome. The caller comes out clear from your vehicle speakers nice and loud. I would recommend this radio to my friends and family. No more carrying CDs or moving parts.

  18. Austin

    Easy to install in a single DIN slot. Wiring harness was easy as well. The sound is okay for the price. The Blue Tooth feature is good. Once I synched with my phone’s media, it automatically plays when I get in the car. I haven’t figured out how to leave the clock display on all the time, but it’s not a big deal.

  19. Jane

    Got this for my son for Christmas….great sound, great price, and bluetooth! You cant go wrong with this one,

  20. George

    Works great. The sd card slot only accepts the micro sd cards. But it does sit flush so the cover can be closed once it is in.

  21. Bruce

    My brother loves it. Bought it as a gift and he said it sounds great!

  22. Catherine

    Bluetooth, and easy to use

  23. Nancy

    Nice quality at an affordable price

  24. Christina

    I bought this as a gift for my fiance’ and he loves it! It sounds great.

  25. Christopher

    Sounds great, looks good and love the blue tooth function. The only thing that sucks is it’s really bright at night and there’s no dimming function.

  26. Kathleen

  27. Andrew

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