Boss Audio CH6520 6.5″ 2-Way Chaos Extreme 250 Watt Car Speakers

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Chaos Exxtreme 6.5″ 2-way 250W Full Range Speaker Full Range 6.5″ 2-way Speaker Pair 250 Watts MAX 125 Watts RMS Power Handling per Pair 100 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response and 90dB Sensitivity Poly Injection Woofer Cone and Rubber Surround 1 Tweeter Per Speaker. Boss Audio Chaos Exxtreme 6.5″ 2-way 250W Full Range Speakers …

Chaos Exxtreme 6.5″ 2-way 250W Full Range Speaker Full Range 6.5″ 2-way Speaker Pair 250 Watts MAX 125 Watts RMS Power Handling per Pair 100 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response and 90dB Sensitivity Poly Injection Woofer Cone and Rubber Surround 1 Tweeter Per Speaker.

Boss Audio Chaos Exxtreme 6.5″ 2-way 250W Full Range Speakers (Pair)

  • Full Range 6.5″ 2-way Speaker Pair
  • 250 Watts MAX 125 Watts RMS Power Handling per Pair
  • 100 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response and 90dB Sensitivity
  • Poly Injection Woofer Cone and Rubber Surround
  • 1 Tweeter Per Speaker
  • Sold in Pairs


Features 4-Ohm
manufacturer_part_number ch6520
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.50 x 6.50 x 2.50 Inches
  1. Olivia

    Performed better then stock speakers. Don’t expect audiophile sound but they sound decent for the price

  2. Carol

    sound great on the door of my Silverado….

  3. Henry

    Highly recommend. Cant believe the price!!

  4. Debra

    Good sounding replacement speakers for a 2001 chevy truck.
    Great value for little money.

  5. Madison

    We were re doing our camper and needed to replace some speakers they work great and easy to install

  6. Jerry

    have not yet installed it; but it looks very nice.

  7. Heather

    The Boss Audio CH6520 CHAOS EXTREME 250 I purchased was a great price, and delivery
    was very fast and well packaged. I am very happy with them.

    Thank You, Eagle127

  8. Patricia

    I bought these to upgrade the “stock” sound system in my car…. Not gonna win any stereo competitions with these but they get the job done with good overall performance…. proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a “good” sounding system in your car……

  9. Jordan

    I had doubt until I installed these speakers in my Nissan Altima 1998. But I was happy with the sound quality. They dint fit exactly but I managed to fit them with some dragging and banging. Now they work great . It was cheap and its working good and beyond expectancy.

  10. Jacqueline

    These put a great sound and used these to replace some old 6×9 and these are great because they are two way rather than the basic one way 6×9 that was in place.

  11. Judy

    It is working fine, the sound is not as lively as my front speakers (same ones used to be in the back, but the paper parts of it deteriarated and was sounding very bad to the point that I had to turn the sterio to the front only) This speakers defently do the job. However if you want fancy tunes buy something else. I was not expecting the highest quality for my 1996 Toyota Corolla, so for me to have back sound in the back was super great. By the way, mechanicly speaking the screws fited perfectly to the place where the speakers mounting.

  12. Doris

    Used for replacement in trailblazer. Sounded much better than the factory speakers. Fitted great in the back with no problems. Had to modify the front speaker holders which didn’t take long but I am very handy when it comes to doing things. Could have purchased replacement holders for the front on e-bay but I didn’t wan’t to spend the extra money. For the price there great & I would do it again.

  13. Bobby

    I actually just received the speakers today, took a quick look at them and then went out and put them in my car (2006 Chevy Cobalt). They were easy to install, had to splice some wires but its all good. I had to drive holes (this is easy with a drill and a bit) for them too because factory speakers in a Cobalt only have one hole for a screw. I then turned the radio on and the speakers came to life, they sound great. But they don’t have much bass, so if thats what your looking for, this isnt it. But I plan on replacing the back speakers with Kickers so its all good. Great value! They work great.

  14. Keith

    This set of speakers was purchased for a project other than a car stereo. One of these speakers was used to replace a dead one in a vintage piece of police radio equipment. The manufacturer has thoughtfully retained the standard EIA mounting circle dimension, so this speaker dropped right into the spot occupied by a Motorola speaker from the 1940s. The build and sound quality of this speaker is unusually good for the very low price.

  15. Helen

    installed on a corolla 2006..sound great..if swapping speakers..i recommend just to rip out the old speakers without removing the housing….speakers can easily be screwed in with metal screws.to the original speaker housing…….anyways..original speakers aren t worth anything…sound great….good clean crisp sound….

  16. Rachel

    Really surprising how much better it sounds over stock but it is still very low. I know I can’t expect much with just an aftermarket head unit and no amp but at least I can throw the volume up and it sounds ok. Good value for the $17 I paid. I would recommend to anyone that just want to replace blown out speakers for cheap.

  17. Sarah

    Best part about it, is that it’s a name brand item. It’s not made for bass but still hits pretty nicely, i’m actually about to buy a 2nd pair to put in the back doors of my 96 Tahoe.

    treble/bass: 5/5 – could use more bass but for 18$/pair i can’t complain
    looks: 5/5 – love the red on it
    install: 5/5 – incredibly easy

  18. Jose

    Got em on sale, no complaints. if replacing old stock speakers these will be an improvement. Decent range as far as the sound goes, nothing really impressive with the low end but you shouldn’t expect that!

  19. Virginia

    I bought these speakers as a replacement for my daughter’s factory Mazda speakers which were no good. These speakers fit perfect and sound really nice for the money. I would recommend them to others. Although the car doesn’t have a high watt radio at the time it’s nice to know if an amp or high powered radio is installed the speakers can handle the higher power at 250 watts.

  20. Janice

    I bought these and the 3way 6x9s to replace a set of JBL GTOs of the same sizes in a car i am selling. I tossed the original speakers but didn’t want to lose the JBLs in the sale. Well these speakers are very cheap at 36 bucks for the 4 of them. I have been driving the car for a week now with these installed and have been pleasantly surprised. While they do not sound as good as the JBLs they do sound very good especially for the price. And at well under 1/2 of what the Jabal set cost. Bass response is fair fir the 6.5s and good on 6x9s. Highs aren’t too shrill. Overall really good value. Blew original speakers away. I wood definitely consider again for a factory replacement. These are in use with a factory head unit and no additional amplification

  21. Sarah

    put these in my car and i was blowed away with the sound they produce made my system louder and much more clearer.

  22. Jane

    these are very loud, and my (weak) 100 watt amp isn’t even making them warm at all. you probably want a subwoofer to go with these if you want to FEEL your bass ( but you can definitely hear it with just these) and an equalizer since the tweeter is a bit too strong to go with these speakers but they are very clear and super cheap, come with install kit, overall they are worth it.

    by the way, if you want something visually subtle, these aren’t that, they are a bright sparkly red like a car paint with shiny tweeters

  23. Lauren

    I bought 2 pairs as replacements for my 1999 Dodge Durango. The truck has the factory INFINITY sound system with a built in secondary amp but the OEM speakers were completely shot. I read reviews here that were favorable, and the price can’t be beat so I gave it a shot. These sound REALLY good in my truck at any volume. I am 46, male, listen to old school rock music, at not too loud volume most of the time. First test was Joe Walsh “Rocky Mountain Way” on CD. I started low volume, and then gradually increased…then cranked it. Sounds great across the board!
    I am extremely satisfied with these.
    I wouldn’t plan on using the speaker wires that come with them though (I didn’t). They are as thin as dental floss and I wouldn’t waste my time with them.

  24. William

    I just needed something to replace the ones that were blown out in my truck. I find that they are suffecient for handling the volume which these days is not as high as when I was younger but they have a nice clean sound to them and for the price I could not argue. I would say if your not looking for a great pair of speakers but a pretty good one then get them. I just have to say I could not beat the price for these.

  25. Frances

    I just needed some speakers to replace the blown door units in my 99 Dakota. I really just wanted some factory speakers but finding them for a 17 year old vehicle outside of a junkyard is either impractical or expensive.

    These worked just fine, I’m a little surprised because the RMS rating on these speakers are about 125-150w each if I remember right, and my factory non-amplified head unit, I’m sure, doesn’t push anything close to that RMS or even Peak wise. But running speakers under powered generally will not hurt them as long as the power is constant. So for about $10 plus tax for the pair I would say that is a great deal. I’m sure with a little bit of power coming from an low to mid power amp would sound even better, but remember its only a 6.5″ woofer, your not going to vibrate that grill off your teeth just yet.

  26. Roger

    i bought these to replace the high end speakers i had installed my car when it was time to sell it. I was very impressed at the clear quality sound the produced from the stock cd player. They didn’t sound nearly as good as the expensive speakers i replaced but they cost hundreds of dollars. For the money I spent i was very happy. I would recomend these to anyone on a budget replacing factory speakers that are worn or blown out. If your expectations are realistic you won’t be dissapointed.

  27. Kathleen

    Really good performance gantastic price get them while the last

  28. Linda

    Speakers are all right they were easy to install and sound great for 17.00

  29. Alice

    Easy install and they sound pretty decent . Plenty of bass for not having a sub.

  30. Julia

    Fast delivery, well packaged, good sound too. I custom installed these into my dashboard rather then in the doors.

  31. Sean

    Great sound, good bass. Fit my 2000 S10 pickup doors well, had to drill new mounting holes, no big deal. I have the companion 4×6’s in my dash. BIG improvement over the original speakers. I’m very happy with these speakers.

  32. Jacob

    Performs much better than I thought they would, considering the price. These speakers are replacing original equipment in my Pontiac G5. Both door speakers were blown. Easy install.

  33. Jordan

    I bought these speakers to supplement the Boss radio that I bought for my 16 year old son. He really seemed to be excited about them. We are working on getting them installed but I’m sure they will be plenty loud enough for my teenage driver.

  34. Laura

    These speakers sound good for the price. They don’t have any bass but they do sound better then the old factory speakers. I have 60 watts rms powering each one and they handle it well.

  35. Henry

    Everything was included in package. Unit, wiring, screws, & face plate. Sounds great too

  36. Louis

    great speakers for the price, works just fine.

  37. Russell

    Excellent value,sound as good as speakers twice this price!

  38. Adam

    Easy to install, good sound, great value!!

  39. Michael

    Just the sound I was looking for to amp up summertime!

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