Boss Audio Systems AVA-R1100M RIOT 1100 Watts Monoblock Amplifier

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Max Power, 2 Ohm 1100W x 1. Rms Power, 4 Ohm 250W x 1. Signal-To-Noise Ratio > 102 Db. Thd 0.01%. Dimensions: 10-7/16″W x 2-1/4″H x9-1/8″L.– SKU: MNMM0349 Monoblock class A/B car audio amplifier Peak power of 1100 watts, RMS power of 825 watts Subwoofer level control and high level inputs Thermal, overload, and short …

  • Max Power, 2 Ohm 1100W x 1.
  • Rms Power, 4 Ohm 250W x 1.
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio > 102 Db.
  • Thd 0.01%.
  • Dimensions: 10-7/16″W x 2-1/4″H x9-1/8″L.
    – SKU: MNMM0349
    • Monoblock class A/B car audio amplifier
    • Peak power of 1100 watts, RMS power of 825 watts
    • Subwoofer level control and high level inputs
    • Thermal, overload, and short protection
    • Includes bass remote control
    • Boss logo is backlit in a cool blue glow
    • Specifications:
    • Max power: 1100 watts
    • Max power at 4 ohms: 550 watts x 1
    • RMS power at 4 ohms: 413 watts x 1
    • Max power at 2 ohms: 1100 watts x 1
    • RMS power at 2 ohms: 825 watts x 1
    • Amp topology: Monoblock, class A/B
    • Power supply type: MOSFET
    • Channel configuration: 1-channel
    • Total harmonic distortion: 0.01 percent
    • Frequency response: 9 Hz-50 kHz ?1 dB
    • Impedance: 2 to 8 ohms
    • S/N Ratio (A-Weighted): 102 dB
    • RCA Inputs: 2-channel
    • Low Pass Filter: 35 Hz to 160 Hz
    • Bass boost: Switchable or 18 dB
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.125 x 10.4375 x 2.25 inches
    • Weight: 6 pounds

    1. Lauren

      My Pioneer 800watt went dead and was going to replace it and not really sure if it was the amp after checking everything. Was going to buy the same but the price is up there. Then I saw this at Walmart for under $50 and thought to give it a try. Had my doubts but for the price, couldn’t go wrong. Boy, was I shockingly suprise. Are you kidding me? It exceeded all my expectations. I have a 1400 watt subwoofer and this baby rocks it hard with thunderous bass. Very pleased. Thank You finally, Walmart!.

    2. Patricia

      I have this paired with a pioneer 251sx 10′ subwoofer and it sounds great in my extended cab silverado. Took about a week to adjust it right. Make sure you don’t have your gain set to high, I also have the bass boost switch turned on and the bass remote turned all the down and it pounds! Great for a single 10″ or “12

    3. Timothy

      I slept on this amp looking for somthing cost efficient this thing rocks….i got it pushing a 10 and 12 inch sub woofer in my tahoe.Its just right and didnt heat up.

    4. Matthew

      I would highly recommend this product! I hooked it up with my two Rockford Fosgate P1 12″ and they sound great!

    5. Patricia

      Great Amp love the led logo looks very sharp. As for power its as loud as advertised the remote bass control makes it very easy to adjust the level.

    6. Catherine

      Does the job for the price.Works very well in my wife’s 98 mustang hooked up to a single kicker solobaric subwoofer in a ported box its been in her car for over a year with no problems at all I would recommend this to anyone starting out in aftermarket car audio just make sure its installed correctly and you should be good.

    7. Anthony

      I would recommend this amplifier to you, if you are looking for one, It is great.

    8. Kyle

      Small enough to fit behind pickup seat and powerful enough to pack a punch to my subwoofer. Would buy again, I am not a hard core bass person but definitely works well.

    9. Walter

      Got 2 of these, each one going to a memphis 10″, subs are rated at 250rms/750 peak and i can max the amp out with no problems, didn’t expect it to be true watts and i wasn’t dissappointed, however they get the job done, just don’t get it expecting to run more than 1 sub off it.

    10. Henry

      I bought this cause the postive reviews i read on here so i gave it a shot ,n i have it hooked up to a 12 sub vented sub box and once you get it tuned just right it hits HARD Hits caint even see out my rear view mirror vibebrateing so much Hard banging bass i would definitely recommend this amp

    11. Douglas

      Great amp for the price! Works awesome with my 12″ Kenwood

    12. Carl

      works very well with my 12inch 1300watt pioneer sub

    13. Julie

      Makes my 15 kicker hit hard

    14. Julia

      That level control is totally safe and convenient. We can quickly change the base level without going to screens on the radio.

    15. Linda

      Great product. Works great and worth the price.

    16. Kimberly

      I would recommend to anyone…

    17. Jordan

      Very surprised after hooking this amp up. I had a Kenwood amp that lasted for 14 years. A diode went bad and I started looking for a replacement. I was also on a budget and did not want to spend more than $100. My old amp pushed my 10 inch MTX Thunder 5500 sub at 200rms and this one pushes it even harder at 250. I honestly bought this amp from WalMart thinking it would be cheap and easy to return. I went in with very low expectations and I was very surprised at how well it works. Very clean amp, great led light configuration, and easy to adjust. My old Kenwood amp seemed like it had more sound in the voice coil area but did not hit as hard. I would recommend this amp for those on a budget and getting a lot of bass for your buck.

    18. Victoria

      great buy and the sub control knob is an awesome device.

    19. Bryan

      I read other reviews saying amp was no good. Saw reviews here let me just say I am very pleased with this amp little yet so powerful.
      I have 2 Kicker Comps 12″ parallel kicks real hard.

    20. Michael

      bought amp, 12″ jvc woofer and box for under 150. Sounds great with way more bass than i need but easy to adjust and install. I was looking for budget bass in an older commutor car and this was excellent purchase for me!

    21. Jason

      Seems to be working fine, have not b had it long enough to say good or bad.

    22. Billy

      This product was an ok investment

    23. Barbara

      I must say I am impressed with this amplifier, so far it has performed great.

    24. Christina

      The quality of sound and beauty are pretty good.

    25. Megan

      Needed a decent I expensive amp to push a 12″ I gave this boss a chance because back in the old days I used a boss amp that rocked for me. This didn’t let me down, and powers my 12″ kicker well. Great price for a decent amp, nevermind the non premium brand. I recommend you give this a shot. It won’t win a competition, but it’ll bump your trunk and neighborhood

    26. Emma

      Not enough power as i thought but good for one speaker. My 2phone 12’s sounded distorted. Jus stopped being cheap an jus upgraded …lol

    27. Karen

      Idk what is is about this amp but its super good like i had more expensive amps but my sub kept blowing them out idk why so i just decided to go with this one and like wow it can handle my sub

    28. Amber

      great! love it

    29. Rachel

      I am using a single 10″ DVC NVX VSW102v2 wired to a 4 Ohm load. It is rated at 200-350 RMS. I made a sealed .75 CuFt box that is perfect for tight bass with rock and country. I have seen many reviews all over the board on what the AMP RMS is rated at for 4 ohm load. BOSS Audio’s home website says 413W x 1 RMS at 4ohm, double at 2 Ohm. This amp pairs perfectly with the sub I am using. The amp is solid and very well built for the money. I have the gain turned up to about 75% on the amp with no distortion. As many have stated the remote does not seem to be working, but I have also read that the amp has to be in a certain mode for it to work. I am just using the remote that came with the Scosche LOC2SL with automatic remote turn on. I just tapped into the back speaker wires and I am still using my stock head unit Make sure you ground the LOC or the power will not come on. For the power and ground wiring I am using the 8 gauge Scosche pure copper kit KPA8SD and this amp does not even get warm. I did replace the 50 amp fuse that comes with the kit for a 40 amp fuse for safety. 8 gauge is what the amp spec calls for on their website. I gave a 4 star rating because I have only had this amp for about a week, but so far I am very happy.

    30. Jesse

      Have used boss products for years this amp exceeded my expectations

    31. Robert

      Does the job well with 2 800 watt 12’s

    32. Diane

      I got this to drive a single DVC sub wired @ 2 ohms. With 8 gauge wire and a 2 farad capacitor, it does a very good job in my truck.

    33. Judith

      i bought this because my amp had died and i was like now i can upgrade lol. unfortunate i thought this one was a 2 channel oooops my fault. i bridged my 2 12″ n it sounds beautiful will recommend this

    34. Diana

      So far so good except the remote does do anything at least not when u have a sub hooked up, may be its more for the high input if u u were to use it for speakers or tweeters. But overall for the pyle blue wave 1000w 10in sub I got it bangs

    35. Peter

      Pushes my 12″ Kenwood KFC-W3016PS hard. Have it in the trunk of my ’16 Honda Accord Coupe and it rattles it nicley and shakes all the mirrors. And that’s at minimal power. Would recommend for an inexpensive beginner setup. We’ll see how long it lasts though..

    36. Teresa

      I’m using this to power my R2D2 10″ and it sounds good for what I need. But I have to turn all the gain and also all the bass boost in order to create some bass sound in my Acura MDX. I was expecting a little more power without having to use the bass boost option.

    37. Jason

      I like this product

    38. Matthew

      This amp is no joke . I didn’t expect it to work as good as it does. I have heard bad things about boss amps but this one make me a believer.

    39. Mildred

      I enjoy the amp that I have connected to my 12″ JVC Speakers. The ONLY bad thing was that U.S. Post office deliver it and left it on my porch unattended. The amp was in the original box only and wasn’t wrap or bundle safely at all.

    40. Marilyn

      Purchased this amp to run my 12 inch enclosed sub. I like the controls where you can dial in the crossover frequency range and cut off points. Great amp for the price. Very satisfied.

    41. Linda

      So far, this amp has plenty of power for my 1200 watt Pyle subwoofer!! I wish that it came with more explanations of the various controls and settings. It definitely has the wattages and power that I expected it would have!! I hope that it will last!! Good job!

    42. Jeffrey

      Had to take back to Walmart ,no big deal I didn’t read it wasn’t 2 channel. Called on the phone good response time within two minutes I had the new number for the amp I needed. Guy on the phone had a vast knowledge and was polite. The new amp came and has been great for the two weeks I’ve had it hooked up.

    43. Juan

      this amplifier carries a lot of punch

    44. Sharon

      works well in my Colorado truck, mounted behind the seat next to the sub speaker. Good price, good sound, good price…

    45. Lori

      I love it the best part that I didn’t even know is the boss part lights up and when the bass hits it goes with it very pleased with the product

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