Boss KIT-ZERO Complete 10-Gauge Amplifier

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  1. Bryan

    Everything i expected.

  2. Ashley

    this is the perfect amp kit for anyone powering under about 600 wats (just because u dont want obnoctious abounts of power runing through 10 guage) i wouldent run 1000 wats through it but i have a 500 wat 2 chanel and it works great

  3. Ann

    Great affordable amp kit

  4. Helen

    This amp wiring kit is a terrific deal, it comes with everything needed including a remote turn on wire, and stereo ground wire. The only problem I had was that the ground wire for grounding the amp to the chasse of the car is pretty short, like 2 feet. I will be able to make it work, but make sure you can ground your amp properly with such a short grounding wire before you buy it.

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