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Designed by a Mom for the modern day family! LK Baby?s backseat car organizer is the ONLY one on the market that features a snap on flap to hide and protect your iPad or tablet when not in use. It has a clear touch screen window for iPad and Android tablets up to 10.1″ and …

Designed by a Mom for the modern day family! LK Baby?s backseat car organizer is the ONLY one on the market that features a snap on flap to hide and protect your iPad or tablet when not in use. It has a clear touch screen window for iPad and Android tablets up to 10.1″ and acts as a seat protector, car toy organizer as well as an iPad or Android tablet holder. Tablets can still be used with touch through the protective window. Perfect for road trips or keeping your kids entertained on those early morning trips to school. The straps that secure the organizer are undetectable by the driver or passenger, as they fit snugly in between the top and bottom halves of either seat. This back of seat car organizer is made of premium high quality 600D polyester for durability and easy cleaning. This car toy organizer features four mesh pockets for smaller items and liquids, as well as one large Velcro pocket for bulkier items such as books, notepads, toys etc. DIMENSIONS: 16.5? X 20″

  • The ONLY Backseat Organizer on the market with a Snap-on Flap included that hides your tablet from direct sunlight and keeps it discreetly hidden while not in use.
  • For SUV, vans, truck beds or any car. This premium luxury car organizer and tablet holder fits Android or iPad iOS tablets up to 10.1″ (Product dims: 16 x 20 inches). Great for road trips or organizing your child’s car toys!
  • Two hidden ACCESS POINTS on each organizer for chargers and headphones. They are hidden in the seams of the left and right sides of the windows.
  • Universal, adjustable straps are undetectable by the driver or passenger. Straps will fit snugly in between the top and bottom halves of most seats
  • Four convenient mesh pockets and one large pocket (with Velcro enclosure) for bulkier items. Made with high quality 600D polyester for extreme durability and easy care. No sagging!!


Features Adjustable Straps, Stain-Resistant, Storage, Pockets, Eco-Friendly, Deep Pocket
Brand LK Baby
Assembled Product Weight 8 oz
Manufacturer Part Number 645
  1. Gerald

    A cluttered car is pretty much a staple of a parent. Once I started having kids, most dreams of having everything nice and neat went out the window (sometimes even literally, they throw things out of the window). But, anyway, organization has always been my strong suit, even as a parent. So keeping a somewhat clean car is still important to me. or, at least organized and manageable. This is where this car organizer comes in handy. My kid’s ipad can safely and securely fit inside the protective case, so he can be kept busy watching videos and or movies, while we travel quietly (mostly) and he cannot push buttons to turn it off, or change the movie to make his brother crazy. This is the day and time where technology really Is a life saver, in the car. With this seat organizer, it easily transforms a bare back of a car seat into something functional and useful. The material is nice, and the plastic on the cover for the ipad slot is perfectly manageable. The price is very affordable, and there are a lot of pockets and storage room available in this organizer. I am satisfied with the product and I would buy it for the other side, or other vehicles.

  2. Christopher

    I try to keep my car organized and this is a huge help! I have 2 kids and one cant leave home without her tablet. I love that this holds the tablet for her to watch it on the seat and not look down so much. It also has other pockets I can use for toys and things like tissues. Straps right to the back of the seat easily also.

  3. Nancy

    Seems to be well made and easy to attach to seat. A lot of pockets and mesh pockets to put bottles and toys. The back cloth is heavy and solid should last a while. I did not like the bottom strap to attach to the seat. Sitting in the passenger seat others complain they can feel the buckle that snaps it together on their back. I drive a Chevy Cavalier and it has small seats.

  4. Jack

    My new to me car has no backseat pockets, and it’s hard to keep my child’s toys in order. So when this car seat organizer came along, it gave me a chance to put all the car toys within reach and to avoid clutter. We do not use video devices outside of the house, so the upper flat see-through pocket with flap is really not going to be used much. But just in case if rules change, it’s nice to have it.

  5. Amber

    This is great. I really like all the nooks and crannies for the stuff that gathers. I like the snap on flap that protects the tablet. It was easy to install and it doesn’t affect the person that is sitting in the seat it is attached to. It is light weight but strong material. Definitely a good gift for anyone and would be handy for any road trip! Not just for mommies with babies, but definitely perfect for them too!

  6. Ruth

    This is a decent little gadget if you have small kids like myself who like to bother when you’re driving. Good reliable organizer. It comes with 2 adjustable straps to secure it to the back of your car seat . I can fit my 4th generation iPad in the tablet holder, so the mini iPads will definitely fit as wel. I love the juice/water bottle pockets. Also 2 smaller pockets for small snacks etc. You can put toys or whatever else in the pouch pocket as well. Very practical.

  7. Ann

    This is a really cool organizer for my car. It is easy to clip on the driver seat or passenger front seat, which ever you prefer. I like how it has a pocket to slide in the iPad and cover to hide it when you park and get off the car. My son likes to put his toys in the other pockets, his juice box and his favorite snacks. It is easy to clean. I just wipe it down with a wipe. I especially like this organizer because now he won’t be trying to put his dirty shoes on the back of our seat. This organizer helps him have all his things in one spot and accessible to his seat.

  8. Kathryn

    The tablets don’t fit well I f they have a case. The iPad mini fits well but is tough for the kids to take in and out with the case on and I’m not taking the case off to use it. The full sized iPad doesn’t fit. The case we have is the OtterBox slim enclosed case and the mini is in the slim Lifeproof enclosed case. The kids like all the pockets.

  9. Henry

    It’s a good product just wish that there was a charging/headphone hole was on both sides.

  10. Russell

    So I got this for my car since I have 3 kids soon to be 4 and I always have things all over the car so I needed something to organize my car and this actually worked great, I really liked that it is very light weight and not bulky at all,.it doesn’t take up any space at all and since it hangs behind the front seats it’s easy for my kids to have access to them, I do have to say that you can put too many things in them but they work out, something I really liked is that it has a clear pocket that you can use to put a tablet in it so kids can be watching a movie while on the road and them that pocket has a removable flap that can be used to cover the tablet just in case you need to leave it in the car and it’s really nice at hiding it you can’t even tell there’s something there, I also use it to hold snacks or small toys for my kids and sometimes even small books it works great for coloring books and crayons too.

  11. Jordan

    This organizer fit very nicely on the back of the passenger seat in my van and doesn’t slide around on the seat which is a mega plus for this organizer. The straps adjust easily so that you can make it bigger or smaller without any struggle. It held the cups of water for my kids very nicely and they fit perfectly in the compartments with mesh on the sides. One of the only things I had a little bit of an issue with was where the tablet sits because the flap would not stay up no matter what I did and so it was constantly covering the screen and making my kids very irritated as they were trying to watch their shows on it while we were on our road trip. Other than that I loved it. It was the perfect size, fit the right amount of stuff in it for our family and once we got home it came off the seat easily and folded down just like a little duffel bag. It is a great product and I would highly recommend this especially if you spend a lot of time in the car and want to leave the tablet or whatever in the car. I will definitely be in the market for another one of these!

  12. Willie

    This fits perfectly on the back of my seat. I am using it to keep extra supplies such as diapers, wipes and a spare pair of clothing for my toddler. Now that he is older, I don’t need to bring a diaper bag on every trip and this allows for some necessary items to be stored neatly in the car. It also gives the option to store a tablet, but we haven’t used it for this purpose yet. It was easy to install, seems well made and fits snuggly on the passenger seat without being noticeable to the rider in that seat. Great product.

  13. Harold

    I know this backseat organizer is made for small children but as soon as my 16-year-old newly licensed daughter saw it, she snagged it! She has made it into her own little vanity on-the-go. She keeps all her lotions, perfume sprays and her iPad in it. It very easily clips to the headrest of your car seat and keeps all your personal stuff organized. There is a top loading clear compartment that you slide your tablet or iPad into for backseat viewing, it also has a snap off and on black cover to hide the tablet when you leave the car. I, as a mother and grandmother can see how handy this would be if used for small children. You can store, bottles or cups in mesh sides, snacks, diapers, wipes and even trash in pockets. I cannot stand to have stuff all over the car and this is a great invention for mom’s on-the-go. My daughter has it on a seat of a sedan car, but I think it would be more fitting in our Jeep, but it works just as well in the sedan. It seems pretty well built, the only plastic is the covering for the tablet or iPad and it can be easily wiped down if something spills on it. It does gap and drag a little with heavier items in the biggest pocket, that I feel, could have been made a little bit better. Overall, it helps to keep your car clean and that is the most important thing.

  14. Jesse

    Easiest car organizer ever to install. It holds a lot, and has a pocket for a tablet if you’re into putting on movies for the kids in the car. Durable, and pretty hardy. My toddler didn’t tear it up, and that’s a feat in itself.

  15. Sarah

    Its perfect for my Expedition and the front cover makes it even better so i dont have to worry about the sunlight damaging the ipad and at night it covers it so it wont be left at eyesight for thieves.

  16. Lauren

    I purchased these over the summer for travel with my Grandkids. They worked Great!! Kept the clutter off the back seat besides holding the DVD players!! I loved them!! Thank You!!

  17. Hannah

    the hanging mat works great in my CRV
    covers the tablet when we are in the store

  18. Arthur

    Serves their purpose, both for storage and protecting the seat backs from shoes

  19. Denise

    Looks exactly like it does in picture.
    For the price and the features you can’t beat it.
    On the sides of the clear window (where the IPad goes) the are openings for chargers. Very convenient.
    I don’t have young children either I have a 12 year old that loves this.

  20. Matthew

    I found it good so far my kids can be entertain in the back while im driving instead of fighting for the ipad.i love the two cup holder because i have a nissan and i could use them pretty handy.also it has an extra pocket dor tissues or coloring books an craton for he kids or snack what ever u would like to ultilize it for…hope u guys like it as much as i do

  21. Keith

    The car organizers were great. Their trial run was a two week road trip and they held everything the kids (7 – 16 years old) needed to entertain themselves, along with snacks and water bottles. Definitely worth the money.

  22. Amber

    This product is such a smart idea! My husband always tells me to clean up my car and this is such a simple product that makes my life way easier. It’s super durable, looks great and really good material.

  23. Walter

    This is a great product to help keep the backseat organized. The iPad pocket is a huge plus. My toddler can still use the touch screen through the plastic, and I love it has a flap I can cover it when we leave the car. Lots of pockets!

  24. Kenneth

    Tablet holder part ripped second week we had it. Not toddler friendly. Quality fits the price.

  25. Shirley

    Love this organizer!! The right amount of pockets to store items in.

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