Carwires AIK-PS4000 – 4-AWG Amplifier Wiring Kit

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The Carwires 4-AWG car amplifier wiring kit includes all the wiring necessary to send audio and power to your car amplifier. All the wires in this kit meet or exceed the American Wire Gauge specifications and requirements. This kit is designed to work with amplifiers with a fuse rating up to 100 amperes. If you’re …

The Carwires 4-AWG car amplifier wiring kit includes all the wiring necessary to send audio and power to your car amplifier. All the wires in this kit meet or exceed the American Wire Gauge specifications and requirements. This kit is designed to work with amplifiers with a fuse rating up to 100 amperes. If you’re ready to install like a pro, the included 15-step installation guide will take you from start to finish!

  • Amplifier Wiring Kit includes audio and power connections
  • FULL spec wire – meets or exceeds American Wire Gauge standards (AWG)
  • (1) 17-foot 4-gauge power wire, (1) 30 inch 4-gauge ground wire
  • (1) 17-foot twisted-pair audio cable, (1) 17-foot 18-gauge remote turn-on lead
  • In-line mini ANL waterproof fuse holder with 100-amp fuse
  • Kit includes an assortment of wire termination hardware and cable ties
  • (2) 4-gauge ring terminals, (2) 4-gauge spade terminals

4 AWG, 8-AWG

  1. Beverly

    This is a “True” 4-guage wire not like the others that are all over the internet. I have yet to install this
    kit but out of the package it looks like a quality kit.

  2. Janice

    This is the best amp kit money will buy you! same RCA plugs as Rockford Fosgate!

  3. Jessica

    Its what you expect real 4 gauge and the remote wire is a bit thin but definantly worth it if not even more!

  4. Ralph

    installed in my 02 ford and it works great!! would recommend this kit for anyone who wants good quality at great price!!!!

  5. Dylan

    perfect kit for running to acc. in trunk.absolutely perfect.you will pay more just for the rca cord

  6. Bruce

    works great

  7. Billy

    this is an awesome deal. 28.00 for a true 4 gauge wire kit. (note i said true 4 gauge)
    the power and ground wires are of the same quality and material of the kicker brand flex wires.
    4 gauge kits at this price usually has 8 gauge wire and thick plastic/rubber jackets that equal 4 gauge. I use this to power my hifonics brz1700.1d with my 2 12″ kicker l7 subs. I didn’t use the fuse/fuse holder that came with this kit because 100a fuse is small for 4 gauge wiring. Instead i used a anl fuse/fuse holder kit with a anl 250a fuse.

    I am a walmart associate and i highly recommend this to my customers.

  8. Mary

    The quality of this product is amazing considering its price. There are kits way more expensive that do the exact same thing so why pay more? This kit even includes protective casing for the power cable that my $30 kit didnt have. The only con is that you have to connect the in-line fuse holder yourself but that could be a pro because it alows you to choose the fuse location and how accessible it is. All in all if your system peakes at 500 watts theres no reason not to get this kit. Awesome, flexible power cable and great, braided audio cable plus good terminal connectors. Great kit!

  9. Philip

    This kit has everything you need and was perfect for our 1000 watt amp! My only caution is that you either need the correct crimping tools or use a torch with solder for end connectors. We did the solder route and this turned out much better and professional looking than the “professional” installs we looked at that would have cost $200 or more!

    This kit is also an incredible value compared to other 4 AWG kits. Only ones that were comparable in price were some with 8 and 10 AWG wire sizes and they didn’t even have all the correct connections included. With the 4 AWG we no longer have sound delays when the bass notes come fast over and over as we did with smaller AWG. We attribute this to more power being able to be transmitted over the large AWG power wire.

    One other note: If you have a small amp (300 amp or less) the connections may not be wide enough for 4 AWG wire systems.

  10. Aaron

    After reading the other reviews of this kit, I purchased two of them.
    The 4 Gage wire, 100 Amp fuse and crimp connectors is why I needed them to do wiring, not on a power amplifier but for two 105 Amp alternators that I used on a project to upgrade my two cars’ electrical systems to be able to handle an additional power amp.
    The large wires were easy to work with as others have said. The small wire strands make it very flexible, not stiff like larger strands would have been. The crimp lugs worked well too with the smaller wire strands.
    The alternator installations worked great and this would be a perfect wiring kit for a power amp that I will be doing next. I will likely purchase another of these for that project.

  11. Jessica

    Product arrived 3 days early! Hats off to Ship-To-Store! Product is as advertised. True 4 gauge wire!

  12. Susan

    I’m a 37 year old who hasn’t ever installed an amplifier before, but found myself wanting some bass in my 08′ Honda Civic Coupe. I purchased a Pioneer 1200 watt amp (400 watt RMS at 4 ohms)and a Pioneer 12″ sub. I did a lot of research and found that most cheap kits are exactly that, CHEAP. This kit is exactly what it says it is. I think this kit could actually handle an even bigger amp. I showed the kit to a friend who has installed many over the years and he was VERY impressed. I showed it to a guy that works at an auto parts store that also sells such products and he was shocked at the price I paid. FYI – the wires DO NOT have the connectors attached as shown in the picture, but do come with everything to get it done. I simply do not know why anyone would pay more for a name brand kit when this one is true copper and true 4 gauge. The cable is flexible too. When I pass my car down to my daughter in a couple years, I’ll look for this kit again to set up my next car. Check around and read reviews. You will find that Wal-Mart has an amazing product and an even more amazing price with this kit!!!

  13. Zachary

    Installed a Sony sub, amp and iphone retro fit system into my daughter’s VW cabrio. The Sony kit did not include the power cables or speaker wires so this set was a good fit for what we needed. Easy to hide the wires as they are flexible and robust. Easy to install connectors.

  14. Edward

    After reading some reviews I decided to get this kit. Everyone was saying it was a true 4 gauge and all. So, I pick up the box from the store a week later and open it right away. Take all the wiring out and this is what I find.
    True 4 gauge wiring both positive and negative, RCA cables, Remote cable, and 4 terminals, and a Fuse.
    Like previously said its not put together, but I expected this, for this cheap of price, no complaints there. If your new to a set up kit, look somewhere else. This is not for you.
    You have to cut and crimp a lot so best get a kit that has it already done if your new to this. This kit DOES NOT!! include speaker to amp cables.. Real shame but still Price overcomes this one. You might want to get a new power terminal that hooks on the battery, the hole is extremely small on the one included. I bought some from a store for about 75 cents each. I had to buy speaker to amp wire, 10 gauge. And new terminals. Around 10 dollars extra.

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Please please, do not stretch the blue remote wire not even a tad bit. The wire is extremely thin and the insulation is very, stretchy. I stretched mine cause it got caught on something and it got a break in it. I replaced the whole wire for about 2 dollars. Thicker insulation and thicker wire.

    Overall I spent around 30 dollars. 20 for the kit and 10 for the extras. Still a name brand kit goes for 60 to 120. At a different store I went to, not online, had the same kit for 60 Dollars!! GOOD buy here at wal mart.

    Powers my 1500 watt amp easy, with 12 inch MTX subwoofers.

  15. Barbara

    i have a hifonics 1500 hfi wired to 1 ohm and this kit has worked great

  16. Judy

    This was simple to use and install. Its definitely worth the money. I’m using this to run 4 different amps!

  17. Evelyn

    Really packs power to the sub.

  18. Teresa

    This package was exactly as stated in product description. No issues with anything.

  19. Julia

    This is a great kit for larger amps! Now it is a do it yourself kit, which let’s you make adjustments for shorter runs of power leads. If your looking for a kit that is pre-made then this isn’t the kit for you! But if your looking for a true 4 gauge kit and have even a little experience with wiring and looking for a great price, then you have found the right one!

  20. Helen

    I ordered this kit in 4-gauge because I expected it to be like typical exaggerated cheap kits and I would get something like 6-gauge. Nope. This is real AWG 4-Gauge finely stranded copper. Extremely flexible wire and jacket. I even ended up having to cut it down some to fit into the terminals of my monoblock amplifier. RCA’s are high quality,look nice, and are stubby for fitting behind a deck. Terminals and fuse holder are merely adequate(no gold plated stuff here) but the fuse holder has 4 seals for waterproofing and feels durable. This kit is the best value in this size anywhere. The other reviewer was correct in stating that the terminals are not already crimped on, nothing a big pair of pliers or a vise won’t fix. The only complaint I have is that the remote turn-on lead is not 18-gauge, its ludicrously small, maybe 20-24. This doesn’t really matter since there is no advantage to a thicker remote wire but be aware 18-gauge barrel connects are going to be too big and the wire will pull out of them easily.

  21. Amanda

    As the other reviewers stated the power wire is a true 4 gauge, rare in a kit this price. The inline fuse holder isn’t the best quality but it’s definitely better than I expected for this set. The pair of RCA’s included are in line with entry level rockford fosgate sets sold at Best Buy that cost more than this whole kit. If you need at least 2 things in this set, buy it RIGHT NOW. You won’t be disappointed.

  22. Elizabeth

    Item was received before delivery date. The quality of the product exceeded my expectations and a price no other store could even come close to, not even eBay. The stff at the store was very helpful(Derek) and the service was exceptional. I was also informed by Derek that I could make an online purchase and select an option that would allow me to pay cash at the store. That was awesome.!

  23. George

    This is a great buy if you need an all in 1 package to wire up your amp and CD player for your vehicle. I will say the fuse that it comes with is way be big, I used a 25amp wired in fuse I got at radio shack. All in all a good buy.

  24. Daniel

    Very high quality 4 Gauge wire, high strand count and very flexible. Just as good if not better than all the other high priced “brand” name 4 gauge wire kits. highly recommended! there have been other reviews complaining that the wire and fuse holder aren’t assembled like the photo, but seriously, if you are going to be installing this yourself, you should have some knowledge of car audio installation to not have to complain about such a minor thing as cutting and crimping wires. putting the fuse holder is straight forward, cut the wire where you want the fuse holder to go, strip about 3/8″ of the wire and insert into the fuse holder end and tighten the hold down screw. for the crimp terminals, same thing, strip the wire and insert in terminal and crimp.

  25. Jack

    I needed a true 4 gauge install kit due for dual amp installation. This kit met all of my expectations. The main power wire is very high quality ultra flexible. I read in one of the comments that blue amp trigger wire was thin for which I didn’t experience. My kit had a perfect size trigger wire. I believe it was 18 or 20 gauge with thick insulation so no issues here. I have two amps wired to the 4 gauge. Alpine 500 watt mono-block and Memphis Street Smart 100 Watt. You won’t find a nicer kit for the money and to think I was close to spending $100 at BB for the monster kit. I highly recommend this kit!

  26. Frances

    Seems to be good quality, haven’t tried one of those fancy brands yet, but for the difference on price this is the one. The power wire, the rca and ground wire are perfect; but the terminals and the remote wire (BLUE WIRE) are totally garbage. for sure you will need some extra terminals (ring type) on multiple amps set up with capacitor; I got mine at menards. The 100 amps fuse that came with this kit is a must have on a system with 1000 watts at least; I blew one already; another cheap kits come with 60 amps fuse wich is just not enough for me. This is my kit from now and on when installing sound systems that require 4 gauge hook ups

  27. Julie

    This is one of those rare times where the “you get what you pay for” does NOT apply. This is real good stuff, for as low as it is? Can’t beat this deal!

  28. Kyle

    As the other reviewers say, it is true 4g wire but lacks speaker wire, I didn’t even use the remote wire, I only needed the main power wire, fuse and holder, excellent quality for a value price.

  29. Helen

    Connector ends were a little tough to crimp hard enough to keep them secure. Kit was a breeze to install the amp. Seems like a good product, as weverything is working great.

  30. Christine

    For the price this is the best amp kit u can get true 4 gauge wire matches right up with the rockford fosgate wire i paid 50 for just the wire this is a steal

  31. Kenneth

    It is what everyone says – 4 gauge and all oxygen free copper. The jacket is real soft so pay attention when sliding it over or near sharp edges or objects – other than that can’t beat the price!

  32. George

    Least expensive of any I could find. Did the job for me. Had to purchase larger terminals from the local hardware store, but other than that, it worked great.

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