Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler with Power Cord

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Chill or warm your food and drinks at the office, in your dorm room or on the road in a Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler with Power Cord. As an iceless cooler, it chills everything inside to 40 degrees below the surrounding temperature. Just plug in this 40-quart thermoelectric cooler into your outlet at home …

Chill or warm your food and drinks at the office, in your dorm room or on the road in a Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler with Power Cord. As an iceless cooler, it chills everything inside to 40 degrees below the surrounding temperature. Just plug in this 40-quart thermoelectric cooler into your outlet at home (with a separate adaptor) or in your vehicle with the included power cord, and the quiet, long-lasting motor will do the work. It comes in an attractive gray color that will fit in most anywhere. It’s large enough to hold 44 cans and works as a chest or upright like a small refrigerator with a door that converts to open from either side. This Coleman thermoelectric cooler will help make traveling to potlucks and outdoor picnics easier and more convenient. However you position the cooler, a tray shelf keeps everything organized.

Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler with Power Cord will allow for more items to be brought to outdoor events, because it will protect heat-sensitive foods from the elements and allow for safe storage after the meal.

Coleman 40-Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler with Power Cord, Black/Silver:

  • Capacity: 44 cans plus snacks
  • Coleman thermoelectric cooler cools to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below surrounding temperature
  • Portable thermoelectric cooler plugs into a cigarette lighter or a wall outlet
  • 120 V power supply included
  • Use in 2 positions, upright or chest
  • Patented, adjustable door opens on right or left side
  • Exterior dimensions:23.5 x 15.3 x 17 in.
  • Keep your food and drinks cool in style with a Coleman cooler

Compatible Devices

With Wall Adapter, Without Wall Adapter

  1. Kenneth

    Love this cooler. We travel with it and use it every time we go to grocery store or Sam’s Club. Keeps stuff really cold.

  2. Elizabeth


  3. Bryan

    We’ve had this on one camping trip and it worked exactly as advertised/expected. The quality seems fine. It keeps the food cold. We’re happy campers.

  4. Douglas

    We purchased this cooler for, and just got back from, a 16 day family vacation across the Desert Southwest and California. We used it to keep various lunch meats, drinks and cheese fresh for daily lunch picnics. Our trip included a daylight drive through the heart of Death Valley (I think that is about as severe a test as it can get) and multiple days in the deserts of West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Everything we took stayed fresh and cold. Several people have posted that it drains batteries rather fast. I was careful to unplug the cooler anytime we stopped for more than 30 minutes or so but one time I accidentally left it plugged in for about 4 hours. My van started with no problem. One hotel we used did not provide a refrigerator so the AC power cord was a great bonus. If you are looking for thermoelectric cooler, you should give this Coleman a serious look; it has worked great for us!

  5. Ryan

    Love it; added this as a second cooler when we travel!

  6. Terry

    Very good cooler recommendLikesFridgeFor truckersFor camping

  7. Jordan

    One thing I did not know when I bought it was that the unit will run the entire time it is plugged in. It is not like a normal refrigerator that shuts off when it cools the inside of the unit, this item runs until it is unplugged. We have only owned it for a week and used it for a weekend get away. We brought it into our hotel room and kept it plugged in all the time there as they say you should not leave it running in your car longer than 4 hours as it may drain your battery. We never left it plugged into the car more than 2 hours without restarting the car, and so we never found out if you can go longer than the suggested 4 hour limit with the car shut off. I guess if you have a good battery, you will have to try it out to see if it actually runs the battery down after 4 hours. We did not buy the extended warranty. We never buy extended warranties, so hopefully it will last for a long time.

  8. Christine

    We’ve used a Coleman cooler like this one for years in our semi truck. We always buy a new one when one wears out. They are not meant to last forever but they do hold up well with proper use and care. And we use ours continually, meaning it’s running all the time. We do have to defrost it ever so often but that is expected because of the type of cooler it is. Thermoelectric. It works very well in keeping our milk and foods cold and fresh. My only complaint would be the plug in the goes into the 12 volt socket. Sometimes it is not a snug fit and can cause it to get hot and brittle making it easy to break. But overall it’s a great cooler and it serves our needs perfectly.

  9. Justin

    I have had one of there coolers for 20 years and it is still working. I got the new one as a stand by if needed. They work very well.

  10. Carol

    We have been traveling full-time now for almost five years. We have always used a cooler, and ice. Constantly having to run into the nearest town to get ice. Our Solar got upgraded so we treated ourselves to the Coleman iceless cooler for Christmas. We couldn’t be happier. This cooler has been amazing. We don’t have to run into town every two days anymore. It has kept everything we have put in it. Thank you Coleman this is perfect for us ❤️

  11. Samantha

    Works great but its still new. They are getting a little exspensive. They will only last one to two years when you use them 5 days a week.

  12. Johnny

    So for so good! Just plugged it in and it is cold.

  13. Bobby

    Got this for road trips and it works great. Food stays cold and cooler can easily be plugged into household voltage as well. Wish it had wheels

  14. Gregory

    Great addition to our camping gear. Saves so much money on Ice and keeps things at just the right temperature.

  15. Gloria

    i’m a truck driver and i want to have my drinks cold and this product does it all. It keeps my drinks and meat cold.
    a very good product.

  16. Martha

    I love this thing I had one before but my son took it so I needed another one because I travel a lot and I get tired of my ice so it’s good for you if you got a SUV.

  17. Eugene

    Like the way you can use it standing up or like a regular cooler. Works great

  18. George

    Shipping was quick and painless. Plus very easy to use

  19. Christian

    Amazing product. What i saved on ise camping oncenpayed for the cooler itself. Definitely recommend

  20. Angela

    So far so good. Items stay cold and it isn’t very loud.

  21. Matthew

    It came with 12v car plug and home AC adapter. Has a shelf and can be used vertically like a refrigerator or laying flat like a cooler. 65 degrees out and frig was close to freezing foods. Well made.

  22. Sarah

    Bought for off-grid camping. Runs a very small deep cell battery dead in about 8 hours. Overall, keeps lunch cold and works great for road trips. Definitely buy this again. Looked at the ARB coolers and couldnt justify the $800 price tag. Try this out first. Bet you will be happy you did.

  23. Henry

    We bought this for a road trip, it work great!
    Plugged it a couple hrs before then moved it to the car, keep food and drinks at the perfect temperature! Bought the 110 volt adapter and used it in the hotel!!!
    Best cooler I have ever bought!!!

  24. Sandra

    Large enough for everything you need for a weekend. Very quiet and reasonable priced. This replaced an exact same item I had for 30 years without problems until it finally wore out.

  25. Brittany

    I just wanted something to keep in my semi that would keep bottled water cool, and prevent sandwich meat and cheese from spoiling. I had been using a Coleman chest cooler filled with ice (in which the ice lasted about four days), but emptying the water after the ice melted was inconvenient and cumbersome. I calculated the cost of ice for a year versus the cost of the Coleman PowerChill, and even if the cooler only lasted a year, it would clearly cost less than continuing to purchase ice.

    I placed some blue shop towels inside the cooler to absorb condensation or incidental spills, and added some packets of desiccant.

    I reversed the position of the door opening so that the cooling vents would be facing outward when I placed the cooler under the sleeper bunk in my truck.
    I placed a two-by-four under each side of my bunk platform to raise the bunk enough so that the cooler would slide underneath. It fits perfectly!

    I am so very pleased with this product because it actually freezes my bottled water, keeps meats and cheeses very cold, and because it fits under my bunk, there is no floor space wasted in an already scaled-down living environment.

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