Febreze Car Odor-Eliminating Air Freshener, Gain Island Fresh

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  1. Andrea

    Love the scent!

  2. Virginia

    This is the best thing yet. It is the greatest thing made.

  3. Justin

    Love the smell. Great in car

  4. Ryan


  5. Bruce

    Great Smell

  6. Jeffrey

    I love these. My car smells very clean and fabric-softener-like when my vents are on. This scent is my fave.

  7. Roy

    I’ve always liked Febreze car scents. This is by far my favorite. It’s a very pleasant scent and isn’t offensive or overbearing.

  8. Megan

    It is so quick and easy to use this item. Just clip it on and presto, instant fresh smell.

  9. Larry

    It smells great, long lasting scent.

  10. Wayne

    love the smellin my car everytime i open the doors

  11. Rachel

    We are enjoying the “meadows and rain” scent, but wondering where to clip it during the winter, when we are not using the air-conditioner?

  12. Victoria

    I like the way my car smells after a long day at work.it’s fresh and clean. I love using them.

  13. Gerald

    My car literally smells like a just did a fresh load of laundry in it. This little air freshener packs a powerful punch, so the lowest setting is perfect! This review was collected as part of a promotion, but the thoughts and the opinions are my own.

  14. Philip

    I smoke in my car and this works well to hid the smell for my riders.

  15. Aaron

    The Febreze Car Island Freeze was a nice Gain fragrance. I love the Gain scents so I was excited to try it in my car, especially in these hot days. The scent was some kind of sweet/fruity flower scent which I loved because it was want too overwhelming but still subtle enough when you get in the car – you’re like “ah that smells good”. This review was collected as a result of a promotion, and the opinions are my own.LikesQualityFeelingMoodsFor carPlacing

  16. Rebecca

    It smell great and not too strong as well and last more than a month.

  17. Jacob

    Clean smell. My dog rides with me and theis helps keep the truck smelling good!

  18. Benjamin

    Nice fragrance for my car

  19. Janet

    take it with you when you travel and put it on your air conditioner in your hotel takes away that hotel smell during your stay

  20. Madison

    I will only buy the febreze new car sent for my car(s), I only wish this sent also came in a spray bottle… I believe this product works great!!! and will continue to buy it….

  21. Jason

    works great, lasts long and keeps your car smelling great!

  22. Russell

    I found this on a trip to the USA, I know it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack in Canada, so glad I bought 2 I wish I would have bought more. My favorite Scent of all time! Pumpkin!!!!

  23. Bryan

    Great strong smell. Good if you smoke in car. Uses up fast if you use you air conditioning a lot so buy extras.

  24. Nathan

    It combats the smell of stinky dog in our car after an hour long transport! Couldn’t even smell it after we left the car. Also, lasts a long time and lets you change the intensity of the scent.

  25. Margaret

    The is nice and light and last forever. It fills the whol car with nice scent. I receive complaints on the scent all the time.

  26. Laura

    This is such a great product. The smell is not overwhelming and is very clean smelling. While some car fragrances can be over powering, the gain smell is more like the detergent smell, super fresh! The clip is ready to insert in your car vent and allows you to control how potent the smell is putting out. This review was collected as part of a promotion, but the thoughts and the opinions are my own.LikesValue for moneyQualitySmellEase of useSetup

  27. Olivia

    The car smells great. Strongly recomend.

  28. Gloria

    Smells great. Helps when it smells in your vehicle.

  29. Karen

    Great scent, cant find anywhere though. Best ability is availability. Wish you could buy online as stores dont stock it.

  30. George

    These work very well in your car. Smells teriffic!

  31. Tammy

    I use these in mu A/C vents in my home. Works great! I also use them in my vehicles.

  32. Kathryn

    I love the way these febreeze clips smell. the scent doesn’t fade away like most do. it your going to buy an air freshener for your car this is the one to get

  33. Grace

    Works wonderful in the car. Not too strong

  34. Jordan

    If you love the smell of your freshly cleaned clothes, you should try having it in your car! I thought the smell might be too strong for my car, but it was the perfect level of freshness, with a little floral note. You can even adjust the little Frebreeze vent clip so that its to your liking. Definitely worth the money and even my family says it smells great in here! This review was collected as part of a promotion, but the thoughts and the opinions are my own.LikesPlacingClipFeelingSetupFor car

  35. Joe

    Easy to use. Not over powering scent. Lasts long.

  36. Gregory

    Getting into the car, even in a scorching hot day, is a pleasure.
    No more stuffiness! Can’t wait to go driving!

  37. Dylan

    So far the best car air freshener I’ve used yet !!! Comes in a variety of great fragrances !!

  38. Adam

    This air freshner smells good, has a good method for connecting to the vent and lasts about 30 days.

  39. Nicole

    Def makes my car smell nice but it does go out quicker in the summer. Not sure if its cause my heat?

  40. Janet

    These are my go to for our cars. They smell amazing and lasts long

  41. Alice

    The make my whole car smell good.

  42. Willie

    I absolutely always love my vehicle to have a desirable smell. These allow for the aroma to be present for a very long time. My only complaint is that my daughter noticed that the chemical… when hot… has damaged the area around the vent slots around which it rest physically. I suggest one strategically places in on the vent so it only hits vent area and does not rest on body of vehicle. Extraordinary… Enjoy!

  43. Walter

    Great for the car! Long lasting!

  44. Jesse

    I liked this scent in my car. Although it doesn’t last too long.

  45. Frances

    If you’re sensitive to smells this is the perfect air fresher. I have gone thru tons of air fresheners trying to find one that won’t give me a headache with an over powering scent. I love this light tropical smell. I will say it doesn’t last 30 like the tv commercial says but it’s worth it just the same.

  46. Alexander

    This is the first time I have tried the Febreze clips and so far they work great! The Gain Island Fresh makes my car smell clean. They are suppose to last 60 days, so will wait and see if they do. This review was collected as part of a promotion, but the thoughts and the opinions are my own.

  47. Tammy

    Was afraid that it would have a strong scent. But was pleasantly surprised of the nice mild scent. Daughter even had dialed it to the strongest scent and it was stronger then I wanted but not horrible. This review was collected as part of a promotion, but the thoughts and the opinions are my

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