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Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT North America is a five-inch auto navigator with pinch-to-zoom display, built-in dash cam and driver awareness features to encourage safer driving. DriveAssist records your drive, automatically saving collision footage on impact. You also receive “go” alerts when you’re stopped and the traffic in front of you starts moving. Garmin Real Vision feature …

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT North America is a five-inch auto navigator with pinch-to-zoom display, built-in dash cam and driver awareness features to encourage safer driving. DriveAssist records your drive, automatically saving collision footage on impact. You also receive “go” alerts when you’re stopped and the traffic in front of you starts moving. Garmin Real Vision feature displays a camera view when approaching select destinations. Other features include Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings, Bluetooth hands-free calling, voice-activated navigation, maps of North America with lifetime updates, free lifetime traffic and much more.
Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT 5″ GPS:

  • Innovative 5.0″ navigator with built-in dash cam that continuously records your drive and saves video in case of impact
  • Integrated camera allows for Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and more
  • Smart features keep you connected while driving, including Bluetooth hands-free calling, voice-activated navigation and smartphone notifications
  • microSD card slot
  • Includes vehicle suction cup mount, lifetime traffic antenna/vehicle power cable, USB cable, quick start manual
  1. Deborah

    I love this Garmin GPS with Dash cam. It gives quick and clear directions. I bought it as a Certified Refurbished but it came in great condition.

  2. Benjamin

    Love this unit. Auto dashcam, voice recognition, blue tooth and traffic. All the features I could ever want.

  3. Jacqueline

    I’ve only had this Garmin for about a week but so far it’s great. The lane departure warns, collision ahead are great. The Bluetooth for my cell is good also. It could even be better if I read the instructions lol

  4. Christopher

    Gift for hub and he loves it..likes the ability to call out /handsfree in older cars that don’t have that feature..good camera and easy to see! now I need one

  5. Amber

    This is my 3rd and newest Garmin GPS unit. I have used Garmin GPS units all over the world on both business trips and family vacations, and they are terrific. This unit has a dash cam feature that includes a crash avoidance warnings and is handy for driving applications. The only downside to me is the short battery life (about 30 minutes) if you use the unit walking in an unfamiliar town. My older Garmin 2595 has a longer battery life (about 150 minutes) and worked well in a walking mode to find local attractions and restraints.

  6. Michael

    I really like this dash camera. As far as the dash camera and gps go, they both work well. The additional features are nice as well.
    1. The videos are easy to navigate since you have a slider that you can move with your finger (kind of like a youtube video). There is also a split screen that shows your location on a map as the video plays.
    2. The voice command function comes in handy when you need to enter an address and you are driving. Just speak slowly and clearly. It works about 90% of the time, first time.
    3. The lane departure warning and collision warning work well. Be warned, if you like to tailgate, the collision warning will be on all of the time.
    4. Built in traffic sensors. Keep you up to speed on the traffic situation along your route.
    5. Good mounting system. Garmin uses a ball and socket mount that is rock solid. A suction cup mount comes with the GPS, but I use a portable mount with a rubberized base that sits on the dashboard. This makes it even easier to transfer from car to car.
    6. Bluetooth and the garmin app on your cell phone allows the gps to provide all sorts of information. For instance, you can check the current weather on the GPS screen.
    The bottom line is its a nice GPS/Dash Cam. I would buy it again.

  7. Julia

    I found this to be quite accurate at getting to the address you specify. I deliver propane for a living and the only problem I have with this unit is when my next address is located in the opposite direction from where my truck is heading, this gps will sometimes take you many miles around instead of instructing you to turn around.
    The lane warning and forward collision warning are fairly innacurate, but I don’t worry about those.

  8. Andrew

    Works great. I bought it because I misplaced the one I had for my truck. I figured I would find it as soon as I bought a new one. I did. I put this one in my Encore and because it is a little smaller then the one I had in there, it works much better. Graphics are great. The narrator is not as annoying as on my other Garmins. I would recommend Garmins. I have one for each vehicle with one spare.

  9. Randy

    I’m really enjoying this product. I wanted a gps and dash cam and this does both well. You can see plates clearly and it shows well at night. It also gives lots of driving warnings like if you get too close to another car. Still learning the voice commands but so far so good. I’m trying to figure out how to get the videos to the point in one big dump. #sweepstakes [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  10. Albert

    I like the hands-free . Lane guidance. And I like that built in dash camera.

  11. Julia

    Have 2011 Hyundai and wanted a rear view camera and hands free calling but didn’t want to change the stereo. This did the trick. Works great with the wireless Garmin backup camera. Looked at the Garmin Nuvicam but decided it was too big so went with this size which is similar to my old GPS. It is just the right size in the small car. Cons: Didn’t like the mount. Wanted to be able to remove it from the car easily and not mount on windshield. After searching found a magnetic MagicMount which works great. Just had to mount the MagicMount on a block glued to my weighted bean bag mount to raise it up so the camera was on top of the bean bag parts. As other reviews mention, the going over the lines or lane departure isn’t the best, but I don’t align the camera every time taking it in and out of the car and it is fairly accurate. We live in very rural area in Kansas and it doesn’t do the best on highways with no shoulders. Overall am very pleased with the buy as it works well for both reasons that I purchased it.

  12. Anna

    I’ve only had this Garmin for about a week but so far it’s great. The lane departure warns, collision ahead are great. The Bluetooth for my cell is good also. It could even be better if I read the instructions lol

  13. Robert

    I purchased refurbished items several times, including a few at buydig, and this is the first one that I saw a very obvious visible dent on the product. If you purchase this elsewhere, like dell, it will definitely marked as dented and used. The unit is working fine, and I am too lazy to return. I would think twice myself if next time I saw something refurbished at buydig, and would not recommend to a friend.

  14. Samuel

    I love it so far ! With the help of garmins customer service it was very easy to transfer my old garmin info to new garmin.

  15. Grace

    It is in my 2005 pickup full time, i really like it, especially the warnings for lanes, as i am always looking for wildlife and sometimes wonder too close to the line. The best warnings are the school zones and reduced speed.

  16. Frances

    I love the voice command. The camera enables a lot of great features such as lane departure, following too close, etc., and is always there in case of an accident. You just need to go into settings and enable or disable what ever you desire.

  17. Shirley

    Got this to use in 10-yr-old Honda plus on my bike (mostly for dashcam in the latter, just ’cause…). I’ve really had no bad problems and It has mostly worked quite well with only a few less-than-stellars. The screen presentation is decent and directions have worked well the few times I’ve used that. Bluetooth works well too. Dashcam is actually pretty good and can save lots with a big-enough memory card. There are things that could be better – lane departure and the like is mostly a joke (and turned off now) and quite a number of details (speed limits, road changes, etc.) are rather outdated (years-old values that are sometimes way off). All in all, it has worked pretty well for us and for the price is a very decent unit. Oh, yeah… #sweepstakes

  18. Virginia

    The features of this unit are many.
    I like the forward crash alert and crossing over lane warning.

  19. Judith

    Love it!

  20. Dorothy

    Excellent camera and warning system.

  21. Barbara

    REALLY like this GPS. I have a Garmin Nuvi, got this one for traveling (rental car) so i don’t have dash cam and gps in windshield. Like it so much i’ll use it all the time in my car, and when traveling. Works great. Lots of useful drive assist features.

  22. Virginia

    Great GPS! While this product was refurbished it looked like it was brand new. This Garmin GPS has all the bells and whistles, a bright display and works perfectly. Beach Camera had a great price on this item with fast shipping. Could not be happier with this purchase and Beach Camera.

  23. Megan

    I got a fair price. It sticks nicely to the windshield and I was able to route the cord to the power source. The screen is bright and I don’t even have it set at its top setting. At night it changes to black automatically so it is easy on your eyes. Setup was pretty easy. The voice commands work well for navigating the menus and for connection to my bluetooth phone. Using my phone through the device works well and sounds fine. The map navigation is ok. It does not have “Google like” smarts to see where traffic is congested and does not automatically route you the fastest way. It simply plots your route. The thing beeps at 1 mile per hour over the speed limit. I like the warning, but wish that I could change to 2 or 3 miles over, but I see no setting to change that. The lane warning, if you wander out of your lane is sporadic and not consistent. This is something I would not depend upon to help me. I have tried to adjust the camera, but got the same results. I have received multiple forward collision warnings, mostly when a car comes into my lane ahead of me, Nothing that would have been a collision. Maybe some day it will help me, but not so far. The unit powers down automatically when I turn the car off. I have never had to review the video it records, but I know it is recording all the time. You do have to buy a storage card to record videos. The unit comes with a storage card, but that is just for the maps. Overall I like it and I recommend it for the price. #sweepstakes

  24. Susan

    This garmin GPS is accurate with nice perks like side drift and frontal collision warning built in. The built-in traffic is also helpful. The supplied power cord does support the traffic feature. It also is functional with garmin’s back-up camera.

  25. Johnny

    I’ve had this item for several months, but I don’t understand everything I know about it. That’s bc it doesn’t come with a Get Started manual showing how to use the features. I’ve had to learn by trial and error. I know there’s a manual online, but it’s worthless to me when I’m in the car, and I don’t own a printer. I don’t even know how to save an address. Also, it’s a little bland in the graphics department. All I see on my screen is a bunch of forks and knives.

  26. Julie

    I bought this unit a short while ago,,,I have used it on everyday trips it works very well, it has many perks, it warns you if you are too close to the vehicle ahead, warns you of oncoming curves, audible alerts to follow the speed limit. I have programmed it for longer trips, it takes me a different route than I would have taken, but regardless, it is very effective. The only disappointment is it comes with an 8 GB memory, you use it up fast, I up graded to a 32 GB memory. The suction cup seems to falter here and there when place on the windshield. Your computer can power the unit, via USB ports, and you can take vids and pics for only about 30 min. (When running on batteries only).

  27. Joseph

    Bought this for my teenage son so he could be more comfortable driving on his own. We both love it and I will probably get one for my car. The front camera is really nice, and we will add the rear cam at some point. We like the automatic split screen that pops up when approaching the exit on the freeway. It shows exactly what the exit looks like and what lane to be in. Only drawback we’ve noticed is that the speech recognition doesn’t work well. Maybe it’s our southern accents! #sweepstakes

  28. David

    Took about 4 hrs for the first download and after that it was good to go. I like the lane , collision and the traffic moving warning

  29. Craig

    My old Garmin was wearing out so I took my chances and got this one. It is a great investment and has better features than my old model. It’s a steal and I highly recommend it.

  30. Andrew

    Have used it for a month and am happy with it! Love all the built-in features; the built-in dash cam saves on having to put another device on my windshield. Got it at a special price as a certified refurbished unit, but everything is working nicely.

  31. Ethan

    Good GPS. Forward collision warning; Lane change (solid line) warning alert are very good.
    Red Light/speed camera warning little lagging. records good in frames of 60 sec. Real time traffic lagging.

  32. Kenneth

    unit does not always understand when you speak some names of places or addresses. The matches it comes up with are hilarious but also frustrating. You end up typing the place or address.

  33. Austin

    Love the GPS, but Garmin dropped the ball on the mount. It works great on the windshield but you can’t get the angle right if you try to dash mount. Had to use an aftermarket mount to get it to work.

  34. Denise

    Gives accurate directions.
    Minor hiccups with the Drive assist features.
    Sometimes forgets to let you know that the traffic is moving ahead.
    Overall satisfied with the purchase.

  35. Christopher

    Beach camera shipped quickly. I’ve owned Garmins previously and been pleased, pleased again works well.
    Will shop Beach again.

  36. Tyler

    Pros: works well

    Cons: none

    Other thoughts: nice to have camera built in, accident recently person lied now net time will have proof

  37. Walter

    Very good gps…#sweepstakes

  38. Benjamin

    Pretty good for the price, camera works well, but the voice command is usually way off-

  39. Jesse

    It was easy to set-up in my car and it works perfectly. Easy to update the map.. …#sweepstakes

  40. Frank

    This GPS unit is easy to program and functions flawlessly.

  41. Helen

    Good GPS and built in Dash camera is nice.

  42. Jesse

    Have had many Garmins. This is by far the best!! Thanks Buydig!

  43. Joe

    It works perfectly, easy to set up, camera works with clear image

  44. Hannah

    Great all around GPS that is easy to use. I like the voice command features. Excellent value too.

  45. Grace

    Easy to use. Work great. Best price.

  46. Peter

    The built in dash cam is cool. The Drive assist is great. #sweepstakes

  47. Ryan

    Very easy to set for trips. Great camera

  48. Harry

    Excellent product, as always buydig. Com excellent price and service.

  49. Jordan

    Very good recommended…#sweepstakes

  50. Sandra

    Works ok

  51. Rachel

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