Glade Automatic Spray 1 Warmer + 1 CT Refill Starter Kit, Clean Linen

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Customize your home air freshening experience with Glade Automatic Spray. This portable, battery-operated air freshener dispenser allows you to add fragrance from any of your favorite Glade Automatic Spray refills, including Clean Linen, anywhere in your home, and its design complements the decor of any room. Adjust automatic fragrance bursts with three different time settings …

Customize your home air freshening experience with Glade Automatic Spray. This portable, battery-operated air freshener dispenser allows you to add fragrance from any of your favorite Glade Automatic Spray refills, including Clean Linen, anywhere in your home, and its design complements the decor of any room. Adjust automatic fragrance bursts with three different time settings or press the boost button for a fresh burst at any time, and use the easy-open latch to change out refills.

  • Glade air freshener with a whisper of crisp, airy innocence and pure inspiration
  • New, completely re-designed battery-operated air freshener dispenser provides up to 60 days of automatic freshness
  • Set the holder to spray every 9, 18, or 36 minutes and enjoy set and forget freshness for your home
  • Air freshener for home for use in any room from the living room to the bathroom


Ingredients: Isobutane; Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light; Acetone; Propane; Fragrance. Contains Fragrance Allergens. SCJ Formula # 35*14838


Instructions: 2 WAYS TO SPRAY: 1. SET TIMER. Choose 1 of 3 settings (9, 18, 36 min) to select the automatic fragrance release frequency. 2. BOOST BUTTON AT THE BACK. Press the boost button for extra burst of fragrance anytime you want it. IMPORTANT: Remove the cap from the can and insert the can with the spray nozzle facing out.

  1. Austin

    I bought this a few days ago and I love it. I love the fragrance of this! It’s not too feminine or too masculine either. It’s the perfect combo of the two and it is perfect for a couple’s home!

  2. Harry

    I love the fact that Sense and Spray knows when I enter a room.

  3. Thomas

    There is nothing like your entire home smelling like a fresh load of laundry. So clean and refreshing.

  4. Robert

    Best fragrance they’ve ever made. I have it all over my house!

  5. Martha

    This is great for the rooms with a fan…makes the smell go around faster….love the variety of smells.

  6. Willie

    I have this automatic spray in the living room and in the hallway….. I just love it!!

  7. Juan

    I reals like this new scent alot just reordered more

  8. Dylan

    Love this scent year round!

  9. Stephanie

    Use this in my living room, computer room & bathroom. Light & airy fragrance, not over powering. Is by far my favorite.

  10. Bryan

    my favorite scent…cashmere woods. My daughter loved this. I smell it and I think of her. Jamie went to Heaven in 2017. I will never stop using this….

  11. Jose

    Work very well. Refills are not expensive

  12. Susan

    I have two units in the finished basement to help with the damp and stale air. Both units worked well for about a week, now they can hardly get out a spray. Don’t know why there isn’t as much spray as at first? I have messed with the canisters and they seem like they work just fine by hand.

  13. Joyce

    It really makes everything smell better and makes a room pleasant to be in.

  14. Ruth

    every good not a bad price

  15. Amber

    this aroma is by far the most alluring scent i have ever experienced.

  16. Nathan

    Excellent Spray:

    I honestly LOVE this Cashmere Spray. It smells so refreshing. I highly recommend.

  17. Bobby

    Just pop in the little canister and fresh air. Yeah!!!!

  18. Catherine

    Lovely essence, doesn’t have a negative effect on my sinuses.

  19. Angela

    I love spring and feel like it is spring all year with this fragrance. Not too sweet. Very Fresh and Clean Fragrance.

  20. Jose

    Was a little leery due to past experiences with like products however this item hass performed flawlessly! I am going to try the Great Value generics for this item which has very good reviews for half the cost. however if it doesn’t work out I am quite satisfied with glade fragrances Hawaiian mist is pleasing and not overpowering and will be trying others for variety. I do recommend this product

  21. Sara

    love it

  22. Ruth

    This scent is so wonderful! Sometimes I go to purchase another can and they are out of stock! That tells u right there it is good!

  23. Jesse

    I saw this in the store and decided to try it. I was very pleased and the longevity is amazing.

  24. Melissa

    I love the scent of Cashmere woods

  25. Cynthia

    My family enjoy’s wood smells, with clean

  26. Susan

    Nice scent. A little pricey!

  27. Lisa

    This is the best aroma I ever bought SO why can’t I find it for the dispensers?????? I want the spray refill in this fragrance and I can’t find it.

  28. Walter

    Who came up with that color? Make one that hangs on a wall that works as well. You might mention that if you want a additional burst it has a button for that.

  29. Thomas

    It worked very well I have 4 of them.

  30. Mildred

    Love this scent , i dont like flower n sweet scents this ia perfect

  31. Evelyn

    love, love, it freshens the air worry free minutes by minutes.

  32. Janet

    Love this and the clean linen scent that came with it. I can smell it for a very wide range. I keep it on the most infrequent setting

  33. Jacqueline

    We really like ours, and the best part is it doesn’t look like an air freshener! Once our cats got used to the spraying noise they didn’t jump and run anymore. Little tip, although it’s beautiful don’t be tempted to place it right next to your head where you sit, or near cooking surfaces- we each received a mouthful of spray before we learned our lesson! We love that it refreshes the room, and looks like part of the decor.

  34. Kimberly

    I use the glade spray 24/7. I have never had a scent I really loved like Cashmere Woods. I would like a case so I could put one in every room in my house. I will start stock piling them immediately so as not to run out. The Cashmere Woods is the perfect scent because it isn’t to frilly or masculine it is the perfect sent for both. I have 2 dogs that sometimes make mistakes and this has really made a difference in the room. I love it, love it love it!!!!!! Please don’t stop making it.
    Ms. retired lady

  35. Stephen

    Evoked feelings of cozy snuggles, warm, protected, calm, awakened pleasant memories. Wonderful fragrance….not perfumy or heavy.

  36. Dorothy

    Smells great. Good smell for men doesn’t have a floral smell.

  37. Debra

    Better scent ever. Better stack up before it gets discontinued. Please keep it as a regular scent. Should be more than just seasonal.

  38. Zachary

    Yummy scent. A tad strong for a few seconds but dissipates quickly.LikesFor bathroomsRoomFor the houseSmellValue for money

  39. Andrea

    Love the smell. I use it near my cat litter boxes and there is no odor using this.

  40. George

    I love this starter kit and the smell that came with it smells like fresh laundry which is a huge plus. The kit is easy to set up and refill. I love how it does the spraying for me. Its great at refreshing my room.

  41. Diane

    Nice looking and fit with my decor even nice must each spray

  42. Diana

    Great purchase! Have made good use out of this item! If your looking for quality this is your pick!

  43. Walter

    The smell that stays all day in the room where it is!

  44. Daniel

    I really love this Automatic Spray, I love how you don’t have to worry about spraying the air fresher yourself you just set the minutes and it does it for you. I give this a 10.

  45. Denise

    Love this product

  46. Roger

    This scent is simply beyond belief. The ingredients combine to make a small that is the epitome of the warmth and coziness of an autumn day. I cannot love this scent enough!

  47. Alan

    I just love this fragrance now that I have tried it out. Some other brand fragrances me sick but not this one. My daughter told me about this, and now I will order refills for all my rooms.

  48. Christian

    I use this in my workout room. Smells great. The only problem is I don’t know when to put another can in. Can’t remember when I installed it ( LOL). Wish it had some kind of a small beep when empty. Hey, I’m a guy, give me a break! BUT it does smell good, will be ordering more.

  49. Carolyn

    I just love the way cashmere woods smell and how the scent fills up a room. This is one of my fav’s yet. I also bought the candles and air freshner. It’s just an overall delightful smell

  50. Tiffany

    I love that i can set it up and totally forget about about it! i can always come home to a nice, clean smelling house and relax.

  51. Nicole

    To the best way to keep a fresh scent in a room with a fan, best in smoking areas, bathrooms w/ pet litter boxes and closets, Please I beg ya to let us buy the glade sparkling citrus sunrise automatic, can not find anywhere. This is refreshing device even at two weeks use.

  52. Kyle


  53. Julie

    Freshens OUR bathroom with woody smell.

  54. Kimberly

    We recently bought our house. After all the scents stuff strategically placed around the house had dissipated, we smelled dogs… We later found out the previous owners had like 5 big dogs they kept indoors. We had carpets steam cleaned etc but you can still smell it sometimes. The spray around the house helps with that smell and I loooove the smell of cashmere woods

  55. Mark

    Very smooth smelling scent. It’s not to sweet or woodsy, just right. I only wish that the smell would linger a little longer after being sprayed..

  56. Betty

    I bought this product 2 months ago and i lovet great product and the most important thing automatic that way i don’t waist it and smell clean fresh.

  57. Christopher

    Love love love this spray and the scent is amazing!

  58. Alan

    Smells great use this threw out my house been buying this for over 2 years Wonderful

  59. Martha

    the smell is awesome – my bathrooms smell so nice and I have had people ask what freshner I use a definite buy everytime

  60. Rachel

    Sprays when it’s supposed to and smells good. No clue on longevity as just recieved. They all work good on day one.

  61. Nathan

    Refreshes the smell in the house, works great. It is a lovely scent to come to. The new Honeysuckle/Lavender is awesome.

  62. George


  63. Betty

    This Cashmere wood spray work wonders and make your house smell so great it’s unbelievable mus fine

  64. Dorothy

    This scent smells like an expensive but light perfume…people will comment on how good your house smells!

  65. Bryan

    I have only one complaint. The automatic spray is so noisy. It makes me jump every time it goes off. Why is it so noisy?

  66. Deborah

    So far, this one is working really well. I’ve bought many of these over the years and some work some didn’t.

  67. Elizabeth

    I’m a smoker and you couldn’t tell when you walk into my home. Thanks !!!!

  68. Ann

    We recently moved into our home and I ran across the automatic spray starter kit. It came with the fresh linen spray. I love, love, love the fresh linen scent. I have 4 and I want more so that every room in the house has one. Glade never discontinue this scent it fresh and clean not counting I Love it!!

  69. Bobby

    Hope they make more woodsy (in the wood) fragrance they are the best

  70. Debra

    Glade is the best air freshener for your home, especially the smell of cashmere wood. Love there automatic spray for bathroom.

  71. Lauren

    Love this smell very relaxing.

  72. Doris

    Love this, it is my all time favorite scent. So soft and pretty. Please always keep this product in your lineup!

  73. Kathleen

    Fills every room with a beautiful scent I wouldn’t change one thing I love it and it works great

  74. Robert

    Have purchased these for years. Love this scent in particular.

  75. Johnny

    First time using this particular product.., I can’t believe that I can smell it all the way into my Kitchen!! 3rooms away

  76. Elizabeth

    Works great in our game room.

  77. Robert


  78. Walter

    One can will usually last me 30-32 days spraying every 30 minutes!

  79. Nicole

    this is the best scented spray. Not fruity, nutty, spicy, or cinnamon. It is a nice clean scent and have had many compliments.

  80. Grace

    This fragrance is very inviting to my sense of smell. It is very calming whenever I come home and keeps the smell of odors almost completely gone. Love it!

  81. Gary

    Use this product to keep the entire house odor free from cooking to pet odors. Works on a timely basis which is adjustable.

  82. Ruth

    The scents are true to its fragrance and I have one in everyone room of my home.

  83. Nathan

    i love the glade automatic spray and prefer it over airwick, cause i don´t like competitors scents. it´s impossible to use the glade cartridges in newest airwick-devices so i have to use the glade device. glade looks nicer but is a lot louder. pls improve your glade spray device. whether or not, glade clean linen ist just wunderbar 😀

  84. Joseph

    (Living the POSH Life)

    this scent had my curiosity a few months ago after moving into my gODDESS cOVE (what i call my apartment LoL) i have a walk in closet & the bathroom area smelled of an old basement like stale water or whatever smell wefted in sooo i got to researching solutions/ i tried spraying perfume from time to time however that WASN’T hittin on NOTHIN! soooo i looked into automatic spray air fresheners now mind you ive NEVER smelled this scent before however the look of what the scent smelled like and the reviews GOT ME lol i ordered 1 for the bathroom with the 2 pack replacement OMG talk about livin la vida loca when i smell this scent lol it’s like im a Sophisticated Lady of the Goddess Cove … so i just ordered a 2nd sprayer to put in the walk in botique/closet and OMG im doubly uplifted when walking in both rooms PLUS the smell wefts into the air duct system and hits my room ALOT so yESSS im WINNING on every level with the sprayer and this MAGNIFICENT scent … this scent is a KEEPER!

  85. Cheryl

    I no longer am able to purchase it. I have 8 automatic sprayers and no refills! Very, very disappointed.

  86. Deborah


  87. Gregory

    I prefer glade over airwick because the airwick leaves an oily residue on surfaces and Glade doesn’t

  88. Michael

    These sprayers go through batteries so fast. I wish they made one so that you can plug it into the wall and just have to change the can. Kind of annoying.

  89. Cheryl

    Beautiful smell. I love it

  90. Susan

    I really like the timer set , convenient, but its loud when it operates.

  91. Carolyn

    Cashmere Woods has to be my all time favorite scent. I normally get the Clean Linen but now that is my 2nd fav! Good year round. One canister lasts a month.

  92. Alexander

    I bought this 3 weeks ago and love the smell. You get a burst of fragrance at different setting levels. I would recommend to anyone.

  93. Alexander

    I use this in the retirement facility where I work & EVERYONE, ( even the maintenance guys!) love it. I wish you made a carpet powder to finish off the CASHMERE WOODS PRODUCT line…….

  94. Dorothy

    I love the fragrance this one has.

  95. Wayne

    This family really enjoys this scent. Thank you Jet.com for providing it at an affordable price!

  96. Hannah

    I like this fragrance and I keep one close to the kitty litter box. I scoop twice a day and let this product keep the room smelling great. I also put one in my living room and people are surprised to find out I have two cats, they can’t smell anything from the kitty litter box. Wouldn’t be without it.LikesQualityRoomFor bathroomsSmellValue for money

  97. Jacob

    works great and highly recommend also great price for 2 pack

  98. Karen

    Best smell ever only one I buy

  99. Evelyn

    My favorite scent! So glad its in this automatic spray!

  100. Olivia

    I love this scent so much. But the only time I can get it is usually during the hoildays. Can it be bought by the case?

  101. Jason

    I just purchased the new Glad Spray and it’s AWESOME!! Mine is Clean Linen and My house smells fantastic!!

  102. Rachel

    I love this scent! Its not overbearing and it’s smell is soothing!

  103. Albert

    One of our favorite scents that last. This scent will fill your home with an almost woodsy scent and it’s very calming and rich . This is a staple in our home.

  104. Gerald

    Love my glade automatic sprayers. Keeps my whole house spelling amazing. I have over 6 in my house and 4 in my basment

  105. Rose

    Love glade products

  106. Julie

    I liked very much, but need only the replacement because I have the containers

  107. Patrick

    this thing is awesome have a room that is large and can smell it everywhere

  108. Scott

    Clean Linen is my ultimate favorite scent. All the others are nice, but I always have to use this one. It is so clean, airy, and I love waking up to this scent in my bedroom every morning. I love anything that says clean+fresh+cotton+linen. But glade’s product is pretty cheap and you can find it anywhere, so that’s great.

  109. Sarah

    I have been using these for years. I love this scent. I always get compliments on how nice my house smells.

  110. Albert

    It have my home smelling oh so good. And it last a long time.

  111. Christopher

    Use in every room of the house.(smoker) I dont want to smell smoke,

  112. Katherine

    i’ve used this scent since it first came out i’m quite pleased with the product

  113. Tiffany

    This is great when you have pets. I like that it sprays periodically to keep a pleasant smell. As others have stated, it does make a funny sound when it sprays (Makes my cat jump!;). The scent is a bit strong for a few seconds but dissipates quickly.

  114. Brenda

    i have this in every room ,i have 2 dogs but you would know the house smells great always

  115. Danielle

    I buy this flavor all the time. I love the smell of it. It has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that refreshes my whole room every time it sprays. And it is a great fragrance all year round, not just for certain times of the year. I wish it would come in a bigger pack then just a 2 pack.

  116. Alan

    Cashmere Woods is the best smell ever! You can use the refill in the automatic spray or spritz it yourself. It destroys odor and leaves a nice cozy smell.

  117. Teresa

    This is my “go to” home scent. Just love it. It’s perfect.

  118. Lawrence

    Smells fresh and not to strong or have a lpud perfumey smell.

  119. Gary

    I have owned this product for awhile now. I have tried many scents and love most of them. This works really well. I have never had any problems out of this product. Also the air wick automatic spray cans work in the glade pray system. The only thing I didn’t like at first was the annoying sound it made when it sprays, but after awhile you really don’t notice the sound anymore.

  120. Jeffrey

    The aromatics is great long lasting

  121. Lawrence

    I love the scent of this spray! It smells so good, not overbearing. I have put this same one in every room in the house.

  122. Shirley

    However much I love the sprayer I am having trouble finding a strong enough Scent sold by both glade and airwick. I now have 3 of these and the last 2 scents I used just don’t smell at all.

  123. Dorothy

    It’s a really good product for the price I love I get a lot of compliments when visitors coming to my home and I’ve given that products name out I’m sure if they’ve bought it and I thank you for Glades kashmir’s just beautiful I would recommend it to everyone

  124. Austin

    I love this scent…Cashmere Woods…my only complaint is the units make a disturbing sound when they spray.

  125. Lori

    Not only does it smell great but the price of 2 is really Super.

  126. Barbara

    The delivery came on time, the scent smelled absolutely amazing and I’m overall impressed with the product.

  127. Michael

    Can’t find a battery powered air freshener in the store, but found one online. It’s HUGE, though. A lot bigger than I was expecting. It works. Has the option of blast intervals – 9, 18, 39 minutes or OFF (times are odd, but it’s nice to have 3 options). The Fresh Linen smell isn’t bad, but doesn’t smell nearly as nice as the candle. Since it’s going in my teenaged son’s closet I needed something that doesn’t burn and doesn’t use an outlet to power. So this works fine and gets rid of any odors caused by gym shoes and dirty laundry.

  128. Gary

    When scented candles first came out as a mass-market product I was a beta tester for Glade, about 25 years ago. They sent me a whole box of generic candles to test everything from how long the scent lasted to the quality of the container to how the wicks burnt. This is the only scent, by any company, that I have used year round. Certain things only smell right in the fall and winter, others in the spring or summer. Cashmere Woods was marketed, maybe 4-5 years ago, as part of the fall collection, but that was erroneous. This scent is so subtle that it’s neither seasonal nor gender-specific. I use the spray, the auto spray, the oil, the candles and I have it in my car under my seat. If it came in a perfume I’d probably use that too let’s pray their marketing people are smart enough to keep it instead of trying to always find something “new and improved” that just makes loyal customers angry.

  129. Judith

    Have used this product for years, it’s in every room of my home.

  130. Sharon

    Very good stuff

  131. Julia

    This smells great but doesn’t really project into the room very far nor does it linger.

  132. Gregory

    I love this scent and Jet has the best prices yet. AND they even tape the plastic lid but also have a tab so it is easy to pull the tape off! VERY IMPRESSED WITH THAT PACKAGING!!

  133. Carl

    I really like this smell most of all.

  134. Timothy

    I keep two of these in my basement and it keeps it smelling good.

  135. Rebecca

    Love the smell. Last a whole month

  136. Lawrence

    One of the best scents!

  137. Anna

    I would not only recommend this to a friend I would recommend this to everyone I came across…this stuff is wonderful….I use it even if I don’t need it lol

  138. Joyce

    What a great fragrance. I was prompted to order Glade Cashmere Woods spray by the high ratings other users had submitted. My family and friends really love this product.

  139. Cynthia

    I love the new look. Blends in with my decor.

  140. Johnny

    Purchased my first Automatic Sprayer Kit with Clean Linen and loved being able to set the timer and walk into the room and it smelling so fresh. Since I have purchased 7 more of them, yes, seven!! No typo…. Now the whole house smells good and no flame or melting wax involved….

  141. Patrick

    Smells great smell last price is right

  142. Julie

    Great scent and work well.

  143. Katherine

    Love the cashmere woods air freshner. Keep one on hand always.

  144. Amy

    Love the smell of this automatic spray! I get compliments on how good my house smells when someone visits : )

  145. Bryan

    Delightful fragrance which reminds me of a crisp autumn day in the forest.

  146. Jordan

    Love my spray I use it all the time always have

  147. Theresa

    Works great.. the fragrance is absolutely wonderful..fresh,clean scent

  148. Betty

    Love this air freshener, set

  149. Mary

    Love it nothing to dislike

  150. Deborah

    These are great room air fresheners with even without the auto spray device. The last WAY longer than the average room air freshener. The scents are stronger too. the smell on this one is more earthy and not so “foo foo smelling” as my husband would put it. I use them for my car too. Worth the extra dollar or two you spend over a regular can of Glade room spray.

  151. Julie

    Absolutely love the smell of this therefore purchasing in a 2pk helps me save money

  152. Michael

    Keeps bathroom smelling fresh

  153. Stephen

    I bought 2 of these and I am happy with them. They work as they are supposed to and they are very attractive.

  154. Julia

    I love the fragrance. I like how it doesnt have an over powering smell of flowers or funky odor to it. I actually have 4 of them in my house. Each dispenser gives a burst of freshness to each room.

  155. Janet

    Love the scent!

  156. Jordan

    This product makes my house smell so good!!

  157. Ronald

    I like the scent very much. In my effort to conserve, I turned it off and the odor in the bathroom was noticed right away. Knowing how long until I need a refill would be helpful. This is the best item I have purchased.

  158. Deborah

    Great fragrance!

  159. Victoria

    Use all the time

  160. Larry

    I have been using these in a few rooms since the windows got shut for the season. Love this scent.

  161. Christopher

    Love the scent as it is not overpowering. The only problem I have is that I wish the highest setting was every hour the 36 minutes it has now is too often. The price is good.

  162. David

    It just sits in my living room and makes the room smell good.

  163. Juan

    This is hands down my FAVORITE SCENT! It lasts a long time, I have my time set for the longest time frame and get the most out of my money with this fragrance.

  164. Roy

    Favorite scent. I’ve had no one complain about it’s smell. Hard to find a scent that everyone likes.

  165. Harry

    I love this unit and this scent. The sound will surprise ya, but ya get used to it. Guests hear it and look around wondering what is that, and where did it come from?

  166. Joyce

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this product! The only time I switch is for Christmas scents. It’s such a clean fresh scent that when people walk into my house they say “wow, what is the smell? I tell them “It’s Glade Clean Linen!!

  167. Joseph

    I don’t let my cats on the kitchen counters, but against my wishes my cat used to climb on the counter to jump up to the top of the kitchen cabinets to sleep. I was consistent with him, whenever I discovered him, I’d make him come down. Nothing worked until I put this Glade Automatic Spray unit on the very top of my kitchen cabinets. It must’ve shocked or scared my cat when it sprayed, and my cat has never tried to sleep up there again! I am so happy 🙂 Now, my house smells fresh, and my cat is not climbing on the counter tops to get to the very top of the kitchen cabinets.

  168. Danielle

    This sent reminds me of nice homes (3 million plus) with lots of wood built in. Nice.

  169. Ryan

    I put this item above my fridge, and I barely notice it. It is aestheticly pleasing, but I don’t like anyone knowing why my home smells so great. I have it on the setting with the most time inbetween sprays. There is a tiny noise when it sprays, but it is not very noticeable. Overall this is a good buy.

  170. Hannah

    I was given two of these by my daughter for my birthday last year. Love them so much, I just purchased 2 more. Can purchase different aromas for different seasons and since I have 3 dogs it works very well with covering any hint of doggy smell I have in my house.

  171. Betty

    Such a great product! We set it up for the longest spray, 36 mins. I think, and it works great and the scent is divine…. Not too heavy of a scent. Like it so well, I bought another one the next week.

  172. Phillip

    Nice scent, but didn’t last a month.

  173. Susan

    Doesnt take up space, I have it set to shortest time for bathrm, looks great, comes with battery

  174. Katherine

    I think this smells so good and I really am enjoying this product.

  175. Jacqueline

    I love it this item, smell so good , I’m really gladefanatic so I love everything glade sprays. and the box comes 1 refill and the batteries too.

  176. Walter

    Good product as advertised, fast shipping.

  177. Adam

    Works perfectly and delivered on time

  178. Ashley

    Price was good I had to buy it

  179. Amber

    It looks nice, but I haven’t use it yet.

  180. Richard

    OMG I love this scent if I can’t hang my clothes out I can spray and enjoy

  181. Timothy

    This scent can use for every room to freshen with good fragrances…..

  182. Emma

    Wonderful, pleasant, clean scent…. If it was a perfume I would wear it

  183. Donna

    this scent fits in every room to freshen up every space

  184. Grace

    Glade clean linen is the best fragance that I have found. I have the Glade filter fresh, I think it is great.

  185. Alexander

    Having 3 dogs is a challenge for any home smelling fresh. Well using Clean Linen candles leaves my house smelling fresh and clean. I would recommend this scent to anyone who enjoys that fresh and clean fragrance their house.

  186. Jesse

    Since that entered my house smell was thrilled and confident wonderful my house and dispense all the old fresheners smell that it was looking for since a long period

  187. Stephanie

    I love the smell when you walk in a room and the automatic sprayer has just sprayed! I love that burst of fresh scent! It smells like I just washed a load of laundry on beautiful sunny summer day!

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