Igloo 120-Qt Polar Cooler

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From the industry leader in extended cooling performance, comes this Igloo Polar Cooler in white. Its Ultratherm insulation in the body and lid provides maximum cooling, so your drinks will stay at the right temperature while it holds ice for up to five days. This Igloo 120-quart cooler is ideal for camping, extended trips, going …

From the industry leader in extended cooling performance, comes this Igloo Polar Cooler in white. Its Ultratherm insulation in the body and lid provides maximum cooling, so your drinks will stay at the right temperature while it holds ice for up to five days. This Igloo 120-quart cooler is ideal for camping, extended trips, going to the beach, all day fun at the ballpark or backyard parties. It features dual, snap-fit latches that are child-safe to secure the lid tightly and a tie-down loop offers additional security. There’s a liner that protects the interior of this Igloo Polar Cooler from odors and staining. A threaded drain plug makes it easy to fill it up with water by simply attaching a garden hose. The lid guard even has UV inhibitors to protect from damage caused by the sun. All together, it can hold up to 188 12 oz cans. This camping gear from Igloo is just what you need to stay hydrated and refreshed while having a wonderful time outdoors.
Igloo 120-Quart Polar Cooler:

  • UV inhibitors in lid guard against sun damage
  • Stain- and odor-resistant liner
  • Threaded drain plug for hose hook up
  • Reinforced, swing-up handles with tie-down loop feature
  • Dual, snap-fit latches secure lid closure
  • Snap-lock, child safety latch
  • Dimensions: 38.3″L x 17.4″W x 17.8″H
  • Igloo 120-quart cooler comes in white
  • Swing-up handles for easy carrying
  • Lid holds ice for up to 5 days
  • Can hold up to 188 12 oz cans
  • Weight: 18.2 lbs



Features No features description available
Brand Igloo
Assembled Product Weight 21.92 lbs
manufacturer_part_number 120-qt
Manufacturer Igloo Products
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 38.69 x 18.13 x 18.50 Inches
  1. Bryan

    Large in size was happy i bought it

  2. Ashley

    Purchased this item for use in assisting various families during these difficult times to deliver food items that need refrigeration. We use this to keep items cold during delivery.LikesDurabilityFitColorEase of useDislikesFor camping

  3. Diana

    Put some reflective bubble wrap on the inside of the lid and ice lasted for 5 days with cooler in the shade. Perfect and for a quarter of the price of a yeti!LikesQualityEase of useSturdinessDurabilityFit

  4. Megan

    Great for the price keeps ice in large ammonts for a couple days , small smounts for one

  5. Ashley

    Love the size of this cooler. Already had one from years ago and they keep the food and ice far longer than any cooler we have ever owned. Only downfall on this new cooler is it does not come with an insert for foods you do not want in the ice…the old one did. Guess they no longer provide that with the new ones….too bad it would then be PERFECT.LikesSizeAs a giftAppearanceConstructionFit

  6. Roger

    Love it!! Just as big as I thought it was going to be

  7. Grace

    Put some reflective bubble wrap on the inside of the lid and ice lasted for 5 days with cooler in the shade. Perfect and for a quarter of the price of a yeti!

  8. Dorothy

    Received item quickly through the ship to home program and was able to use the cooler for the Fourth of July. Kept items ice cold longer than I expected considering the cooler was in direct sunlight the majority of the day. Price was more than competitive as I saw the same cooler at one of the discount warehouse outlets for a higher price than I paid via Walmart.

  9. Frank

    I like the cool it is very roomy and it keeps your soda beer water very cold I’m thinking about purchasing another word

  10. Sarah

    Very well priced, nice quality item that manages to keep things quite cool even under the searing TX heat. I liked it so much I bought another!

  11. Sarah

    This is a pretty neat ice chest. I can see where the hinges and latches might break after longterm use or if it is manhandled. It is 120 quart and is big enough for drinks, condiments, food and even two liter bottles. I would say this could be your “All in one” cooler for when you go camping. I don’t have any complaints other then the latches and hinges, but you can replace them with stainless steel ones. Ice chest can be heavy when loaded but nothing two people can’t handle.
    Overrall it was a good purchase.

  12. Barbara

    Large, but not to large. Nice addition to my Sturgis gear.

  13. Ashley

    Great for the boat holds ice for days

  14. Brandon

    Keeps ice for 3 to 4 days!!!! Love it

  15. Anna

    Ordered two of these coolers. They were just what we needed. Best price for the product

  16. Donna

    Awesome great for camping

  17. Barbara

    I purchased these coolers for my church to use for the very large dinners we have. They are great size to keep 350, 8 ounce cartons of milk. We also have cole slaw 160 – 200, 6 ounce cups portioned for take out meals. The size was great, the design and construction is sturdy and durable. The clasps are different and I was initially concerned that they didn’t look sturdy but they seem to be holding up well.
    I am very pleased with these coolers and the price even enhanced their value.

  18. Samuel

    This cooler met my needs for a trip where it was taken in and out of trucks and boats over the course of three days. It appears sturdy and has had no problems so far. I have only used it for this trip. I can update in a few months after several fundraisers where this will be necessary.

  19. Walter

    We love this cooler, had one for years that we gave to our kids (who are still using it and wont give it up) so we bought another. On our tiny houseboat we are putting a cushion on it and using it for an extra seat. The drain is easy to hook up too. Love it!! Fast shipping too

  20. Albert

    I bought this for a family bbq. It held all the drinks I needed and had plenty of room of ice. Even with all the opening and closing by the kids I still had ice in it 2 days later. It was a great price and a great chest to have for big get togethers…

  21. Emily

    Wish there was small door on lid though

  22. Amy

    Solid cooler, very large. Would recommend replacing hinges and latches with the more-durable, stainless steel kind, as the plastic ones it comes with are very cheap.

  23. Matthew

    I was looking for storage for back of my pickup All pickup storage was much mor expensive and I thought I will just get this cooler and that will bring home grocery and keep foods hot or cold. So I just love this cooler it does what I needed it to d

  24. Victoria

    I have another 120 quart cooler that looked the same as this model but the hinges were much stronger. For the money and hauling capacity if you treat it right it will hold up for you.

  25. Betty

    Love these. Have 3 now and take to farmers markets. Good because you can put a layer of ice down and a layer of product over a large area. They are also about as well insulated as they come. Heavey when loaded, but not too heavy for a middle aged guy to pick up.

  26. Amanda

    A light-weight, well built cooler. For the cost, this cooler delivers. I cater parties and have found this cooler to fit my needs very well. Ice remains good for up to three days in 80 degree weather which is more than I need. When empty, the cooler is very light weight. The garden hose threaded drain is very handy. The only thing I have found to wear out quickly on these coolers are the hinges. I get approx. two years of use on the hinges before they break and need to be replaced. Stainless steel replacements are available. The latches and handles have lasted as long as the cooler itself, but replacement parts are available and very reasonably priced. You can buy a more expensive cooler, but for difference you pay, you’re not getting any better ice retention past 4-5 days. The Coleman cooler would be my next choice as it has the same qualities as the Igloo for about the same price.

  27. Kathleen

    The cooler is exactly what I expected. It is large and with a flat bottom.

    The previous cooler I had was with wheels. The wheel wells took up too much space inside the cooler. I travel several hours with groceries and this holds plenty. The 13 inch bottom width holds large frozen boxed food.

    I can see where others have complained about the latches. They are the weak link but they have replacement latches. The latches look like they will last a long time if used carefully.

    I can’t remember if I paid $55 or $59 but it was the best price on the web. Many many items are available from online Walmart that are never seen in their stores and at the best prices from electronic cables, computer speakers to coolers.

  28. Karen

    It might keep ice for 6 months for all I know. We are using the cooler as an equipment box on our pontoon boat. It’s strong enough to sit on and large enough to hold all our stuff. The price at Walmart was less than anyplace else. Ship to store worked exactly as they said it would.

    When the electricity goes off in our mountain community, maybe we’ll take the anchors, life jackets and fishing gear out of the Igloo and put the food from our fridge iin it.

  29. Frances

    We purchased this cooler several years ago for our weekly camping trips. The cooler is very good at keeping all your perishables iced down. The ONLY drawback is the hinges. My husband has had to replace them SEVERAL times because of the durability. Igloo really needs to look at redesigning them. They are not sturdy enough in our opinion. Other than that, I would recommend.

  30. Patrick

    Exactly what I wanted works great

  31. Jonathan

    Nice, durable cooler and a great price! We use it on our boat and love it!

  32. Matthew

    I’ve only used the cooler once so far and it holds ice better than I thought it would

  33. Grace

    This is huge, but great for family camping.

  34. Madison

    It is big. Very heavy if filled. Keeps things cold for several days. I had one several years ago and liked it.

  35. Christine

    This is the perfect size cooler for any party. We had a backyard party for 50 people and it fit more than enough beers, sodas, juices, and water. We drained out the water from the side and left it outside overnight. There was still ice inside when we woke up so this definitely keeps things cold.

  36. Alice

    Great cooler

  37. Judy

    My last cooler like this lasted 16 years. I hope this new one lasts as long..

  38. Rose

    Plenty of room to fix a deer in or lots of fish

  39. Scott

    Very nice cooler!!! Love it!

  40. Kelly

    This product meets expectations and was delivered in a short time.

  41. David

    Excellent cooler at a great price. fast delivery too.

  42. Diane

    This cooler is fantastic and it was a great price as compared to similar sized coolers.

  43. Olivia

    it has been a good cooler

  44. Douglas

    Just as described and works great. Very good value

  45. Daniel

    We actually ordered this one only because we had one before. My husband before we married (6years) had this cooler for years before we meet. Very sturdy and for us keeps 7-9 days depending on how much ice and how many times you open the cooler. Plus the temperature ranging from 90-100 degrees out. We probably would not have needed a new one if it hadn’t been for the locks on the outside breaking by someone doing it. Other than that! Great product!!!

  46. Crystal

    Does the job

  47. Brian

    it was great. delivery was the problem one came to my house other one end up one street over at 84 years old she calls police and fire dept

  48. Gary

    It was exactly what we expected.

  49. Howard

    I had no idea how large a 120 quart cooler was. I ended up returning this one and got a smaller Igloo cooler from another source.

  50. Patricia

    Great product

  51. Jason


  52. Doris

    I have had my Igloo 120 quart cooler for approximately 10 years. Besides 3 one week camping trips each year, it has survived being dragged around by 2 college boys to all of their parties and used each summer at our swimming pool. The only part that has broken through all of this is the lid strap that holds the lid from opening too far. Easy fix.
    Now that my oldest son is starting his family, I bought this cooler for him as a gift and am sure that it will also last him many years.

  53. Sharon

    Excellent product and value. Free shipping was a big plus. Would buy again.

  54. Bruce

    bought 2 this is for field dressing deer meat

  55. Brandon

    The size and the cost is very reasonable for this name brand cooler.

  56. Brian

    Keeps ice for four days. Bought six of these all the same. Two of them had one latch that did not work and after calling Walmart and the manufacturer the new latches arrived three weeks later. Excellent service and items were as described.

  57. Joseph

    Good price for its size. Keeps ice for an exceptially long time. will hold anything you can put in it includeing several 25lb + catfish. I would reccomend this cooler for snyone needing more space to keep things chilled.

  58. Peter

    I purchased a similar cooler a few years ago and it still is serving its purpose. Bought the new one for a gift. They were thrilled with it and cant wait to use it for camping or any other fun activities.

  59. Gerald

    This item was purchased for church picnic functions. It does a great job holding drinks on ice even with the frequent open and close of top. Size was by far the best value of any other cooler similar sized.

  60. Walter

    This cooler does not have wheels of course, so when filled it is very hard to move. The price, size and how good it keeps everything cold for days it is a very good value. I had to make a cart to move it when its full. It works great for my families needs.

  61. Christine

    Good durable, large cooler.

  62. Matthew

    I already own one of these coolers and it is my favorite. Big, sturdy, lightweight, doubles as a bench. What more could you want?

  63. Stephanie

    We needed a larger cooler to hold larger fish until we could clean them . This cooler works perfect!

  64. Rose

    This chest is awesome. We used it for the 4th of July and I couldn’t believe how cold it kept everything. Ice is still solid today. Love it!

  65. Linda

    For the price you can’t beat it. I’ve obviously doesn’t hold like a Yeti would, but doesn’t do bad either.

  66. Jennifer

    It is absolutely gregt. I wish I had ordered two. It fits in the area in my Chevy Tahoe where I had hoped it would fit.

  67. Cheryl

    Hard to beat the price on a cooler of this size. It held ice all day so it did what I needed it to do.

  68. Douglas

    Ordered this for Fla. fishing trips. Great price! Quick shipping! I would definitely recommend to friends!! I love it!!

  69. Bruce

    This cooler is manageable and just about as perfect as I could imagine!! I’m so happy with my purchase!!!!

  70. Deborah

    I use this cooler as my livewell, it holds lots of fish and keeps the water and fish alive with hush bubble aerator

  71. Diana

    Perfect size for camping. Nice and Sturdy. Shipping was free, that’s always a plus. Price point was right on!

  72. Samantha

    Holds ice and stays cold very well for 4 days when out of the sun. never used them outside in full sun.

  73. Bryan

    Well made, durable, big and easy to use,, SUPER reasonable price for all you get worked just as I hoped… this is my 20th cooler in the past 3 years… I build them into cabinets and this one works great for me.

  74. Susan

    Nice size cooler and functional. Nice for large groups.

  75. Richard

    I put ice in the cooler 6 days ago and it’s still there! Great purchase!

  76. Tammy

    Perfect cooler. Exactly the size I was looking for!

  77. Karen

    Great cooler and a terrific value. The free shipping was outstanding

  78. Ashley

    Great buy! Bought 3 of them!!!!!! For elk hunt next fall!!!!!

  79. Ashley

    It’s a big one. Ice lasts well.

  80. Betty

    Fantastic great buy for the money highly recommend

  81. Roy

    I like it it works well for fishing an it was cheap

  82. Carl

    Great value and quick delivery.

  83. Charles

    Delivery went well timely manner. On time just like website said

  84. Catherine

    Awesome! Holds huge amounts of stuff and love the hose hookup for draining!

  85. Albert

    I sell seafood ay a flee market and these cooler
    are perfect. And i got fast delivery

  86. William

    Perfect for the boat! More than enough storage, Nd you can’t beat the price!

  87. Eugene

    Great cooler keeps foods cold even in very hot temperatures.

  88. Adam

    love these ice chests! we have been using them for years!!

  89. Brandon

    this was a gift it was exactly what I wanted. The recipient was very happy!!

  90. Gary


  91. Justin

    Holds ice well for days!

  92. Stephanie


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