Igloo 28 Qt Iceless Cooler in Silver

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Igloo 28QT Iceless cooler is the perfect addition to any camping trip or road trip when you don’t want to deal with ice. Simply plug in the 12V DC receptacle, perfect to plug into your car for portable use. Igloo’s Iceless cooler features a quiet brushless motor and convection cooling. WIthout the ice you are …

Igloo 28QT Iceless cooler is the perfect addition to any camping trip or road trip when you don’t want to deal with ice. Simply plug in the 12V DC receptacle, perfect to plug into your car for portable use. Igloo’s Iceless cooler features a quiet brushless motor and convection cooling. WIthout the ice you are able to maximize the space and fill it to the brim with all of your favorite snacks, sandwiches, drinks and treats. Simply pack, plug and go!

• Cools without ice – more room for food and drinks
• Cools down 36°F below surrounding temperature
• Quiet brushless motor and convection cooling – fan circulates cold air
• Ergonomic design – curved back comfortably hugs your side while carrying
• Swing-up bail handle with comfort grip for easy carrying
• Molded-in side handles for two handed carrying or lifting
• 8 ft. long power cord plugs into any 12V DC receptacle (e.g. cigarette lighter) for
portable use – good universal fit in 12V outlets


Features Comfort Grip, Portable, Ergonomic Design
Brand Igloo
Assembled Product Weight 10 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number 00040369
Manufacturer Igloo
Lifestage @generated
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 19.12 x 13.25 x 18.31 Inches
  1. Jean

    This is a very good little cooler. It keeps things nice and cold and is the right size to keep in my truck. The only issue that I have with it is the power cord. It needs to be made stronger and last longer.

  2. Ashley

    We bought to use when we travel. We have tested it and it does get cold. We put in a room temperature bottle of water and it did get cold. That was for a test only. Instructions say to put in items cold.LikesAs a giftDesignConstructionColorEase of use

  3. Peter

    Great cooler. However the cord easily gets to hot and melts. Also, the fuse is very fragile and very hard to find a replacement if you don’t keep the spare handy.

  4. Sara

    There was a problem with the lid.
    Igloo co. replaced the cooler.
    The replacement took a little time, yet a
    easy process.

  5. Peter

    I have had one of these coolers for years on a big truck. Using it up to 7 days a week. Keeping cold drinks and food, saving a lot of money by not paying truck stop prices. Works fine as long as it is not hot in truck. Ambient temperature needs to be in the 70s or lower as cooler will only cool up to 40 degrees below cab temperature. Cooler uses power and has the potential to drain battery. I recently purchased a cooler that was defective and did not cool properly. Face it! The world is not perfect. I purchased an other one, and it works great. I returned defective cooler to local store with receipt and a return order number ( make sure you have THAT! ). Return order number can be obtained online. Also, after long use ( 1 to 3 years ), the plug on the cord will start to melt. You can purchase a new cord at truck stops, but take it as a sign that you will have to purchase a new cooler soon. As nothing lasts forever.

  6. John

    The 28 qt cooler replaced an Igloo 40qt thermo-electric cooler acquired in 2002 that severed faithfully on many car trips and was only replaced because the plastic handles broke. The new cooler is well built, will fit on the floor between the front and back seats, and has an extra long cord that easily reaches a rear 12 vdc power outlet. Like its predecessor, it is very quiet and makes just enough noise so that you can tell it is running. The thermo-electric cooling unit with fan is located in the lid which helps maximize the cooler interior space. The handle is very sturdy and permits the cooler to be carried in one hand. There is a rubber gasket in the lid with keeps the cooler sealed when closed. In a test, the cooler easily reached 36 degrees below the outside ambient temperature after being on less than an hour. It is a very nice cooler.

  7. Ryan

    This great cooler does a nice job of cooling a relatively large space with little power requirements. I have owned several 12v coolers and this is the best by far. The feature I am most fond of is that the cooling unit and fans are in the top. Since colder air sinks to the bottom there is very good, natural distribution. Everyone of my earlier coolers had the unit in the side near the bottom so the air at the top was not cooled well. Another benefit of this location is if there is an accidental spill of liquid in the cooler, the cooling unit is not damaged.

  8. Jane

    This is a well engineered piece of equipment. It works so well, that if you need to transport frozen items for a few days, it will keep things frozen.

  9. Roger

    Excellent product, works perfectly well!

  10. Eric

    I love this cooler. I keep it in my car and use it for cold items when out shopping! My car allows me to use it when my car is off so works perfectly for what I need!

  11. Emma

    Cools very nicely and stays cool in a hot car when not plugged in. Quite functional.

  12. Thomas

    works great much better than ice. but make sure you get an extension lighter cord, they have them in 12 feet and get a adapter converter to so you can charge it at home or get the cooler ready it say to allow 3 hour for that so do it at home before you go.

  13. Jacqueline

    I am a truck driver. This is the best 12v cooler available. I have bought another brand In the past and had to replace twice in 6 months.
    After 2 years of using my previous igloo 12v cooler i replaced with this new one. Very happy with igloo cooler.

  14. Lori

    For over the road truckers this is the bomb. Keeps all our drinks and snacks cold and at the ready. The only downfall is that if something happens to your power cord you will need to get a replacement directly from Igloo as the replacement power cords sold in the truck stops would fry our outlets in the truck!

  15. Cynthia

    This is a great item for road trips, or even to use as a second mini fridge in your home. room temp with thermometer is 78 while the inside temp of the cooler is 39.

    only down side is that power port for the cooler can get in the way of the handle unless you keep it on the front side. Other than that, this cooler works great just like it should.

  16. Walter

    I just got this to replace the one I had. And that one lasted me six years. So Im hoping this one will do the same. Its worth every Penney for someone who travels a lot. The unit worked right out of the box with no issues.

  17. Jose

    I love this cooler to use for long distance driving. It cooled all my drinks while I traveled from FL all the way to CA.

  18. Jordan

    Used in car for long trips. Also bought a cord to be able to use it in standard room outlet, so didn’t need room with refrigerator. Cooled quickly, and stays cool when unplugged. Very happy with product.

  19. Gary

    Perfect cooler for taking short or cross country trips. We traveled across the entire Midwest and enjoyed fresh fruits , vegetables and cold water the entire trip.

  20. Ryan

    I love this cooler. I take it my car on all trips. If you start with some frozen bottles of water, the cooler stays very cold for days. It worked better than my friend’s portable fridge on the last camping trip.

  21. Philip

    The best ac/dc cooler. Use it in a semi truck for two years, five days a week. Its a monster, like a timex watch! I find a little water in the bottom durring use and sometimes a bit noisey. But you can’t go wrong, one tuff cooler for sure.

  22. Olivia

    Zero complaints! Used it for a two week car trip and it was flawless. Picked up the right size power converter at a camper store and had no cord issues at all. Also picked up two small cooler packs for nights where the hotel had a fridge/freezer. Gave the cooler a head start in the morning by tossing in the cold packs. This is an all time favorite buy. The ONLY drawback was finding a Walmart that carried it thanks to a VERY poor online accounting system. Drove to 4 different stores claiming it was in stock until we found one. Still… well worth it for a great car cooler! We ran it night

  23. Nicholas

    It is the perfect size for traveling on day trips, or shopping. Cools nicely.

  24. Julia

    I LOVE this cooler!!! I’ve had this cooler for a year now and it works great!!!

  25. Samuel


  26. Roger

    It works great

  27. Matthew

    Very happy

  28. Marilyn

    This is a great cooler to have in your vehicle during the hot months. Great for picnics, shopping and taking home leftovers from a restaurant.

  29. James

    The Igloo electric cooler worked very well in the car; it kept the items within very cold! Am very pleased with this product.

  30. Laura

    Size and use is just right to travel in a truck over the road.

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