JVC Mobile KS-AX202 AX2 Series Class AB Amp (2 Channels, 300 Watts)

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  1. Donald

    This is amazing. It has so much power and the sound is very clean. It blows away other amps I have tried. It also very quiet at idle. It looks to be very well made – quality! Would definitely recommend this. It is a bit larger than I thought it would be so pay attention to the dimensions.

  2. Julie

    I liked the fact that it was very easy to install it’s small size fit perfect where I installed it handles my speakers very very well sounds awesome I highly recommend it for the price it sells for you cannot go wrong I am using it for door speakers on a 2000 Silverado ls model so it’s basically handling 6.5 pioneer 350w 3 way speakers 2 pioneer 250w rear 4×6 speakers and 2 150w upper pioneer flat tweeters and they scream in a good way of course in other words I initially bought as temporary cus its rated at 300w so I did not think it would handle my set up but To my surprise it is doing awesome so it’s a keeper.

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