Little Trees Air Freshener Black Ice Fragrance 6-Pack

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  1. Brandon

    I received the Wild Cherry air freshener and it came 3 to a pack, each individually separated which was nice because it allowed me to keep the other two fresh. I opened the pack, hung from my rear view mirror, and to be honest it was a little strong. However, after putting in my car after about a day, the smell lessened leaving a nice tolerable scent. I used to use these little trees when I was younger and really enjoyed them then and continue to enjoy them now. Can’t wait to try the other scents. Highly recommend.

  2. Angela

    Very nice scent, nice and refreshing pine scent, but updated and very fresh. Not totally pine, but a really nice clean scent. I put one in the car, one in the bath. Great little air fresheners.

  3. Kimberly

    With 2 kids and stale cereal stuck in the car seats, my car doesn’t smell as good as I want it. I went with the leather smell since the scratchy smell was the closest to new car smell. I follow the direction to remove more wrapper through the weeks. It worked well and the smell is exactly what I was looking for. Around the 3 week mark with half the wrapper hanging there I feel it was impeding my view out the windshield. So I moved it to the steering column. I really like it there, when I open my door I get a whiff of a new car. I love it. Still have some smell at week 7. It’s ok, I have another 2 out of this 3 pack 😉

  4. Samantha

    I thought this was a metallic or metal tree. That would have been great with current style, having so much bling in the car, but it is grey with blue and white flex in it. Like the smell ‘Pure Steel’

  5. Kenneth

    I was a bit nervous about this. I remember them from my childhood as having a scent that could make your eyes water. I hung the freshener the day before we experienced 5 days of 110 degrees plus heat. When I went to drive, the scent was subtle. I am surprised how well I like them.

  6. Megan

    We purchased these little trees for my teenage son’s truck and they work. We got this sunset beach scent because it is colorful and it really does remind me of a beach! Love that!

  7. Janice

    I love the scent in my car with these. I also love purple. If you like the smell of lavender then get some of these. I love it. I will definitely get more when these 3 I have are done.

  8. Amy

    The LITTLE TREES air fresheners Lavender 3-Pack is a great way to keep your vehicle smelling nice while also combining the soothing qualities of lavender to your drive. The Little Trees air fresheners have been around for a long time and most people know of the “pine” scented ones, but there are a few things that you may not have known about them. First there are a multitude of different scents such as the “lavender” scent of this three pack. Second you can extend the air freshening effect of the product up to six weeks at least by following the directions on the back of the plastic bag and only opening the bag to expose more of the air freshener in the way described. I never knew that and had been using this product wrong for years. The “lavender” scent has a nice aroma to it and in no way is overpowering. I feel a little calmer with this particular scent in my vehicle over the other ones that I have bought in the past. If you are looking for a new or different smell for your vehicle that may also help you feel a little less stressed on your drive home, then this three pack is for you.

  9. Wayne

    All my life I’ve seen these small fir trees, usually hanging from the rear view mirror of everybody else’s vehicle but mine. Until recently I avoided buying them because I thought their scent was overpowering, and now I have regrets about that decision.After receiving a three-pack of Lavender Little Trees for product testing, I decided to put one in my bedroom closet. Because you can control the strength of the scent (and the longevity of the product) by unwrapping more or less of the tree, I was able to use the first Little Tree at its minimum setting. The scent is quite pleasant, barely noticeable (which was what I wanted), and I have been using it now for a bit over two weeks, which means that it may provide the fragrance level I want for much more than the advertised seven weeks.I also used a Little Tree in our travel trailer, which presented a much greater challenge. The trailer sits without use for weeks at a time in hot, sunny conditions. Even with the most meticulous cleaning, the trailer often takes up a “unique” aroma. Placing the second Little Tree near the toilet, once again at minimum setting, alleviated that problem better than anything I have previously tried. This tree will probably not last as long as the first one, but it’s doing a fine job in a tough location.Bottom Line: The Little Trees Air Fresheners work well and are easy to use. There are several scents from which to choose. I like the product and would recommend it without reservation.

  10. Alice

    If you like the jolly hard candy you will love this scent of little trees. The watermelon print with the scent just says summer fun. It’s a classic way to bring a good smell into a newer car no matter if you hang it on your mirror or somewhere else in the car.

  11. Christine

    It’s so hard to find coconut air freshener for the car so glad Little Trees makes it and they smell great

  12. Donald

    if your looking for that fresh mountain air scent then look no further.The True North little trees air freshener will make your car smell like your traveling through the Colorado countryside.

  13. Katherine

    I don’t like a lot of scents that many people like. I tend to like something fresh without being medicinal or perfume-like. This was a fun scent to try. I really smells like watermelon so it leaves a nice scent in the air. I look forward to trying some of the other fruit scents from Little Trees. The watermelon design makes it cute. It keeps a nice scent in the car but is not overpowering. Comes in a pack of three. I don’t know how long each one will last but at least I have 2 replacements. I put it in my car in the summer so I know the heat has helped it diffuse more. Will be interesting to see how strong it is in the cooler months.

  14. Tyler

    I chose vanilla, as it is one of my favorites. I really like these, especially in a couple of my vehicles which are not daily drivers, since they sit quite often.

  15. Frank

    Love the aroma of the cherry. I think the scent is a bit powerful at first so I hang mine on the garment hook in the passenger compartment. I like these so much better than scented oil.

  16. Elizabeth

    I love my LITTLE TREES air freshener Vanillaroma 6-Pack! Those tiny little trees pack a lot of aroma and changes the car into your own personal aromatherapy cabin. This can really make a difference in rush hour traffic and it lasts a long time!I have recommended LITTLE TREES air freshener Vanillaroma 6-Pack to my friends and family and plan to purchase more in the future!

  17. Laura

    Little Trees is a classic staple in all cars and it still holds up! This really smells amazing! The cherry blossom is phenomenal and the hint of honey adds a great sweetness to it. Cherry blossom is one of my favorite scents and this doesn’t disappoint. The adorable little tree hangs on my rearview mirror and doesn’t obstruct anything and the pink looks cute. I still remember the pine tree Little Trees air freshener hanging from my dad’s mirror so this adds a little nostalgia to my car. It is sturdy and the scent is strong but not too strong. I can see the scent lasting a long time. The three pack is handy and lengthens the life of the air fresheners. The scent is great for summer! Definitely happy with my Little Tree and will definitely get more! Highly recommended!

  18. Daniel

    Every car should have one of these at least once in it’s lifetime! The scent is sweet and mild. I don’t get sick from the strong scent like with other fresheners. Cute and instantly recognizable to any driver. best if all is you get 3! Each individually packaged for freshness.

  19. Adam

    This review is for the little trees air freshener Rainforest Mist 3-Pack. I like the smell of these airfreshners. They are not overly potent but still strong enough to make the car smell good. My husband is Brazilian so he picked rainforest to make him feel like home lol. I am not sure how long the scent will last but I like that there are three in a pack so they will last awhile. They don’t have to just be used in your car either. You can use them in your garage, laundry room or anywhere you want to freshen up. I recommend these and I will buy them again when these run out.

  20. Debra

    I’m definitely not new to Little Trees Air Fresheners. Little Trees last a very long time and are very effective. I have several favorite scents that I use. But I had a hard time trying to identify what this Bayside Breeze smelled like. It’s a pleasant clean, soft scent. It was familiar but I just couldn’t place it. So I read the description and yes of course I should have known, it’s apple and melon. You can catch a faint whiff of apple and melon along with something else that I still can’t quite pinpoint. This isn’t a perfume smell but it’s not fruity either. It’s just so hard to describe it. I’m very sensitive to smells so if the scent is really strong or more spicy it’ll give me a headache and make my eyes burn. But this is one of them that isn’t overpowering so it hasn’t had that effect on me. I have one hanging in my car and one hanging in the laundry room where the litter pan is. Bayside Breeze didn’t start out as my favorite scent but it is growing on me. Each Little Tree measures 4.5 by 2.75 inches.

  21. Scott

    Little Tree Air Freshener is a strawberry powerhouse of the not overpowering scent. I’m not sure how long the scent will last but I’m enjoying the scent now. There is three Little Tree Air Freshener at a great low price. When all three trees lose scent I will purchase some more. Wife seems to love the smell also!!

  22. Nicole

    I am a Spark Reviewer for Walmart and I was glad to see the Little Trees come up as a reviewable product. They arrived safley in a large envelope with a sheet describing all of the other air fresheners available. I am 65 years old and have been using this product since I was old enough to drive. I use them in all of my vehichles. I especially like the scent of the Royal Pine. What people have to do is follow the directions. These products can last up to seven weeks if used correctly. The key is to open the top just so the tip is exposed and each week open it a little more. This provides the scent to be effective without becoming overbearing. I also have to admit that being 65 years old I don’t put up a Christmas tree anymore. I just place a royal pine air freshener somewhere in my house and watch visitors look for my real Christmas tree!! When they give up I show them my “Royal Pine Christmas tree” Hanging by the doorway! It’s also a lot easier to set up and take down!!

  23. Jeffrey

    received this item from the Walmart Spark Review Program for no compensation – just an honest and unbiased review. Thank you!!Little Tree Air Fresheners are the go-to air fresheners of cabbies around the world – and for everyone else looking to cover or mask unpleasant odors in your car – all in the handy well-known shape of a Christmas tree! Can be used outside the car too – think bathrooms – but – we all use them in our automobiles. The Black ice air fresheners are black in color with a crisp and clean fresh scent similar to a wintergreen or spearmint breath freshener mint. Long lasting – should last for a month. TIP – follow the detailed instructions on the back of each plastic wrapper that indicates how to slowly remove the little tree from its wrapper over the course of several weeks – to keep it fresher – and make it last. No need to overpower yourself by unsheathing this little tree all at once. Ideally hung from your rearview mirror or even a doorhandle or even tossed under your car seats. Little Tree is the best known – often imitated – never duplicated automobile air freshener – available in multiple sizes, packs, and fragrances, according to your own individual tastes!

  24. Robert

    The smell of strawberry is a nice one to drive with. Comes with a string loop through the top to hang (rearview mirror works best) and that’s all there is to it after removing from the plastic bag each is packaged in. This came in a set of three and I’m quite happy. The Little Trees are quality items and I highly recommend.

  25. Ryan

    I have always loved this brand of air fresheners for everywhere. My car, my house, my gym locker, my closets. You get the idea. Secret to make it last longer is to cut a V at the top of the plastic sac it comes in. It diffuses the scent slower than if you remove the air freshener from the sac completely. The scent will be quite concentrated when you first open it, but it becomes comfortable pretty quickly. Scent lasted two weeks in my car with the plastic completely off. After two weeks, I could barely smell it, but a faint hint of the scent lingered. Following the instructions on the package and cutting a V in the plastic, gradually cutting further down until the air freshener was completely out of the sac, allowed the scent to last about another week. Cherry Blossom scent is pretty awesome and a personal face for me, but there are so many scents to choose from. Try them all. You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend this to all. Easy to hang with the thin elastic loop. Tree colors are vivid and attractive. No allergic reactions to the smell in my case. Besides the initial overwhelming scent when I first opened the plastic sac in my closed car, the scent is wonderful. A welcoming embrace each time I enter my car or my closet or my gym locker. Thank you Walmart Spark Reviewer program for allowing me to try this product. I am quite happy.

  26. Nancy

    If you want a new car scent in your vehicle, whether old or new, try the LITTLE TREES air freshener New Car Scent 6-Pack. Great for RVs too! The scent may last up to several weeks. It is conveniently packed: compact to take anywhere, on the go! Easy to use. Just hang it and let the scent work. But don’t limit yourself to use these air fresheners in the vehicles. I use it in my garage where I store my trash cans, where I store shoes, in the shed, etc. It provides the new car scent; thus mitigating odors in these locations. I also use it where my grandson dog Niner likes to sleep: not in his bed but hang it near to keep odors away.

  27. Melissa

    Cherry blossom honey was a new scent for me. I have always loved little trees. They are highly scented and smell wonderful. The variety is greater than any other and cherry blossom honey does not disappoint. I actually have it in my bathroom. I prefer “leather” or “new car” in my vehicle. But this smells wonderful in my home.

  28. Alexander

    Let me start off this review by saying these “Black Ice” scented Little Trees air fresheners were already my favorite scent so I was even more stoked when I was asked to review them. The “Black Ice” has a kind of manly scent something similar to aspen cologne in my opinion. Theyre not very expensive and really easy to use. All you need to do ii open them and hang them anywhere you wish. They have nice elastic bands which allow you to stretch them for easy hanging around your rearview mirror. They are really car air fresheners but could be easily used anywhere else. They last a few weeks with the strongest scent being obvipusly right after you open the package. Its pretty potent and i admit sometimes i even open the window a touch when i first put one up I wished they lasted a bit longer but because they are so inexpensive its not really an issue. I love that this set came in a pack of three as i was able to hang one in my car, give one to my boyfriend, and i also gave one to my daughter for her little ride on 12v jeep! Mmm. Keeps my car smelling fresh!

  29. Frances

    The Little Trees Car Air Freshener 3pk is an inexpensive way to refresh your car. I actually took the time to look at the directions on the back of the package and realized I had been using the fresheners wrong all my life!!!! I always hung them on my mirror where the lasted 2-3 weeks depending on the weather and how hot it got in my car. Well, you are actually supposed to leave the freshener in the plastic bag and expose small amounts of the freshener over the course of 7 weeks! So, you can just put under your seat or throw in the bin under the radio to have a fresh smelling car for 7WEEKS!!!!!!Crazy! These little guys are an even better deal than I thought!LOL. You can get the trees in so many different fragrances that you are sure to find at least one you will like if not more. I like tropical and new car smells. Awesome freshener!

  30. Jacob

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the tree scents before. I ordered the “new car” scent. Well of course it doesn’t smell like a new car nothing does except a new car. But it does have a pleasant scent kind of like a light powdery scent. This event is good for me because i don’t really care for the overpowering scent of citrus or flowery smells. I never knew that you leave it in its bag and only pull it out little by little. Ive only had it in the car for a little over a week but i haven’t had to pull it out any further than just the top so far, so i’m sure it will last about 6 to 8 weeks.

  31. Jerry

    I received this item free to write a review. The funny thing is that I already had a Little Tree air freshener in my car already! I had the Colada scent. Nice and summery! This Coconut scent is also summery and tropical smelling. I just love it! I already know that this brand has long lasting scents and it does neutralize odor. I have a leak somewhere in my vehicle and it smells a little bit like mildew after it rains. It’s not a strong smell and I can’t find anything that’s wet, but I still kept getting that “mildew” odor. I put one of these Little Tree air fresheners in the car and that took care of the odor! It’s so nice when you open the door and catch a whiff of a tropical island! I love all the different types of scents you can get, but as you can tell I prefer the summery tropical scents. They are super easy to put in your vehicle. It has a band attached to the top that stretches all the way around your rear view mirror. That’s it! Takes only seconds. Great little freshener! Highly recommend!

  32. Roy

    When I opened the envelop containing the Air Fresheners, it smelled so good and I can still smell on my hand. Even though it’s just artificial scent, natural scent wouldn’t smell as strong and as long-lasting than artificial scent, it seems to be the same scent than those used for bakeryI think it will last for around 5-7 weeks as long as it’s used in small areas like cars.

  33. Ruth

    I have always been a fan of the “Little Trees Air Fresheners.” I had used them in the past but never had the opportunity to review them. Thanks to the Sparks Program, now I can… I received a 6 pack of the “New Car Scent” and that’s exactly what they reminded me of. You just hang them from your rear view mirror and let them work. The scent will last for 3-4 weeks and the will cover the entire inside of your vehicle. These fresheners can also be used in the laundry room, by the trash cans, in a garage or closet or even where pets reside. The places where a whiff of freshness is needed most… The “Little Trees” also come in a variety of 10 scents, including “Real Pine”, “Coconut”, “Summer Lemon” and “Black Ice.” An excellent air freshener .

  34. Michael

    Nothing feels good than when you keep your car clean. However, it feels better when it smells real good. The Black Ice has that clean, strong and masculine fresh smell that can last for a long period of time. I hung one at my rear mirror, and there goes the magic, my car smells real fresh and I feel more confidence and boldness driving such a vehicle. This I believe can also be hung in the house or office. I will conclude that this is a very high quality product and a trial will convince anyone who hasn’t used the Black ice little tree air freshener.

  35. Christian

    I really like the fragrance . It’s not too strong .Nice strawberry smell. My car smells fresh. You can easily hang it in the car . It’s light weight . Comes neatly packed. It can last up to 7 weeks if the instructions are followed . Highly recommend for others to buy.

  36. Kathleen

    These little tree fresheners have around a long time – I remember them from when I was a kid. Now my granddaughter is becoming familiar with them. She was with me when they arrived in the mail, and insisted on putting one up immediately. Unfortunately, in her excitement, she ripped the wrapper completely off before I could stop her! She originally hung it over one of the rear passenger seats, but I’ve since moved it to the cargo area. Getting into my car now comes with a full blast of coconut fragrance… and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Sorry – not sorry!! 😀

  37. Alan

    I ordered these thinking Black Ice might be something fruity. They definitely are not that. Wish I’d ordered a scent I was atleast familiar with now considering how potent the trees are. I can tell they will last months before I’d have to change one out. This one is an earthy, manly almost cologne like scent. Too strong for me, but just perfect for my boyfriend’s truck. He took the whole 6 pack. Grew up with these as a kind and always loved the way they made the car smell. No fuss design, easy to install and the rubberized string to hang it with is sturdy and not easily broken. Would definitely recommend this brand and plan to try out the other new scents they have come out with. I received these through the SparkReviewer program, in exchange for my honest review of the item.

  38. Catherine

    Of course they are for your car, but there are a lot of other uses for these. I tossed one in my dresser drawer, I put one each in my favorite tennis shoes, I put one in the pocket of a jacket I dont wear often so it stays fresh and I have one hanging in the trash can in the garage. These are made of something like felted paper are about 1/8′ thick and have a handy elastic loop threaded through a hole at the top. The scent is very nice, think summer boyfriend going to the movies. Rich, masculine. The scent is quite strong when first opened, but stabilizes and mellows over time. Use as few or as many as you want. My 6 pack didnt last long

  39. Victoria

    So nice how i received the 3 packed of little tre. I love the fragrance how it specifies the smell like downy & laudry clean clothes. Nice smell just as clean and fresh. Name of the one I received is Summer Linen I received it in a nice envelope with a cover letter of other fragrance and drawing. Is nice to purchase and try other kinds.

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