Little Trees Air Freshener Coconut Fragrance 3-Pack

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As the global symbol of freshness and quality, LITTLE TREES air fresheners have been making life smell better since 1952. Trees provide premium fragrance that delivers long-lasting results in the home, office, or on the road! Freshen you life with the LITTLE TREES fragrance, Coconut. Escape to paradise with this dreamy blend of golden toasted …

As the global symbol of freshness and quality, LITTLE TREES air fresheners have been making life smell better since 1952. Trees provide premium fragrance that delivers long-lasting results in the home, office, or on the road! Freshen you life with the LITTLE TREES fragrance, Coconut. Escape to paradise with this dreamy blend of golden toasted coconut and sugared vanilla.

Little Trees Air Freshener Coconut Fragrance 3-Pack:

  • The original car air freshener, LITTLE TREES freshens at home and on the road. 
  • Specialized proprietary technologies combined with exceptional fragrances deliver long-lasting quality results. 
  • Freshen up at home or on the road with the original car air freshener. 
  • Great to use in laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms, and pet odor areas. 
  • LITTLE TREES air fresheners come in a wide range of product styles and fragrances, like Black Ice, New Car Scent, and Vanillaroma and popular new fragrances like Caribbean Colada and True North, making it easy to find one you love! 

CAR-FRESHNER Corporation strives to create the best car air fresheners for both consumers and the environment. All fragrances meet or exceed the International Fragrance Association guidelines as well as our stringent internal safety standards.


Instructions: Hang freely! Avoid contact with any surfaces.


Features Freshen up at home or on the road with the original car air freshener
Manufacturer Part Number UCD-32017-8-6
Manufacturer Car Freshner
Assembled Product Weight 0.056 POUNDS
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 0.75 x 3.00 x 7.50 Inches
  1. Jacob

    Little Trees is a brand name car freshners. The Lavender smell is nice but doesn’t quite smells like real Lavender. I will purchase this smell again. I do recommend the smell and the brand.

  2. Gregory

    I love these. The smell is very good and it lasts longer than the more expensive air fresheners for your car. I will definitely be buying these again.

  3. Virginia

    I was a bit nervous about this. I remember them from my childhood as having a scent that could make your eyes water. I hung the freshener the day before we experienced 5 days of 110 degrees plus heat. When I went to drive, the scent was subtle. I am surprised how well I like them.

  4. Laura

    These air fresheners are very nice. I have always bought the little tree brand for my car. I especially like these new ones with the red, white, and blue stripes. They look good hanging from my mirror. For me the scent is rather strong, so I cut a small hole in the top of the pack and just bring out a small part of the air freshener at a time. Gradually Over time the entire tree is out of the package and the scent is no longer over powering.I recommend these, they are so cute!

  5. Russell

    Love these Little Trees, the fragrance is nice and when you get into your car no matter how hot it is outside your car has a nice scent and the aroma of watermelon is so clean and fresh****

  6. Betty

    Great Item Yummy Smell Lasts Long

  7. Kevin

    When I opened the envelop containing the Air Fresheners, it smelled so good and I can still smell on my hand. Even though it’s just artificial scent, natural scent wouldn’t smell as strong and as long-lasting than artificial scent, it seems to be the same scent than those used for bakeryI think it will last for around 5-7 weeks as long as it’s used in small areas like cars.

  8. George

    I have always been a fan of the “Little Trees Air Fresheners.” I had used them in the past but never had the opportunity to review them. Thanks to the Sparks Program, now I can… I received a 6 pack of the “New Car Scent” and that’s exactly what they reminded me of. You just hang them from your rear view mirror and let them work. The scent will last for 3-4 weeks and the will cover the entire inside of your vehicle. These fresheners can also be used in the laundry room, by the trash cans, in a garage or closet or even where pets reside. The places where a whiff of freshness is needed most… The “Little Trees” also come in a variety of 10 scents, including “Real Pine”, “Coconut”, “Summer Lemon” and “Black Ice.” An excellent air freshener .

  9. Thomas

    These Little Trees Daisy Fields scent air fresheners smell nice. After I put one in the car is was a fresh scent to have inside the car. The Daisy air freshener is not too over powering like some air fresheners are. I’m hoping it will last for a while but with this Florida heat, I’m not sure how long it will.

  10. Tiffany

    Very strong cinnamon smell. These smell exactly like the cinnamon oil soaked pine cones at Christmas time. Interesting note, I’ve never read the instructions on a little tree but found it fascinating.

  11. Alan

    I normally don’t use these little trees air fresheners because I really thought they were only for automobiles. I have a fairly new car and I did not want nor need one in my car because everyone says they like the new car smell even though it’s four years old. However, I read that it is good for your home, laundry room, washroom, etc. I have noticed a sort of musty odor in my house when I walk in although my family doesn’t seem to think it’s so bad. I have a new carpet and new paint in most of the rooms and I could still sort of smell it when I come in my house when I’m out for a while so I decided to try these in two of my rooms near where you come in the door. I only pulled them out partway per the instructions so they will last longer and not be such a strong scent when you are near it. It does work pretty much the way it says except the scent doesn’t last quite as long as it said it would. I did have to pull it out after a few days to make it smell a little stronger. But the watermelon scent is very subtle and fresh. I would like to try some other sense also even though there is nothing at all wrong with the watermelon one.

  12. Michael

    I think the lavenders trees are great fresheners for anywhere in your home or car. It has a very nice calming lavender scent that accents so well. I would definitely be purchasing these trees.

  13. Wayne

    I actually really like the way this makes my car smell. 🙂

  14. Sara

    Fresh and not overpowering.

  15. Willie

    These little trees smell great and aren’t too strong. We’ve come a long way from either pine or lemon scent. The rainforest scent smells great. Floral but more of a beachy scent.

  16. George

    This is a great Cinnamon scent. It reminds me of my favorite chai tea or those Cinnamon disc candies.The scent is a little strong if you take the wrapper off the 1st day. However its a pleasant smell when u open your door on a hot day. I will use this car freshener during the Christmas and winter seasons.

  17. Linda

    These little tree car air fresheners smells great in the car and these are the only kind I buy. They are easy to use and I recommend them to anyone that wants a fresh clean car smell.

  18. Stephen

    Love the aroma of the cherry. I think the scent is a bit powerful at first so I hang mine on the garment hook in the passenger compartment. I like these so much better than scented oil.

  19. Emily

    We purchased these little trees for my teenage son’s truck and they work. We got this sunset beach scent because it is colorful and it really does remind me of a beach! Love that!

  20. Tammy

    The same scent that got ya that sweet piece of meat that prom night, is the same scent that picks up the kids from practice, a classic is a classic, and this OG is about as G as it gets residing in everything from your 1959 Farm-all to your 2020 Bugatti Veyron lol. Its an exciting, clean, and inviting scent!

  21. Nicholas

    All my life I’ve seen these small fir trees, usually hanging from the rear view mirror of everybody else’s vehicle but mine. Until recently I avoided buying them because I thought their scent was overpowering, and now I have regrets about that decision.After receiving a three-pack of Lavender Little Trees for product testing, I decided to put one in my bedroom closet. Because you can control the strength of the scent (and the longevity of the product) by unwrapping more or less of the tree, I was able to use the first Little Tree at its minimum setting. The scent is quite pleasant, barely noticeable (which was what I wanted), and I have been using it now for a bit over two weeks, which means that it may provide the fragrance level I want for much more than the advertised seven weeks.I also used a Little Tree in our travel trailer, which presented a much greater challenge. The trailer sits without use for weeks at a time in hot, sunny conditions. Even with the most meticulous cleaning, the trailer often takes up a “unique” aroma. Placing the second Little Tree near the toilet, once again at minimum setting, alleviated that problem better than anything I have previously tried. This tree will probably not last as long as the first one, but it’s doing a fine job in a tough location.Bottom Line: The Little Trees Air Fresheners work well and are easy to use. There are several scents from which to choose. I like the product and would recommend it without reservation.

  22. Walter

    This air freshener has a subtle light scent that does not overwhelm you like more fresheners do. I’ve had it for over a week in my car and it still smells great. Easy to use and I know it would be good for anyone carrying items in the car that have an odor or for even smokers to help eliminate or lessen the smell of smoke. An affordable product that really works.

  23. Janet

    Smells just like a Air freshener tree

  24. Kathleen


  25. Anna

    I am obsessed with this scent. It smells like a clean man who just got out of the shower.

  26. Betty

    These smell amazing and last forever. Best of all the price is great!

  27. Gerald

    These little tree fresheners have around a long time – I remember them from when I was a kid. Now my granddaughter is becoming familiar with them. She was with me when they arrived in the mail, and insisted on putting one up immediately. Unfortunately, in her excitement, she ripped the wrapper completely off before I could stop her! She originally hung it over one of the rear passenger seats, but I’ve since moved it to the cargo area. Getting into my car now comes with a full blast of coconut fragrance… and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Sorry – not sorry!! 😀

  28. Nicole

    I am usually not a fan of flowery scents or air fresheners. Most have a yuckiness to them that I just don’t like. But when I opened these “Daisy Fields” they didn’t have that stinky smell. Sort of a clean floweriness, not heavy on the rose scent which I don’t like. I actually hung one up in my home and it adds a light scent that is very pleasant particularly now that it is summer in AZ and the house is closed up with the A/C running. It is not a heavy overpowering scent, but is just right. Might need two for a house around 1400 sq. ft. Not sure how long they will last, but I will definitely pick some up as I don’t think they are very expensive. Good job on the balance of clean and flowery scent!

  29. Jordan

    What a delightful product. It really does wonders for the air In a closed up car. It’s a light,fresh aroma. Even the little people in my extended family noticed thePleasant aroma.

  30. Ethan

    Every car should have one of these at least once in it’s lifetime! The scent is sweet and mild. I don’t get sick from the strong scent like with other fresheners. Cute and instantly recognizable to any driver. best if all is you get 3! Each individually packaged for freshness.

  31. Gary

    Vanilla is my scent and that is totally what I get with these Little Trees! I’ve hung them around my house! One is for my car! I just ordered a pack of 12!! Vanilla mania! These smell delicious! I plan to gift these packages at Christmas to my kids and grands this year! I highly recommend Little Trees! I’m using these instead of plug-ins from now on!! Heaven sent scent sent scent . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  32. Christopher

    Nice Scent! Makes our truck smell so good to get into.

  33. Sean

    Very nice scent, nice and refreshing pine scent, but updated and very fresh. Not totally pine, but a really nice clean scent. I put one in the car, one in the bath. Great little air fresheners.

  34. John

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the tree scents before. I ordered the “new car” scent. Well of course it doesn’t smell like a new car nothing does except a new car. But it does have a pleasant scent kind of like a light powdery scent. This event is good for me because i don’t really care for the overpowering scent of citrus or flowery smells. I never knew that you leave it in its bag and only pull it out little by little. Ive only had it in the car for a little over a week but i haven’t had to pull it out any further than just the top so far, so i’m sure it will last about 6 to 8 weeks.

  35. Cheryl

    These are just like the ones I remember growing up! Lightly scented. It’s not heavy at all. Reminds me of my favorite cocktail. I like that it’s not made of plastic.

  36. Jessica

    This scent smells so good. Store is constantly sold out of this scent. Lasts a while. Keeps the car warm, breezy and comforting. Would definately purchase again

  37. Karen

    Cars sometimes get a strange smell but with these air fresheners, the unpleasant odors disappear! I like the watermelon fragrance as I reminds me of summer!

  38. Adam

    love the smell it just don’t last long as product says.

  39. John

    LITTLE TREES air freshener Summer Linen 3 Pack – I RATE 5 STARS!I received The Little Tree 3- Pack to review and give my honest opinion and I am happy to do just that. This product is absolutely a must have in your car and where ever you many need a reliable and long lasting air freshener that is always working for you.These Little Tree fresheners have been around for many years. Who knew it all actually really started because someone complained to the inventor Julius Samann about the smell of spilled milk! This exceptional man went on to invent the first car air freshener. So incredible and also the variety of fragrance scents to choose from but I chose this particular fragrance of Summer Linen to really have a fresh scent in many areas that I felt really needed to be freshened up & no mess, I like the connected thin elastic loop that can go around your automobile rear view mirror or hang elsewhere in your car, or camper or place anywhere you like..I placed one tree in my car and hung it on my rear view mirror, then I placed the other little tree in the bottom of my trash receptacle and the last little tree I hung in my utility closet. It is so easy and most convenient to open and place them in a variety of places, This awesome fresh fragrance can last up to seven whole weeks! WOW! I highly recommend this 3 Pack Little Tree Summer Linen!

  40. David

    if your looking for that fresh mountain air scent then look no further.The True North little trees air freshener will make your car smell like your traveling through the Colorado countryside.

  41. Diane

    There are three separate bags for each tree, so I didn’t lose any smell in #2&3 from opening for the first tree.Also, they are made in USA which is neat.I love the colors of the tree too.I used:- one in a car- another in my old house in selling- haven’t used the third yet.

  42. Sara

    We have used the little tree air fresheners/deodorizers for as long as I can remember. I am in my 50’s and I remember my parents using them. They are a gold standard for our car refreshers and we know what to expect when we buy them. They are long lasting, which is truly amazing since they are not that big, but they can deodorize an entire car in minutes and last what seems like forever! I also use them in my garage and closet. We like the strawberry best. They have a stretchy string to hang on your rearview mirror or wherever you want to put it. They are small but mighty and do the job!

  43. Wayne

    Frankly I almost passed on this Spark because I do not like things hanging from my rear view mirror. They are very distracting. I am also not a big fan air fresheners but I though I would give it a try. It is summer and stinky, sweaty people do occasionally get in my car. I figured I don’t have to hang it from my rear view mirror so I hung it from the clothes hook in the back seat. I can’t even see it. Perfect. The smell is surprisingly nice. Not sure what to expect but this is better than I though it would be. It is a bit over powering at first but roll the windows down for a couple of seconds seems to lighten it up enough. Overall, pretty pleased with it.

  44. Beverly

    I love most of the Little Trees air freshener. I use then in the car, in my closets. I even used them in my tent when i went camping. They work great.

  45. Olivia

    I love the little trees air fresheners! Hands down the best ones you can get. Super affordable. Long lasting. I only buy these. The scent is SUPER STRONG. It’s been in my car for 3 days and it’s still giving me a slight headache because of how strong it is. It smells great though!

  46. Joe

    This was a free gift from the reward program and the sent is great, smells up my whole car for days. I would definitely recommend this product and I will definitely be purchasing these items.

  47. Grace

    This is my favorite scent for car air fresheners. It’s similar to a cologne smell but not too strong or overpowering. They last longer than other types and scents that I’ve tried.

  48. Jerry

    I love the Little Trees Air Fresheners New Car Scent Fragrance, smells really nice and lasts a long time.

  49. Kimberly

    The LITTLE TREES air fresheners Lavender 3-Pack is a great way to keep your vehicle smelling nice while also combining the soothing qualities of lavender to your drive. The Little Trees air fresheners have been around for a long time and most people know of the “pine” scented ones, but there are a few things that you may not have known about them. First there are a multitude of different scents such as the “lavender” scent of this three pack. Second you can extend the air freshening effect of the product up to six weeks at least by following the directions on the back of the plastic bag and only opening the bag to expose more of the air freshener in the way described. I never knew that and had been using this product wrong for years. The “lavender” scent has a nice aroma to it and in no way is overpowering. I feel a little calmer with this particular scent in my vehicle over the other ones that I have bought in the past. If you are looking for a new or different smell for your vehicle that may also help you feel a little less stressed on your drive home, then this three pack is for you.

  50. James

    I chose vanilla, as it is one of my favorites. I really like these, especially in a couple of my vehicles which are not daily drivers, since they sit quite often.

  51. Nicole

    I received these air fresheners three in a pack. They are individually wrapped which is good as they have quite a strong smell. I have one in our coat closet because of an unusual smell there and it seems to be doing the trick. The smell does not leech out into the living area. Be careful when you handle these as I found it lingers on your hands even after a good washing. I’m not sure what the scent is the closest I can think of is a faint vanilla. The hanging piece is elastic for versatility.

  52. Sandra

    This attractive yellow little tree looks interesting and pleasing in my living room. Though I have allergies, it does not seem to be disturbing that. The smell is mild to medium strong vanilla and it mixes with the air circulating all around the room. I have pets and some clutter which together can cause an unfresh staleness. This tolerable vanilla instead is very refreshing. The good smell blows further when placed in front of my fan which I like. The vanilla is not exactly a food-like smell, but it is somehow like a nice smell outdoors. This vanilla is not flowery, and it is more like a spice or plant. It is cheery and gentle enough not to be at all overwhelming. It is making me happy where before I was stuffy with no interest in smelling anything at all. Rather than neutral with an occasional mild unpleasant odor, the vanilla is continually pleasant. It gently continues to linger. The living room is medium sized and when the fan is not on, the smell stays in one area a bit more so when I move around, it is not always as noticeable, which I like. The clean airiness of freshness is not detracted from with an overpowering scent with the vanilla fragrance in this little tree. It just changes the neutral into a slightly fragrant smell of something nice, something I like. It is not noticeable as a real vanilla food flavor, but smells very good and is not overpoweringly overwhelming. I am very glad I am able to try this car freshener inside because I like it better than the household air fresheners I have sometimes tried. That is because the ones I tried were either neutral or cleaning-type scents which I find much less appealing. This vanilla is like a nice mild baking smell drifting in the air. I happen to like the baking cooking scent before a birthday, and in a way this is like the cake in the oven slightly. Nevertheless, it does not entice my hunger as does food preparation or smelling the bottle of vanilla. Somehow, this scent had the goodness of food grade vanilla without the urge to consume it. The Little Trees company got the best scent into this freshener and I appreciate the vanilla scented little tree to hang inside my home. I have yet to hang one in my vehicle but am certain it will do fine there to conceal the neutral with occasional unfresh odors inside. The tree seems very durable and the scent should last quite a while.

  53. Elizabeth

    Nothing feels good than when you keep your car clean. However, it feels better when it smells real good. The Black Ice has that clean, strong and masculine fresh smell that can last for a long period of time. I hung one at my rear mirror, and there goes the magic, my car smells real fresh and I feel more confidence and boldness driving such a vehicle. This I believe can also be hung in the house or office. I will conclude that this is a very high quality product and a trial will convince anyone who hasn’t used the Black ice little tree air freshener.

  54. Catherine

    I received the Little Trees True North Scent Air Freshener, 3 Count for free in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the Spark review program. I placed one in my smallest bathroom, and the scent is strong. It smells like a cross between camping in the pines and my husband’s aftershave.

  55. Jonathan

    I am very pleased with this scent. It really packs a punch without being completely overwhelming. I think it will last quite a while and it doesn’t give me a headache.

  56. Robert

    love the way this smells. the only downside is they don’t last very long. upcider very cheap

  57. Judith

    First, let me say that these Air Fresheners were originally produced as Car Fresheners, but can be used in so many areas such as Bathrooms, Closets and even entire rooms. When used exactly as per the instructions they produce a very pleasant aroma of Pine that is not overpowering, but rather refreshing. They can be hung just about anywhere you need them. Fantastic Product that I most highly recommend.

  58. Bryan

    Little Trees air fresheners are so handy. The ‘heat’ scented one is hanging in my closet. It has a warm cinnamon smell that is not overwhelming. I can’t wait to put one in the car in autumn / winter.

  59. John

    I received this item free to write a review. The funny thing is that I already had a Little Tree air freshener in my car already! I had the Colada scent. Nice and summery! This Coconut scent is also summery and tropical smelling. I just love it! I already know that this brand has long lasting scents and it does neutralize odor. I have a leak somewhere in my vehicle and it smells a little bit like mildew after it rains. It’s not a strong smell and I can’t find anything that’s wet, but I still kept getting that “mildew” odor. I put one of these Little Tree air fresheners in the car and that took care of the odor! It’s so nice when you open the door and catch a whiff of a tropical island! I love all the different types of scents you can get, but as you can tell I prefer the summery tropical scents. They are super easy to put in your vehicle. It has a band attached to the top that stretches all the way around your rear view mirror. That’s it! Takes only seconds. Great little freshener! Highly recommend!

  60. David

    I love the great smell if these. They smell like you areIn Florida On a vacation. I love also that the smell lasts for a long Time easy to hang on your car mirror and easy to toss.

  61. Matthew

    I normally buy black ice trees. I like that smell. Tried leather scent trees, while the smell/odor is nice had I not verified leather, my nose smelled clean, vaguely Detergent over scent. In most leather scents there’s a dry bite to it. Hard to explain.

  62. Phillip

    these are great, they smell and look wonderful, i would recommend to everyone, seems they will last a good while and still smell great and are great to look at

  63. Timothy

    I love my LITTLE TREES air freshener Vanillaroma 6-Pack! Those tiny little trees pack a lot of aroma and changes the car into your own personal aromatherapy cabin. This can really make a difference in rush hour traffic and it lasts a long time!I have recommended LITTLE TREES air freshener Vanillaroma 6-Pack to my friends and family and plan to purchase more in the future!

  64. Henry

    This Fresh Shave air freshener has a subtle clean and fresh scent. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering as some can be. I have used these little trees in my cars for over 30 years, but they can be placed anywhere you need a bit of fragrance. Always eager to try new scents – this one I would buy again.

  65. Jacqueline

    I have used Little Trees in my cars for years. Over the years I have tried other brands and types of deodorizers. I have used the solid cake type, the spray type, and other hanging types, the ones that you put in the air vents and many other types. I have to say that I always come back to the Little Trees. They just seems to last longer and are more consistent in delivering the same amount of fragrance consistently. Now it is important that you follow the directions on how to open the package progressively, or you will have a large amount of fragrance that can be too much. Cut the V slit and open more over time and the Little Trees will last a long time and not seem to lose the fragrance quickly like some other brands. For the value Little Trees can not be beat. I usually buy the three pack and use one in each car with the same long lasting results. The solid cake type seem to put out a lot of fragrance quickly, but don’t last as long as the Little Trees. The air vent type really are an issue with my vehicle, because I can’t adjust the vents like I want them. Either the dispenser won’t let the vent move to where I like them, or you get a face full of fragrance when you turn on the air. So, if you are not running the air, or using the vents, no fragrance. I will stick with Little Trees as I have for many years. Just a perfect product for the job.

  66. Jane

    I’m used to pine fresheners for the car, but this is something a little different — it smells like spicy cinnamon imperials. Does a great job of deodorizing!

  67. Harold

    I remember these air fresheners when I was much younger. This is the improved version of those. I absolutely love the coconut scent. Really nice and gives the car a refreshing scent!

  68. Phillip

    I am not sure if it did smell like pure steel but it was not offensive. I thought it was appropriate to put it in my work truck and it did freshen it up a little.

  69. Walter

    I love the aroma. Not overbearing. Works great in cars. Hang up anywhere. It also works great in bathroom closets. I would recommend for every vehicle. And everyone to go purchase. Reasonable price.

  70. Mildred

    I’ve had negative feedback in the past for this type of air freshener because the scent has always been a big turn-off for me but I was pleasantly surprised by this one because it smells great! It’s a good size, convenient, and easy to use by just hanging from my rear-view mirror. I will buy these in the future.

  71. Amy

    These are cute ! Daisies on a light blue background. I’m not sure what scent these have, but they have a very strong scent. So if you have somewhere that smells bad , these would definitely cover it up !

  72. Lauren

    I’ve spent TONS of money on different air fresheners and you can’t beat this one. Holds the fragrance much longer than any of the others.LikesFor car

  73. Ethan

    I received the Wild Cherry air freshener and it came 3 to a pack, each individually separated which was nice because it allowed me to keep the other two fresh. I opened the pack, hung from my rear view mirror, and to be honest it was a little strong. However, after putting in my car after about a day, the smell lessened leaving a nice tolerable scent. I used to use these little trees when I was younger and really enjoyed them then and continue to enjoy them now. Can’t wait to try the other scents. Highly recommend.

  74. Jerry

    The air fresheners are white and not green. I like the smell, it is not overpowering and smells clean. They are made out of thick cardboard and come in 3 count so you can change them often.

  75. Mark

    These are so good that I gave some to my sister. She loved the smell in my car.

  76. Howard

    With 2 kids and stale cereal stuck in the car seats, my car doesn’t smell as good as I want it. I went with the leather smell since the scratchy smell was the closest to new car smell. I follow the direction to remove more wrapper through the weeks. It worked well and the smell is exactly what I was looking for. Around the 3 week mark with half the wrapper hanging there I feel it was impeding my view out the windshield. So I moved it to the steering column. I really like it there, when I open my door I get a whiff of a new car. I love it. Still have some smell at week 7. It’s ok, I have another 2 out of this 3 pack 😉

  77. Betty

    Little Trees Air Fresheners Leather 3-Pack, smell like rich tobacco and worn leather, it’s a clean masculine fragrance, i love for my car , i also hang them in a closet!

  78. Daniel

    These are the best brand on the market hands down. I keep a supply of these on hand for the days I detail my car. It’s nice to put one of these in for the finishing touch when I’m all done. I love all the scents they offer and have never got one I didn’t like. The vanilla is especially nice and is subtle enough it’s not too overpowering. I have been using this brand for years and love the quality and accessibility of their products. The 3 pack I got have a Americana theme with Stars and Stripes. I thought that was a nice touch and makes them more visually appealing. Overall I would recommend this product for anyone looking for affordable car fragrance. Great product and great company!

  79. Matthew

    Affordable price and great scent which last a couple of days

  80. Carl

    I didn’t like the smell, it’s like really strong it does help because you will smell it for sure. So I would say it’s a great air freshener with bad smell, so it’s maybe just me that didn’t like the smell of it. It lasts for weeks maybe a month for sure, that was how long I could handle a smell that I didn’t like.

  81. Jordan

    the best smelling budget air freshener! pro tip you can use your lighter and move the flame grazing the black parts on both sides and get even more use out of them

  82. Hannah

    If you like the jolly hard candy you will love this scent of little trees. The watermelon print with the scent just says summer fun. It’s a classic way to bring a good smell into a newer car no matter if you hang it on your mirror or somewhere else in the car.

  83. Peter

    I love these Little tree air fresheners! You just open and hang up in your car and it smells so good. I have animals and this freshener hides the smell. This was a cherry scent and just the right amount of scent without being too much.

  84. George

    The lavender little tree air freshener has a great smell. I but one in a room and it worked well to eliminate orders. So this air freshener can be place anywhere.

  85. Ruth

    It’s so hard to find coconut air freshener for the car so glad Little Trees makes it and they smell great

  86. Ryan

    These little jasmine tree air fresheners definitely put out the scent. I took one out (of a package of 3), hung it up on my rear view mirror, and it instantly began masking the wet dog aroma that was in my car. I walk my pup, rain or shine, so sometimes he jumps in the car afterward and he’s still wet. (Cloth seats don’t help either). In any case, I wasn’t sure if my pup could be around the air freshener, due to his allergies, but so far, so good. I love the jasmine scent because it doesn’t smell like the run of the mill air fresheners I’ve smelled in years gone by. Initially, I thought that maybe it worked so well because it was new, but it’s been a few days now and it’s still working great. I will buy these jasmine air fresheners in the future and I would recommend them to others.

  87. Diane

    This review is for the little trees air freshener Rainforest Mist 3-Pack. I like the smell of these airfreshners. They are not overly potent but still strong enough to make the car smell good. My husband is Brazilian so he picked rainforest to make him feel like home lol. I am not sure how long the scent will last but I like that there are three in a pack so they will last awhile. They don’t have to just be used in your car either. You can use them in your garage, laundry room or anywhere you want to freshen up. I recommend these and I will buy them again when these run out.

  88. Christopher

    Amazing. The best smell for my car

  89. Eric

    The Little Trees Car Air Freshener 3pk is an inexpensive way to refresh your car. I actually took the time to look at the directions on the back of the package and realized I had been using the fresheners wrong all my life!!!! I always hung them on my mirror where the lasted 2-3 weeks depending on the weather and how hot it got in my car. Well, you are actually supposed to leave the freshener in the plastic bag and expose small amounts of the freshener over the course of 7 weeks! So, you can just put under your seat or throw in the bin under the radio to have a fresh smelling car for 7WEEKS!!!!!!Crazy! These little guys are an even better deal than I thought!LOL. You can get the trees in so many different fragrances that you are sure to find at least one you will like if not more. I like tropical and new car smells. Awesome freshener!

  90. Eric

    The Little Tree Air Freshener, 3pk, Coconut smell so good. The cent will last for about 4 or 5 days. In the summer months when it’s hot or typically the heat will dry this product out faster. And the Winter time they do last a bit longer. I have been using these little trees for over 20 years and I absolutely love them. I recommend these to everyone who once their car to smell nice and fresh. The coconut scent makes you feel like you’re on the islands. Is very easy to put on your rear view mirror and very easy to remove a. Great product all around.

  91. Linda

    these little trees are my go to fresheners to make my cars smell new. Buy you wont regret it 🙂

  92. Craig

    I thought this was a metallic or metal tree. That would have been great with current style, having so much bling in the car, but it is grey with blue and white flex in it. Like the smell ‘Pure Steel’

  93. Marie

    These are decent air fresheners. I usually try something frilly and all I get are complaints from riders. This really smells like pine, but it is strong! My first mistake was opening one all the way and taking it out of the bag. I about choked in the car when I got in. So I snipped the tip of the wrapper a tiny bit and pulled the stretchy cord through and it is just a soft scent now. I love the stretchy cord. I do not like things hanging from my mirror and this stretchy cord made it easy to slide over the knob on the shifter thing instead. I think that is awesome! While the pine is a nice scent, I might like to try some other softer ones. My husband loves the pine scented trees so he is really happy. Having them open only a tiny bit I would imagine that they last quite awhile which is also awesome. I would get these again!

  94. Walter

    These little trees are huge on cinnamon fresh scent! I could smell it before I even opened the package! I don’t drive my car that much right now the COVID quarantines going on, so I figured if I put this little tree in my car I wouldn’t get to enjoy it much. So, I hung it in my kitchen. Well, it wasn’t long before my whole kitchen smelled like I was baking cinnamon rolls! I absolutely love these air fresheners!

  95. Bobby

    I don’t like a lot of scents that many people like. I tend to like something fresh without being medicinal or perfume-like. This was a fun scent to try. I really smells like watermelon so it leaves a nice scent in the air. I look forward to trying some of the other fruit scents from Little Trees. The watermelon design makes it cute. It keeps a nice scent in the car but is not overpowering. Comes in a pack of three. I don’t know how long each one will last but at least I have 2 replacements. I put it in my car in the summer so I know the heat has helped it diffuse more. Will be interesting to see how strong it is in the cooler months.

  96. Helen

    I love the scent in my car with these. I also love purple. If you like the smell of lavender then get some of these. I love it. I will definitely get more when these 3 I have are done.

  97. Mildred

    Let me start off this review by saying these “Black Ice” scented Little Trees air fresheners were already my favorite scent so I was even more stoked when I was asked to review them. The “Black Ice” has a kind of manly scent something similar to aspen cologne in my opinion. Theyre not very expensive and really easy to use. All you need to do ii open them and hang them anywhere you wish. They have nice elastic bands which allow you to stretch them for easy hanging around your rearview mirror. They are really car air fresheners but could be easily used anywhere else. They last a few weeks with the strongest scent being obvipusly right after you open the package. Its pretty potent and i admit sometimes i even open the window a touch when i first put one up I wished they lasted a bit longer but because they are so inexpensive its not really an issue. I love that this set came in a pack of three as i was able to hang one in my car, give one to my boyfriend, and i also gave one to my daughter for her little ride on 12v jeep! Mmm. Keeps my car smelling fresh!

  98. Mildred

    I put one in my car that always smells like an old taxi. An hour later the hole car smelled like strawberries. I can’t complain for a 2002 Chevy. Then I got the idea to try one in my coat closet in the hallway. I always put my damp coats in there and store boxes on the floor and on top. No more musty old smell. I liked this so much I put one in the bedroom closet. Great, they both smell like strawberries. I will always keep one now in my coat closet. Great idea. Great smell.

  99. Mildred

    I received the Little Trees air freshener less then a week ago and I’m amazed at how fast it eliminated thestale odors in both the car and house. With the extended summer heat, all the windows have been closedfor weeks both during the day and evening. When I hung one in the car, by the next morning it had completely refreshed the car. Since the house has also been closed up I used one in the kitchen an another in the family room. The kitchen odors are gone and the family room has a light pine smell which is so refreshing compared to the stale air previously there. I followed the instructions and only opened the top of the wrap, so the scent is very light and not overpowering.

  100. Tyler

    I enjoy the pleasant smell of Jasmin when I get in my car. I followed the directions and only pulled the Little Tree out of the package a little ways at a time. I plan to try another scent after this one. Very nice.

  101. Phillip

    Works well in the car. Very very potent. Keeps the car smelling fresh for a long time.

  102. Michelle

    I’m definitely not new to Little Trees Air Fresheners. Little Trees last a very long time and are very effective. I have several favorite scents that I use. But I had a hard time trying to identify what this Bayside Breeze smelled like. It’s a pleasant clean, soft scent. It was familiar but I just couldn’t place it. So I read the description and yes of course I should have known, it’s apple and melon. You can catch a faint whiff of apple and melon along with something else that I still can’t quite pinpoint. This isn’t a perfume smell but it’s not fruity either. It’s just so hard to describe it. I’m very sensitive to smells so if the scent is really strong or more spicy it’ll give me a headache and make my eyes burn. But this is one of them that isn’t overpowering so it hasn’t had that effect on me. I have one hanging in my car and one hanging in the laundry room where the litter pan is. Bayside Breeze didn’t start out as my favorite scent but it is growing on me. Each Little Tree measures 4.5 by 2.75 inches.

  103. Ralph

    Clean and the scent isn’t too overpowering. I’m very picky about the scent of my car, this is my favorite so far.

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