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  1. Betty

    I have purchased numerous holders only to have the plastic stretch and fall off vent almost immediately and then there is this one.This holder uses a spring and a handle to hold to my vent and I put it through the ringer on a dirt/rock road on my property and it never budged. I will be buying another for the car.Try it and you will like it.

  2. Alan

    I have to say I really like this cell phone mount, the last one I bought you had to stick a magnet to the back of your phone which made my cell phone heat up pretty bad, used it once and threw it away… I wasn’t expecting this one to be as good as it is, Ijust went for a test drive and made sure I went over the railroad tracks and lots of bumps and my cell phonewhich is pretty large and heavy stayed put and I love the factthat you squeeze a button to attach this mountto your car’s heater vent because all you have to doto take it off is squeeze the button again, it’s not stuck on therelike other ones that you have to break or fight to get off…I would definitely recommend this car mount

  3. Anna

    Although I’ve had a cell phone for years, I have never had a cell phone holder in any of my vehicles. Right now I own a Fiat 500 and they are a very small vehicle so real estate in my car is precious. I like that this holder is super simple to install and I especially like how it holds the charger cord on the right side of the holder. My phone (a Samsung Galaxy S8) fits easily in the holder and holds it securely. It seems to stay put on my a/c vent; however if your vents are not horizontal I don’t know if this would work for you. I have not yet driven anywhere with it holding my phone so I can’t comment yet if this holder is definitely going to work for me. I do like that I do not have to use a cup holder as I only have 2 and I wouldn’t want to give one up. I also prefer this style of holder over the ones that go on the windshield. Overall, the simple design and ease of use and installation is a huge plus for me! I received this product for participating in the Spark Reviewer program.

  4. Gerald

    This is a sturdy cell ohone holder and clips well onto the vent in my car. I did notice that going over the railroad track, it came loose once and fell down. Could be because my cell is a Samsung A20 and kinda heavy and wide. It does stretch to cover from side to side of my cell phone. Since there was no instructions in box, it took a little while for me to discover how to put it on the vent. You have to push in the tab to hook onto the vent and pull the sides out to encase your cell phone. Probably would work better with a smaller phone but it sure has powerful springs.

  5. Kathy

    This mount holds my phone securely. I am impressed by the strength of both the clip that holds the vent and the clip that holds the phone. Both clips are padded so nothing slips. The phone swivels on a ball so it can be positioned whatever way is best. I was afraid the connection would loosen, but it seems to hold tightly! I like that it is not a permanent installation so I can move it to either seat, depending if I am the driver or the passenger. It opens 3 1/4 inches wide and my phone with an Otterbox fits. It does not have an easy release to remove my phone, but it isn’t hard to get the phone in or out. There is a place to clip my charger cord so it is not just flopping around the car. This clip positions my phone better (further away and higher) to not block my heat and A/C than a magnetic vent mount that I had.

  6. Roy

    I have a pop socket holder on the back of my phone, so I was happy to find this adjustable car vent phone mount that worked on my phone. The mount clamps to the phone well and allowed me to use it without having to remove the case from my phone. I liked the clip on the vent. It’s nice that it locks in place and doesn’t just push on like some other products I’ve used in the past. My phone stayed put throughout the entire drive. Easy to use and easy to install!

  7. Peter

    I was very excited to receive this product. It is spell and attractive. It had a very tight hold on my phone. Very snug. I was optimistic that it would actually be able to secure my iPhone and allow me access to the phone as needed. I attached it to my car vent and it did indeed secure my phone to the vent initially; however, I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is a very heavy phone. After securing it to the vent, the iPhone immediately tilted downward. When I tried to adjust it, the clip popped out from the vent. My phone is still too heavy for a regular phone clip. If you have a lighter phone, this clip should work just fine

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