Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler

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Melting ice is the last thing you want when out in the woods, on the boat or kicking back at the beach, and you won’t have to when you add the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler to your equipment. This handy equipment keeps ice for more than 4.5 days and features heavy-duty, seamless, one-piece construction …

Melting ice is the last thing you want when out in the woods, on the boat or kicking back at the beach, and you won’t have to when you add the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler to your equipment. This handy equipment keeps ice for more than 4.5 days and features heavy-duty, seamless, one-piece construction that’s virtually unbreakable and built to last. This camping cooler boasts durable and secure T-handle latches that help it to remain closed until you’re ready to use it. The stainless steel handle has a comfort grip to allow you to carry it easily where you want to go. This Ozark Trail high-performance cooler also has an industrial-strength stainless steel locking plate with a built-in bottle opener, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage. The two drink holders on the lid will keep them secure for you.
Ozark Trail 26-quart High-Performance Cooler:

  • Premium insulation keeps ice for more than 4.5 days
  • Roto-molded, seamless, one-piece construction with UV-resistant exterior
  • Durable, secure T-handle latches
  • Stainless steel handle with comfort grip
  • Industrial strength stainless steel locking plate with built-in bottle opener
  • Certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
  • Ozark Trail high-performance cooler with a fish ruler on lid
  • 2 drink holders on lid
  • Limited 5-year warranty


Features Premium insulation keeps ice for more than 4.5 days., 2 drink holders on top, Stainless steel locking plate and built-in bottle opener, Certified Bear Resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, Heavy duty Stainess Steel handle with confort grip, T-Handle Latches, Fish ruler on top, Roto-molded construction with UV-resistant exterior
Brand Ozark Trail
Assembled Product Weight 18.5 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number 69-85460-00-06
Manufacturer California Innovations
Lifestage @generated
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 21.50 x 13.00 x 15.50 Inches
  1. Marie

    This is the first cooler I’ve seen that comes with bottle opener that also acts like a place to put a pad lock, ruler and cup holders on lid, locking handle when its flipped vertically, rubber tie down latches, andmost importantly weather strip that seals in temperature.

  2. Amanda

    Nice cooler. Keeps what you need cold. I have kept ones of these on the side of the work truck for years, and it has held up to the weather. Even forked it with a forklift, and it still keeps cool. Keeping ice for 4.5 days is a little exaggeration, but its usually good for 24 hours. I received this product from the Spark Reviewer program.

  3. Daniel

    The things that I like about this cooler, is that it is tough. It is made without seems and is primarily one solid piece. The lid is also seamless, and very durable. The seal for the lid is a rubber inlaid tubular type, which makes the cooler have a tight seal when the lid is closed. It is a nice looking addition to other outdoor equipment, being a neutral gray. It has a ruler made into the lid, which is convenient for measuring fish or other items. It has Two cup holders in the lid as well. There is a built in bottle opener where the lid meets the cooler. The description brags that it is bear proof and I don’t doubt it. It fell from my truck and tumbled on the road at 35 mph and was only scuffed and scratched some, but no real damage and still perfectly intact and usable. The things that I don’t particularly like about it is, It is heavy and cumbersome. It weighs about 16 pounds. With ice and drinks added to that, it becomes quiet heavy if you are carrying it for a lengthy distance. It does not have handles on both sides, but does have a large pivotal handle across the middle. You really need 2 people to try to carry it, unless you are accustomed to carrying heavy objects. I found that it was not practical for me to carry by myself, along with fishing equipment from the parking lot, out onto a pier. It served great for using if I left it in the back of my Truck and SUV on an excursion to a park and to a river for fishing. Block Ice is recommended and that lessens some of the weight. The descriptions indicate that Ice will stay in it for 4.5 days. Regular ice will not stay frozen that long in it. Block Ice does seem to outlast regular ice. It has a 16 qt capacity, and in terms of bottled or canned drinks, there is plenty of room to accommodate a lot. Over all, I love this cooler, and I would recommend it, with warnings about it’s weight. It is very practical, functional and heavy duty.

  4. Carol

    This cooler is well built. The accompanying literature states that, under optimum conditions, this cooler should be able to keep ice up to 4.5 days. Haven’t tested to that length of time yet, but mine did keep ice for 2 days (a weekend trip) with what I think was an acceptable loss of ice. I packed it as recommended and even pre-chilled it in my chest type home freezer the day before. (I’ve done this with most of my coolers anyway.) The cooler does weigh about 16 pounds empty. Not bad for these sort of coolers. I have one of similar size from another (premium) manufacturer that weighs over 20 pounds empty. Add 20 pounds of ice to either one along with your items and you will have a hefty bundle to carry so keep that in mind.The cooler has a lockable top which is a great feature. Can keep animals and hands out of your stuff should you deem it necessary. Some people don’t like the T-type straps that hold the cooler closed. They are a bit hard to engage but do hold it securely. these sort of straps are common on other premium brands as well. The straps are replaceable on this brand and I have bought a set of replacements to have on hand. They seem to be of good quality.

  5. Shirley

    Very sturdy and heavy duty, spacious cooler that does the job well. I’ve used this cooler on vacation and accidentally dropped it and it is very good quality that has held up. It keeps the products ice cold. What more could you ask for out of a cooler. Get one

  6. Diane

    This is a heavy duty cooler! The 24-Quart capacity cooler totals 14.5lbs empty and is really solidly built. I can’t attest to how bear safe it is but can say it easily handled my bear like 200lbs sitting on it! I was able to use this over the Labor Day weekend in the San Diego heat… I filled it up with ice packs and ice and non-chilled soda and even with opening and closing it a few times throughout the day, still managed to have frozen ice at the end of the day. The included manual notes that you should pre-cool the cooler if you want to get better performance but was amazed to find that ice was still frozen even without the pre-cooling and the ice having to chill the non-chilled the soda.It has a stainless metal padded handle which locks into position, a bottle opener (as part of the steel lockable closure), measuring ruler, cup/can holders, and the closure will accommodate a lock. It holds up to 36 cans (in a 6x3x2 configuration) with just a bit of room to spare.One item I’m not crazy about is the closures. They are a rubber T-closure that you have to pull to latch or unlatch. While it creates and assures a nice tight seal and is easier to clean, it takes some effort to open or close. I would have preferred to see something like a dual latching system used on ammo can’s to pull the cooler lid tightly closed.Overall, a very well built and durable cooler. It keeps the heat out and the cool in much better than any off the shelf cooler. It does weigh a good amount but is very rugged and love that it’ll serve as a handy bench.

  7. Danielle

    I’m totally in love with this cooler. It keeps things nice and cold. Easy to open and close. The handles make sure it’s closed solid. Easy to carry around. The only thing I really wish it had was a plug to drain the water out of it. Other then that it’s a solid cooler I use almost every day. Perfect for any occasion.

  8. Philip

    This cooler is awesome it holds ice up to 4.5 days and has evena scale on top to measure fish along with two cup holders this cooler is a must have for camping trips. It will save you on ice food and will last for a very long time. Has a sturdy handle and its look goes with pretty much anything. The best cooler I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning its bear proof and has a way to even lock it down and it’s got a built in bottle opener too its great to have

  9. Christopher

    Cooler appears well made with nice padded steel carry handle and appear to be heavy duty (though plastic) hinges. It has a spot to put some type of lock/padlock on it to fasten the lid to the cooler. It has a useful measure stick (like for fishing) and two drink holders on the lid. Also, included was a note card stating it was “bear resistant” if you are in a bear area. The container is smaller then most I use, but I like that because it is easier to load and unload from the back of the truck full of ice. It has not been too hot here to fully test its cooling abilities, but has keep ice mostly frozen and drinks cold for 2 days. Only two negitive things I would say, but not a deal breaker: 1) The rubber bungees are very stiff and require two hands to loop around the holder. 2) This is more of a “luxury” feature I wish it had, but if it had a few wheels on one side it would be the best cooler ever. I have a cooler with wheels on one side and it makes transport to your destination so much easier than carrying a fully loaded cooler splashing ice cold water on your you.

  10. Jacqueline

    This cooler is an excellent smaller cooler that should be able to fit comfortably in the trunks of most sedans. It will hold approximately two seven pound bags of ice. It has excellent insulation properties and is fantastic to use, it will keep ice for several days. Cooler weighs about the same as the RTIC and YETI products of equal size. With proper preparation before using on your outing it meets my expectation.

  11. Kimberly

    The ozark cooler is durable because of the hard shell. I like that it seals tight and keeps the ice in the cooler for a long time. Days later the ice was still cold in the cooler which is good for long trips . It has a strong handle and foam grip and my hand didn’t get hurt by carrying it. I like that the latches to lock the cooler was tight and secure. I like that the cooler is smaller size and easy to fit in small space. I like that if needed and you don’t have anywhere to sit it works like a compact seat. Strong and holds the weight, even if you have to stack something on top of it , it’s little but it’s powerful. After having ice in the cooler for a long time. I didn’t see any leaking . Depending what your looking for it a great product for been a compact cooler. Roomy enough for what I was looking for. Compared to other cooler , it have a spot to hold a drink , the bottle holder is good , it haves a bottle opener that made on the cooler. This is a strong and durable cooler a must have cooler I may say. I give this product 5 stars out of 5 stars. So if you looking for a great cooler this is the one to have

  12. Jesse

    Got this cooler as a test product. It is a very nice, solid, weighty cooler. Has the capacity to hold 36 12oz cans of beverages, or 30lbs of ice. Has a nice metal carry handle, and rubber feet on the bottom to prevent sliding. Seems to be quite durable. This thing has some weight to it empty, so you know it is well constructed and insulated. The rubber lit closures are very snug and will seal this thing down tight. Make sure to pull it straight down as they are quite stiff. Size is very nice, not too small, not too large. Has two cup holders on top as well as a ruler for measuring your catch to stay legal. Highly recommended!!

  13. Randy

    This is easily the best cooler I have ever owned! Of course it keeps my food and drinks cold but what sets it apart from other coolers is how strong and sturdy it is! It fell off the top of a van and doesn’t even have a scuff on it! Even better my 30 ounce Ozark tumblers fit like a glove on it. If you need a cooler that will last you a lifetime this is the one for you.

  14. Sara

    I really go love this cooler. It’s immediately easy to see the size and shape was well thought out. It fits perfectly between the front and back seat. When you own a truck and don’t want it stolen out of the back, that’s important. I’ve only had the cooler a couple of weeks but I’ve been out on the OHV trails twice with it in 100 degree Texas heat and it performed very well. I have another non-rotomold cooler and this thing killed it. I think people mentioning that it doesn’t keep items cool aren’t loading it with cold items and filling it with ice.I will say – this thing is airtight and arrived with an apparent vacuum (I assume from temp changes) and it was extremely difficult to get open the first time. Since that first time we opened its been fine. But wow that was a struggle – had to get a tool to pry it open. Great cooler!!!

  15. George

    Ozark Trail 26 quart high-performance cooler. It’s a large, strong, and sturdy insulated cooler that is even certified bear resistant. Yep, you read that right. It offers a large capacity of 30 lbs of ice or 36 cans. It is recommended that you pre-chill the cooler for optimal performance. You pre-chill the cooler by filling it with ice the night before you intend to use it. Once the cooler is chilled the next day, discard that ice and refill it with new ice. It’s suggested that you fill the cooler with 2/3 ice (about 20 lbs) and 1/3 of chilled contents for optimal performance. The food or drinks you intend to add should be pre-chilled too. The 2/3 1/3 filling method should keep ice for up to 3 days. It’s the perfect cooler for a long weekend! Block ice is best to use as it’s the densest. Freezer ice is second best. Chipped ice and ice from ice machines are least effective. Following these optimal suggestions, this cooler can keep ice for up to 4 1/2 days! Exterior dimensions: 21.75″ x 13″ x 15.5″ Interior dimensions: 16″ x 9″ x 10.75″ Weight: (empty) 16 lbs. It offers a fish measurement ruler on the top. Two imbedded cup holders. A stainless steel locking plate and bottle opener. It has two T handles that secure down the lid sealing the heavy duty freezer gasket imbedded in the coolers lid. It also offers a fold down heavy duty stainless steel handle to assist when carrying. You should know this cooler is heavy. It is sixteen pounds when empty. When you add twenty pounds of ice and your chilled goods, it could weigh 50 lbs or more. Please be forewarned, when fully loaded this cooler may require two adults to carry it. The lid can’t close with two liter bottles standing inside it. Bottles of that height, or taller, have to be laid down on their side to close the lid securely. Overall, it’s a wonderful cooler. Perfect for long weekends. The only possible downside might be it’s weight, especially when filled. Any cooler of this capability is going to be heavy due to the added insulation. If you enjoy having a nice cold one on the weekends, I highly recommend this cooler! You won’t care if the fish are biting or not.

  16. Douglas


  17. James

    this Ozark Trail Cooler is a real heavy duty cooler very well made and durable has a great heavy duty handle that is stainless steel that wont rust and patted with no slip for easy carry the cooler is self is made of one piece construction that would make it very hard to be broken or busted or crack it has rubber t latches for easy opening and closing it also has a stainless steel locking plate for a pad lock the cooler is also Certified bear-resistant also needed to mention it has a bottle opener also build in on the locking plate has a 2 drink holders on lid and a ruler for measuring fish length if your at the lake and catch the big one this cooler also has Premium insulation for Maintaining ice up to 4.5 days that is a very good feature the product has a weight of a little over eighteen and a half pounds empty that i have found to be very easy managed the Manufacturer California Innovations and the brand ozark trail is a quality name for outdoor accessories itself the Dimensions of the cooler is 21.50 x 13.00 x 15.50 Inches and it has it a Limited 5-year warranty i recommend this cooler for any general use wither its on the beach in the woods or on the job it is one of the best coolers on the market to my opinion thanks

  18. Timothy

    Hands down, this Ozark Trail 26-quart High Performance cooler is most rugged cooler that I’ve ever had. It’s not light, but it’s surprisingly easy to handle.The inside edge of the lid has a rubber gasket around its perimeter that makes this cooler airtight. In fact, like other reviewers have mentioned, opening the lid for the first time is a BEAR (no pun intended!). For a minute, I thought I was doing something wrong since I had never had a cooler like this. I then realized that my own “elbow grease” wasn’t going to open the lid. So I wrapped a rag around the straight end of a 12” flat pry bar and inserted it between the metal locking plate and the lid’s protrusion over the locking plate – the rag kept the pry bar’s end from gouging both the metal locking plate and the plastic lid’s lip. I then GENTLY applied a little force and POP! the lid opened. The lid must be vacuum-sealed at the factory ‘cause it certainly wasn’t going to open with just my hands. Of course, after the initial opening, it’s easy to open once the latches are undone.I don’t believe the latches will ever wear out. When latching the lid closed, they take a bit of strength to stretch them onto the latching posts, but you can actually feel how snugly the lid closes. THAT is what’s gonna keep the cooler’s contents cold/chilly over time. The padded stainless steel handle rotates forward or backward, clicking into place in the upright position. Given the handle’s design, it doesn’t stick out very much in the down position. The handle seems to be perfectly balanced – the cooler is easy to carry. The foam handle grip could be slightly thicker for just a little more comfort, but I’ll never be carrying this cooler for a long distance.I don’t fish so the fish ruler embossed on the lid is unnecessary but some might find it useful.There is a locking plate for inserting a padlock on the exterior’s front where the lid closes to meet the cooler’s body. I’ll never camp in bear country or store anything extremely valuable in this cooler so I wouldn’t use the locking plate, but it appears to be solidly made.The exterior is tough as nails. This cooler could probably fall off a moving vehicle at interstate speeds and sustain no damage, beyond some scrapes to the rigid plastic exterior. The handle might break, but the cooler wouldn’t be a total loss!Surprisingly, the product dimensions on the Walmart web page are almost accurate – remember, they are the EXTERIOR dimensions.Here are my exterior measurements with the handle in the down position: 16” tall x 21” wide (side-to-side) x 15” deep (front-to-back).Here are the interior dimensions: 10.75” tall x 16” wide (side-to-side) x 8.75” deep (front-to-back).This cooler will easily hold a case (24) of 16.9-ounce water bottles plus ice. It will also easily hold 36 cans (12-ounce) of beverages plus ice. It will also hold most 750mL bottles of wine/liquor standing up. Because of the height of 1.5mL and 1.75mL bottles of wine/liquor, you would have to lean them over sideways for the lid to close. And depending on the shape of the large bottles, you may not be able to fit 2 of ‘em in there. As always, load the cooler with drinks first and THEN add the ice, rocking the cooler around a little bit so the ice will fall into the nooks & crannies.While I haven’t yet used this cooler extensively nor have I conducted an ice-melt/temperature experiment with it, I am extremely pleased with its construction and features. There are YouTube videos that compare this Ozark Trail cooler to other similar coolers – look ‘em up if you’re interested. Overall, for the money, this is an excellent alternative to the (MUCH) more expensive brand of “high performance” coolers. I rate this a BUY if you are needing/wanting its extreme features.

  19. Judith

    To start this is a heavy duty no messing around Cooler! I seen complaints about how hard it is to unlatch it. Yes you need a little strength but if you drop this cooler or knock it over the contents inside will not come out and get dirty all over the campsite ground which has happen to me many times.The seals on this are amazing! Very thick seals and quality made that will keep water from coming out or hot hair from entering into the cooler.There is a 17 inch ruler on top which is nice if you are fishing and want to know real fast if your fish is bigger than your buddies or family member.The exterior material is extremely well made to withstand even a bear attack if you happen to be camping in area with bears!! There is a area where you can attach a lock which can be nice if you leave your cooler out on the picnic table it will deter someone taking it or can lock it to the table.I haven’t had a chance to see how many days the ice will last on a hot day due to the fact I live in Michigan and it’s 35 degrees right now and we’re quarantined due to the Coronavirus. But based on the quality that I can see and feel I don’t think that will be a problem. If I get two days of holding ice that is plenty for me but based on what the cooler says 4.5 I’m sure it should get close. Keep in mind though if you have four beers in there and nothing else,that will affect the time it holds the ice from melting. I like the gray and orange color combination also versus the old white or blue,green etc. The material is nice enough that it will not hold dirt like some plastics that have a textured surface. Personally I think I will have many good years to come with this.

  20. Charles

    Shipping was delayed so I could not use it on my trip but after thorough look I think it is great. It is very sturdy with good insulation. The elastic holdowns are effective and easy to use even for me (88 years old). It also has a strong provision for a padlock , I think in some situations it could be used as a strongbox. It has been tested and shown to be bear resistant ,it certainly would prevent entry to any other critters like Racoons. The carry handle is strong and comfortable. We have had many ice chests over the years for travel, camping, boating etc. This is the best I have seen. It might be a bit heavy when loaded for some uses. The included packing guide is interesting and useful. The website photos are complete but I have included a couple.

  21. Nicholas

    Strong & Sturdy 2 withstand any situation, even BEARS! I live on lake so Cant wait 2 take on boat this summer. 2 cup holders on top, built in 17″ ruler 4 measuring fish. Thick sides 4 insulation, keeps food & up to 36 cans cold for 4-5 days! Has lock plate & bottle opener. Tight seal w/rubber pull lock latches, WILL NOT LEAK, flipped it over to make sure! 4 anyone into Fishing or Outdoors. Steel handle w/Foam grip 4 carrying. A must have! I love this thing! It’s A Keeper! Truly indestructible! Smooth round edges, a beautiful design.

  22. Brandon

    The Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler as the name implies is Walmart’s own roto-molded (short for rotational molding) cooler geared for those needing better cooling. So what’s the difference from a regular cooler? Well the main difference would be an additional two to three days. Most coolers would last you a couple of days meaning that a regular weekend outdoor trip would fall within a regular cooler’s specifications. But what if you are going out on a longer trip? Obviously, a regular cooler won’t cut it. Here come roto molded coolers. Roto molded coolers are designed to keep food and other stuff longer which is usually around five days. Well one can argue that you can argue that you can always add ice. But what if you are in the middle of the ocean on a fishing trip or a place where the nearest store is 50 miles away? Then a roto molded cooler is the perfect cooler for this need as it can store ice around five day. Seven in some cases.The design of this roto molded cooler is one piece for the main body and another piece for the cover. It has rubber seals and are closed by using steel hinges and t-handle latches so that it gives you an almost airtight seal making ice last longer. That said, the extra cooling properties of this cooler makes it larger and heavier. Also, the process in making it takes longer also adds to its price. So that said, are the extra “cons” still worth it? Definitely yes! If long lasting cooling is your main priority, then this is the perfect cooler for you. And also, roto molded coolers are tough and leak proof making this last a lifetime. I would strongly recommend this to those looking for a high performance cooler.

  23. Henry

    Let me first and foremost say that I don’t typically use a cooler more than a day or two. I do day use 90% of the time and my test is NOT based on following the directions to fully pack the cooler to get 4+ days out of it. I put 12, 12 oz cans and 8, 12 oz bottles of soda in the bottom. I then put one 10 lb bag of ice on top of everything. I closed the lid and did not reopen for 24 hrs. I had plenty of ice after 24 hrs. At 48 hour check, the ice was gone and the water was fairly cold yet. That’s all I did and I’m pleased with that. The cooler sat in my garage, at an indoor temp of about 70°. I only opened it at 24 and 48 hours. For what I’d use this for, I was happy.

  24. Kenneth

    I have been wanting to try one of the “High Performance” coolers. This one earns the name. I received it from the carrier and brought it into the house. Opened it up and went to open the lid and check it out. I couldn’t get the lid open no matter how hard I tried. Finally I got a pry tool from my tool box and pried the lid at the metal part of the latch. Then I heard a “whoosing” sound like opening a new can of coffee. Then I realized that the cooler had a vacuum on it and was sealed tight. Obviously part of the journey to me must have been by air and it sealed itself. If it will hold a vacuum, water spillage should never be a problem. I filled it partly with ice and went grocery shopping. It kept even frozen biscuits rock hard frozen. After several stops and opening and closing the cooler many times, I left the ice in it to see how long it would last. I have attached pictures from day 1 and day 4. Filled properly as the maker recommends, I think it would last the 5 days claimed no problem. It has a well padded metal handle and tight closing latches with a place for a lock if you need it. I think it will last for many years.

  25. Betty

    I can’t really find fault with this cooler, although I don’t think everyone needs a cooler this robust. From the outside, it looks like it would be bigger on the inside, but I’m guessing that’s because of thicker insulation and a sturdier construction). I easily fit 4 2 litre bottles of soda and tons of ice inside, and I could have added more smaller items. It kept the soda cold for a couple days, without replacing any ice.The directions say to put ice in it the night before you’re going to use it so it cools down, and then put items in it that have already been cooled in a refrigerator/freezer. I do that whenever I use it, so I’m not sure how different it performs if not following those two steps.

  26. Heather

    Holds ice for 4-5 days, just as advertised.The instructions state that you should completely fill the cooler for best results. I performed 2 different experiments using this cooler. On each experiment, I left the cooler in the direct sunlight and only opened it once a day for a picture. The first experiment, I loaded it half full of ice and left it in the direct sunlight. The ice didn’t last 2 days. (see pics for ice melt rate and temperatures). The second experiment, I loaded the cooler full with ice and left it in the direct sunlight. Although the second experiment had the benefit of cooler temperatures, there was still ice present after 5 straight days. (see pics for ice melt rate and temperatures). Even though the temps were cooler, a normal person would not leave the cooler in direct sunlight either.Bottom line, I’m pleased with the results. I would recommend this product!

  27. Brandon

    While i do have a yeti and love the quality of it i tend to use this one more because its a more convenient size and much cheaper so i dont have to worry as much about someone stealing it. This is also the one i grab to go offroading and beat around where as the yeti stays at camp or in the truck. I cant attest to how long it keeps ice since i only really use it for day trips. I kinda wish the handle wasnt necessary kind of like the yeti’s. if you remove the handle theres nowhere to grab it unlike the yeti’s and i wish it wasnt so oddly shaped and more stream lined but i can live with it. since a bunch of people were wondering about the ruler on the top is meant for measuring fish. The bottle opener is actually really handy and works great.

  28. Austin

    I have only been able to use this a couple times so far but it has been great. Keeps ice so long it hardly melts on a day trip. The handle is amazingly sturdy and it holds a good amount of stuff for how big it is. It has a ruler on the top and two cup holder slots just to throw in a couple more features. This thing is definitely super rugged and could easily take some damage and be fine.

  29. Peter

    I got this to use on my work truck. However, I’ve been out of work a couple weeks. So I’ll just tell what I can. It looks like better quality than any cooler I’ve owned! Looks simple and effective with solid construction, good seals, and heavy duty latches to keep it closed. The weight is more than I’m used to, but not bad. I put room temp can drinks and water bottles in the cooler along with frozen gel bags. After two days outside in the sun the drinks are nice and cold. So, it works very well in 90 degree Georgia weather. I’d love to see a wheeled version for use at work where I have to move it often. Other than that it’s a high quality cooler that cost around a third of it’s counterpart, Yeti, and appears to do just a good of job.

  30. Ralph

    The Ozark Trail High Performance Cooler, is an Awesome Cooler. This one came in a 26 Quart capacity, and is a great size for many needs, whether for holding food for a weekend camping trip, or beverages for a cookout, it holds alot of stuff. Plus, it really keeps things cold for a long time compared to other coolers that I have used. It is very well made, and rock solid. I especially like the hinged lid, the rubber pull strap latches, and that it can be locked with a separate padlock, to keep animals out. The handle really makes it easy to carry, but I would not plan to use this cooler, if I was going on a long hike though, because due to the construction of the cooler and the super performance, it is kind of heavy, especially when it is filled with food and drinks. It also has a couple of cup coaster spots built into the top of the cooler, so you can put your drink in one, and not have to worry about it sliding off, which happens with other coolers. So if you are looking for a high performance cooler, I highly recommend the Ozark Trail High Performance Cooler, in the 26 Quart size.

  31. Aaron

    Oh man, this cooler! It’s almost insulting to call it “just” a cooler. This thing is built like an M4 tank. You know those wimpy coolers that you sit on and the top caves in? Not this cooler. This is an ultra thick roto-molded colossus of a cooler, zero fear of anyone sitting on it and damaging it. And I mean zero fear. Andre the Giant wouldn’t have damaged this cooler sitting on it.So alright, it’s tough. What else? Leakproof. No joke, see that first picture? I filled the cooler with water, latched it and set it on my deck. Sideways. 8 hours later, not a drop. That alone makes it worth it. I still put the cooler in a vehicle when camping due to animals, but to be honest? My car isn’t airtight. This is. I highly doubt a critter would even know there was food inside. The stout, metal handle with padding is awesome. There’s grooves so you can tie it down in your boat, which is awesome. There’s a steel bottle opener on it which is grand. There’s a couple cupholders too, which seemed a bit silly but turned out to be really handy on the pontoon. The only negative aspects are those that just come with the territory of being a strong, leaktight cooler. It’s on the heavy side, there’s no drain spigot, and it’s difficult to latch due to it being leakproof.It depends on what you need it for, if you’re an enthusiast of any sort, it’s aces. If you intend kids to have access to it, it’ll still work alright, just don’t latch it. Kids won’t be able to latch/unlatch it. But it’ll still function without it being locked.Oh, and one final detail, it’s very light gray in color. Light colors reflect the suns energy, so this is excellent. The cooler doesn’t soak up heat in the sun. A lot of other coolers are dark colored nowadays, I’ve even seen black used. A cooler that absorbs heat is no good, go with a light colored one like this one!As far as its ability to stay cold? Like any cooler, preparation is king. Don’t throw a 24 pack of room temperature soda in with ice and expect miracles. Let your refrigerator do the heavy lifting, then put the cold cans in there with ice. Or if you REALLY need a long cold life, put a couple frozen gallon jugs of water in the cooler alone the night before you need it. Next morning, remove the jugs and put all your chilled food/drinks and ice inside. With a prechilled cooler, it’ll easily last the weekend. Even a 3 or 4 day weekend.We have a shady spot on our deck and have been keeping this cooler stocked with drinks on ice, just because they’re so much better ice cold. I find it works pretty well to unlatch one of the latches and tip it over to drain excess water every few days.Put bluntly, if you’re looking for a small roto-molded cooler, this is a good one.

  32. Alexander

    ProsIt is a very well made cooler and has the added touch of being able to put a padlock on it to keep wildlife out. It came with good detailed instructions for using it to maximize efficiency. It held the ice for several days but would have probably gone longer had we put the recommended type ice in it. The cup holders and ruler are nice features. The metal handle is a plus considering the weight of the cooler. ConsThe cooler is extremely heavy and will not be good for all uses such as kayaking. It weights 16lbs empty and full would weigh anywhere from 30-40lbs. The latches are also a bit hard to get off but I believe with several uses it may loosen up a bit and become easier to open. Overall a very nice cooler that is well built and should last many years with proper care. This review was given as a Spark Reviewer.

  33. Brandon

    Very well made cooler!!! We received this cooler in the Gray color with orange accents and we absolutely love it! First off, it’s a heavy duty, very durable cooler. It was hard to open at first because of the seal, but that just means it will not, under any circumstances, open accidentally and spill the contents. It is definitely made for rougher outdoor activities. It would be absolutely perfect for camping and going to the lake. In addition to being very tough and durable, this cooler also looks great. Very sleek and modern. It comes in 4 different color options and they all seem like great choices. The bottle opener is a great added feature!!The best feature of this cooler is that the ice lasts for hours. We used this on our back patio on a very hot day in Oklahoma and the ice lasted all day. We haven’t tested it yet for several days, but I have confidence that it would keep the ice for 3 to 4 days. It is so nice to not have to put your hand in ice cold water to get your drinks out. Overall, this is an awesome cooler. The price is great for the quality and durability of the cooler. I would definitely buy again and recommend to friends and family!

  34. Ashley

    We were looking for a medium sized cooler for ice and drinks that we could take the beach, park and other events. This Ozark cooler is more than we had expected it to be. It’s a little on the heavier side because there is so much insulation in the walls of the cooler. On the plus side, it will keep your ice and drinks cold for hours. The handle is metal, not plastic as on other coolers, with a soft-foam grip to keep your hands from getting tired when carrying it. There’s a ruler on the top for any fish you might be catching and storing. The cooler is a little too big to be used in the back of the kayak. But for the back of the car, it’s a good balance between size and storage for a day trip. The lid is solid and tight when closed. Not everyone may be a fan of the way it locks. There are rubber tabs that have to be pulled with a bit of pressure to release, then pulled and pushed on to lock the lid back in place. It was a little tricky to use at first. But now that we’ve done it a few times, it’s a lot easier to manage. There’s no need to keep locking and unlocking the lid once at your destination. The tabs are really only need for transport, and maybe not even then. Overall, it’s a really great, rugged cooler that should last a lifetime.

  35. Rachel

    Nice cooler, heavier than it looks though.Handle has a comfortable grip and is sturdy.The rubber latches provide a tight seal. And I personally did not have any excess struggle putting them on or taking them off, maybe like a higher quality elastic strap (bungee cord) for resistance.Instead of using the recommendations I did a “worst camper” test.I put 2 half frozen 16 oz bottles of water in the cooler. One had two ice packs next to it, and the other was in a ice pack drink holder.After 13 hours they both still had significant amounts of ice and were cold to the touch.10 hours later the one with ice packs next to it was completely without ice but still cool.The water bottle in the drink holder still had about 20% of the ice left.Cannot imagine if I followed the recommendations and packed it with drinks and ice, probably would have lasted much longer.

  36. Christina

    Ozark Trail 26 Quart High-Performance Cooler Is one of the best smaller coolers that I own. Its rugged construction ensures that it can go places that most people wouldn’t dare take a cooler. One of the best features is the solid metal handle. It has a soft and squishy foam grip making it easy and comfortable to carry even over long distances. The handle snaps into a secure position while being carried, keeping its contents standing up like you packed it. The airtight feature allows for your food or drinks to stay colder for longer. At 26 quarts it is just big enough to hold enough food and drinks for a couple of people without any issues. This cooler features a bear-resistant lock features that seems to be a very good deterrent to a bear to stay out. I would feel secure knowing that my stuff is locked inside it even in bear county. I think its size and weight are a good balance between a super-secure cooler and an easy to carry one. I would most definitely recommend the Ozark Trail 26 Quart High-Performance Cooler to all my friends and family. This would be my choice if I needed a secure one to two man cooler to use during a hunting trip.

  37. Samantha

    As far as its capabilities of keeping things cold, it does that pretty well, although I am highly skeptical of the claim of 4.5 days. Yes, maybe in the most ideal of conditions, but seriously, if you build a good quality cooler, it isn’t necessary to over claim its capability, whether that is standard testing or not. What consumers want is real world conditions, not lab test results. With that being said, the quality of this cooler is good overall, although there are some things that keep it from being perfect though. It is a bit heavy, especially loaded. It would have been nice to have a way to pull on wheels, so that you don’t have to lug it around all the time. The padded handle does make that a bit more comfortable though. I do wonder how long that padding will hold up over time. If you are a fisherman like me, the ruler on the top is a nice feature and the cooler is sturdy enough to sit on if you forget your chair. I would call this cooler a medium size, it is not a large cooler, but it isn’t like a lunchbox style cooler either. It has enough space to carry some drinks and food to last through a day of fishing or camping. Filled with ice and food/drink, I had no issue with keeping things cold for the day, but again I am skeptical with the grandiose 4 days claim, but it is reasonable for things to stay cool all day or the next, so I am good with that. The cup holders are ok, but are very shallow and I would have liked to see some deeper holders that keep stuff from being knocked over and spilling. I am not sure why they didn’t put a drain hole on this as a cooler this size can get heavy when it is loaded and a drain hole would have made this cooler much nicer. The silicone locks hold the cooler tight, but I would have preferred better quality metal locking closures as I think over time the silicone will weaken and eventually break after repeated use. The silicone locking mechanism can be a pain to get on and off as well. One good thing though is that this has a 5-year warranty. I can’t compare this brand to more expensive coolers, but for the price this is a decent quality cooler, but it could use a few improvements in certain areas. Pros:Sturdy, good quality coolerCan sit on itGood 5-yr warrantyDecent medium sizePadded handle (see cons)Tight sealKeeps goods cool, but I am not sure about it being any better than other brandsRuler on lid is nice featureBottle openerCup holders (see cons also)Cons:A bit heavyNo wheelsHandle a bit awkward when cooler is loadedNo drain holeSilicone locking handles a bit finicky to deal with and I think will fail over timePadded handle may not hold up over frequent useNo metal locking mechanismCup holders are shallowExaggerated cooling claimsOverall, the cooler is ok and I am mostly satisfied with it.4 stars

  38. Mark

    When I opened up the box and seen the Ozark Trail 26 Quart High Performance Cooler… I was like WOW! This cooler is built tough and is very solid. I could not get the cooler open at first because the lid was suctioned closed. I had to pry the lid up and then it opened… not a bad thing, that just tells me this cooler seals tight and the lid does open easily now. The handle is made of metal and it has foam where you carry the cooler. I feel the foam could have been a little thicker because with weight in the cooler, the foam will press down to the metal. I like the cup holders on top and how they are designed for the water to run out. The built-in bottle opener is a nice feature, too. I looked at other name brand coolers and compared them to the Ozark Trail… buy the Ozark Trail 26 Quart High Performance Cooler!

  39. Jason

    Never knew a ice chest could make me so happy! We have used this twice now, and both times the ice was still there the next day after being in the shade for 8+ hours at 90 degree heat. The handle is a solid metal bar that feels rock solid. And the closure straps feel like heavy grade rubber that will last. The walls on top have a solid fill with a deep sound when tapped on and not some hollow sound when you tap on it like cheaply made coolers do. The top also has a nice silicone seal around it to help seal it. This is a huge deal for us, it has slits on the side handles you can use to strap the top closed to prevent raccoons from raiding your cooler! If you understand what that’s like than you know how great this is! I also like that it has side handles even though it has a bar handle. What impressed me was the amount of ice left after using it and how absolutely solid it is.

  40. Brenda

    To begin with, I got this for free to test it out. And, being that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I decided to test it out at home instead of risking a day out at the lake. To use in my testing, I froze 8 trays of ice in my freezer over night (probably 5-6 pounds) and put the loose ice in the cooler around 10am the next morning, sealed it up and set it on the edge of my front porch where the sun would hit it. I left it there until 4pm, 2 days later and then brought it in for an inspection. That was about 2 days and 6 hours. It still had a little ice in the bottom and the water from what had melted was super cold. This is in 90 degree Mississippi weather. I can see getting 4-5 days on the ice during regular use. Because normally, you would set it in the shade and not directly in the sun like I did. Now, let’s talk about the actual cooler. I love it. I’m an outdoors man and I love heavy, made to last, items. And this cooler definitely fits that category. Empty, it weighed in at over 14 pounds on my kitchen scale. It’s thick and super insulated. The large carry handle is made of solid stainless steel. You could drop this thing off the back of a truck going down the highway and you wouldn’t do any major damage to it. Or, off the back of a boat and it would float. It has heavy rubber latches instead of the normal and flimsy plastic ones. They snug the lid down and make it perfectly air-tight and water-tight. I left it laying on its side for a few minutes after I brought it in just to make sure and there were no leaks. It seals perfectly tight thanks to the bungy-cord like rubber used in the latches. It also has a steel hasp where you can put a padlock on it. I would highly recommend this. I’m a sportsman and I haven’t seen anything this well made in this price range. It’s so well made that they put a 5 Year Warranty on it.

  41. Kathryn

    I have a larger cooler that is just too much for a small outing. This 26-quart unit is perfect for smaller outings or a picnic! The handle is very sturdy, strong, and even comfortable to use because the grip material is a soft foam. Rubber straps keep the lid tightly closed which is part of why this cooler works so well. It firmly closes to prevent any air leaks reducing the total time the cooler can keep something cold. I left the ice in it after my outdoor party and there were still cubes in it over 24 hours later. If you’re filling with drinks only, this cooler will hold at least 24 bottles and cans with about 15lbs of ice. I love the locking latch that doubles as a bottle opener! I’ll never be caught without the tool to enjoy my drink! If you’re using it as a picnic basket, you could easily get enough food and drinks in it for 4 people. The 2 built-in cup holders work great for larger cans, tumblers, or other cups. Its much better than using the drink holders on my truck tailgate. This is a fantastic cooler that is just so much better than the cheap foam coolers. Forget those and get something that will last many hot summers.

  42. Kathryn

    I recently received the Ozark Trail 26 quart high performance cooler just in time for a short camping trip I was going on with some friends. We were only going to be gone for four days and three nights. My other friends had cheaper coolers and they did not preform as well as this one, they had to replenish their ice half way through the trip and I did not. I followed the suggestions before hand and pre chilled the cooler then I used four frozen bottles of water and a bag of ice I bought at the store and made sure the cooler was totally full (as suggested). By the end of the trip my food and drinks were still cold and there was still some ice left: I wanted to take a picture of how much ice was left but I didn’t have my phone. I do like the latches they are like a rubbery thing you pull down and hook onto a peg (I enclosed a picture of the latches) and the it has a nice sturdy handle that is comfortable to carry it. I did not get to test the bear proof-ness and I hope I don’t have too. When full the cooler is kind of heavy but all of them are. Over all you get what you pay for this cooler isn’t the cheapest but it is much better quality than the other cheaper brands and the nice thing is your not constantly going to buy more ice for it like the cheaper coolers.

  43. Janet

    I have never thought about durability for a cooler. But this is my first impression of this cooler – heavy duty. It feels very sturdy and heavy duty. The company claims that it will hold ice cold for 48 hours. I have not gone that long. But I have put ice in it and it lasted from morning to evening. This cooler’s construction is what makes it stand out. I can imagine if taking this for camping, this could stand up to a beating. With that said, it is going to be heavier than other coolers. But if you are carrying this with a vehicle, it won’t be a factor. I would recommend this to anyone going camping or outdoors and using a vehicle to carry this. You won’t be disappointed.

  44. Johnny

    This Ozark cooler is just the right size for small as well as medium gatherings. It is durable the sealant is just great. Had someone knock it over and nothing spelt out. I like the locking rubber straps, the handle is convenient when needed and out of the way when not. You can lock it if need be to keep the little ones from getting into it or playing inside it. I strongly recommend this cooler!

  45. Elizabeth

    I have been needing something tuff enough yet small enough to strap to the headache rack of my 1 ton to throw drinks in when I go to the farm. My other cooler would hold around eight drinks but would only hold half of the bag of ice. This will hold twice that plus the full bag of ice. It’s lockable. The handle looks to be stainless and locks in the upright position for carrying. I hope I don’t get to see if it’s really bear proof. Great addition to the farm.

  46. Robert

    The Ozark Trail 26 quart heavy duty cooler is just an awesome cooler. I’m going to try to cover everything, but may leave something out. To start, the handle is a cushioned, brushed aluminum that folds up or back and stays in place, not flopping around. It has two good size cup holders on top, and a definite plus for when out fishing is the 18 inch ruler on the lid. Opening up the cooler takes removing the two black tie downs (very sturdy and will keep this cooler air tight). When you open the top, you don’t just get a nice sized cooler with thick walls (that keeps your stuff cold for Hours), but there’s a bottle opener where you can attach a lock. I know I said it before, but this is a great and definitely heavy-duty cooler that is great for a day out on the boat, off roading, at the beach or during hurricane season when the power goes out for hours at a time. I’ve already had friends asking if they could borrow my cooler for the day, but this one is mine and I have to tell them to go get their own. You will definitely not be disappointed in the build quality of this cooler or its ability to keep stuff cold for a Long time. Great item for sure!

  47. Sara

    Great outdoor cooler designed for camping and fishing, although plans for mine are to keep in the car for long distance road trips. Serves my needs for that perfectly as this Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler keeps ice up to 4.5 days. And with a 26 quart capacity, I have plenty of room for all my cold items on my trips. The virtually unbreakable design also includes and integrated fish ruler, two drink holders, t-handle latches, a stainless steel locking plate with bottle opener, and a heavy-duty stainless steel handle with comfort grip (see photo). My only drawback is this beast is heavy, especially when fully loaded.

  48. Stephanie

    26 quart high performance cooler by Ozark Trail is cooler with many cool features integrated within. It has enough space for 30 pounds of ice and 36 cans of beverages. As any cooler these days, Ozark cooler is made most of polyethylene plastic but there are some metal parts too. Handle is made of stainless steel and has rubbery grip for better hand comfort. Also there is stainless steel locking plate which also has built in bottle opener very nicely integrated. It comes with T handle lock in latches system. Another feature is molded holder for 2 drinks on lid and there is also molded fish ruler on lid which would be good who is fishing a lot. It is very well thought design for integrating many things on cooler. They are calling high performance cooler because manufacture claims that can keep ice for 4 and half days. It weight about 18 pounds and exterior length is 21 inches by width 13.5 inches and it is 16 inches tall with handle folded. According to manufacture cooler is UV resistant and comes with 5 year warranty even though it should easily outlast its warranty if used properly because it is bear resistant certified.

  49. Frances

    We have a few coolers, and obviously, the high-end roto-molded coolers are best at staying cold due to the solid seamless construction. We’ve also found that, luckily, the brand stamped on the front matters very little. The more popular ones (that are 3X the price of less “name brand”) often have additional accessories and such, but for cooling properties, they’re pretty much equals. And knowing that makes this cooler all the better. It’s an excellent size for a picnic, day trip, or weekend trip (assuming that you’re not on a 3-day weekend and expecting all your food to come from this chest, at least.) It’s incredibly durable, and to make the ice last the longest, you’re supposed to fill up with 2/3 of the way with ice. I’d encourage you to experiment with that for your own needs. For example – if you’re going on a day trip and want lots of cool beverages, you could probably go with less and ice more beverages. Of course the ice will melt faster with there being less of it, but you’ll fit more in – and you only need to chill it for a day. Naturally, always pre-cool the cooler, food and drinks before heading out!I think the biggest thing against this particular cooler may be the orange spongy handle – there’s nothing wrong with it (yet), but I can imagine after a few months of heavy use, the material showing staining and losing its luster. But that’s a very minor gripe.Overall – a great cooler that I’d highly recommend – it’ll easily fit in your car or trunk, too!

  50. Joe

    This is probably the best cooler I’ve had15 pounds of ice and it’ll keep the drinks cool all day. I was out mowing the yard all day over the weekend and had drinks in it that it kept ice and drinks cold for 8 hours. Then still had ice the next morning in it. I can see where the rubber tabs can break easily that hold the lid closed yet look easily replaced if needed to. It can be heavy when full of ice and drinks so be careful when lifting and get a hand to lift if needed.

  51. Pamela

    This cooler is a great size and can fit a large amount of drinks and 2 bags of ice, though you need to dump the bags out to fit better. It has a very sturdy metal handle with a cushioned grip for carrying. It kept our ice for 3 and half days though when we stored it in the hot car for the day it melted a lot faster. The straps to latch it seem pretty tough and made out of rubber. Over all a nice cooler.

  52. Janice

    This is a great cooler! It is constructed very well and has a 5 year warranty. It also has a hole for a padlock that would not be easily broken without tools beyond what the average thief would carry. It even has rubber feet that are hard enough to prevent them from getting chewed up from heavy use, but soft enough to prevent marring or sliding on floors. The handle also folds down to either the front or back and locks into place when it’s upright. It is not tall enough to fit a 2 liter standing up, but one or two would probably fit at an angle, if not completely sideways.

  53. Stephanie

    The Ozark Trail 26-quart High Performance Cooler fits right in with my camping and job site equipment. The color scheme is very close to another manufacturer whose cordless tools I use so it looks good with my tool boxes!This is one rugged box. It is a little on the heavy side which I attribute to being heavy duty. It feels very solid except for the, “Bottle opener and lock plate,” which although metal, is not solidly attached to the cooler. I don’t know if it is by design; but it is not tightly held against the body of the cooler. It wiggles a lot.The cooler has two bungee type straps that hold it closed. Stretching them to the catches is not hard; but fitting them over the pegs is a bit of a tight fit. It will probably be easier over time. Just know that, in the beginning, it will be a bit of effort to close it.It has a scale molded into the lid. You can measure your fish right on the boat with no extra tools.I filled the cooler a third full of ice and then put in 1 few half-gallons of pre-refrigerated tea. After 12 hours there was a little melting. At 18 hours the ice was about half melted and completely melted after 24 hours; but the tea was still cold.I think this is an excellent cooler for your drinks on the boat or job!

  54. Adam

    I received this item at no cost as part of the Spark Review program. This cooler is very heavy duty. It is on par with a Yeti cooler. It’s a bit hard to latch when it’s new because of the rubber t-handles. It actually kept ice for about 4 days in the Texas heat. It’s very well made. I would expect that the T-handles might get worn or chewed on by one of my dogs but there are actually replacement parts available for those which is kind of impressive in this age of discarding things instead of fixing them. The 26 quart is a good size for me. It fits in my trunk and I can take it for groceries or RVing.

  55. Ann

    I have multiple other brands of coolers from yeti to k2 coolers. When I got the Ozark trails we filled it with ice from the ice maker and it held ice all day and I to the next day no problem! It’s lighter than my other coolers too. I’m a fan of the rope handles on the side but the locking carry bar was a nice touch. It’s going to be my best friend on the boat for the next few months. I wish it had a drain plug but other than that I love it. It seals great, and I’m actually a fan of the latches once you get the pattern down it’s just a pull down and press. The metal locking bar doubles as a bottle opener also. It’s held in by two hex screws one was loose upon receiving not big deal. What a great cooler in a small package! Baseball games and fishing trips or day trips in the car, great for bringing medicine that needs to be kept cold.

  56. Catherine

    This is one great cooler it works perfectly!! I used it for multiple purposes beside your just go to the beach. I use it daily from keeping groceries cool while running to multiple stops to just keeping drinks cools. Keeps drinks , sandwiches cool has drink holders and even a built it ruler for fishermen. Ozark went above my expectations!!

  57. Emily

    I received this item from the Spark Reviewer program and was asked to review it. The Ozark Trail 26 Quart High Performance Cooler is a great cooler for your everyday needs. I’m not the guy that vanishes in the forest for days…I’m the sitting by the lake, beach, pool and sports guy. This is my second Ozark Trail cooler…my other one is large. This is the one you can easily carry with you. I posted a picture with ice, that’s after sitting in direct sunlight on a 90 degree day for 6-hours…still going strong. This cooler is constructed of highly durable plastic, the top is equipped with a gasket for an airtight seal and rubber T-handle latches for a secure closure. The cooler is certified bear-resistant and has a stainless steel locking plate, with a bottle opener. The outside dimensions are 22”L x 13”W x 16”H and weighs a solid 16lbs. These types of coolers are heavy when they are loaded…but, that’s why they stay cold. The carry handle is made of tubular stainless steel and has a padded grip. The top of the cooler has a 17” ruler engraved on it and has two places for drink cups. Overall, I am very pleased with the Ozark Trail High Performance Cooler. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking a well-made, quality cooler for your everyday recreation needs.

  58. Catherine

    This is a review for the Ozark Trail 26QT High Performance Cooler. Heavy-duty cooler, thick walls, metal handle & comes with a lock hole to put a pad lock on. The locking hole doubles as a bottle opener. The top has two drink holder spots and a measuring stick for fishing. They say it is bear resistant, but I will never try that test!! But I did do a test to see how long ice would last and filled to about 20% and put it directly in the hot sun on a 90 degree day. Half the ice was still there 8 hours later. They state 4.5 days if you start full of ice and keep it in the shade. Personally, I got this primarily to put ice in for when I have family parties to make sure I have ice all party long. It can hold 30lbs of ice -4 & 1/2 7lb bags – or 36 cans of soda. If you are looking at going on a 3-5 day camping trip, I would personally get the Ozark Trail 73QT size for more storage space and use the 26QT to just bring ice.This cooler can also be used as a locker/storage container to keep kids away from stuff. I would recommend this product if you want a heavy duty cooler at a good price.

  59. Emma

    This cooler is the perfect size. Very sturdy and it’s so great I can use it as a table with built in cup holders. Will keep ice for 4 to 5 days. Has a stainless steel locking plate that is also a bottle opener. A cushioned handle makes it easy to transport. It’s the perfect size for the right amount of drinks for a day out with the family. When you have great products it makes going out so much more fun.

  60. Kyle

    The Ozark Trail 26 Quart High-Performance Cooler is great for camping, cookouts, tailgate parties, and all sorts of summer fun. This is the best cooler that I have owned in years. It is sturdy, and durable. The sleek handle allows for easy carrying from one place to another. This cooler has a large capacity and holds a lot of ice and drinks. Ice lasts two days before needing to be replenished. I plan on getting a second cooler because I like it so much.

  61. Beverly

    This cooler is appropriately sized for a day of fishing or camping for two people. I say fishing, because you can pack it with ice and keep your caught fish cold in there. It is not too big. You can load this up with ice with smaller bags from the grocery market. It also has a ruler on the top of it so you will always know if what you caught is of legal size. I can see it used for two people as a camping cooler only because it is not large enough to have more stuff inside for larger groups. If you are going to be serving several people out of here as part of an one-day/few-hours tail-gate then I could see it being used for that purpose and accommodating more people.The capacity of the cooler is 26 quarts and can hold 36 cans of soda/beer. It is made to hold up to 30lbs of ice. The locking handle also doubles as a bottle opener. It comes with a nice large handle to carry too — this is a huge plus! The resin material from the outside is virtually unbreakable.The only thing I did not care for were the T-handle latches. Granted this is durable rubber and made to stretch over the mounts to lock into place, but in time I can see this tearing or becoming too loose. This item as a 5 year warranty. I like it — a lot!

  62. Patrick

    This is a good size, durable cooler, that looks built to last. While we’ve only owned it for a couple weeks, it does look like it can take some outdoor punishment and, if necessary, can take some weight and act like a temporary chair while camping or something. The cooler has a good handle with strong grip and a lid that closes pretty tight. When closed, no smell of the food inside escapes the tight seal around the lid. This was important for us, as we drive an SUV where the trunk area is not separated from passenger space. Ultimately, the main purpose of the cooler for us is the insulation. This cooler does maintain a stead cool temperature for quite an extended time. We haven’t tested it to the maximum limit noted on the manual, but it had no issues keeping things cool for a day long trip. Again, tight seal lid, steady temperature, ice didn’t even melt.One thing we wish was different is the weight. It seemed slightly heavier that we anticipated. Not a big deal. Maybe the materials used to built a durable product make it heavier. Other than that we are happy with it.

  63. Jeremy

    This is it, the same cooler as the big guys at LESS THAN ½ THE PRICE!!!It’s been tested and validated; this cooler holds ice for days, is durable and drop-hardy, and is a comfortable carry. I have no idea what else you would need from a performance cooler.The features are great, my favorites include: -The stainless steel “luggage-style” handle with padded grip -The ruler etched on the lid -They incorporated the locking plate top work as a bottle opener -The latches are awesome and everyone loves themThe only thing I would say is that they maybe could have molded two more drink holders, but that is very minor and it would make the ruler more cumbersome anyway.Great quality product at a low price make this cooler an excellent value. Walmart even warranties it for 5 years.

  64. Lisa

    Okay so admittedly I have no bears to keep out. I am not that adventurous but it did keep a bunch of ravenous kids out who wanted to get hopped up on sugary cold soft drinks that I placed into the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. The cooler did well what you want a high quality cooler to do. It maintained the temperature long after it needed to. It kept the drinks cold and the ice intact a long while after. The first can was just as cold and frosty as the last. The air tight seal allowed for this. The easy design made and handle made transport to the park a breeze. I enjoy the ruler feature on top which will be useful for fishing. I have never owned a cooler as nice as this one. There is a difference when your cans come out of here very cold and frosty and on humid day. The latch and lock can keep anything out. Even a bear.

  65. Tammy

    I was really surprised at the quality of this cooler. It should last for years, it is well constructed with nice features. It’s the perfect size for me and a few friends to keep beverages and food chilled. I like to freeze water in 2 liter soda bottles instead of using ice, it last longer. I only used it during the day time and it kept our beverages cold. Packed, it can be a little heavy, this is not a backpacking item, but used for picnics, tail gating parties or boating, work or recreation. The rubber latches keep it secured if tipped over and you can even put a lock on it. Has 2 nice size cup holders with condensation grooves for runoff, though I would like the holders to have been a little deeper especially in a boat in choppy water. If you’re fishing it has a 17 inch marker/ruler imprinted on the lid. The handle has locking position so as not to flop around and can be carried by 2 people if need be. The only complaint I have the lid does not open back far enough to stay up on it own if there is any motion going on, therefore it takes two hands, one to hold the lid up and the other to dig in or around for your drink. I see that you can set the handle in place while the lid is up to keep it in place as shown in one of the attached photos. Again, it’s a great product, will last years. and well worth the money.

  66. Frances

    This cooler worked great for me the one time that I have been able to use it prior to the Pandemic. It was used to store beer in the car a full day then to be used at my softball game in the night. Even after a full day of being stored inside the car in 87* weather the ice did not melt. This gave the team frosty beverages that evening. The handle is great with the provided padding. The non slip bottom keeps the cooler sturdy both while a car is moving and on the ground. Since the cooler was loaded with cans I was not able to use the bottle opener feature, but I cannot wait to try it out. This cooler is perfect for the days where you do not need the big boys.

  67. Dennis

    You can tell that this Ozark Trail 26 quart High-Performance Cooler is made of high quality materials just by the feel of it. It just feels so substantial. It has a stainless steel handle with a comfort foam grip. It also has a stainless steel locking plate in the front which is also a bottle opener. The top has a built in ruler that I assume is for fish, and two drink holders.
    This cooler claims that it will retain ice for four and a half days. This of course depends on how it is packed, and how often it is opened and how much food is pack and how much ice. The four and a half days is optimal when fully packed with ice and not opened during this time. This, of course, is not the way anyone uses a cooler but it gives you an idea for comparison. The cooler will hold thirty pounds of ice alone or twenty pounds if the cooler is one third full of food or drinks. They also suggest pre-chilling the cooler, start off with cold contents, and open as little as possible

  68. Angela

    This cooler is absolutely wonderful. A has to drainage spouts for the cup holders these snap down lid straps are extremely strong. I use it when I go fishing and it has fallen out of my truck I an not a scratch on it going down the road at 30 miles an hour. It holds my drinks and my food for the tot of for at least 24 hours I haven’t had a use of from more than about 36 and it’s kept all my drinks cold in my food cold it works wonderfully.

  69. Beverly

    The Promo for this cooler says that it will survive a bear. I believe it. It is tough and I believe it will keep ice for 4.5 days. The test will come in the Texas summer. This is thick hard plastic. The latches are hard to stretch to latch and you would have to add a lock of some sort to keep bears out of it. It has a rubber gasket inside for a tight, so I don’t know how long that will last. I plan to use a combo lock on the front to keep it closed. Really looking forward to using this outside in the summer to keep beverages cold and ice for drinks. This cooler IS built tough.

  70. Christine

    The ozark trail cooler keeps ice for 4 days. The cooler is bear proof. There are 2 cup holders on the top of the cooler. This is a great cooler to use for fishing. It has a integrated fish ruler on the top. The cooler has 2 T handle latches. The lock on the front is also a bottle opener. The cooler is heavy duty and well made. It feels to be unbreakable. It has a metal handle with orange foam for comfort during use. The cooler comes with a limited 5 year warranty. This cooler works perfectly for a small boat. Heavy duty gray construction and performs well for keeping ice. We are very happy with this cooler and recommend to others.

  71. James

    The cooler is wonderful In Florida heat most people have coolers in thier cars when grocery shopping to keep all our cold items in until we get home. The cavity is deep enough to fit almost all of out items in it. The lid seals up tight to keep the cold in. The locks are amazing. Thses locks make it easy to close and lock. Some of us who have arthritis find it hard to use other locks such as the hard flip locks. These pull locking system is awsome. The cooler is made of a hard sturdy material. The handel fits great in the hand, making it easy to transport. Love the grey and orange color, very unisex. I like that this can fit almost anywhere in our cars, or boats or just sitting by a pool. The addition of the cup holders on the top is very useful!

  72. Nancy

    Excellent cooler all around. Everything is super sturdy. The lid locks down extra tight with the rubber latches and has a place to install a lock that is reinforced. The handle locks into place and is comfortable to hold. The size is perfect for carrying and way better then lugging a huge cooler through the sand. It has a good amount of space to store food and drinks.

  73. Donald

    I love the size of this cooler. It’s a bit heavy once loaded up but not too bad. The thing I don’t like is latching it! The straps are so hard! I usually need help to latch it shut completely. I guess that’s a good thing and keeps everything nice & cool. Even when I can’t get it to shut completely it still keeps my drinks/food cool. (2.5 hour drive to my moms.) I also like that you can Lock it if needed.

  74. Julie

    This review is for the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. This cooler is awesome!! Much larger than I expected and the largest we have ever owned. We live in Florida so we wanted a decent size cooler to help keep stuff cold on the beach and to have on hand in case of a hurricane to have something to store ice and keep some things cold for a few days if needed. This cooler is perfect for both purposes. You can at least 24 can in here as it is 26 quarts. We tested it over the past 4 days and put ice and some water bottles in it and kept it in our garage. Now right now in Florida it has been 39-60 degrees and after 4.5 days even though most of the ice was melted the water was still very cold! It has t handle latches and a very sturdy stainless steel handle. It also has cup holder in the lid which is great on the beach to keep drinks away from the sand. We are really happy with this cooler. Sturdy and good quality. I highly recommend it. We will for sure buy another one when this one goes!

  75. Carl

    I wanted a cooler to keep in the back of my car for when I go grocery shopping. This cooler is the perfect size. It seals shut with a good gasket on the top lid and is extremely durable. Others have had difficulty with the latches that hold the lid tight but I prefer them to the metal latches that come on most. The metal latches almost always end up rusting. These rubber latches are simple and easily replaced if necessary. I just had to find the right way for my hands and they open and close easily. Now I just throw a few cold packs in the cooler and go do my shopping without worrying that the ice cream will melt before I get home.

  76. Theresa

    This cooler is the perfect size for day trips in the car. The handle makes it fair enough for one person to manage it although it can get pretty heavy if you really pack it full.I received mine by mail and the packaging was excellent. The cooler arrived in beautifully boxed perfection but was sealed tight. The vacuum inside held the lid on with a tenacity that I’ve only seen in pit bulls. I used my trusty Victorinox to pry on the metal padlock tang and the cooler opened with a reluctant whoosh. That vacuum speaks to the integrity of the seal around the lid. It’s pretty impressive. So I don’t know why I would ever padlock this cooler shut – perhaps if I’m going to transport some classified vegetables and need to keep them away from prying eyes – but the padlock tang is very rugged. This entire cooler is rugged. It’s strong. It’s beefy. It’s well made. It’s heavy duty. It’s well designed… Well, it’s an OK design. It’s basically a box with a lid and handle—how much is there to really design in that? It’s a good box with a handle.Perhaps it was the prying and the vacuum and all the tossing around I did to test out the overall beefy, rugged, sturdiness of this thing but the seal around the lid was out of its track by a smidgen. Everything still worked and sealed but I get bothered by stuff like that so I used my trusty Swiss thing again and found it very easy to slide the seal back in place. The seal material is something pretty sturdy and slick so despite my sharp implement the seal stayed healthy and smooth. I very much like this cooler. I’ve been using it for day trips in the car and it’s the perfect size to fit behind the seats. It’s not so heavy that I can’t carry it with my left arm and it’s large enough to handle all the stuff my wife and I need. I had been using a soft pack ice chest but found the ice melted by the end of the day. With this chest there’s always ice remaining when I reach my destination. That’s a huge plus.

  77. Ryan

    I could not believe the construction and design of the Ozark Trail 26-quart cooler. I was truly blown away when I started inspecting the size and detail of this easy-to-haul cooler, and the way each piece was planned and executed. A couple features I noticed as soon as I opened the box included the T-handle latches, the locking plate (and bottle opener!) and the stainless steel handle with a very comfortable grip added. To add to all that, we’re talking about a cooler that can be filled up and keep ice for as long as four and a half days! I haven’t met any of the members of the USDA’s Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (I think it’s who you know not what you know), but if they have tested this cooler with bears trying to get in and they’ve failed, I think that’s good enough for me to take it into the woods, or at least the backyard for the next barbecue! I’m already using it with some of the extra fridge and freezer products I purchased during our quarantine period, and it has stood up for the first few days with no problems whatsoever. Remember, fill this thing up and keep it filled and your ice will keep. Try not to open the lid too many times and you’ll preserve your ice even better. If you’re looking for a durable, trustworthy cooler at a Walmart, make sure you look long and hard at the 26-quart high-performance cooler from Ozark Trail!

  78. Christine

    If you are looking for a great value and solid performance this is the right cooler for you! I was excited to be given a chance to review this product. We have a dozen standard coolers but none of them are “performance” models. The higher price has always been a road-block.The moment I pulled this cooler out of the box I knew I was going to love it! The exceptional build quality was immediately evident: Metal hinge bars, stainless handle with comfort grip, pliable rubber seal in the lid, metal lock plate/ bottle opener, tough rubber latches with stainless screws. The overall plastic mold quality is exceptional, no over-run or sharp plastic edges to be found.I decided to give it a “Real-World” test to see how the performance stacked up. I didn’t follow the directions (which would have definitely extended the cooling time) we never plan ahead so pre-cooling is really not an option and I’m too cheap to buy better or enough ice at the store.So, I dumped an ice-maker bin full of ice on a warm 12-pack of soda locked the lid and set it on top of our furnace vent (closest I could get to outside heat simulation) and measured the temperature with a inferred heat gun every 12 hours for 3 straight days. The results we amazing ice for 2 1/2 days and still refrigerator temperature through day 3. We are never out longer than a couple of days canoeing anyway so this is perfect. Our standard coolers, by comparison, last a little over 24 hours and then we have to restock the ice. Pros:1. Stainless handle that locks tightly into place.2. Completely water tight (dumped it over a few times not a drop of water came out).3. Holds the cold (even if you don’t follow directions) for 3 days and counting.4. Strap points under the lid to tie it down to canoe or truck. Allows you to access the cooler while in the canoe without unstrapping it! 5. Very affordable compared to other high-end competition6. Certified “Bear Resistant” one less thing to worry about when you’re on the river! Hope this includes raccoons as well?Cons:1. Smelled to high heaven of chemicals when I first unwrapped it (open it outside and leave it on the porch for a couple of hours)2. Probably about 90% of the performance of my buddies high-end cooler but he paid over 3x the price.Overall, I was genuinely surprised that an “Ozark Trail” branded product would perform this well.Although, we do have a couple of their metal tumblers that are great, so I probably shouldn’t be too surprised.

  79. Carl

    The cooler is very heavy duty. You could probably use it as a jack stand for your car. Disclaimer – do not use this as a jack stand for your car. I placed four packages of frozen bacon and three packages of Frozen carrots in the cooler. By then let it sit in a 68 degree house for 36 hours. When I opened it everything was still frozen Rock solid.The only thing that concerns me is the rubber latches for the lid. I have not had good luck with black rubber products from China. We will see how they last.

  80. Kathleen

    This is the best cooler I have ever owned. The plastic is heavy duty very durable built to last . For people that go camping or the beach this is fantastic. The handle is adorable with the orange foam which makes it nice and soft and easy to carry. It is heavy it’s a very heavy cooler because it’s so well insulated. The inside is well lined it’ll keep your food cold for a very long period of time the latches are really tight and will not come off I can’t get over how well-made this cooler is once you have one of these you will never buy another brand again highly recommend it.

  81. Ashley

    My first thought upon seeing the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler was, “Wow! That thing looks like it’s made to last.” Further inspection proved me correct. In truth, it’s built like a Sherman tank.This cooler was obviously designed by someone who has actual experience camping, unlike so many other similar products on the market. It has all the same features as its competitors, BUT, the features are enhanced to make a product that will do the job better, and for a longer time.The size—26-quarts, is sufficient to hold food for two on a three-day tent camping expedition. Or enough cans of your preferred beverage for any family outing. The lid latches are rubber straps meant to withstand predator attacks, just in case you need that type of protection. The lid has two cup holders and a handy fish-measuring scale—perfect for bringing home your catch from an outing at that lake or stream only you know about. And there’s even a swing-up, metal handle you can actually grip when hauling the cooler from vehicle to…wherever. This simple feature is sadly missing on many of today’s cheaper, lighter coolers that only sport ungrippable molded plastic handles.How about performance? The cooler comes with a performance and packing guide—atypical of other manufacturers. I tested the cooler’s ability to keep ice, and my unscientific experiment closely paralleled the manufacturer’s claims. The lid has a heavy-duty gasket sealing the goods inside, and maintains temperature very well. The construction is flawless. This rugged cooler could easily double as a seat around the campfire or alongside the fishing hole.The cooler weighs in at close to 16 pounds empty, so it isn’t intended for long hauls along the trail. However, there are two slots on either end that would allow 1-inch straps for carrying over shoulder, or by two people, for slightly longer distances from vehicle to campsite. These same slots would allow lashing to an ATV/UTV or pickup bed while still allowing easy access to the contents inside.I am highly impressed by this cooler; it’s by far the nicest cooler I have ever used. I plan to get lots of use out of it for many years to come.

  82. Christine

    My girls got selected to a drawn hunt at a state park. We needed something lightweight that they could take with them to hold their waters, milk, eggs, and meats for the weekend. This cooler is the perfect size for something small like that. It was easy for my kids to help carry it, even loaded, between two of them. The cup holders on top made it easy to use as a makeshift table when out on the field. It had the ability to put a lock, which they did when they left it at camp to go check out the park. The girls had trouble with the rubber latches. They were very strong and not easy for them to use. My husband had no trouble. One of the screws for the lock latch fell off, but was easily replaced. This cooler is perfect for our needs.

  83. Denise

    Ozark Trail 26 quart high-performance cooler. It’s a large, strong, and sturdy insulated cooler that is even certified bear resistant. Yep, you read that right. It offers a large capacity of 30 lbs of ice or 36 cans. It is recommended that you pre-chill the cooler for optimal performance. You pre-chill the cooler by filling it with ice the night before you intend to use it. Once the cooler is chilled the next day, discard that ice and refill it with new ice. It’s suggested that you fill the cooler with 2/3 ice (about 20 lbs) and 1/3 of chilled contents for optimal performance. The food or drinks you intend to add should be pre-chilled too. The 2/3 1/3 filling method should keep ice for up to 3 days. It’s the perfect cooler for a long weekend! Block ice is best to use as it’s the densest. Freezer ice is second best. Chipped ice and ice from ice machines are least effective. Following these optimal suggestions, this cooler can keep ice for up to 4 1/2 days! Exterior dimensions: 21.75″ x 13″ x 15.5″ Interior dimensions: 16″ x 9″ x 10.75″ Weight: (empty) 16 lbs. It offers a fish measurement ruler on the top. Two imbedded cup holders. A stainless steel locking plate and bottle opener. It has two T handles that secure down the lid sealing the heavy duty freezer gasket imbedded in the coolers lid. It also offers a fold down heavy duty stainless steel handle to assist when carrying. You should know this cooler is heavy. It is sixteen pounds when empty. When you add twenty pounds of ice and your chilled goods, it could weigh 50 lbs or more. Please be forewarned, when fully loaded this cooler may require two adults to carry it. The lid can’t close with two liter bottles standing inside it. Bottles of that height, or taller, have to be laid down on their side to close the lid securely. Overall, it’s a wonderful cooler. Perfect for long weekends. The only possible downside might be it’s weight, especially when filled. Any cooler of this capability is going to be heavy due to the added insulation. If you enjoy having a nice cold one on the weekends, I highly recommend this cooler! You won’t care if the fish are biting or not.

  84. Tyler

    Built to last! I expect it to last for many years. May be the last one I buy. Well made, heavy duty construction. Latches easily and holds. Best of all it works as promised! Food and ice stay ice cold. Used it during a recent power outage and food stayed as good as when I put it in. Stylish too! Highly recommended!

  85. Jessica

    I really like the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler, it holds a lot of stuff and would be great for a single person or a couple for the weekend. I haven’t had much time to use this cooler yet but I did a little test to see how well it worked to keep things cold. I put 2 medium size frozen blue ice in the cooler – closed it and checked it periodically, it took 2 days for only that much ice to melt, I feel that’s pretty good. It comes with an instruction sheet on the proper way to fill the cooler for optimal cooling which is really handy. The Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler is very heavy duty and quite sturdy, I really like the metal handle with the rubber cushion around the middle also, It seems like it could stand up to tough/rough handling. It would make a good work cooler.There are a couple of things that are drawbacks for me – it is kinda heavy, I have a bad back and knees and once it is full I don’t think I would be able to carry it, and the rubber pulls to close it are very stiff, I had a bit of trouble closing both sides.I don’t know if this cooler comes in different colors because this one is kinda boring, but not a deal-breaker. I would definitely recommend this cooler.

  86. George

    I keep it in my trunk and when I go grocery shopping I put all my frozen items in It. When I get home all items a just like when I put them in. Some of my kids are going to take a 4 day trip down the Colorado River and they will use it for all their food items and some drinks. They will freeze the drinks before they place them in the cooler. I recommend this cooker and if you need a larger one get the next bigger size.

  87. Danielle

    This is a review for a coolerThe size is for 2 people, for drinks like sodas, if you put 20 pounds of ice you can fit 20 to 30 sodas, depending on the ice you useMy husband says that it is good to bring fishing, since the material is resistant and easy to wash, it brings a ruler for fish measurements, two holes for drinks, and a bottle opener on the front.It has no hole or plug to let the water out when you want to wash it or to remove the defrosted ice.To close or open it you need to use some force on your hands, since you need to put pressure on the two pins that are rubber and keep the lid tightly closed. The inner part is of the same exterior material and has some rubber on the lid that make it well sealed.Excellent for camping, for fishing, for beach.It is heavy, so you should consider placing it in a cart to take it from one place to another when it is full of things.This cooler is very good, but heavy should keep this in mind.

  88. Samantha

    Amazing built ice cooler. Good for small family outing and can handle enough items for few days. Ice didn’t melt for couple of days. Only worry I had was closing rubber strap breaking off of constant use. Better design might be needed.

  89. Craig

    Large capacity, wheeled cooler, with a handle too! This cooler is great! Cup holders and a ruler imprinted on the top. Very well built, and not super heavy.

  90. Deborah

    I very much like this Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. It keeps ice from melting for much 0longer periods than traditional coolers. I recently tested the cooler after receiving it as part of an evaluation program. After putting ice and some food and beverage items in the cooler one afternoon, there was still plenty of ice in the cooler three days later which is very impressive. The brochure says ice was still present after 4.5 days but they stress that the testing is done by not opening the cooler in that time. I am pleased with my three day test since I opened the cooler several times each day and there was plenty of ice left at the end of the third day. The molded one-piece construction is very nice and I am sure that contributes to the efficiency of the cooler as well. It is very sturdy and I am sure if you took it on a camping trip it would make a nice seat for someone at the campsite. It also has 2 cup holders on the top that will hold the large Ozark Trail stainless cups as well as most any 20 oz. or 32 oz. beverage cup. A cool fact for campers is that this cooler is certified bear-resistant (I hope I never get to verify that one personally) by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee – now that’s a TOUGH PRODUCT! The T-handle latches take some muscle to close but that is good as it makes a great seal. I recommend this cooler! It is also cool that the stainless steel locking plate in the middle of the cooler is a bottle opener – something needed on trips and great that it is built into the cooler.

  91. Rose

    The Ozark high performance cooler is one heavy duty product! It is very well insulated and keeps everything cold for close to a week! The booklet says it to pre-chill with ice the night before for best results and that block ice works better then ice cubes,. With a block of ice it doesn’t leave room for a whole lot more. What I did was use a frozen water filled milk jug. Put in the items I was taking then put ice on top. Worked out great!! When the cold water ran low I just added more bottles to the cooler and they were cold in no time. We were on the road for 6 days and there was still ice cubes on the bottom. The only thing is this cooler is heavy to carry empty, I would suggest to put it in your trunk or truck first, then fill it up from there. The stainless steel handle is pretty heavy duty as well and could take the weight of the cooler and contents but it did take two of us to lift it out of the trunk. It has two heavy rubber T- latches that fit down nice and tight so even when its dropped it won’t pop open. All in all the Ozark trail 26 quart high performance cooler is the one to get, perfect for road trips, camping and tail gating.

  92. Alexander

    This is a great high performance cooler. It is solid, heavy, has awesome added features, and it keeps things cold for days! Its the perfect size, not too huge, not too tiny. I put 18 drinks and 10 lbs of ice in it 3 days ago and everything is still nice and cold. Im sure if I had filled it completely, like the instructions suggest, it would stay cold even longer. It will hold up to 36 cans or 30 lbs of ice. It has a sturdy handle, two tumbler-sized cupholders, a fish ruler, and a bottle opener built right in! It is strong enough to use as a seat, and it is certified bear resistant. Gotta love that! If I had to point out any negatives, it would be that there is no drain plug, but its small enough that I don’t see that as a big deal, and the latches can be a little difficult to latch if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength. I assume thats how they keep the bears out, so I’m ok with putting my weight down on it to get it latched. This is definitely my new go-to cooler.

  93. Christian

    The cooler is very sturdy and durable. The size of the cooler makes it relatively easy for one person to carry. The handle is made of stainless still that has a soft orange rubber handle. The top of the cooler there are two cup holder indentions that can hold a 20- or 30-ounce tumbler. There is also a built-in ruler on top that measures to 17 inches. The strong rubber latches help keep the cooler sealed tight. The cooler also has a metal lock plate that can also be used as a bottle opener. It is bear and UV resistant. The cooler is strong enough to be use as a mini table or a seat. Very easy to clean with just a wipe down. The dimensions are 19.9 in L x 13.25 in W x 15.75 in H. I was able to fit 24 cans with ice in the cooler. It stayed cold for the entire first day of my camping trip! The two things that I do not like about the cooler is that the rubber latches are hard to stretch and there is no plug to drain the water.

  94. Sean

    I am really impressed with the performance of this cooler. I replaced my old cooler (10 plus years old ) I had in my jeep with this one and never realized that the old cooler had lost a lot of its ability to keep the contents cold. I use this cooler every time I go to the store because it allows me to purchase frozen items and meats and not have to rush home to put the in the freezer. When you live in Florida a cooler in the car is a must have.It really does keep colder longer. Some of the neat features that you get with this cooler are the drink holders and the bottle opener. It has T handle latches that keeps the lid tightly sealed and a stainless steel locking plate. I’m looking forward to using this on my next camping trip. I plan on using it to store ice.It claims to maintain ice for four and a half days and when you look at the way this cooler is constructed. Its Roto molded ( Rotationally molded Plastic products ) high Quality one piece construction makes it virtually unbreakable.The cooler comes with some tips on how to pack it and get the most ice retention. It also has a five year warranty. If your looking for a quality cooler this is the one you want.

  95. Timothy

    I really like this cooler. The latches are secure so if this thing should tip over (don’t know how that would happen because this cooler is hefty!) it won’t pop open. It has a metal handle so it’ll support the weight of a full cooler. Very well made.

  96. Thomas

    The Ozark Trail 26- Quart High Performance Cooler is an awesome cooler! It’s a just have for any camping, fishing, hunting or lake trip! It would also be great to take to sporting events or even cookouts. It is the nicest cooler I have ever seen. There are so many features and cool things about this cooler. First off I am very impressed with how sturdy and heavy duty this cooler is. Heavy duty would be an understatement. Its certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. It also has a heavy duty stainless steel handle with a comfort grip. I love how easily the handle can be moved up and down to the side. It is a strong handle and even with the cooler full the handle feels super secure and it’s easy to grip. I love the added features that may seem like little things but are big to me. There is a fish ruler and two drink holders on the top lid. There is also a stainless steel locking plate and bottle opener. The best thing about this cooler is how insulated it is. It will keep ice for over 4 and a half days! That makes this cooler perfect for trips. I am beyond impressed with this cooler. I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it!

  97. Bryan

    This cooler is the best cooler that I have ever owned!It is large in size so it stores plenty of stuff. It is alsomade of a sturdy hard plastic that will definitely give itlongevity so it lasts for many years to come! It also hassecurity features to keep the wildlife out! Never buying another cooler again…Bye bye styrofoam coolers!

  98. Roy

    It is a great heavy duty cooler that would be great to go with when camping. It is made well and heavy. The cooler holds 26 quarts. The cooler has rubber fasteners to keep it closed and a handle that locks in place when it is upright it has to drink holders on the top of the cooler that fits 20 or 30 Oz tumblers. It also has a spot where you can lock up your cooler. The cooler has a rubber holder on the handle. I am very impressed with this cooler.

  99. Elizabeth

    I love the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. It is an excellent product. It keeps items cold for very long periods of time. I recently went on a 15 hr road trip and I left ice, drinks Inside for 2 days and everything was still very cold. I was very suprised the ice didnt melt. The Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler can be used during different activities such as picnics, road trips, camping, fishing. It is very sturdy. It has a metal bar handle, you can also put a lock on the cooler to secure items. It has a ruler across the top lid that you can measure the length of fish if you go fishing. It has 2 cup holders also on the top lid. I would definitely recommend this cooler to others because it is an excellent product

  100. James

    This cooler would be nice for any guy out on a boat fishing or for ice fishing. I love how it was a ruler on top of cooler so you can measure any fish you catch. The only thing I would say bad about the cooler is that it is a bit heavy but other then that I think it’s an awesome cooler

  101. Donna

    I have had this cooler for about a week now. I had to test it out to see if what it claims is true.. and it is. A week of ice and drinks are still cubed and ice cold! This is a very well built, touch cooler. It floats too. Handle is sturdy. If you needed to keep things cold for awhile.. power outage, camping, survival etc. this is the cooler to get. The other brand charges a fortune for their name sale I guess, because this did everything and more. I couldn’t believe it still has ice in it after a week. Sure, you really have to reef on the rubber brackets to keep the lid closed, as the gasket inside has to create the air tight seal, but it’s well worth it! Can’t go wrong!

  102. Nancy

    This is a very sturdy 26-quart white cooler. It says it can keep ice for 4 and a half days. I didn’t test it for that long but it did keep our all drinks and food more than cold enough for our 6-hour road trip up north and we intend to use it more on future trips. I liked that it had cup holders on top of the lid and a built-in bottle opener! It also has a ruler on top – I think to measure fish. The closures are very secure which is good. It has one handle above for one-handed carrying. One issue is it doesn’t have a drain hole so if you do use it for ice, you have to tip the cooler on its side to empty the melted ice (water). However, it is nice that it has a 5-year warranty. So far overall, I am satisfied with this cooler and would certainly recommend it.

  103. Vincent

    We are really enjoying this sturdy Ozark cooler we love the look and the design from the outside especially the top with the fish measuring and the drink holders the latches and the spacious inside. It keeps everything cold for hours and hours you don’t have to worry about things getting warm in this fantastic cooler. It is a very sturdy design and probably will last a lifetime!

  104. Michael

    I was pleasantly surprised of the performance and durability of the Ozark Trail 26 quart high performance cooler. It kept everything very cold and ice lasted longer than most coolers. I also liked the way the lid is designed to close very tightly making sure cool stays in the cooler. The look of the ozark cooler was very pleasent to the eye. I had several comments on how well the cooler kept everything . I would absolutely recommend the Ozark Trail Cooler.

  105. Mark

    This cooler really keeps your product (in my case coke) cold as was expected. The cooler is made really nice. It has an inner seal in the top to secure the tight fit, has a bottle opener under the lid and is very sturdy. The tie down straps are quite tight when securing them on their posts and the handle locks in place on the top. The top has two places to put a cup up to about 32 oz. It is sturdy enough for a person to sit on the cooler without collapsing the lid or cooler itself. I’m about 145 lbs and it held me just fine. The cooler doesn’t have a drain hole for draining water but I didn’t find this a problem. Only problem I had was that it was heavy to start with and when adding your product and ice, makes it even heavier.Pro — keeps product cold. The developers say to use block ice if available, but cube ice works well.Keeps product cold for about three days, even after ice melts.Handle locks in place and is not easy to dislodge, which is good. Handle is metal and is padded where you carry it.Straps are very sturdy but do take a bit of pulling to get them on the post to secure.Con — Cooler is heavy to start with and with adding ice and only one 12 pack of coke, it weighs over 28 lbs. It weighs about 15 lbs empty. It does not have a drain hole to drain water.If you camp or travel then this cooler will help to keep your pop or food cold. I don’t think it is ideal if you are going to have to haul it a long way as it is heavy but if you’re able to have it close by, then it is a great cooler. I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

  106. Mary

    The Ozark Trail 26 quart high performance cooler is very Nicely made. It is super thick for extra insulation. Keeps ice frozen for an amazing amount of time. The handle isMetal which adds to its appeal. The top has a ruler for Measuring fish and two drink holders. The cooler is all White except for the metal handle and the latches. Would definitely Recommend to others.

  107. Angela

    I am SUPER impressed with this cooler! For starters, it’s a sharp design and the color accents are pretty cool! Love the bottle opener on it. Used it for a football game and was too lazy to empty it so it sat in my garage for 2 days and I was shocked to see that everything was still cold and I had some ice still!!! Amazing!! I was actually thinking of getting a much more expensive brand but I’m so glad I got this!

  108. Karen

    We were really impressed with the construction of this cooler. The sides are thick and insulated to keep our drinks and food cold for quite a few days while camping. The cooler has 2 drink holders on the top but it is flat so you could put more items like snacks on top. It has a fish ruler on top to use if using it while fishing which is very handy. It has really nice latches that you don’t have to worry about popping open. The company claims that it is virtually unbreakable and bear resistant. I would believe it. I am very impressed with the company’s product. It has a 5 year warranty. It is heavy though even when it is empty but I would definitely recommend it.

  109. Jack

    Recently I received the Ozark Trail 26- Quart High-Performance Cooler and it has been a lifesaver for me during these summer months. This cooler has been a great addition since I spend a lot of time at the pool. One of the main things that I like about this cooler is that it is cheaper than most of the name brand coolers and it does the same job and it does it even better!!! This cooler kept my food and drinks nice and chilled with no problems. Another thing that I liked about the cooler are the locks. The locks lock tightly and they secure your items in the cooler. You don’t have to worry about any items coming out or the cooler opening. The lost fasten so tightly that they keep all the items in the cooler cold for the whole day. The cooler is modern, stylish, and just easy to use and maneuver during trips to the beach, the pool or camping. Another additional feature that I liked is the fact that the cooler has a bottle opener. How convenient is that!!!!. I don’t have to spend time searching or asking around for a bottle opener. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat to all my friends and family. I am very satisfied and happy with this cooler.

  110. Samantha

    It is recommended you fill it 2/3 full of ice and a large bag of ice fits nicely, two days later there is still enough ice to keep things in the cooler cold for at least another day. You can put frozen meat in there and warm drinks and when the meat is thawed the drinks are cold. If you start with cold items they will stay cold longer, but whatever works for the amount of time I will be using it, it still does a good job. There is no drain plug but it is not too large that you can’t dump out the liquid easy. There are no wheels so it has some weight when it is packed, but the carrying handle is very sturdy and has a comfort grip. The T-latches keep it tightly secured so there is no worry about anything that will happen if it is dropped and I prefer the T-latches than the hook latches. And if the cooler is in use then you don’t have to latch them every time till you are done using it.There is a fish ruler on the lid which is important. And you have your two larger drink holders for 20 or 30 ounce drinks. I can’t wait to show this off when I go camping, it is always interesting to see what equipment everybody has and this will be a good quality addition that will fit in and compliment all my other equipment.

  111. Mildred

    The name for this cooler fits. It’s a little on the heavy side even when its not filled so keep that in mind. I love the way it keeps things cold for several.days great for multi day fishing. Keeps fish from spoiling. The lid stays sealed through transport with easy to close rubber gasket t shaped closure latches. It has a handy fish ruler on the lid with two cup holders. Awesome

  112. Kathryn

    This is the first cooler I have had that was this well made!! I can actually sit on it and I am no light weight! This cooler from Ozark Trails is well made, The handle is stainless steel and is bent so it distributes the weight and the grip on it makes it comfortable to carry. I have taken this camping several times and it keeps everything cold for days! It was on the third trip that I discovered the built in bottle opener (actually my grandson showed me). It takes a bit of doing but the latches are doable for me. At least I know when they are closed, verses others that you don’t know til it’s to late! It kept ice for over 48 hours with us getting into it often.

  113. Hannah

    This cooler holds 26 quarts and is certified bear resistant. I used this on a 3 day long camping trip and the cooler kept the ice cold the entire time. In my regular cooler I was using, the I’ve was practically entirely melted by the second day, so this is a major upgrade for me. I can take longer trips put without having to worry about buying more ice. As you can see in the photo, the lid has a fish ruler and cup holders. There are T handle latches to secure the cooler and stainless steel locking plate, which is also a bottle opener. So you can lock the cooler completely if you needed to. It has roto molded construction, so it a highly durable cooler. It is very well made and worth the investment. It has a heavy duty stainless steel handle with comfort grip and the cooler states that it can keep ice cold for 4.5 days. I have not used it that long yet, but it did last for 3 full days, and with enough to last at least another day I’d say. This cooler was tested by the USDA’s interagency grizzly bear committee in controlled bear situations and it passed the test. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, although I doubt you will need to ever utilize it. The best ice to use would be block ice like you get in the grocery store. Do not use chopped ice as it will not keep the cooler at its optimal cooled temperature. Always pack the cooler completely full, as empty space will reduce the performance of any cooler you have. To fill the cooler 2/3 full of ice and 1/3 of cold contents, you will need 20 Ibs of ice. You can also preschool the cooler with ice the night before and when you start to fill, make sure the contents are pre-chilled as well. The design of the cooler protects it from UV radiation from the sun, but I still kept mine in the shade nonetheless. Practicing good habits with the cooler will enable you to achieve the optimal days with not having to refill the cooler. I would highly recommend this cooler to outdoors adventurers and home usage alike. I use mine for camping, but I could see this being used for fishing, kayaking, or backyard get togethers

  114. Victoria

    Built with very solid material, nothing flimsy about this 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler at all. Its ability to retain temp for over 2days was tested when we went out of town and had to bring back seafood. Even if you dont use it often, its great to have for when you will need it.

  115. Donald

    this review is for the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler, White.this cooler keeps your foods and drinks alot longer than the average samesized cooler on the market. made of a rugged tough pvc(heavy duty plastic),this ozark cooler has a strong metal carry handle and 2 stretch rubbertight latches that are secured to the frame of the cooler with heavy duty phillips screws. these are replaceable. this OZARK TRAIL HIGHPERFORMANCE COOLER is bear proof certified. the lid has a rubber gasketon the inside perimeter of the lid giving the cooler a tight seal keepingout the warm air so whats inside will stay cold. this OZARK COOLER is strong enough to use as a seat. the top of thiscooler displays two etched in cup holders and a ruler. perfect for measuringthat catch of the day and your favorite fishing hole. for convenience, thefront latch has a thick metal bottle opener. one of the cons are, there is no drainage plug at the bottom of the cooler.but the upside of that is, you wont have to worry about accidental leakageor a seal not working. this OZARK TRAIL HIGH PERFORMANCE 26 QUART COOLER iscompact. a bag of ice will last a MINIMUM of 3 days in normal weather. a basic way to extend the life of the ice in your ozark trail cooler or othercooler in above normal temperatures is to pack dense items around the outside perimeter and on top of the cooler, which will keep the heat outand the cool inside. and also keeping a cooler under shade. alot ofNOMADS use these OZARK TRAIL COOLERS while living out of their vehicles.these coolers are very dependable.

  116. Sean

    I recieved this beauty last week. I put it to test in the first day it arrived! I loaded it down with some soft drinks and a bunch of ice. The temp was around 100 degrees. I took it fishing and then left it in the back of the truck all night. Opened the next day and still had lots of ice. I would defiantly reccomend this cooler. Great price for a reliable product.

  117. Stephanie

    High performance is a little bit of an understatement! This is THE cooler for the beach, boating, or even camping out. Stocked well and full with an appropriate amount of ice and we had very little melt off. Drinks were SUPER cold and refreshing for the entire weekend during soccer playoffs. It seemed bigger than I expected when it arrived (I do not know how much “26 quarts” is in real life); I guess I expected something that might fit a twelve pack- this is much larger. Plenty of room for water bottles and cans of soda and Gatorade and juice or kool aid pouches. A soccer parents dream- especially when it is over 90 degrees as fall has not yet arrived here in Ohio! Not sure what our bear situation is here in Ohio but should we ever want to camp where bears are a concern- it is super nice to know this cooler will keep them out! The metal (Stainless steel) handle is a good width and the foam comfort grip is nice. I also like the drink holders on the lid (and my husband may some day like the fish ruler on the lid but I do not fish). I got the white one and I am glad to know it is UV resistant so it will last and still look nice for a very long time to come!

  118. Arthur

    This is a high quality cooler. Awesome for outdoors… camping, hunting or fishing trip. The cooler is heavy duty; if you are seeking a lightweight cooler, keep looking.On the top of the lid you will find a fish ruler, bottle holders, and a bottle opener. How awesome is that? Use some muscle grease and pull on the durable tabs to secure the cooler. It’s bear resistance too.

  119. Sharon

    My family is always going camping or spending time at a park. That means we need to have a good cooler. So, we decided to try the Ozark Trail outdoor equipment 26 quart high performance cooler. This cooler has a lot of awesome features! This cooler’s lid can accommodate two 20 or 30 ounce tumblers. There is a cup holder made in the lid for them. The lid also has a ruler on it that measures 17 inches long. The lid has two fasteners that latch down to lock the lid on. It also has a hole to put a padlock in it. That same spaces contains a bottle cap opener. The handle of the cooler actually locks into place. The handle is made out of steel. This cooler is supposed to be unbreakable. This cooler is even bear resistant! It can keep ice for 4 and a half days!!! Now that is something that we feel is a major plus. Sometimes when the power goes out due to storms, we will be able to use this cooler to keep things from melting. We absolutely LOVE this cooler. I must say it is a bit on the heavy side though. So, I would have liked it if it had wheels. However, overall this is a fantastic cooler for “outdoorsmen type of families” like us.

  120. Ethan

    right away you can tell this is a high quality cooler. it has a nice sturdy outside shell, don’t wobble, I mean you could sit on it and be okay. it’s 19 inches long and 15.75 inches height. the inside is 16 inches long, and 9 inches wide. the inside is about 10.5 inches deep. the handle is great and tough, but I like that it has a soft spot so your hand doesn’t get tired of carrying it. it has a place for a lock so you can lock it if you need to, and also that same spot has a bottle opener which is great. the top has two spots for drinks, 20 or 30 oz size. the top also has a fish ruler, so if you are a fisherman this is here to measure your fish, up 17 inches. it is certified bear proof, which is great where I live. it’s got a five year limited warranty, and has a UV resistant exterior. it can keep your stuff cold for 4 or 5 days depending on temperature, and how much ice you use. you want a lot of ice if you need it that long. the only down side is, that is a little heavy, but I don’t think that you’ll be carrying it everywhere anyways. overall, the entire cooler is very well made, and worth the price. I was pleased when I got this, and am happy that it is mine and get to use it on our camping trips!

  121. Jose

    I love this Ozark Trail high-performance cooler. This 26-quart cooler holds 30 pounds of ice and literally keeps the ice and drinks cold for 4 days. I have never owned a cooler that kept the ice lasting for so long! I pre-chilled the cooler by filling it with ice the night before and it helped keep the contents colder. We also noticed that the contents stayed colder when the ice chest was completely full. My husband loves fishing so he appreciated the ruler on the lid to measure the fish. It also has a heavy duty stainless steel handle with a nice comfortable grip which made it easy to carry. I especially loved the locking plate, so you can keep the contents safe at night and it also is a bottle opener as well. The heavy duty T-handle latches ensured that the lid remained closed. I highly recommend this ice chest for any occasion or road trip.

  122. Jack

    This 26-quart cooler is quite heavy for a cooler. Its’ performance makes the extra weight worth it. The rubber stay-shut closures are a bit hard to latch at first and I wonder about their durability. Other than that, it seems pretty nice. It kept ice for 5 days and then still had some in it. Everything in the cooler was kept nice and cold when I tested it out. Excellent for camping when you do not know how many days you might not be able to or want to go get ice. It has a Phone number and website where you can get help with this product if you need it. This cooler even claims to be resistant to bear break-ins. That is a strong, sturdy cooler. Heavy in weight but tops in efficiency. Great!!!

  123. Catherine

    I received Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler and this will work great for when my husband and boys go fishing or camping, and even on our family beach trips. This cooler is nice and durable. The lid comes equipped with a molded fish ruler and 2 drink holders. The stainless steel handle with comfort grip locks into place which is quite favorable. The cooler includes T handle latches to keep everything inside secure. For added security the stainless steel locking plate which is also a bottle opener can have a lock inserted, which I appreciate. I’m also fond of the rubber seal yet mine did arrive out of place. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to insert it back in its groove but luckily I was. Other than that, I really like this awesome cooler. I recommend.

  124. Olivia

    This cooler is extremely well built. It even has a lockable lid so you can keep animals and people out of your cooler. It has two cup holders built into the lid. For those who like to fish there is ruler on the lid. The cooler is very heavy which speaks to how well built it is. You will probably need a cart to put it on once you fill it. It is supposed to keep ice for over 4 days. It also comes with slots to slip a couple of straps through to tie it down if needed.

  125. Doris

    I was given 1 Ozark Trail 26- quart high performance cooler. The deminsion are 19.9 in L x 13.25 in A x 15.75 in H. This product is certified bear resistant, keeps ice for more then 4.5 days, roto- molded construction with UV- resistant exterior and a 5- year warranty. This is one well made cooler. It also has extra features like a 2 cup built in holders, a fish ruler and a stainless steel locking plate & bottle opener.When i received this I tossed out my old cooler. It’s very well constructed and I definitely reccomend you purchase this. I rate it 5 out of 5.

  126. Virginia

    I recieved this Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler in exchange of an honest review. This is a very well made cooler. There’s is many coolers but not many of them actually do their job. Some don’t keep the beverages cool , nor the food fresh like they’re supposed too. Some dont seal property , that’s when the food doesn’t stay fresh . Not this Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler this is the best cooler I’ve ever owned. It comes with the color white with some orange in it. It’s a very sturdy, strong well built cooler. It comes with great looks in it to prevent any water to leak from it or let out the icy fresh temperature in it. It is very secure. Kept all my food and breaveges fresh for about 3 days until we drank all the water bottles and cans sodas in it. It kept our fruits, small watermelon cool until we eat them. It aslo comes with two cup holders in the top to hold your drinks. It can hold up to a 30 oz cup. Its built very well. We dropped it at least two times in the mountains and it doesn’t have a single scratch on it. It looks like new. I got this for my husband but we all enjoy it obviously. If you like to go out like my family does to parks, mountains the beach and stuff this is the best cooler to keep your food and beverages fresh for days. It’s meant too keep your food and drinks fresh for up too 5 days the most. We honestly do recommend it to everyone that loves to travel and go out.

  127. Scott

    The Ozark 26 quart cooler is the rugged and tough cooler that can withstand all the outdoor adventures. It is insulated so well and outshines any coolers that are available at big box name stores. It is very sturdy and can definitely take what the natural elements bring to it during outdoor camping trips. To obtain the optimal coldness, it’ll help to prep the cooler by placing ice in it the day before your adventure. That way the inside is really cold. It is on the heavier side, so when it’s filled with ice, I needed another person to help lift. The ice lasted about 3 days for me when we were out. But I used smaller ice cubes. The ice would last longer if I used larger sized ice. The handles are made of metal and has very tough grip in the middle of the handles. Ensure no chaffing on the hands. I don’t have to worry about the handles snapping off when carrying heavy ice in the cooler. The latch are made of sturdy rubber and you have to pull and stretch it over the knob to lock the lid. There is a slot where you can use to insert an actual lock. But I haven’t used it as I’m only storing drinks or food. I really like this compared to other plastic clip type latches. This felt easier to clean and less possibility of mold. There isn’t a spout on the bottom to drain the melted water, but that is ok with me as this ensures no leakage occurring. I really liked the two indented slots on top of the lid to hold my drinks and the metal latch that acts as a beer bottle opener. What a nice touch. Overall love this and how sturdy it is and holds up to all the tough outdoors.

  128. Donna

    Through the Spark Reviewer program, I received the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. This cooler, compared to most, is built better. This cooler has a 26- quart capacity. It is taller than most other small coolers. It appears to be well constructed, here are a few features, drink holders (more like drink placement markings), rubber latches to keep the lid better securely shut tight, a premium installation which keeps ice for over 4.5 days (I got almost 3. However, there is a booklet which shows how to prepare the cooler before a trip away. It is very educational.), a heavy-duty stainless steel handle, a stainless steel locking plate and bottle opener, and also a built-in ruler on the top lid for your big catches from the water. Did I forget to mention that it is bear-proof, certified.So the drink holders do not hold your drink, because they are not that deep. So no bumping into the cooler, or you will have a spill.The labeling does not state this. However, you can get creative and use this cooler as a small table or even sit in it. It is a very durable and robust little cooler, built very well. Its a bit heavier than most small coolers. It also comes with a five-year warranty. That a plus in my book. I do recommend this for the adventurer type. Have fun.

  129. Alexander

    I was curious about these newer type coolers that claim to keep food colder for longer. The Ozark Trail 26-Quart is considered one of these high-performance coolers. As soon as I took it out of the shipping box I could tell it was of high quality. To start, the body is bright white, strong, and the walls are thick. The handle is superior to other coolers I’ve had. It’s strong, made at just the right height to make carrying and lifting less difficult and it has an orange padding where your hand goes for cushioning. One of the features of this cooler that stands out to me is the way it closes. I’ve bought inexpensive coolers in the past and the lids just sorta push shut without anything holding them tightly closed. With the Ozark Trail cooler, the lid fully closes with rubber-like straps that attached to holders. This feature is one reason the drinks and food stay cold inside for longer. It’s a good seal and no cold is escaping. However, for a moment I was concerned about this feature when my young daughter acted like she was going to get into the cooler. Basically, if you have young kids, be sure to keep an eye on one of them sealing the lid on the other. They wouldn’t be able to just pop open the top from the inside. Ozark Trail mentions this hazard in the tag but they also have taken the extra step of making sure the rubber-like straps are difficult to hook and seal the cooler shut. It took me a few good tries before I was able to stretch the rubber over the pegs. As for how long it kept cold stuff cold, I give it a 10. I had to take ice to a school function for drinks and this cooler was easy to carry, I didn’t have to worry about if it tipped over in the van and the ice stayed as ice. There was no sign of melting and the cooler sat open in the school for about three hours. I was impressed. Overall, five stars for this cooler.

  130. Jason

    I received this cooler the other day from Walmart and in my opinion it is a fantastic cooler every bit the Yeti Coolers are. I was surprised at how heavy the cooler is but I never picked up the competitor’s cooler because I was astounded by the price but like I said this is everything a Yeti is at less than half the price so yes I recommend it to all looking for a quality cooler for camping or boating.

  131. Scott

    I was really impressed with this cooler. It is probably the most durable and most well-designed ice chest I have ever owned. There are a number of features that I really like. The first, is the size. It’s not too big where you can’t easily take it to the lake, pool, or on your boat. Next, I really love the design of the handle. It’s easy to carry and it always stays upright. I also love that this cooler comes with a built-in bottle opener on the front. It also has a nice ruler on it to measure the size of your catch. The straps to close the cooler were very tight and hard to stretch onto the hooks on my first attempt. After one use, they got a little more flexible and it was easy to hook. It dumped over in my car and nothing leaked out! I am really looking forward to using this cooler for many years to come, as I believe it is built to last. The only real downside I see to this product is the weight. It is a little bit heavy, but I guess that is to be expected with it being so durable. I would highly recommend this cooler to anyone who is looking for a high-quality ice chest to keep your drinks cold and your party going.

  132. Anna

    The Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler, WhiteThis cooler is made of heavy molded plastic, the lid has 2 cup holders and a measuring strip. The handle is stainless steel and has a soft grip, there are 2 toggle type locks. This cooler kept ice approximately 21hrs. This cooler is very rugged, I think the critters would have a hard time getting it open.

  133. Helen

    Ozark Trail Cooler is the BEST I have ever OWNEDThis 26 Qt Ozark Trail Cooler is a High-Performance Cooler and a beauty at that. It has a 5 YEAR Limited Warranty…WOW…that is the longest one I have ever seen and I can see why too.!!! It keeps the ice for more than 4 and a half days which is longer than any cooler I have ever owned. Believe meI have had quite a few of them. It has PREMIUM Insulation which benefits to the keeping of the ice for those days and then some. It has a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Handle with a comfortable Grip so makes handling it is easier and NO RUSTING!! It’s Roto-molded construction makes it completely seamless, one-piece construction so if dropped it won’t crack or split seams as in other coolers. It is virtually unbreakable and built to last and so this well made cooler is ready for the outdoors. It is also Certified Grizzly BEAR-RESISTANCE by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. So you can rest assured that your food will be safe and the cooler is ready for all your adventures. It has a stainless steel Locking Plate so you can lock the cooler if you are leaving it outside at your campsite or wherever. Also on that locking plate is a Bottle Opener so if you didn’t bring one with you you can still open your bottles. : )If you have it in your boat while fishing or just relaxing it has 2 Drink Holders which come in very handy. They can handle a cup of coffee up to 20 or 30oz Tumbler. Really nice addition. Also there is a Fish Ruler on the top of the lid that can measure from 0 to 17inches and may go to 19 inches. Now that is sweet so your son or daughter can measure their catch. The T-Handle Latches I have found easiest for me as a woman to close is to put one index finger of each hand on the latches and push down and in and the latches go on really much easier. The are really strong.The company says for best results PRE-CHILL your cooler with ice the night before use.BLOCK ICE is preferred as it melts at a slower rate than standard ice cubes. The fuller your cooler is the longer the contents will stay cold. What a awesome cooler this is. I have found that, in addition to camping trips I love to prepare the cooler the night before going grocery shopping and put it in my car. That way if I decide to extend my shopping trip I don’t have to worry about my meat or other refrigerated items going bad on me. I just pop them into the cooler and know that they are safe.That sold me on this cooler being the best and all the features it offers brings peace of mind to the safety of our food when camping, traveling, or shopping. That is the best peace of mind for me. Check out this Ozark Trail Cooler and see for yourself, with its 5 year warranty you can’t go wrong and remember peace of mind in safety brings great joy too.I would recommend this cooler to anyone that wants one of the best coolers made.

  134. Judith

    I am reviewing the Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. I received this item free in exchange for my unbiased opinion.I picked this item for review I wanted a larger cooler than the very old one I already have. I wanted a larger one for emergencies, like power going out, refrigerator going out, etc. I like to be prepared for ‘just in case’ situations.This cooler is very roomy and seals tightly. The rubber type closure is very hard to pull down to shut or open it, so children will have to ask to have an adult open it, eliminating thae chance it will accidentally be left open.It does not have a valve or spigot on the side to let water out, so you will have to tip it on it’s side so drain off water. It has 2 wonderful cup holders built into the lid to channel out ‘sweat’, which is great enginering. It’s sturdy enough to sit on when at a gathering, or fishing. It has no seams inside, elimintating possible leakage. Also, it seems to be able to keep ice longer than less quality coolers.Also, it has a very sturdy handle. I only saw one need, there is no rubber or plastic on the handle to keep it from ‘biting’ into your hand. The rest of the cooler seems to make up for that. While it has to wheels, I can easily put it on a luggage cart I have to transport it if needed.Overall, I love this cooler. It’s durable, and more than meets my needs, and wants. I would definitely recommend it.

  135. Carol

    The Ozark Trail 26-Quart High Performance Cooler is an awesome rugged cooler that keeps food and drinks cold, built with quality, and is even BEAR PROOF!! The stainless steel handle is solid and strong, although one negative is that this is the only way to carry it. There are no side hand holds. It has a built in fish scale (Cool!), a built in bottle opener (Awesome!) and 2 built in “drink holders” on the lid (kind of worthless). The only issue I have with this cooler, and it’s both a positive and a negative, is the T-handle latches. On the positive note, they’re far superior for keeping the cooler closed, whether on a bumpy car ride, while carrying it, or if the cooler is being attacked by a bear. But on the negative side, they go on pretty tight and stretching the rubber would be hard for a young child, but it’s also kind of a pain if you want to go in and out of the cooler frequently and have to undo and redo both latches every time you want to grab something. So just keep that in mind, and as long as that’s not an issue then this cooler is A+ highly recommended!!

  136. Rose

    The Ozark Trail high performance cooler has a 26-quart capacity. The cooler is grey with a strong steel handle that has an orange foam comfort grip. It claims to keep ice up to 4.5 days when it is completely filled with ice. It holds 30 pounds of ice or you can store 36 canned beverages, for example. This is great when you go camping or fishing. There is a handy ruler marking on the lid that is 17 inches long to measure your catch of the day! The heavy-duty roto molded construction of this cooler is seamless one-piece construction. That is why it is built to last and has even been certified bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. The lid has two large drink holders that will fit 20 or 30-ounce tumblers. When you close the lid there is a stainless steel locking plate with the added bonus of a bottle opener on it. The lid can be locked with a padlock, which is very nice for camping trips when you leave your cooler at the tent site while you fish or go hiking. It also closes very securely with two T-handle latches that are a thick strong rubber that reminds me of a very strong exercise resistance band. I found them hard to pull into place on the pins to latch. That is a good thing though because they will not work themselves loose, easily. Some coolers have a drain hole on the bottom or side to remove melted ice, this one does not. I guess that is another reason it will keep things cold so long. It is airtight, which means you need to be very cautious around children and pets, so they do not get trapped inside. I really like this cooler because it is so sturdy and built to last. I think the only negative is the weight; it is heavy even when empty.

  137. Scott

    Ozark Train 26-quart cooler is molded which means that it is all one piece, no seams. That makes it very durable and extremely hard to break. The lid fits tightly further assuring the integrity of the cooler. It closes with two rubber t-handle latches. Because it’s rubber I might venture the guess that over time those might not be as sturdy. There is a metal close too to put the lock on it if needed. The Handle is heavy duty stainless steel with comfort grip that latches in multiple positions with the plastic rings on the sides of the cooler. The cooler works very well. I took it on the road few times already and first time I didn’t even pay attention to instruction on how much or what kind or ice is recommended. I just threw couple of zip lock bags filled with my ice maker ice and some left over food into it. The trip took about 7 hours and food in the cooler remained nice and cool with minimal melting of ice despite being in hot trunk for all this time. My only con is that it is on the heavier side even when it is empty.

  138. Matthew

    I received the Ozark Trail 26 Quart high performance Cooler. To start with the box seemed a little heavy for a cooler. When I opened the box I cold see it was well made. I took it out and looked it over. It has two places where you can set your drink, a fold over aluminum handle, two rubber straps to lock the lid down and a place where you can put a padlock. It even has a 17 inch ruler in bossed on the to to measure any fish your lucky enough to catch.This is a heavy made cooler. It’s strong enough to sit on, or even stand on. I even think if it fell out of your truck it would only have a few scrapes and scratches. There was some real thought that went into this cooler. The place where you put your drink, they didn’t just make a round place for the drink. As we all know a cold drink setting there on a hot day will sweat. Well then every time you pickup your drink it drips on you. With this cooler not so. Instead of a large “O” for your drink they made a large “C” with a open area for the water to run out and not pool.I’ve added pictures. The first was right out of the box I put all the ice from my refrigerator ice maker and a can of soda. I wanted to see how long it would keep things cold. Now this was not pre cooling the cooler or a full cooler of ice as they test. The second picture was 48 hrs later this was setting in the house, however I’m sure it will do a lot better when you fill it up with products and ice.

  139. Alexander

    serves its intended purpose for a cooler. It keeps drinks nice and cold the only downside is that it does not have any wheels. But it has a great space inside.

  140. Anna

    Love the depth we used at it keeps the drinks cold and the ice unmelted for hours. It strudy, love the two drinks holders and was surprised to see the ruler on the lid.

  141. Keith

    This cooler is awesome!! I put ice in it to test and left in there for about 3 days. It kept the water that I had in it very cold and the ice was intact. I will be using this anytime I need a cooler! Love it!!

  142. Andrew

    Easy to find, quick shipping.

  143. Betty

    This cooler is an excellent smaller cooler that should be able to fit comfortably in the trunks of most sedans. It has excellent insulation properties and is fantastic to use, it will keep ice for several days, and I recommend it readily.This cooler is fairly heavy once loaded up. The the rubber seals that hold the lid of this cooler shut are fairly strong. I believe its a perfect small cooler for camping or outside events. Its not too big and not too small. Its can hold just the right amount of stuff and has the ability to keep the insulated temperature of the items regulated.

  144. Peter

    I am very pleased with this Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler. It does keep ice from melting for longer periods than traditional coolers. I recently took it on a weekend trip. After leaving on Friday afternoon, there was still plenty of ice in the cooler on the trip home Sunday afternoon. The literature says ice was still present after 4.5 days but they stress that the testing is done by not opening the cooler in that time. I’m pleased with my weekend trip as the cooler was opened multiple times and there was plenty of ice left on Sunday. The molded one-piece construction is very nice and I am sure that contributes to the efficiency of the cooler as well. It is very sturdy and I am sure if you took it on a camping trip it would make a nice seat for someone at the campsite. It also has 2 cup holders on the top that will hold the large Ozark Trail stainless cups. A cool fact for campers is that this cooler is certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee – now that’s a TOUGH PRODUCT! The T-handle latches take some muscle to close but that is good as it makes a great seal. I recommend this cooler to anyone but especially those who take a cooler on camping trips. It is also cool that the stainless steel locking plate in the middle of the cooler is a bottle opener – something needed on trips and great that it is built into the cooler.

  145. Julie

    I purchased the Ozark Trail 26- Quart High Performance Cooler. It is a very big and reliable cooler. It can hold up to 30 pounds of ice and last up to four and a half days without melting. It also has a durable handle to help carry your drinks and whatever else you wanted to put in your cooler. It has fish ruler on the lid so when you go out and go fishing you will be able to measure the length of the fish that you catch. It also has two cup holders on the top of the lid. It has secure T handle latches along with an industrial strength, stainless steel locking plate with a built in bottle opener. The best part about it all is when you go camping with your cooler you can leave it outside because it is bear resistant. Overall I would highly recommend this item for anyone that is tired of wasting money on coolers that doesn’t hold their ice.

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