Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler

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Keep your food secure and chilled with the Ozark Trail 52-Qt High-Performance Cooler. The insulation keeps ice from melting for more than seven days for long-lasting storage. This heavy-duty cooler’s seamless, one-piece construction holds up to rugged use. It also offers a whole range of handy utility features. Use the built-in bottle opener to easily …

Keep your food secure and chilled with the Ozark Trail 52-Qt High-Performance Cooler. The insulation keeps ice from melting for more than seven days for long-lasting storage. This heavy-duty cooler’s seamless, one-piece construction holds up to rugged use. It also offers a whole range of handy utility features. Use the built-in bottle opener to easily pop the top of a frosty drink. Then place your beverage in one of the four convenient drink holders situated on the lid for a portable table space. The oversized drain lets you quickly empty out stored liquids. It even includes a built-in fish ruler on the lid to measure your big catch before you store it inside. Keep your rotomolded cooler in one place with the reversible anti-skid and anti-glide feet, and transport it comfortably using the heavy-duty handles. Finally, enjoy peace of mind with a design that is certified bear resistant.
Ozark Trail 52-Qt High-Performance Cooler:

  • Premium insulation and rugged construction are complemented by a whole range of features
  • Stainless steel locking plate with built-in bottle opener
  • T-handle latches
  • Reversible anti-skid/slide feet
  • Garden-hose-compatible oversized drain with threaded plug
  • Wire basket
  • 4 drink holders
  • Built-in fish ruler
  • Heavy-duty handles with comfort grip for easy carrying
  • Tested by the USDA’s Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and certified bear resistant
  • Rotomolded cooler available in gray or white
  1. Julie

    The Cooler is similar to many of the other Roto Molded coolers on the market, but at a much more reasonable price. Construction seems very solid. Straps and handles are comfortable and strong. T-Latches work easily and seem very strong. The oversized drain plug is very nice to quickly drain water at the end of the day or even attach a hose to the smaller plug to reuse the water for dish cleaning or whatever. Bottle opener as part of the lockable latch is nice. Wire basket is included (not all brands do that). Latches, handles and skid feet are all easily replaceable should you damage one. Drink holders on lid are a bit worthless. Not deep enough. Lid hinges are very strong. Ice retention. This is a tough one. Overall I would say it is better than your average cooler. But remember, it is still NOT a freezer and ice will melt. The industry test that ALL brand coolers use is to precool said cooler and then fill with ice cubes (not from refrig ice maker. Bought ice is denser) completely, no drink or food products and let it sit, untouched, unopened in varying 70-90 degree temps until all ice is gone. So any cooler that has an “ice day” rating means that on that last day, the last piece of ice melts. So as with any cooler, half way to that last day will be half ice and half water. I tried a more real world test. I precooled mine, then added a small block of ice in the middle, sports drinks, water bottles and beer bottles, then filled with ice cubes. Like camping I opened several times/day, kept in shade in 68-90 degree heat. My last piece of ice melted sometime on day 5. Precooling of cooler and products to be put in cooler as well as using non refrig ice are key to getting the longest time out of your cooler. I cannot say if this cooler is bear proof (No bears in KS), but it is Husky mix proof and varmint proof (I have mice, raccoons, opossums and foxes traversing my yard as well as feral cats). Overall this is a tough cooler with better than average cooling and great price point related to other roto molded coolers.I received this product free to review.

  2. Jonathan

    Regarding Ozark packaging for residential shipment, very nicely done!  Double wall shipping grade cardboard box arrived with the usual dings, scratches, etc while the actual cooler inside arrived unscaved.  Perhaps the packaging could have been more transit friendly with some hand-hold cutouts, my courier used a dolly for delivery. I have several Coolers..  from 120 quart all the way down to a daily lunch carrier cooler, this Ozark 52qt is in the running with professional colliers such as the catergator extreme series, at a consumer level price. I found that following the manufacturers recommendations for ‘best performance’ did achieve much better results as far as retaining ice, and not following those guidelines gave me results much as I get with my larger (and also well made) coolers.  It’s recommended that the internals be pre-cooled with a bit of sacrificial ice, remove the melt after a bit, and it’s ready to fully load.  Like the most expensive coolers, this 52qt Ozark incorporates huge steel pinned Hinges (look for attached photos), Rubber Lid Seal, super strong exterior Walls and Top..  it feels like I could use it for a jack-stand under my truck if the need arises.  The drain has two threaded outlets, one for a garden hose and one massive 2″ bore outlet for super quick drain.   It’s advertised with Reversible Feet..  one side of the Foot is soft rubber and the other side is hard plastic.  This comes in handy IF you want the cooler to slide all over the place easily, you can flip the Feet over and expose the hard plastic side. The rubber side is soft and sticks well to everything, i.e. forget about sliding it into your truck bed. A bit of a warning.. it you feel you ever want that option, get some real tools and crack all four feet loose because if you’re out in the boonies and no socket wrench, that won’t be sufficient, these feet are partially glued and the SS bolt is countersunk and threadlocker used, see photos attached.   The carry handles are soft silicone style rubber over a webbed strap, they feel very nice on the hands when fully loaded.  Overall weight at 29# empty, might be too much for a smaller person to throw around continuously, two smaller persons wouldn’t have any problem at all.  My daughter finds it a bit awkward, but her comment is that it fits all the stuff she would need on a short trip and doubles as a sturdy bench.  I’m 5’11 200# and have no problem with it. This Ozark 52qt will be taking many trips in my family, and it appears..   for many years to come!Great Cooler at a great price-point. Look for some photos attached.. stay safe folks.. Covid 19 is out there!    Happy trails! 

  3. Phillip

    So, I’ll start off going over some of the things that are important to remember with this cooler. I see a lot of people saying it won’t keep ice or items cold, but I did not have this issue. You have to remember that the greater quantity of ice you add, the better the cooling will be. I pack this thing to the brim and it lasted almost 4 whole days. Another item of note, you must use ice from a freezer, not a machine. The big bags from your local store will suffice, but this ice is far more dense and keeps longer! The cooler itself is built so well, it feels like it is of quality when you touch it and it acts of quality as well. You absolutely should buy this if you are an outdoorsman like me!

  4. Larry

    I have to say I am very impressed with this cooler from Ozark Trail. Rotomolded coolers are in a class by themselves and make regular plastic coolers feel very flimsy by comparison. When I first got the cooler I put a 10 lb bag of ice in it and left it in my garage (in FL in June) where it’s easily 95 degrees during the day and not much cooler at night. While the cooler sat in the garage I stood on it to see how strong it was (I’m 210 lbs) and it didn’t flex at all). After 48 hours almost all of the ice was gone, just tiny bits floating in the bag were left, and the water was still obviously ice cold. A 10 lb bag left a lot of space in here so I’m sure more ice would have lasted even longer but under these conditions I’m impressed. The cooler also has nice rubber pads integrated into the bottom corners of which keep it from sliding around so I can’t wait to take this out boating. Everything about this cooler feels well made and I would be surprised if it doesn’t last many years.

  5. Barbara

    I love this thing. First off, in addition to being an excellent cooler, this thing is strong enough to double as a bench on my deck or patio it’s soo tough. I think I could use it in my home gym as a plyo box too. It is heavy, no doubt, as others have mentioned. Personally, I think that’s a good thing because it means its tougher and has more insulation. Like most guys I know, I’d love a Yeti or Rtic or some other brand, but they just are too expensive for me to justify buying for the limited times I’d used them for. This cooler is the answer. It cools just as well and has just as many features, but at a price that’s much better. The size is perfect too – the next size smaller, I think 26qt is nice and portable, but this is more for a week’s camping trip or big party with lots of beverages in it. The cooler itself looks great too. I have had a lot of coolers over the years and it’s nice seeing how nice this one is built – should last forever if treated right. I also like that Walmart sells replacement parts for it too – like hinges, locks and drain plugs. Lastly, I like how I can get a pull cart for this too. This is a heavy cooler empty – loaded up it would be a bear walking to the beach with it. Overall, I am happy with it and can’t wait to use it more later on this week.

  6. Willie

    Was extremely looking forward to receiving this cooler just so I could do a fair comparison review, which will also serve as a full product review..-I own one of the smaller more expensive competitor’s coolers which more in price & half the size & don’t see much of a difference except for the amount more money I spent on the competitor’s..Build:This is a really rugged cooler.. It can easily manage short drops like off of the back of a truck bed or even an 10 step flight of stairs & still remain in tact w/potentially only a few scratches.. You will not lose any contents from the cooler after a drop IF secured properly w/the straps..Size:I didn’t realize how big it would be & the size w/all of the containment technology makes it much heavier that other coolers it’s size.. I included pics w/a can of soda & a Bluetooth speaker for size & scale comparison..Features:-Side grips makes it easy for one person to handle while empty & strap handles which makes it easier for 2 people to handle w/full & weight is distributed.. -Really thick & heavy duty stoppers at the bottom which makes it next to impossible to slide or move when empty or full..-Bottle opener (a little gimmicky & seems like an afterthought) is functionally located where the lock hole is..-Dual drain plugs, a small one to slowly drain or a larger one for fast draining..-Storage rack inside.. this is extremely helpful for small quick grab items like kids juices small containers, etc so you don’t have to dig through the entire cooler for a small item..-Ice & cold storage: cooler held ice a little over 3days, roughly 84hrs.. That’s a 3/4 full coolest with nothing but ice & leaving just a few small pieces of visable ice, but the water was still very cold.. Competitor held ice at the same level for roughly 91hrs.. 7hrs was not a deal breaker for me especially since I’d gotten almost 4day out of it.. Keep in mind, unless you will use this ONLY for storage for that amount of time the time will decrease upon normal entertaining/use where frequent opening & closing of the cooler is present.. I opened it 2x a day @ roughly 12hr intervals..Overall I think this cooler is a WIN-WIN-WIN, on size, durability & price.. I hope this review was helpful to you..

  7. Teresa

    This is probably the best cooler I’ve had. I had it outside while I was mowing on the yard with 30 pounds of ice and drinks in. It was in a carport area and kept the drinks cool all day. It’s a good cooler for get togethers and when grilling out to keep the drinks cool and say if you pick groceries up and make another stop to keep things cool. I will mention it will get heavy easily with ice and drinks inside so get a hand to move if it’s full. It closes well yet I can see where the rubber tabs that hold the lid shut could stretch or break. Looks like it would be easy to replace if needed though.

  8. Amber

    Went fishing in the San Francisco Bay with about twenty of my closest friends, I was responsible for the be(er)verages. Loaded up the super cooler with 48 cans and then a dozen bottles of h2o.
    Topped it off with two packs of ice and for good measure I added in a few of the artic ice sub zero packs.

    Ice solidified into larger blocks after hours on the water. I got home and out of curiosity just kept the lid closed to see how long the solid ice chunks would stay. Grabbing just one can a day, the ice blocks stayed solid for about three days and the ice water frigid for four. The cans were still tolerable after four days which was pretty impressive.

    Solid design, feels indestructible. The thing is a beast and I loaded it up on a folding dolly to move it around. Definitely took two people to load onto the deck of the boat.

  9. Jennifer

    If a cooler could be a super hero, it’d be this one. Heavy duty construction. Dual drain ability – either a trickle or a gusher. The handles will be the one thing that I will be surprised if they stand the test of time, but I’m almost certain they will. If I had to state one negative I would say that because of its weight one end should have wheels imbedded in the bottom.

  10. Rachel

    Heavy duty cooler it gets the job done the ice stays cold for over a week and its great for the outdoors and camping trips or fishing i like how theres a ruler on the cooler and the drink holders are a nice add on to the cooler when the ice melts its easy to drain the water eith the hose attachment on the side bottom of the coolers this cooler does eveything a yeti cooler could do it is a little heavy even when its empty tho

  11. Joyce

    Overall i like this cooler, however the Lifetime cooler (also at Walmart) may be better for you if your primary concern is cost and how long will my stuff stay cold. The Lifetime cooler beat the Qzark Trail by a day or so in testing and the latches are much easier to open than the Ozark Trail cooler. I tried the Lifetime cooler latches while i was at my local Walmart and they are much easier to do especially if you have stuff in your hands while trying to open it. If i stand up in front of the Ozark trail with one hand on the lid and use the other to pull down the rubber t-latch it is not difficult. With stuff in your hands it is hard to open and harder to close. The Ozark is built tougher in my opinion than the Lifetime and has the ruler, cup holders at each corner and a wire basket inside which i like. Also the seal is in the lid while the Lifetime coolers seal is on the body and does not look as sturdy. The Lifetime does not come with a wire basket, cup holders or ruler but is about $30-$35 less than the Ozark. Since i rarely am using a cooler for more than three days to keep things cold and like my gear more rugged i would still go with the Ozark. I jumped up on it, stood on it, and three people sat on and i did not see or feel the lid flex or make any noise.

  12. Patricia

    Such a good cooler. Handles are very strong as well as the lid and the latches that close it. The cooler is very robust so it is pretty heavy when loaded up, 2 people are needed. The drinks are so cold in this using the ice bought from a gas station. Neat that they added a ruler to the top of the lid which can be used to measure fish caught etc. Also 4 cupholders in the lid which is nice. Very happy with this cooler thus far.

  13. Cynthia

    First off it is a great looking cooler with rugged look.Loaded with 24 bottles of beer and 40lbs of ice the handle was very comfortable to lift cooler.This is going to replace our old beat up cooler we use and this new one will be great for wifes family reunion every year that they have as wife brings the burgers,hotdogs,cheese etc and this will hold it all.As i didnt have an event planned for any time soon I decided to test cooler following the guidelines on paperwork that came with it.Made 40lbs of ice in freezer and layered 24 chilled beers in between the ice.Let cooler sit for 2.5 days or about 57 hours,Was pleased to see ice had hardly melted at all,spent two eves drinking some of the beer so cooler was opened more than a dozen times.On day 4 ice was still very solid and actually had to break it apart to get to rest of beer out of cooler,have to think more than half the ice still there.Now of course not the middle of summer and cooler sitting on kitchen floor so one would have to assume a faster melting rate if outside in summer but if was for a couple days it would be perfect and longer if cooler opened less.Keep in mind though once filled it is heavy but wife and I picked up ok,all in all a nice looking cooler that works as one would hope.Did remove some of ice first before lifting on counter to drain but not a hard chore.

  14. Rachel

    Let me start by saying that the shipping speed was lightening fast. I have had this cooler for a week…must admit that the sleek design and the DURABILITY is above all the best ever when it came to this cooler. I did some testing of the product….it surpassed the ice test….the ice stood frozen for just about a full week….just could not believe that part….but it was true….I put some products in the cooler and boy did the products get ice cold….way colder than a regular cooler….and the weight for such a well built cooler is super light…overall the quality and DURABILITY and the design and the way the product passed my testing of storage capabilities was just amazing…this is definitely a cooler worth owning….and I guarantee that you won’t go wrong…this would also be a cooler for people who live in rural towns and drive long distances to haul there cold diary type and meat products from the grocery stores in town and back home on long travel distances…the size is just awesome…And the way that it’s designed it looks and fits way more than you could imagine…This is hands down the best cooler that I guarantee you …that you will ever own….and don’t let me forget to mention…the awesome cup holders and the rack inside ..Almost reminds me of a mini fridge ….but BETTER

  15. Stephanie

    It just so happened that one of my two dorm-sized refrigerator thermostat sensors broke a few days after I got the Ozark Trail. So I threw a 22 pound bag of ice and some of the food into the cooler and put the cooler in my mini-van. It’ll be another few days before the replacement thermostat for the mini fridge gets here. It’s been up into the upper 60s here during the day and down around 30 degrees F late at night. I’d say the average has been around 50 degrees. It’s going on a week and between 2/3 to 3/4 of the ice has not yet melted. I’m extremely impressed with this thing. Before the mini fridge went down, I’d already had the empty Ozark Trail in the mini-van and it got bounced around a bit in the back when I took a few corners. It was no worse for wear. Not a scratch. The carrying straps and recessed handles are ergonomically perfect for heavy contents. It’s nice that it has both. The seal is great and it’s got a metal reinforced place to put a padlock.

  16. Helen

    Have you ever gotten some simple item, but it made you smile every time you thought about it? This is it for me! I took the kids to do a fishing equipment check and the first fish we got were of questionable length, then discovered we must have lost our ruler somewhere. Darn. When I saw this cooler with a FISH RULER on the top, I ordered it, and not only will I never forget my ruler, cause it’s built on the top, I’ve got a great cooler.Upon a trial test of the Ozark Trail 52 Quart High-Performance Cooler, we found that a small bag of ice lasted for 5 days. The rubber locking tabs are easy to use and securely lock into place for those rougher ride-a-longs – there is also a place to lock with a padlock. The nylon handles make for easy, stylish carrying and the cup holders are a bonus.All-in-all, this is durable, secure, stylish, well-insulated and it has a FISH RULER!I’d, absolutely, suggest this to friends and family.

  17. Jonathan

    This chest is big and roomy for plenty of food and essentials. it is heavy and sturdy and made to last. It has a convenient basket on the top that allows for storage up and away from ice,and a very nice convenient drain when your ice is melted. The carry straps make it easy to transport and fit well in your hands and the strap locks are easy to use and work well securing the lid down. The thickness of insulation is great and should keep items cold for a long time,living in a small country town our electricity goes out as soon as the wind blows or we get a cloud in the sky so long lasting efficient cooling Is essential in emergency situations with no electric for a refrigerator. I haven’t been able to actually ice it up and store food in it,as it is still March and winter here,but already feel much more confident having it as a back up in case of power outage that occurs in our area twelve months out of the year. During this coronavirus event,im sure this cooler will become a necessity as it becomes necessary to travel outside our area to be able to get supplies as our local grocery store runs out of stock quite quickly. Given the size and storage capacity it should hold plenty of the items that require refrigeration long enough to get them transported back home.

  18. Brian

    Wow where do I begin? Having used basic igloo and Coleman Coolers my whole life, I never thought something so basic could be improved upon as much as this Ozark Trail Cooler. For starters this Cooler has nylon handles for carrying around which is great, because over time most coolers with regular plastic handles fail and break due to sun exposure and other harsh elements. That right there is worth the price. Alas, Ozark Trail didn’t stop at that; included is a wire basket that sits above your items which is great for dry ice to keep things like Ice Cream and meat frozen for extended camping trips. If you don’t use dry ice to keep things cool its great for keeping drinks and snacks readily accessible without digging thru ice. On top of that the lid is sealed with a rubber gasket to keep the cold and the smell of raw meat sealed. A must for Bear country!!!! Also included is a built in drain with two caps this makes draining off excess water a breeze. One cap is small for draining off small amounts of water. The second & larger cap allows you to completely drain the cooler in seconds. Also, for additional security, be it keeping the teenagers out of the beer stash or making it harder for bears and or thieves out, it includes the option of securing your cooler with a padlock. This cooler has features I did not know I needed, but now can not live without. Well built & well done!

  19. Jennifer

    This cooler is far and above what I expected. In my opinion it ranks up with the most expensive ones on the market. The cooler is solidly built, with two locking straps as well as a hasp for a padlock. The cooler includes wire basket to prevent items like sandwiches from being dampened by melting ice. The cooler has a two part drain plug to allow for slow drainage of melt water as well as the option to open it much wider to purge the melt water at the end of use. The cooler does and excellent job of insulating and ice last very well. It is winter here in Central Florida, but being Florida we do have some rather warm days, well into the mid eighties. So as a comparison test I put a ten pound bag of ice into the Ozark Tail cooler, and a ten pound bag of ice into the much more expensive “Abominable Snowman” cooler, I hope that description of the other cooler is clear enough without giving the actual trade name. I put both coolers on my deck in the morning in the morning and checked the level of melt water in both coolers four hours later. The amount of remaining ice was almost identical. As great as this cooler is there are a few things that could use improvement, the cooler itself is rather heavy, and more so fully loaded. The cooler does have lift handles but with a full load it is a two person job to carry it. Some heavy duty wheels would be a big improvement. Still, all in all, if you are looking for a reasonably priced high performance cooler, you cannot go wrong with this one.

  20. Jose

    The cooler stands up to being banged around in the back of the truck with my other work tools. The only thing that didn’t perform way how long it held ice. It will hold ice a good 2 days, by the 3rd it’s mostly water. Over I recommend this cooler as a work cooler and not so much for extended periods of time to keep stuff cold.

  21. Philip

    The Ozark Trail high performance cooler is by far the best out there. I filled it with ice and let it sit on my balcony and it still had ice not melted after seven days! I was blown away by the technology behind its cooling capabilities. I loaded it with steaks, hamburger patties, water,etc. and filled it with minimal ice, and it kept the meat very cold during my four day camping trip. I also like the built in bottle opener, it is very handy when out in the woods. My friend owns a Yeti and paid $600 dollars for it; he stated that he likes my cooler better after I loaned it to him. For all these reasons I recommend this cooler and give it five stars. Thank you guys out there who came out with this cooler to compete with the ridiculously expensive Yeti cooler!!

  22. Daniel

    I received this 52 qt cooler and I was very impressed with it. This has a very heavy duty construction. I weigh 200# and I can easily stand on top of it. This will work great for a dry box as well. It had a rubber seal under the lid. This will work great on a boat as a cookie, or dry box, Or a live well. This is the best cooler I have had. Four drink holders and s ruler built in the top.

  23. Dennis

    Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler, Grey: This is an awesome cooler, very well made and preforms just as good as the more expensive ones. If you fill it all the way up, the cooler can get a little heavy, which is true with all of these types of coolers. I would highly recommend purchasing the wheels and handle attachments that can be bought separately. It makes it so much easier to move. I have tested this against a couple of the more expensive brands and the ice lasted just as long, if not longer. I also like the little tray that comes with it, very handy if you want to keep things out of the ice. It is very sturdy and it says that it is bear proof, I hope to never have to test this out but I do believe it. I have taken it camping and it kept ice the entire weekend. The latches are great quality and I see them lasting a very long time. Another really nice feature is the drain, you have the ability to attach a hose to it so make it drain far away from where you are or you can open the hole drain up and it will drain very fast.

  24. Brittany

    I Don’t even know how to start, this bad boy is awesome! From the large rubberized foot pads held on with large stainless steel bolts, on the bottom, to the four cup holders and 26″ fish scale on the top, its just great! It’s large enough to hold a weeks worth of food and drinks and keep it cold all week on a block or a couple bags of ice. The feet on the bottom dont mar the deck of my boat or slide around in the gunnels of my little 12′ aluminun V-hull fishing boat. The cup holders on top aren’t super deep, so hold your beer, if you twist the throttle hard…Inside’s a good size for a days fishing with your buddies, she’ll hold beer and brats for four fairly hardcore drinkers (easily holds about 36-40 Bud bottles with room for ice and the food tray.) Theres a tough stainless steel plate that acts as a bottle opener and latch for the padlock feature. Heavy rubberized latches with stainless hardware and durable nylon hinge and clasp knobs. The handles on the side are large and comfortable in the hands even for long carries to the perfect beach spot, from the parking lot. The color doesn’t seem to get to hot to use as a second seat during the summer heat either. Speaking of sitting on it, it’s a great size and hiedt for an extra place to rest your butt. I weigh 265 and when i sit on it the top doesn’t even move let alone bend in like my other coolers (including my other bearproof cooler from a different manufacturer)…I like how fast I can evacuate the water out of the ice with the extra large drain attached with a chain so i don’t lose it…I would whole heartedly recommend this cooler to anyone who loves the outdoors… Thanks, Bill

  25. Alexander

    Wow! Am really impressed with the capacity and durability of this cooler. Will be able to pack a lot of ice and bottles/cans into the cooler along w/some perishable food items for a weekend stint @ the lake. Gotta go get the items that I want to take which will be at least 2 6 pks of Coors light and some soda. I’m really glad that I requested this cooler and I intend to maximize the use of it. Everyone reading this wish me luck that the bass and crappie are hitting this weekend.

  26. Donald

    Read the specs on this; you’ll find just how many cans or bottles you can fit in there. This 52 quart model is huge: you can fit a lot of ice, drinks, food, or whatever else you want kept cool. 60 cans is what Ozark Trail rates it for; thats a lot of tailgate fuel! I really like the orange plastic hardware which is useful in seeing in low light out in the woods: it contrasts really well with the grey and black plastic everywhere else on the cooler. For the hardware, there are metal screws, brackets, and supports. It feels sturdy, not flimsy or cheap at all. The lid has a nice rubber gasket seal. Same for both drain caps: the smaller garden-hose drain and the bigger wide-mouth drain have nice rubber seals which didn’t leak. Very clever on the drain caps being captured with a metal chain to prevent dropping them and losing them to the river. Inside is a basket which I will be using to keep things like meat wrapped in butcher paper out of the wet ice. It is a smaller basket; only about 4 steaks would fit in it. Plenty big enough for smaller outings, probably also big enough to hold many pounds of ground meat and sausages if you’re grilling for a group.The carry handles are both molded into the body of the cooler, as well as some nylon fabric handles wit ha plastic overmold. These are great and comfortable to use when the cooler is fully loaded. My hands were not pinched or sore from lugging this thing around a field where wheels would not have helped. Another nice feature which I don’t think is advertised is the bottom plastic feet are held in with bolts; you could easily bolt this to the back of your work truck to keep the cooler secured. While I do not recommend standing on the cooler for balance and safety, 2 people can sit and it doesn’t bend, flex, or feel like its going to get crushed. I do not have a grizzly bear to test that rating, but this cooler definitely feels like it’ll last a lifetime. Summer is here, keep your drinks cool!

  27. Joe

    Upon receiving it, it was heavier than I expected and when I open up the box to pull it out, I could see why. All of its features are super well built. I always use those regular cooler and this is the first time testing out a high-performance cooler and it is like copmaring a humvee to a Toyota, seriously :-)First off I do like its gray color cuz it is one of my favorite color and also I think it would blend well with its surrounding. The lid attached to cooler with very thick rods making it very secure. Its front high-quality rubber T-handle latchess are great, very easy to pull dodwn then slide in to lock and just pull out to open. The side handles made with very heavy duty rope and with a cooler full with beers and ice and we got no problem lifting the cooler up. The side botton drain making very easy to drain out water. It is also a plus with the included a wire basket to place atop inside the cooler to keeps food chilled and dry by separating it from the ice [with other cooler brand you might have to purchase the wire basket seperately]. There is a ruler and four [4] drink holder ontop of cooler and also a bottle opener at front top of cooldr. The cooler material is made with bear resistance heavy-duty plastic. The insulation are great as advertised, I place ice in there and a week later there are still some ice left. Overall I like this cooler a lot, it surely will last me for a long time although I would like it came with 2 rolling wheels just like a suitcase so it doesn’t necessary to always require 2 people to carry it 🙂

  28. Kathleen

    This is a well made cooler. With the molded casing being of a very durable material. Got this just in time as severe weather season is in full swing. This will help should the worse happen. This cooler has a good capacity to keep items cold if the power is out for prolonged times. Great for any camping site. Comes with a metal rack to keep items that shouldn’t be submerged nice and cool. Has integrated grab points molded in with extra useful strap type handles. Fully loaded this could be quite heavy. There is also a strong point built in so you can lock the cooler to keep items out of the hands of unwanted cooler bandits, or underage from taking from the alcoholic beverage cooler. Has a good 2 part drainage plug. One for at point of use, and a larger diameter one to drain after use. The top security latches do a great job of keeping the lid secure. The parts for replacement are easily available, and affordable incase of accident. I only have one minor, but not deal breaking thing. The can holders could be slightly more recessed. Sometimes the terrain isn’t the best at a camp site, and on a boat the water isn’t always calm. They still do the job they are designed for, you just have to be careful.

  29. Janet

    I must say I am very impressed with this cooler. While I have not tested exactly how long it will keep ice, it does a fantastic job at keeping stuff for a very long time. I took this on a weekend camping trip full of drinks/food along with a couple bags of ice. It was very full but I never had to top it off with more ice throughout the weekend. The food was cold for 2 days and nothing went to waste. I love that the drain has two plugs to drain out just water or the bigger hole for the ice as well. Makes cleaning this up very quick and easy. The basket on top is also nice if you need to keep something cold but also keep it from getting wet. The handles are also very sturdy and comfortable. While searching I also found a wheel kit that would make this fantastic and easy for 1 person to move around.

  30. Samuel

    Ozark Trail 50 Liter/52-Quart High Performance Cooler Outside Dimensions; Length 30 inches, Width 18 inches, Height 18 inches;Dry Shipping weight; 33.29 poundsHeavy-Duty roto-molded construction, Color; GrayCertified “Bear Resistant” *with use of padlockMade in China68-85920-00-06upc 61282 51336Works like a Cooler, Carries like a Chest, and Seals like a Vault.Nothing “petite” about it, This portable food locker is built for the rugged outdoors.A Champions champion, ready and field tested to resist the curios contentions of “Ursus” the Bear.Suitable for many uses, Camping, Fishing, Picnicking, Tail Gating at your favorite Stadium, take it to the Beach, haul it in your Boat, stow it on the Pontoon, can be used as a Live Well. There is a 26 inch fish ruler on the lid, it is raise molded numbers/1/4 inch increments. And, four recessed place holders for beverages, 3 inch diameters x 1/2 inch deep, at the corners.It has dual size drain plugs,(right side), one is garden hose compatible inside of the larger, independently threaded,2 1/4 inch plug, secure from losses with a stainless steel bead chain attached to the upper side wall,To Carry the Load: there are 2 heavy duty 5 1/2 inch wide soft grip handles,(both sides), held with 1 inch wide nylon weave straps, 8 inches long extended, stayed with 1 1/2 x 1″ floating stainless steel buckles.There are also recessed areas to grasp, at the sides beneath the lid area. Its big enough, 2 people can sit on it back to back, with no worries of it caving in, Solid construction.For the Town and Country Lifestyle, this will make those trips to town more efficient, by storing those perishables, Worry free from anything spoiling during a long ride home.Premium Insulation, keeps ice up to 7 days. Recommended full capacity is 60 pounds of cubed ice, block ice is recommended for longer durations, Beverage Can capacity is 60. Under the hood: The inside of the lid has 1/2 inch seamless, recessed channel soft rubber tubing, that seats on a 1/2 inch protruding lip, making for a tight vacuum seal. There are 2-8 inch long hinges pivoting on 3/8 inch stainless steel dowels.Inside dimensions are; wall to wall’ 11 3/4 inches wide x 23 inches long, and 10 1/2 inches deep.Included is an 8 inch long x 11 inch wide x 4 inch deep basket, made of 2 inch square heavy wire mesh, and slides freely the entire length, on a 3/8 inch ledge. To lock in the vault, there are Two 4 inch curved T-Handles held by 2 1/2 inch wide rubberized straps, they, pull an opening onto 3/4 inch protruding posts. An appoximate effort of 20 to 22 foot pouds is needed to secure and release the latches, making sure, that the cooler, is on stable footing first. At the center front, is a Stainless Steel reinforced hasp to secure contents with a padlock.Underneath; There are 4 reversible, Anti-skid/ Slide pads at the corners.Caution should always be observed, DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED, when small children or pets are near.A full color 4 1/2 x 6 hardpaper brochure is included, describing Warranty, care, and suggested use information, and a separate sheet, of Performance & Ice Packing Guide.

  31. Carol

    I am really excited when I use my new Ozark Trail 52 Quart High-Performance Cooler. It’s one piece construction makes it sturdy and should last for years. The cooler weighs about 30 pounds empty. When full you will need two people to carry it any long distance. I have a folding dolly (from Walmart) that the cooler sits nicely on and is a breeze to move around by myself when it’s full of ice and food and beverages. The cooler has two drain plugs, on a chain so they won’t get lost. One is for fast drainage, the smaller one can be hooked up to a garden hose to drain water away from your camp. The cooler claims to be bear resistant, you need to use a padlock for that. With a padlock and a cable or chain you can lock the cooler to a tree or something while you’re away from your camp for security. The cooler comes with a Performance & Ice Packing guide that will help you keep everything cold as long as possible. Following the guide is important for peak performance of the cooler. The Ozark Trail 52 Quart High-Performance Cooler is the best cooler I’ve ever owned and I love it more and more each time I use it.

  32. Jack

    First let me start by telling you that I’ve had a lot of coolers in my time, but this one is Exceptional. There is Nothing Built Cheaply on this cooler. I received it the other day and it came Very Well packaged and arrived earlier than expected. Once I unpacked it, I noticed how Very Well Built it is. all the moving parts are reinforced with options that other coolers just don’t have. Here is some of the features I’m referring too Integrated Fish Ruler – Four Drink Holders ( Will hold 20 or 30 oz tumbler, On the down side, I wish the four drink indentations where a little bit deeper in the lid) – Stainless steel locking plate and bottle opener (Lock Sold Separately) – T-Handle latches – Wire Basket ( For lunch meat and sandwiches Etc) – Heavy Duty Handel’s with comfort grips – Oversized drain is garden hose compatible (A Very Nice Feature) – Very Heavy Duty Roto Molded Construction – Premium Insulation Keeps Ice Up to 7 days. Now I cant Vouch for the seven days!… But I can tell you that I packed my chest with sodas for my Grand kids on a Thursday around noon and after we took them home on Sunday evening the next morning on Monday I checked, and we still had Ice and some Colds sodas left. And one more thing i think is worth mentioning, it has Reversible Anti-Skid / Slide Feet. Keeps your cooler locked in place while the slide side provides ease of movement on board decking or Truck Beds. So In Conclusion (IMO) If you are looking for a Cooler that you would like to last a long time, then this is the cooler for you. PS.. I have already recommended this cooler to my Family And Friends.

  33. Alan

    This cooler is absolutely awesome! There are several features on here that are really great.-Sturdy Handles-Solid Construction-Drink holders-Ruler on top of the cooler-Looks awesomeThe only downside was that the latch was a little loose when it first arrived. I chocked this up to the shipping, and once it was adjusted it worked great. The ice seems to last quite a while. I haven’t had time to test pre-cooling the cooler, but I know that it will probably hold up to the test.

  34. Kathy

    When I was given a chance to review this Ozark Trail 52 Qt High Performance Cooler, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I had bought one back in the summer of 2018 and have had outstanding results with it. So much so, I wanted another one. During our summers here in Oklahoma, it can easily hit 117 degrees outside. Sometimes 120 degrees. I do mowing & yard work and had wanted a medium sized cooler to put in my truck that could cool down bottles of water and hold its ice in those kinds of temperatures… and this chest did not disappoint me. I keep the chest in the backseat of my truck with the windows up.. so the heat inside the cab can get pretty high when the truck is parked and shut off. Initially, I generally cool down the inside of the cooler and a 24 ct case of 16 oz bottles water by adding 20 pounds of chunk ice. After a few hours, I drain the water and add 30 pounds of chunked ice. Over the next week, I take 6-10 bottles a day out to drink and add new bottles as needed. Even with the cooler open that much.. and with heat inside the truck hitting 110+.. the ice holds up well. In the attached photo, that is how much Ice I still had on day 4. The key to keeping your ice from melting too quickly is to initially pre-cool the inside of the chest and not put warm items into the cooler. The more expensive brands recommend the very same thing. The only con I have about this cooler is the weight when it is filled.. it is heavy [even when empty]… but then it is a well insulated well built cooler. By the time you add 30 pounds of ice and a case or more of beverages.. you have some significant weight. I can pick it up and take it out of the truck by myself.. but it is a strain. If you have to move it very far when filled, you will want a helper or a small 2 wheeler. Because of the weight, I didn’t want to be lifting it in & out of my truck to drain the water… so I put a plastic water faucet hose valve with a quick connect on it… along with a 3′ water hose. That way all I have to do is open the back door, quick attach the hose and open the valve to drain the melted ice water out onto the ground. If you try this, don’t use a metal valve as that will get hot and radiate heat inside the cooler.. melting your ice. In the unlikely event that you should ever need a replacement part.. they are readily available on Walmart.com. The cooler comes with a nice wire rack for the inside to hold small items up out of the ice & water. If you were ever to loose power to your home, this cooler could help keep food from your frig / freezer cool for days with a little ice in it. If you should ever get a vacuum on the inside.. making it hard to open the lid.. just loosen the drain valve slightly to allow air inside. Then the lid will easily open. I highly recommend this cooler.

  35. Christine

    The cooler is roto molded and I feel how thick and insulated the walls and the lid are. And I can tell it’s bear certified as I can handle it very rough and it doesn’t break or get any dents. The lid has useful features for me on top. It has a ruler and cup holders at each corner. The cup holders aren’t very deep so I won’t leave my cups in there while driving. Two T-latches keep the lid securely locked down but I need to pull down hard and that small hole is difficult to fit over the knob. Yet, I got used to it and now locking the cooler is almost second nature to me. The latches close tightly though and when I tip over the cooler, it barely leaks. I can also use my padlock as there’s a lock hole and so I can protect it from unauthorized access or curious children. To carry the cooler, I can either use the molded handles or the rope handles with rubber grips. I prefer the rope handles as I and my buddy don’t have to lift it up as high as with the molded side handles and it’s less stressful on my back. Another back-friendly feature is the drain that lets me empty out the cooler without tilting it over. There’s also a handy wire basket that separates stuff I want to keep dry. I also want to add that the drain cap is attached to the cooler with a chain so I won’t misplace it. A feature I almost missed is that it has four reversible non-skid pads/glide feet. I use a bike wrench to switch between glide feet and non-skid pad. However, I mostly use non-skid pads as I don’t want my cooler to slide while I’m driving. When it comes to ice retention, I get better results when I use ice directly from my ice maker at home and it lasted me almost 7 days with temps ranging from the lower 60s at night to up to 80 during the day. When I use store-bought ice, it lasts me hardly 5 days. I like the gray color but I think white would be better as it absorbs less light. Therefore, I throw a large white beach towel on it when it’s outside exposed to direct sunlight. Overall, I am satisfied because it’s very robust, locks securely, has long ice retention as advertised, a stain-resistant gray color and a back-friendly drain.

  36. Doris

    This cooler is very heavy duty and looks to be high quality materials. It keeps all drinks ice cold. Has a bunch of storage space. It also can be used as a small table with cut outs to hold your drinks if you have nothing to sit them on. We have owned alot of coolers and I would say this is more sturdier than alot of other brands. I highly recommend this product to anyone that’s in the market for a cooler. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Walmart for another great product!!!

  37. Ralph

    I was super excited to receive the 52 quart High Performance cooler! We live out in the country, 35 minutes from the grocery store. We have more hot months here in Texas than cold months. Since we are retired, we go to town once a week to buy groceries. This cooler is a great size but not so big that we cannot put it in the backseat of our truck. It has a basket that sits at the top. My husband wanted to try it out to see how long ice would keep in it. He dumped the ice maker bucket full of ice in the cooler and checked it the next morning. He forgot to close the drain plug tightly and so the ice had melted but was still very cold after 14 hours. It can hold 60 lbs. of ice, 60 cans of drinks. It is recommended to use 40 lbs. of ice with can drinks. It came with an instructional page about what kind of ice to use and how to pack the cooler for the best benefit. It has cup holder built into the top plus a ruler for measuring fish. This cooler will also come in handy when having weekend company. High performance coolers are always a good thing to have on hand for emergencies such as hurricanes.

  38. Matthew

    I am still impressed how sturdy this cooler is, ruler to measure your fish, rubber selling once it’s close you can roll the poker and nothing will come out, two type of handles on the sides the ice once placed inside last for hours! This is by far the best cooler , even better than the Other very known brand we have, lots of space, bottle opener, definitely recommend it.

  39. Adam

    This cooler from Marc Ozark Trail 52-Qt is super incredible. I have not had the fortune to leave my ice for 7 days but for 5, and it is really surprising. The material is perfect, it has no builds, just one piece. Has a very cool accessory, the bottle opener. Also has a four cup holders located on the lid. In the same lid it brings something i had never seen in any other, a fish ruler. Brings a drain on one side to empty the cooler easily

  40. Tiffany

    This cooler seems to have all the bells and whistles. Integrated fish ruler, 4 drink holders, stainless steel locking plate and bottle opening, T-handle latches, wire basket, heavy duty handles with comfort grip, oversize drain which is garden hose compatible, heavy duty roto molded construction and premium insulation that keeps ice for 7 days. The ice test is totally filling the chest with ice cubes and is not opened for testing. The test is complete when all the ice has melted. I love that if you set your glass in the drink holders on top of the cooler and it sweats, that the water will actually run off on the side instead of making a huge puddle where it sits and then drip on you when you pick up the glass. Love the fact that below the lid on each side, you have indention’s for picking up the cooler, instead of using the handles on each side, that actually help you move this around by yourself. Being a 67 year old woman, this is easier for me to move around. Remember to lift with your legs. I also love the skid free pads on the bottom. They really work. Now if you want the cooler to be able to slide around, all you need to do is unscrew the 4 bolts and turn the pads upside down. I love how this can also be used as a seat for someone. Really sturdy while sitting on and doesn’t go down or bulge or warp when weight is on it. I always use blocked ice which will keep ice a lot longer than any other type ice. I love that you have an option for putting a lock on this cooler, keeping others out of your stuff. Also like the fact that nearly everything on this cooler can be replaced by the dealer. Now, if any of you go out hunting this cooler is supposed to be bear resistant and this is Certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. For best results using this cooler, pre-chill your cooler the night before use and use block ice which melts slower than standard ice cubes. The fuller your cooler is, the longer its contents will stay cool.

  41. Kimberly

    This cooler is great. My daughter is a Cub Scout and we went camping on Saturday. We used this cooler as instructed so that we could keep our ice, food and drinks cool. The ice lasted. It barely even melted. It was simple to carry. I use it had wheels. That would make it even better than it is. I love the cup holders on top. We used them for our bottled drinks and we used the top of the cooler as a “table top” to play uno. It also have a measuring board on the top.

  42. Nancy

    The Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler is the best Cooler I have ever had. It is durable and very toughly made. The lid hold down straps work great. I go to the desert like once a month to camp out for the night and this Cooler is a great addition to my camping equipment. I like the fact that it can keep ice cold for 7+ days is the best. The rack that sits on top is perfect for eggs, so the carton will not get all wet and soggy. All in all it is the kind of cooler you are looking for, to add to your camping or family get together. It has four cup holders molded into the top for those times when you need use them. If this is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed. Get one today.

  43. Denise

    Ozark Trail 52 quart cooler does not disappoint. We have used many coolers on our camp outs. This cooler is by far the best one we have.the dual-size drain plug is a nice touch.It is heavy after it is packed with everything we need.I really wish it had wheels.

  44. Helen

    I’m in love with this Ozark Trail 52 Quart High Performance Cooler. It’s of excellent quality, has tons of space and it’s extremely sturdy. It’s late in the season for us so we aren’t camping anymore. But we needed to take a 4 day trip to visit relatives so we tested the cooler out in our trunk during the trip. I expected to have to refill with ice before the 4th day but no we didn’t have to. Following the instructions I filled the cooler two thirds full of ice, which was about 40 lbs. And then filled it to the top with pop, sandwich meats, cheese, milk, potato salads, and lots of other good stuff. Everything stayed super cold for the entire 4 days. After we got home I hated to just dump the ice right away and since it was still keeping the pop really cold I left them in there. The ice lasted another couple of days before I dumped it. The cooler has two ways of draining it. Either just by unscrewing the large cap and letting it flow out or you can hook a hose up to it. It comes with a small basket. The handles are actually straps and it’s much easier to carry than just grabbing plastic handles. On the top it has 4 cup holders and a measuring guide for measuring fish. It also has a bottle opener and a place for a paddle lock and it says it’s Bear proof. The actual storage space inside the cooler is height 10.25 inches, and 23 inches by 12 inches. To give you an idea of space the instructions state that the 52 quart will hold a total of 60 lbs of just ice. Or a total of 60 cans with no ice. The outside of the cooler measures height 17 inches, and 28 inches by 16.5 inches.

  45. Samantha

    My only complaint is the closures .. they are stretching rubber pulls that fit over an hook. It’s really hard to pull them. Otherwise this is a top of the line cooler.Thick walls, great handles wish it had a long handle & wheels though. The drain plug is designed better than most coolers. This is an awesome cooler. Heavy and durable. Thick walls. Great design

  46. Linda

    I received this product for free through the Wal-Mart Spark review program. This cooler is awesome! It’s heavy duty. It kept our drinks cold for days! The wall to this cooler are thick. It comes with a rack. It does with a instructions booklet that lets you know the limit amount of ice and product to use inside the cooler. It does have fabric handles so that is probably why. It does have a plug in order to drain. The plug also has a chain so you won’t have to worry about losing the plug. It also has built in cup holders. I got the grey color and love it. We will be using it very often. Paries, fishing, camping, or just to keep drink cold in the summer! My husband says this is the best spark review item ever!

  47. Ashley

    This is a really nice cooler. It’s sturdy, has cup holder spots on the lid, nice. Secure latches and. A spot to lock with a padlock. I like the drain on the side so there’s no need to tip the cooler to empty out the water. It has a basket inside for smaller items. The only thing it’s missing is wheels. It’s pretty heavy on its own. I can’t imagine it full.

  48. Harry

    The Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler, is amazing. This thing will keep your ice frozen for a few days. It will only do those if you keep it closed completely. There are so many Bells and whistles to this thing I love it. On the top of the lid You will find measurements so you can measure how long your fish are. It is bear resistant. It also has a bottle opener included. The only drawback about this cooler is that it is heavy when empty. So you may want to put it in its desired location and then fill it up because things can deftly get heavy. I absolutely love this product and have already recommended it to multiple people. The maker of this product has never let me down. They always have great products that last for a long time period

  49. Gary

    This cooler is excellent! I like that it’s rugged, but modern looking. The size is nice and big, so it can hold alot of ice. I love that it has a non skid bottom. This cooler has really cool features. The nylon and rubber handles are the perfect length which makes it really easy to carry around. The four drink holders on the lid is so convenient. The rubber latches close nice and tight, and keeps the cold from escaping. And you can also lock it with a padlock. How awsome is that! It still has ice that I put in four days ago. I love it!!

  50. Olivia

    This thing is awesome and in my opinion very comparable to the yetiOnes without the huge price tag. Has rubber grip closures. It has to Draining plugs in one. So you can basically pour it out or use water hoseTo drain away from campsite.

  51. Julia

    Love this cooler! Lots of space and keeps ice for days. I love the little tray that I can place lunch meat and cheese in for sandwich days at the park. It keeps those items from getting wet and soggy but keeps drinks in the ice below. Great cooler!

  52. Sandra

    This cooler is a lot better then I expect. This is pretty heavy an old very sturdy. The inside is super big and also has a basket to hold all the sandwiches I make when we go out on our little family trips. The locking tabs are great and easy to pull up or lock in. This also has a empty spout on the side and have 2 carrying handles and inserts on top of the lid to place your drinks on. You could also put a lock on this. This is a great cooler

  53. Kenneth

    I received the Ozark Trail 52-Quart High Performance Cooler from Spark Reviewer in exchange for my honest opinion. First of all, this cooler is heavy without anything in it and it’s even heavier once filled. You will definitely need some muscles to carry this cooler. It’s very well constructed. It comes with 4 cup holders on the lid which will fit a 20 or 30 oz cup. It has a large drain that allows you to drain cooler quickly. For those that love to fish, there’s a ruler made into the cooler to measure your big catch. I think that’s pretty neat. The inside is very spacious and it includes a basket to separate your items. There is also a built in bottle opener that can be found in the front of the cooler. Please make sure you keep the lid closed because my husband bumped into the bottle opener and cut his leg. It’s very sharp. The cooler kept my items cold and the ice stayed in the cooler for 6-7 days. I would strongly recommend this cooler to anyone looking for a reasonably priced cooler.

  54. Sandra

    Ozark trail u have out done urself with this cooler, where do I start talking about this amazing cooler. Let start on the top of this cooler it have a fish ruler and drinking holders. Heavy-duty handles on the side with comfort grips. It have two drains , oversized drain and a garden hose compatible for draining the water. This cooler I put ice in this cooler and the ice lasted almost a week. It have stainless steel locking plate on it and a bottle opener build on the cooler. It have reversible anti-skid/ slide feet , I put this cooler on my boat and it didn’t slide around on the boat. The inside of the cooler it have a wire basket that belong in the inside of the cooler for food that u don’t want to be on ice this cooler can withstand almost anything that comes ur way that can happen on ur outdoor adventures. This is the best cooler I have ever had in my 52 years of my life . I will be recommending this to friends and family Thanks Ozark trail for the best so far cooler I ever have now.

  55. Ashley

    This (Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler) is just ONE AWESOME SAUCE cooler! I love the molded drink holders they’ve positioned at all four corners of the lid. How wonderfully and simply brilliant is that? The T-handle latches (used for securing the lid) reminds me of those outrageously expensive coolers and are definitely built to last. As a matter of fact, this entire cooler is built to last. Now, although I do not fish, if you do you’ll love the fish-ruler, also located at the top of the lid itself. Ozark even added a stainless-steel locking plate and bottle opener on the front! Its really everything you’ll need, just add ice.One of the first things I noticed when opening this cooler is, the convenient little wire basket hanging inside. There are just so many uses for a basket, right? The heavy-duty side handles have a great comfort grip that makes this cooler a joy to carry, especially for those longer hauls. Bottom line:Ozark Trail, manufactured an extremely high-quality and rugged cooler. I’d recommend this to family and friends, as well as, to anyone that’s serious about enjoying the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a high -performance cooler, and one that should be your last purchase, this is definitely it, in my opinion. Some highlights: 5-year limited warranty Huge capacity, as it holds 52 quarts  Keeps ice for more than 7 days. WOW! Results may vary and depends on various conditions. Extremely rugged Bear resistant, for real. Bottle opener Wire basket Ice-packing guide included Great price Ozark Trail customer service:1-888-413-2665Walmart by the way, in my opinion, is much better than that other place that charges a membership fee, just to ship within 2 days (their priming only revenue). Walmart ships within 2 days, and with no membership charges! I order online from Walmart all the time, so much nicer than standing in lines and loading-up carts.

  56. John

    This may be the only cooler you would ever need for camping, boating, fishing or backyard gatherings. This is truely a high performance 52 quart cooler with great extras. Had it on the back of my truck bed and it stayed in place with no sliding. It has a very tight seal with the T-handle Latches that makes it harder for My younger kids to open when I need to keep them out. Or you can simply put a lock on the stainless steel locking plate. It can be carried by a single person but once you start packing this thing up with goodies it wont be easy. So the heavy- duty handles with comfort grips came in handy when we had to walk from the car to the park with two people carring this. It has a fish ruler and four tumbler size cup holders on top. It also has an oversized drain and a bottle opener attached to it. I worked out of town for a week and used this as a mini fridge with its very large space and wire basket inside. So if you follow the directions for best results, and the ice packing guide your cooler should keep ice for seven days. I tried this and tested it for five of the 7 and it worked great making my cheap hotel room much more convenient. This has been absolutely the best cooler I have ever used or owned and I have had a few.

  57. Diane

    Ever since the first roto-molded cooler hit the market in 2006, companies have tried to come up with their own version of the product. Several years ago, I picked up one of the original band coolers (a 45 qt model) and have used it extensively ever since. This Ozark Trails 50 quart cooler is a worthy contender for the crown. Here’s how this cooler stacks up to the original:Construction – The Ozark Trail cooler I received was well made and assembled correctly. There are reviews out the noting issues with how the coolers are made or assembled. I found no problems with the one I received or others I checked at the local store. Durability – This is one tough cooler. I would trust leaving this cooler out in bear country and I feel confident that it would survive years of rugged use.Sealing – Again, others noted either drain hole or top seal leaks. My cooler had no issues here.Latches – The rubber used on the Ozark Trail latches is thinner than I would have expected on something labeled “bear proof,” but they work. While I had no problem opening and closing the latch, my wife cannot seem to get the hang of closing it.Handles – These are absolutely one of the better features of this cooler. Not only are they comfortable, but they look like they are easily replaceable. Feet – Another real winner here. My original cooler has awesome rubber pads that practically lock the cooler in place. That’s great as long as you do not need to slide the cooler around. The Ozark Trail cooler has reversible feet that give you the choice of lock in place rubber or mobile plastic.Drain – Ozark Trail has a unique two part drain. You have the traditional small opening to allow for melted ice water to be drained. There is a second, larger, drain that allows for ice cubes to be jettisoned as well. Ice Retention – Keeping things cold. This is the real reason we use coolers. If you have read the details on how coolers are tested, you know the tests don’t reflect real world usage. Filling a pre-chilled the cooler completely full of ice and then not opening it for is something that rarely if ever happens in the real world. That being said, filling the cooler with cold food and ice will easily last for a long weekend. Miscellaneous – The Ozark Trail cooler has few additional features worth noting. The lid has four “cup holders.” These are not really very deep, but they do prevent your drink from sliding off the top of the cooler. The lid also has an embedded ruler. A great feature if you are using the cooler on a job site or while out fishing. Lastly, the cooler also has a bottle opener built into the latch. It’s kinda quirky, but it works.Cost – What can I say? Compared to the original, this cooler comes in at less than half of the price.Overall, the Ozark Trail cooler is definitely worthy of a serious look. If you need a rugged cooler that you plan on keeping for a long time, you’ll have to look far and wide to find a better choice.

  58. Frances

    The Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler, Grey is a very good cooler. It has 2 easy to use handles, an insert basket for smaller items, cup holders on the top as well as a 26 inch ruler stamped on the top for measuring fish. We use it purely for beverages at outdoor gatherings. It holds a lot of ice and drinks and if you keep it closed it will stay cold and the ice will not melt for a few days (our parties aren’t that long – but sometimes we need an extra day to clean up so this works just fine for us!). The clean out spout is flush with the bottom of the cooler so all of the melted ice is easily removed without tipping the cooler over. You close this and secure it with a stretchy rubber cord that is very easy to use. The only con that I can see with this cooler is that the cup holders on the top are very shallow. If you were using this on a boat, your beverages can easily tip, but if you are on flat land, they are fine. Overall, this cooler gets 5 starts for ease of use as well as its ability to keep things cold.

  59. Craig

    Over the last 25 years I have gone through 5 hurricanes, here, in North Florida. Luckily wind damage was always minimal, however, power outages extended from five days to up to two weeks in these storms. Needless to say, I lost hundreds of dollars of refrigerated and frozen foods each time a storm knocked out our power. So, I invested some time and monies researching and purchasing the best ice chests and coolers I could afford. However, after the third day in my expensive coolers – most of the food was starting to deteriorate, and had to be consumed immediately, or, thrown away. YUK!So, having an opportunity to review an Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler in exchange for a complimentary cooler was intriguing, to say the least. My first test was to fill the Ozark Trail 52 Quart Cooler with 40 pounds of frozen, cubed ice and drinks for a football, ‘Tailgating Party’ on Saturday. The number of times that cooler at the back of my SUV was opened for a cold drink was astonishing. I kept re-filling refreshments into the ice as they were depleted. After the football game I placed the Ozark Trail Cooler on my picnic table for a Sunday Picnic with my Grand Kids. I drained some of the water from the melted ice and replenished the refreshments. Making a conservative estimate I would say by Sunday morning I lost approximately 10 pounds of the cubed ice. During our picnic the Ozark Trail Cooler was opened numerous times for beverages. By Sunday evening I drained more water from the cooler and removed any remaining refreshments. On Wednesday evening I took a pic of what ice was left after approximately 5 days. I would estimate there was approximately 15 pounds, or less, of cubed ice still in the Ozark Trail Cooler (See Attached Pic). WooHoo!Here is what I love about this Ozark Trail Cooler:** Rotomolded Construction – This seamless, one-piece construction is essential for a cooler that aims to be tough and hold ice for long periods of time.** Thick Walls – The Ozark Trails Cooler is approximately 2 to 2.5 Inches thick and is coated in a UV-resistant layer that helps to protect the cooler from sun damage over time. ** Freezer-Grade Gasket – Is what you will find on much more expensive coolers on the market. Seals the cooler top for maximum efficiency.** Strong Latches – The ‘T-latch’ design on Ozark Trail cooler provides a lot of clamping force to enable the freezer-grade gasket in the lid to seal the cooler effectively.** Stainless Steel Hardware – All of the metal components, screws, bottle opener, and strap handle hardware are stainless steel quality.** Over-sized Water Drain – The threaded drain can easily be removed and is held in place by a SS mounted chain. You can attach a garden hose to the drain from its location if you wish.** Anti-Skid Feet – The composite feet material not only provide an anti-skid feature, but, also a protecting surface for wood and other kinds of flooring materials subject to scratching.** Stainless Steel Locking Plate – Allows you to padlock your cooler for security and also doubles as a bottle opener. How cool is that?** Handy Accessories – Wire Basket to keep items cold, but out of the ice. Molded drink holders in the top lid for convenience. Fish Ruler molded into the top lid.** IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) – Seal of approval. Hopefully I will never need that feature. . . . ** Save My Food – During Power Outages caused by Hurricanes, this is my kind of Ice Cooler.I highly recommend this Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler. You certainly can pay many times more for a so-called premium cooler, but for the value and features of this Ozark Trail Cooler, it is a bargain.

  60. Charles

    I received this item for free to write a review. I’ve read mixed reviews about this item before I tried it out to decide for myself. I tested this cooler in 2 ways. I tested frozen items and items I just wanted kept cold. I filled the ice chest with ice and packed in ziplock bags of ground deer and sausage. I did notice that the cooler had a nice air tight seal. I left the cooler on my porch and the frozen meat stayed frozen for at least 3 days. It lasted 3 days in south Louisiana weather – which was in the mid 70’s that week. The cooler still had half of the ice and all the meats were frozen. My next test was with bottled and canned drinks. I opened the cooler daily about 4 or 5 times and moved the drinks around. It was 2 days before the ice started melting. The drinks were still very cold. By day 5 it was half ice and half water. The drinks were still cold. By day 7 is was cold water. I think this is an excellent cooler. It has a neutral modern design, it seals very well, and it stays very cold! I highly recommend this item!

  61. Denise

    This is the most durable, well-built cooler I’ve ever had. The outside of the lid has a raised ruler for fish measurement and 4 indents for placing cups on it (not what I would technically call a ‘cup holder’ because they could easily get knocked off but the indent does prevent them from sliding). I like the wire basket inside as well as the drain set-up (you can attach a garden hose if you like). The cooler is graded as 7 days if it’s filled entirely with ice and never opened – so for the average person you are looking at about 3-4 days with a mix of ice and drinks/food and opening it every now and then to retrieve items. This thing is heavy – even when it’s empty. It has durable handles on both sides and you would likely need two people to carry it when it’s full. (I believe the empty weight is in the 30 lb range). And let’s not forget that it is essentially bear-proof 🙂

  62. Amanda

    The 52 Quart OZARK Cooler is an superb portable cooler. I am pleased with quality of the cooler. The material used is thick for durability. I knew it was an excellent cooler from the start based upon the quality of their popular tumblers. The lid on the OZARK cooler has four built in cup holders. Also located on the lid there is a built in ruler measuring to 26 inches. I am not a fisherman, but I am sure the ruler would come in handy. The cooler has superior insulation. OZARK kept all of our iced beverages cold for 5 days straight. We eventually poured out the remaining ice. The OZARK is very heavy without ice. Once you add ice you can forget about moving the cooler anywhere. The latches and carrying handle all are made with excellent quality rubber. You won’t have to worry about the handles and latches breaking. There also on the front of OZARK is a place to add a lock to keep people out. The stopper for the drain is made of same excellent rubber as the latches and handles. The OZARK makers made sure the stopper won’t get lost. The stopper is attached to a chain. The inside of the OZARK comes with a removable basket. This is a cooler we will have for many years.

  63. Andrew

    We have a lake house and spend a lot of time on our boat. I love this cooler for use up at the lake. I like the way the top locks down. The small metal basket allows us to put things in the cooler without it getting wet. My husband loves the bottle opener. I wish the cup holder slots were a bit deeper to hold our drinks more effectively, but overall the cooler is great. Great for outdoors days!

  64. Debra

    My previous experience with a cooler was a very good experience but my idea about a cooler was complete because I never before ear about Ozark brand.When I saw the Ozark coolers at Walmart I change my mind about cooler. This is the real top of the top coolers.Super strong details everywhere. great design, long cooler, insulation for more than seven days for long-lasting storage, drink holders on the lid for use a a pic-nic or beach table, heavy duty material, heavy duty handles, and many other features for a cooler.You’ll love it and never will change for another cooler again.

  65. Aaron

    What a great cooler this one is! The Ozark 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler is the cooler I have been waiting for forever. There is a built-in bottle opener which would have come in handy on those times when I have lost or forgotten to pack an opener. Four drink holders on the lid also come in handy to keep your drinks up off the ground. There is even a ruler to measure, well whatever you need to measure – mainly fish I would say. One of the really nice features this cooler has is an over sized drain which allows you to empty the melted water quickly. There is also a smaller drain which I attach a hose to and I can empty the melted water away from the area we are occupying. I really like the handles on this cooler. They are not like other coolers which are uncomfortable on the hands. These handles are softer and make it a lot better to carry. Even heavy loads are not a strain on the hands. The literature says that the cooler is certified bear resistant. A metal tray is included. I can lock this cooler if needed also. Luckily I can not verify this as I have not had any encounters with any bears. I certainly recommend this cooler to anyone wanting a well-built cooler that keeps your items cold.

  66. Maria

    This cooler is amazing! We are loving everything about it. First of all it came quickly and packaged very well. It is extremely durable and well made. We are not people who fish but having the ability to measure fish on top of the cooler, for people who do, is pretty cool. The bottle opener is in the front where there is also the option of putting a lock on the cooler too. The latches to keep the cooler closed are rubber and we thought we’d be a bit concerned about those wearing over time but they are very thick and I can’t imagine it’s something that would happen any time soon. The walls are thick and definitely keep our drinks cold for a long period of time although we haven’t used it for over 48 hours yet. It held up that long for us though. The handles are neat because they are on nylon so they are flexible which is much more comfortable than the standard handles which have no give. The drain on the side is on a chain which is nice too in comparison to the typical plastic part that keeps those affixed and tend to break off. The cup holders on top work well and are a great convenience. We are very happy with this cooler and will be sticking with this brand for sure. They seem very in tune to what people actually need in a product.

  67. Carol

    Wow, wow, wow! This cooler looks intimidating and impressive! Simply put – it looks heavy duty and like it puts its rivals and competitors to shame. It’s not only impressive with it’s appearance, it impresses with its performance as well. This cooler is super sturdy and well made. It isn’t too heavy on its own, but once it’s loaded with beverages and ice, the comfort grip handles will be a welcomed relief once you start lugging this around. A few features I love on this cooler are the wire basket inside, the t-handle latches, the cup holders on top of the cooler, and the measuring tool on the cooler as well – nice little touch! Although the cup holders on top of the cooler are a little shallow, they’re a thoughtful touch, and they come in handy. I used this cooler as a mini-fridge on a recent road trip. My friend and I loaded the cooler with lunch meat, condiments, fruits, and veggies and hit the road. This cooler had more than enough room to accommodate our food and drinks. Not only did the food stay cold for DAYS, the ice barely melted. We lugged this into our hotel room and didn’t even bother unloading our food into the mini-fridge; we had that much confidence in the cooler. The weather was warm, but the inside of the cooler was ice cold. I am so impressed with this cooler, and I look forward to using it for years to come!

  68. Ashley

    At the risk of offering a premature review, for I only have this good looking cooler for a couple of days, but if looks are indication, it looks, weighs, and feels like a sturdy, surely made for the rugged outdoors. I hear is Bear resistant too, and it does not surprise me. Starting with the handles, which is a first of its kind for me, to the spacious interior, garden hose compatible, this cooler is what the outdoors equipment is all about. From the weight empty, this cooler might prove heavy for the average person at full capacity. From the specifications and from a little test I performed, it seems to keep ice very well. Have yet to put it to good use, but this little tank, seems cut out for the job it is intended for. The stainless steel locking plate shows the craftsmanship involved.I found that the draining hole must be properly secure to after using, it might take a little effort to return to a tight seal. The Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler looks and feels just right for years to come, and can only imagine, for now, the many times it will come in handy. 4.5 Stars.

  69. Janet

    My family does a LOT of camping as we are involved in Cub/Boy Scouts. We have used many coolers on our camp outs. This cooler is by far the best one we have used. There are many features that really stand out on the cooler. -premium insulation for long lasting ice (up to 7 days)-The handles are heavy duty molded plastic with thick straps that are long. No more pinched fingers Or hands when lifting or carrying the chest.-T-handle latches so you know the cooler is always closed properly-Oversized drain that can also connect to a garden hose for draining without moving the cooler-wire basket for food separation-has reversible anti skid feet that can be flipped for easy sliding depending on where you are going To use the cooler-you can put a key or combination lock on the front for security-heavy duty on the lidThe only negative thing I personally have about this cooler is the weight. It is about 26lbs empty. Filled it is definitely a 2 person job to move. Fortunately, Ozark Trail has a wheel kit you can purchase. As we use this cooler for camping and not boating wheels will come in handy for taking the cooler back to campsites!:)My husband says he loves everything about this cooler. I like that it is about half the price of similar coolers. We absolutely recommend this cooler.

  70. Benjamin

    I received this product from the Spark Reviewer program. I love this ice chest. It’s a bit heavy which means is very sturdy. After all it is bear proof. I love the basket inside of it to keep things from getting wet. The color is great. The features on this ice chest are awesome. You can attach a hose if you want. or unscrew the massive plug for a quick release of water for drainage. The pads on the bottom of the ice chest keeps it from sliding around. Great product. Will be buying more.

  71. Patricia

    This is the largest, heaviest cooler I have ever seen. It is the biggest cooler I have ever owned even. It has rubber grips on the bottom that make it virtually impossible to slide across the floor. You can put it in the back of a pickup truck and it will not budge an inch when you are driving. There is a metal part on the front where you can attach a lock. I don’t know if it can keep out bears, but it can keep out practically everything else. It can hold the entire contents of my freezer. This cooler is perfect for camping, tailgating, or even a backyard barbecue.

  72. Jason

    I was excited for my Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler, Grey to arrive as the cooler I had is nearly half the size of this monster. Right out of the box I was impressed and wanted to snap pictures. What struck me first though, was how heavy the lid was. It seems like it’s made of great quality items and much better than the one I have now. As I live in Florida and we have hurricane seasons, coolers are a must for every household. Not to mention, using them for the beach, camping and picnics we all have year-round. I’d say this thing would be incredible durable, and very heavy especially when full of ice, food and drinks. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with this cooler, it even has a wire rack that sits inside to keep smaller things from being in the ice and water.

  73. Melissa

    Perfect for the great outdoors; whether camping, fishing, or a picnic. Pure quality through and through. Alot of space. The cup/mug holder in top really are large. See photo: that’s a large glass. The closures in the front are well-thought out. The side handles are designed perfectly. Tough as tough can be. The rubber handles make for carrying this thing around. It’s so strong, I could sit down on it. Seriously. Now that’s a stout piece of equipment. This will probably be a forever chest that will go thru many a venture. Great deal of space/room.Comes with a great informational packet as well. A built-in ‘ruler’ in top let’s you measure fish. Sweet deal. Wow comes to mind quickly.

  74. Diane

    Ozark 52-Quart High-Performance CoolerThe Ozark 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler comes with a lot of features that are included in pricier brands, but the Ozark Cooler comes with a more affordable price tag. The cooler includes a wire basket which can be used to keep items separate from the ice which is especially useful when the ice starts to melt. It also includes four drink holders on the top of the cooler and a bottle opener as part of the locking plate. The T-handle latches that are used to close the cooler were a little difficult to latch and unlatch at first, but the latching mechanism will ensure that the cooler does not accidentally open during transit. Once I got the hang of how to operate the latches, the process became easier. The cooler has rubber-gripped handles on each end which is good because the cooler is heavy when empty and difficult to lift alone. We did not test the claim that the cooler “keeps ice for over 7 days”, but the ice did last throughout the weekend and everything inside remained cold. We did not have to use the drain plug because the ice inside was still frozen, but I like the fact that it has dual-sized drain plug that can be used with or without a garden hose. This is a sturdy cooler at a reasonable price that will be enjoyed for many years to come.This is a cooler to tell my other friends who has been looking for a dependable cooler. I am very glad that I was asked to review this item.

  75. Danielle

    Got this ice cheats for a review and I am glad I did because we needed one and it’s nice and spacious and like the cup holders at the top and it’s even got a measurement roller at the top for when u catch finish so I love this thing

  76. Madison

    Taking it camping for 4 days, like the design. We will see how it performs, plan to use block ice to achieve longevity. We also take an otter box cooler that Works like a refrigerator! I think the new cooler will do ok, its heavy which equates to well insulated!

  77. Phillip

    This cooler really is something special. I was researching different products to purchase and really started with the Yeti coolers as a comparison. I have had really great luck with the Ozark Trail insulated cups vs Yeti so I wanted to give this a try as well. For the price….it just can’t be beat. I’m not planning on keeping ice for 7 days, this would be for a day most of the time or a weekend at best. I live in Florida where the heat and humidity will render just about any cooler useless. This thing held up great!! All of the attachments (eg the handles, the drain plug, the latches) are far superior than any other cooler I have used. This is a heavy cooler though, even empty. That’s something to consider if you’re going to be moving it or carrying it long distances. They previously had a wheel kit for it but those are sold out currently and I’m not sure if they will be bringing them back in stock.

  78. Michelle

    I purchased 2 52qt coolers several months ago. I read the reviews and it did leak some. I changed the o ring and it stopped. It holds ice for several days, and I’m very pleased with my purchase and product for the money.

    Last week I was hooking up to my 5th wheel RV and it slipped out of the hitch and all 1200 lbs landed on my cooler. Having this happen in the past the RV fell on my truck bed and caused several thousand dollars in damage. This time my ozark cooler saved my truck and as a result the cooler now has battle scares. I wish I would have taken pics when the trailer was resting on the cooler but my first instinct was to lift it off. It was crushed in and I thought my cooler was ruined. The caved in lid popped out and still works as if new. Now I have a reminder to help me make sure the RV is locked in and can’t fall out when I use it again. I have not used any other coolers like the Yeti or rtic but would
    Highly recommend the Ozark Trails as the best bang for the money.


  79. Bryan

    I purchased this cooler last saturday and used it all week outside in the sun. It worked great all week and kept ice great. But After one day of it being in the sun, I noticed that it was warped on the lid. It seemed that the longer it was exposed to the heat, the bigger the warp got. I took it back to Walmart and they exchanged it for a new one. Solid cooler for the price you pay vs. the price of other comparable coolers.

  80. Jesse

    This cooler is amazing. We have been very pleased with it from the start. We just traveled to my wife’s Dad’s house, its a 14 and a half-hour drive. We packed some meat on ice and there was very little ice melted when we arrived. I could not be happier. The cooler itself is extremely strong made. I weigh 230 pounds and I can stand on it and it doesn’t give. I would highly recommend this cooler to my family and friends. For you beer drinkers, it has a built-in bottle opener. The rubber feet are a good non-skid effect. The rubber lid latches are very solid similar to the old army jeep hood latches, and the dual drainage cap, with large fast drain or garden hose compatible connection is a handy addition. This is a Yeti at less than half the price!

  81. Julie

    We went camping this past weekend and this cooler worked out perfectly. It’s very solid and on the heavier side so we just left in our trunk since we were able to drive up to our campsite. We packed loose ice throughout the cooler (although we should’ve put ice packs on the bottom AND top is the proper way) and they stayed solid for a few days. This cooler is a good size that had a lot of space for storing our food and drinks. There is even a basket that you can put smaller items into. The suction part of the lid is tight so there is some resistance when opening. We didn’t use the strap down to secure since we weren’t leaving it out on the campsite but it is a nice feature that prevents bears from opening the cooler. The price on Walmart.com is much cheaper compared to similar styles on other competitor websites.

  82. Lawrence

    Bought this cooler a couple of weeks ago and just had the opportunity to use it camping this past weekend. I filled it full of ice with a few food items last Thursday. I used several scoops out of it to add to another cooler I had with drinks and also used ice for drinks. It’s now 7 days later and it still is 1/3 full and that is with the top was unlatched for 2 of those days. I’m sure the ice will last another 2 or 3 days based on what I’m seeing. Well worth the money IMO.

  83. Rose

    We do several expedition type 4×4 trips a year. I always wanted a high performance cooler but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price. This cooler and price combination couldn’t be beat! Performance on par with any of the big name brands and it lives up to the hype.

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