Ozark Trail Premium 24-Can Cooler

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The Ozark Trail 24-Can Premium Cooler is the ultimate solution for any outdoor enthusiast. Featuring a durable design constructed with easy-to-clean 600D coated material and an EVA compression molded base, you can be sure that your ice, ice-cold beverages, and ice treats stay exactly that. Plus, with its 24-can capacity, you’ll be able to pack …

The Ozark Trail 24-Can Premium Cooler is the ultimate solution for any outdoor enthusiast. Featuring a durable design constructed with easy-to-clean 600D coated material and an EVA compression molded base, you can be sure that your ice, ice-cold beverages, and ice treats stay exactly that. Plus, with its 24-can capacity, you’ll be able to pack up on everything you’ll need for a day’s outing in the great outdoors. Additional features include a neoprene shoulder strap for your carrying comfort, a built-in bottle opener for your convenience, and attachment points that allow you to clip on anything that comes to mind. Be the envy of any outing with an Ozark Trail 24-Can Premium Cooler.

Ozark Trail Premium 24-Can Cooler:

  • Made from-easy-to-clean 600D coated material
  • Spacious interior fits 24 cans plus ice
  • Bottle opener attachment point
  • Front accessory pocket
  • EVA compression molded base
  • Removable neoprene-padded shoulder strap
  • Available in Gray, Green, and White color options (Green and White colors are exclusive to Walmart.com)
  • Interior lining is 100% heat sealed but the zippers are NOT leak-proof


Brand Ozark Trail
Assembled Product Weight 3 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number OT-0024-2S
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.00 x 12.00 x 10.00 Inches
  1. Vincent

    This is my review on the Ozark Trail Premium 24 can cooler. This seems to be a heavy duty cooler. The zippers seem sturdy and the straps seem like they should hold up very well. I got this cooler yesterday about 3 pm and it has been almost 24 hours and there is still plenty of ice inside of the cooler. It is nice to carry this type of cooler when I have to take snack to the school for my kids and for basketball games. This cooler is pretty solid so I’m not sure it can be folded up to slide under a seat or something but it’s not near as hard to hide as the old fashioned hard coolers. I recommend this product for sure.

  2. Judy

    This is just so perfect for my busy family. Whether we are spending the day at soccer games, or taking it with us when we take off for the weekend to go camping.This cooler is great!For weekend trips, I fill the cooler with cans and bottles, then add ice. We left on a Friday night, and the remanding cans were still cold on Sunday. That is amazing.It comes with a thick, padded strap that doesn’t dig into your shoulder when carrying. The zipper is excellent quality. It’s nice and large which makes it so easy to open and close. It’s so easy to clean with a little dish soap and water.It holds 24 cans but it also keeps cool your food. It really holds so much! We bring it along to our sons games and keep orange slices, filled sippy cups, and it keeps everything cold and handy. Love that we can take with us on long travels and it keeps veggies and the fruit nice and cold, perfect when your driving with little ones.

  3. Roger

    Got this as a review product review and loved how durable the. My food is staying cool In the cooler like it should. I have put a 12 cans in it and it held them very while and they stay cold

  4. Daniel

    I recieved this product for my honest rating and review.I recieved 1- Ozark Trail Premium 24-Can Cooler.The cooler has a bottle opener, a fro t assessory pocket, a padded removable shoulder strap, and a thick foam insulation to keep contents cold. It will keep your cans cold for 2 days, holds 24 cans, and 15 pounds of ice.I love this beautiful looking cooler and plan on getting lots of use out of it during my patio party. I rate it 5 out of 5.

  5. Michelle

    I love this cooler. It’s extremely spacious and can store a lot at once. I also love the color it’s a Smokey grey color that I really love. I went fishing and was able to fit my lunch, dinner and drinks all into one bag.

  6. Jose

    We took this cooler on a trip in the truck and it was great! We could just reach back and unzip and grab a cool drink. The ice doesn’t last forever and when it spun around upside down, it did leak a little. But over all a great product, just keep it upright!

  7. Tyler

    This cooler is awesome. It is a nice study material, but isn’t super heavy. I used it when we went to the ballpark. We filled it up with ice & drinks and literally 3-4 hours later when I went in for a water there was still a ton of ice! It fit a 12 pack easily and I’m sure you could double up to really fit 24 cans inside. My husband is excited to use it when we go camping. I have both a Yeti & Hydro Flask coolers and this does just as good of a job!

  8. Helen

    I love this cooler. it has a comfortable shoulder strap which makes it a lot easier to carry.I love the fact that it can keep your drinks cold for up to 2 days. It also has a bottle opener built in. How handy is that!

  9. Judith

    I really enjoyed this cooler. I love the war it is designed and how it looks.. it can fit 24 can of soda or a six pack of bottled sodas as well. And it keeps it cold for a long time also. I am very impressed. And glad I have it

  10. Judith

    This cooler has a descent size, the strap is a plus … My only problem is that the zip is hard to use… Other than that the cooler is good convenient for parks and beaches or even road trips…

  11. Julie

    Arrived quickly and is what i expected. Appears to be sturdy enough on pontoon boat

  12. Juan

    The website lists this as 18 gallon, it is not that large, it is 18 quart.

  13. Maria

    The cooler is perfect for going on road trips.It can hold a good amount of drinks and food.It also keeps the food and drinks cool.The material inside is very hard but smooth.

  14. Carolyn

    I recieved 1- Ozark Trail 24 can premium cooler. It contains a built in bottle opener, front accessory pocket, a padded removable strap, and covered with a thick insulated foam to keep anything in the cooler cold for 2 days when kept in a 72° environment.This cooler is the perfect size for me to take some beverages with me and I don’t have to worry about it being to heavy to carry. I love it and rate it 5 out of 5.

  15. Anthony

    This is an incredibly durable can cooler! It has thick insulation you can feel, and keeps cans cold for quite a long time. I love the fact that it has a can opener attached to the exterior of the cooler. It is very handy and very nice to always have one available if you need it. The zipper is somewhat difficult to open and close, but I think that is because once it is zipped, it is completely sealed so if there are any leaks on the inside, it won’t leak out of the cooler. I also think it is because it is a thick, heavy duty zipper. It is also very easy to clean. Overall I am very impressed with this cooler and I highly recommend it!

  16. Lisa

    This cooler was purchased to replace the same cooler I bought two years ago. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but both my husband and I work at WalMart and each of us opened that cooler to get something to eat or drink at our two beaks and a lunch every day…five days a week…52 weeks a year…for TWO years!! The nylon zipper just finally gave up. The only other problem we had with it was with a pad for your shoulder that slides up and down the strap. It got frayed-out on one seam, but not to where it was a problem. This time—even before we’ve used it—I have used a needle and thread to sew a few well-placed stitches through the pad and into the strap to hold it where it belongs…hoping to keep wear to a minimum.
    This cooler kept things cold for us as long as 14 hours, easy to clean, a place for everything, durable. THAT”S WHY I GOT ANOTHER ONE EXACTLY LIKE IT!

  17. Teresa

    Just got this cooler last week and took it on vacation with us over the weekend.
    For this price I don’t think you could find a better quality cooler.
    It was easy to stack cans, bottles and food containers inside and keep them cold for a long time.
    The carrying strap was sturdy and made it easy to carry while all the side compartments made it quite versatile.

  18. Christine

    My husband loves to use this cooler for his lunch box. I bought 4 to have extra on hand when he wears the new one out. It has extra pouches on the front, sides, and zippered top. It’s oversized for a normal person’s lunch box, but he’s a tall, big guy who takes his water, tea, lunch, and snacks. It also fits a few handy tools and newspaper as well. The hard liner on the inside is great also.

  19. Sara

    Best cooler for the size and price is great too!
    I love the expanding top and the liner makes it last so much longer. This isn’t my first one of these and It won’t be the last.

  20. Kimberly

    Got this for my husband to carry his lunch in – nice, big and has room for all his snacks, lunch, and a compartment for medicines, etc. Great purchase. Well worth the price.

  21. Kevin

    This is a well designed cooler for the on the go family. I love the plentiful pockets…mesh side pockets and two zippered front pockets. The top portion of the cooler and be expanded by unzipping it. The top of the cooler unzips to provide dry storage for items such sandwiches. The hard liner inside the cooler makes cleanup so easy…no more dumping the cooler, cleaning the corners and stitching and leaving out to dry. The hardliner removes to be easily wiped out or thoroughly cleaned when needed. This is just a well designed cooler that meets many needs. Also, the price can not be beat…compared to competitors, the cooler beats them in value every time.

  22. Sandra

    Came quickly for in store pickup and is quite roomy inside. The hard liner assures that no runoff from ice or liquids will penetrate the outer fabric which is good quality but the seams can soak up water and in time can compromise them. All in all a great deal for a large cooler that is only collapsible with the hard liner removed.

  23. Christian

    So far it is working well as a lunchbox for my husband who is in construction. it replaces his last one which lasted two years. This one feels a little more cheaply made I hope that it lasts as long as the previous one But it keeps his food and drinks cold even when very hot outside so we are happy so far

  24. Donna

    This is the second one that I have owned. I use it 5 days a week. The last one lasted over a year before one of the zippers broke. I open it several times a day so I thought a year was very good and the price is awesome. I love all the different compartments.

  25. Charles

    We bought these for use on the boat. There is a lot of room for drinks for the day, plus snacks and other stuff too.

  26. Robert

    Really like it, nice size. Has a compartment for food in the top. Won’t leak with the hard inside liner. Holds ice well. I have another one of these the 24 can size. I’ve had it for over 5 years. Really like these coolers.

  27. Joseph

    I make lunch for two people and this Ozark Trail 36-can cooler is just the right size for the bowls that I use for these lunches and the drinks the I send with the food.

  28. Eric

    This review is based solely on just receiving the item, and not on usage yet. I am about to take a long 3 day train trip and am mobility impaired. I needed something that would fit on my wheeled walker, so dimensions were super important. I am diabetic, so size was important as I must carry very large containers of ice to keep insulin cold. I cannot walk around easily, so I needed a container that also had lots of storage room for me to use for food and drink. I did not want to pay the exorbitant cost of food the train provides. This cooler met every expectation I had for the product. It fit my walker to a tee. It had more than enough storage space. It is attractive too, with easy zips, another plus since I also have arthritic fingers. The strap appears to be extra thick and strong, which is important since it will be mainly secured to my walker with the strap. Now, the only test will come with how well it holds the cold with several gallon jugs of ice inside, as well as accompanying cold packs to be used once the ice melts. Overall, first impression is extremely favorable.

  29. Joe

    This is the only cooler my husband will use! We have bought several of them over the years. Hes a trucker so it homd everything he needs, food, beverages, paper work and all his contacts/glasses and everything else he needs. Will continue to buy them as ling as you sell them

  30. Jordan

    This is a nice size, nice-prized cooler. It fit more than enough drinks for the children which is what I was looking for.

  31. Jane

    With a few ice packs in the container, my items seem like they’re straight out of refrigerator even after 8 hours.

  32. Victoria

    Bought this cooler and didn’t expect too much, but it is a great size and light weight and keeps things nice and cool.

  33. Catherine

    Everything I wanted. So much storage and compartments but not too big – just the right size for a family picnic.

  34. Kimberly

    This cooler is basic, but awesome. We got green, and it is the perfect shade. It is so much bigger than you think, so be sure you know what you are buying before you buy it!

  35. Judy

    The size is great it cool really quick the drinks for long time.

  36. Philip

    Will use this every day this summer takung the grandkids to the pool.

  37. Elizabeth

    Works great and holds a 30 pack with extra room. Comes with a liner too.

  38. Dylan

    The Ozark cooler is just the right size and is easy to carry.

  39. Roy

    Quality item that I use as a lunch box.

  40. Peter

    Spacious, sturdy, many compartments. Works well to pack breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  41. Samantha

    Extremely satisfied with this product

  42. Alan

    Used this for our trip to the beach. Worked great and kept everything cold!!

  43. Alexander

    nice storage compartments very big for a lunch bag real good for beach

  44. Martha

    great quality. we now own 4

  45. Betty

    good and cheap

  46. Margaret

    I am posting this review as part of my entry in Walmart’s Ratings and Reviews Contest. We’ve had one of these for years, and have used it a ton. It’s a great size to put behind the seat on road trips, and it fits well in the bottom of our double stroller and wagon for day trips. I can fit lunch for myself and 4 kids in it. I love the expandable top for things like hotdog buns. The mesh pockets are great for water bottles, sunglasses, or a container of wet wipes.

  47. Ralph

    Had a smaller cooler, same brand which had a velcro flap in lid so you could get a drink without opening entire lid. This is the only option missing from this cooler which I would have liked.

  48. Cynthia

    My husband is a truck driver, and is away from home every other day. This cooler holds a cold wrap type ice pack as well as one designed to fit around cans, and one medium sized block type. We fit glass containers of leftovers so he can heat them in his 12v food warmer he got at the truck stop, 2 dinners worth… a breakfast one, and a sandwich for lunch… as well as some fresh fruit, yogurt, utensils, and other goodies. The side pockets are good for extras here and there too. It keeps the cold stuff cold for 2 days when it’s packed well. We had to get this one to replace the first because the entry zipper went off track, and I honestly didn’t feel like trying to repair it. We got almost 2 years of daily use out of it, so well worth the money.

  49. Jessica

    This replaces the Ozark Trail cooler my husband drove over last week! It’s a bit of a drive to the market, so I depend on this cooler to keep meats/milk/produce safe, even if I run some extra errands. The hard liner prevents leaks from soaking through to the upholstery and cleans with the swipe of a damp cloth. Slip the strap over the backseat headrest and it keeps things from shifting around or tipping over. It’s a great place to stow things out of sight – like a camera or laptop. For $18 bucks, there’s no reason to be without one.

  50. Frank

    I bought this cooler as a gift for our son and his family to take on a car trip.
    They liked the one I had, and requested it. This one is almost exactly the same as mine, just four years newer. I am sure they will find it essential for trips to the beach with their kids.

  51. Janet

    I have a residential cleaning service. I bought 8 of these bags for the employees to put all of the cleaning products in, plus our cleaning rags. It is a great bag to store all of our products & not worry about them falling out. With the hard liner, all of our products stay in place, we just zip it up & we are on to the next house ! LOVE THEM ! Please continue to sell these bags !

    I know this bag was designed for 36 cans of beverage of your choice however be open to new ideas for it !

  52. Deborah

    My husband works 12 to 16 hr shifts at a plant so we need to insure his food n drinks stay cold and there is enough room for 2cans. ewater bottles, 2 to 3 food containers along with one large ice pack on the bottom and two smaller ones in between drinks etc as well as easy access secure pockets to stick stuff in s when hands are full and are in a hurry, this cooler does the job, it’s the 3rd one in 4 years, one the zipper broke and the other I confiscated for my truck to put cold items when i have stops to make after getting groceries. We are a family fan however i would suggest in the future they should improve the zipper quality especially the main zipper to access the inside of the cooler.

  53. Benjamin

    ight weight cooler. Holds a lot. Plenty of pockets. Expandable top. I like that the top zippered area is separate from the cooler portion where others are separated by netting. Your wallet, keys or whatever won’t get wet in the top. Good cooler for a low price.

  54. Patricia

    This product works extremely well for carrying my medical equipment.ie: my portable”Oxygen Concentrator”.The removable inner hard liner works well to protect my machine.The zip compartments have ample room hold my supplies.

  55. Jack

    Although the cooler (empty) is lightweight, it is a heavyweight on functionality. Hold a LOT inside the cooler easily, plus has outside pockets to hold extras. And the expandable zippered top is great, too. Well worth buying, plus it looks nice.

  56. Betty

    This is a large cooler with a small extended insulated compartment on top to place small food items, 2 side pockets, and a large dry pocket for napkins/utensils etc. It’s perfect for traveling, park events, camping or the beach.

  57. Cheryl

    I like the hard liner. It does not fold down to save space but worth it. The liner prevents leaks and helps keep contents cool or hot. My Sam’s Club is over an hour away and this cooler is handy to keep frozen foods from thawing on the trip home.

  58. Emily

    Roomy and perfect for what I wanted, without being a large hard-bodied ice-chest (more than I needed). I prefer the soft-body (with hard liner) that I can carry over my shoulder. I use it with freezer packs instead of ice; to keep food cool but not ice-cold.

    Don’t know how this strap would hold up with 36 cans of anything, plus ice. But I haven’t read of any problems in the comments. Even without all that; loaded with all my foods and smoothies for a weekend trip (to my hosts’ home and refrigerator) plus the freezer packs to keep things cool-cold till I get to my destination; it’s still pretty heavy and I’ve had no problems.

    Plus the red color looks great. Really love this bag’s size and functionality! And you can’t beat the price.

  59. Ronald

    My husband works on the Railroad. He uses this to take his food with him. This is the only one we buy. We love it! Thanks

  60. Henry

    I like the ability to unzip the top to expand the top so I can really pack in the drinks, ice and deli items I want for a great picnic.

  61. Juan

    Second one!! Had the last one for years and years. Used EVERY day in summer and often in other seasons. Outstanding.

  62. Timothy

    Love the insulated bag. It’s a very large lunch bag. Hopefully the zipper holds up longer than the last one.

  63. Rachel

    My daughter bought one and I loved the size and the weight of it. I am able to carry on my shoulder. I liked hers so much I bought one myself.

  64. Virginia

    The size is perfect! So much room!
    The pockets are great for phone cords and other little things you need throughout the day. Love it!

  65. Sharon

    I love these I use it as my Work lunch bag . I unable to find it at my local Walmart so was glad I was able to find it on line

  66. Kyle

    I was looking for a snack and sandwich holder for day trips and overnight stays, when traveling by car etc. Its was excellent for what I needed.

  67. Jack

    This large capacity cooler is great. The hardliner makes for easy cleanup if any contents spills. It really can hold a lot.

  68. Richard

    Besides using as a cooler, going to use for an emergency kit for my pets, just in case. Able to put in dog/cat dishes, food

  69. Kevin

    My previous ones had a small access door on the lid so you didn’t have to open it every time . My fault for not noticing but still a good cooler.

  70. Ralph

    This works really great . I take it to the pool every weekend. It is just a little heavy when it is full, but that would not be a deal breaker.

  71. Willie

    The cooler is nice but Wal-Mart sent me the wrong color! Too much trouble to exchange just because of the color! Other than that, niceproduct.

  72. Mark

    Works just fine. I don’t see the point of the expandable compartment in at the top, but who knows, I might want to store something ‘separately’, outside the hardliner area, at some point in the future .

  73. Jack

    Great bag and a lot of room for lots of water in the summer heat.

  74. Marilyn

    Like theses coolers because they have removable case inside that we can take out and wash.

  75. Joan

    Great price! Fast shipping! Bigger than I thought it would be.

  76. Larry

    I like this carrying bag. It comes in handy, and can hold a lot of stuff. Glad I purchased it!

  77. Martha

    This cooler is a great size for the low price. Has many compartment and features

  78. Cynthia

    FIVE STARS!! I am a delivery driver for Uber Eats, and this bag holds hot food.

  79. Peter

    wonderful service and great item

  80. George

    I am replacing an old cooler just like this one which i have used for years.

  81. Ashley

    The cooler is very roomy and can transport plastic containers with room to spare.

  82. Bryan

    Great lightweight filler with lots of storage space-well made!

  83. Arthur

    Solid construction and lots of room. Can’t beat it for the price.

  84. Denise

    works great my son likes it.

  85. Teresa

    Nice size with plenty of pockets.

  86. Russell

    I like it very, very much.

  87. Doris

    Bought this to use at the beach. Plenty of room for a full day of beach food for a family of four

  88. Peter

    Just the right size for the beach

  89. Scott

    Lots of room!l

  90. Linda

    Cooler is well made

  91. Christopher

    This bag holds enough drinks and a lunch to keep you happy when you spend the day on the water

  92. Alexander

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