Pyle PP444 Ultra-Compact Phono Turntable Preamp

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This Pyle Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Preamp stands up to the test and will provide you with serious sound performance. It’s ideal for bringing your studio equipment’s phono-level output to a more suitable line-level output. It’ll take your audio signal, amplify its strength, and prepare it for further processing by your receiver or amplifier. Converts …

This Pyle Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Preamp stands up to the test and will provide you with serious sound performance. It’s ideal for bringing your studio equipment’s phono-level output to a more suitable line-level output. It’ll take your audio signal, amplify its strength, and prepare it for further processing by your receiver or amplifier.

  • Converts Phono Signals To Line Level Signals
  • State Of The Art Circuitry Accommodates Magnetic Pickups
  • Ultra-Low Noise Operation Improves Sound Performance
  • Connects To Turntables And Other Studio Equipment
  • Input Sensitivity: 3 MV At 50 K Ohms
  • Dedicated RCA And 1/4 In. Output Connectors
  • Output: 2-Volt Max At 10 K Ohms
  • DC 12-Volt Power Adapter Included
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz To 20 KHz +/-2 DB
  • S/N Ratio: 70 DB
  • Load Impedance: 10 K Ohms
  • Includes Manual And DC 12-Volt Power Adapter
    1. Betty

      Way better than you would expect for the price.

    2. Dennis

      I purchased this is a replacement for a more expensive unit that didn’t work very well. My hopes were up but my expectations were limited. This unit exceeded both, great buy.

    3. Mildred

      Works well for the intended purpose w/ turntable

    4. Virginia

      this product dose exactly what its supposed to do and it dose an amazing job with my old pioneer turntable from 76 just wow I’m amazed I really am

    5. Sean

      Does the job!! Great price as well!

    6. Harry

      Works really good, but could use a gain control knob, for my use it almost boosted the signal too much, but I am not using it with a phono input, still a very good value.

    7. Marilyn

      When I first received the PylePro, my first thought was, “This is so small, how could it possibly do what I want it to do?” But its output was fabulous. I connected it to my turntable and then to my computer so I could transfer some old vinyl records to the computer. The hook-up was so simple because the PylePro is labeled so clearly, and the transfer went smoothly, and the recording was great. I was pleased to introduce the members of my computer club to a device that at long last was simple and easy to use.

    8. Cynthia

      I needed a preamp for my turntable because I have a newer amp that did not have an input for one. Found this one on the internet and ordered it from Walmart. The price was right. I received it in a few days, opened the box, connected it up and worked well right out of the box. I love to listen to my records again. For the price, this is a great buy.

    9. Daniel

      I bought a Victrola Phonograph. Knowing nothing about Bluetooth, I expected this Victrola to be capable of external Bluetooth speakers. It was not. Bluetooth in Victrola was a receiver only. I needed to first add the PreAmp, then an Aluratec Bluetooth sender. I bought a Bluetooth speaker from WalMart and was able to pair them. Now I have a remote speaker for my Victrola. No problem of any kind with the PreAmp. The PreAmp plugged directly into the RCA jacks on the rear of the Victrola. And the Aluratec plugged into the PreAmp.

    10. Tiffany

      I like the product I’m able to listen to my records again but the only thing it lacks is an on and off button other then that I like it

    11. Elizabeth

      This is a great stopgap if you dont want to spend money on a more powerful preamplifier. It would also be useful for simply testing an older player through a newer receiver.
      Once it was connected it works great, but the output leaves something to be desired. I would only just barely call it loud, even with my stereo cranked all the way up. For the price I paid I’m pleased.

    12. Douglas

      Works as expected. Quietly adapts the old phono level to line level to allow connection to my home theater system auxiliary input.

    13. Judy

      This pre-amp for my turntable worked as desired. Terrific price and simple ordering and pickup process.

    14. Grace

      As promised, great price, came quickly. Very satisfied. Hooked to a 1974 turntable and sounds great.

    15. John

      This little box just works well. No adjustments to worry about. Just plug everything in and it is good to go.

    16. Christian

      Dont expect sound to be as loud as digital input. Requires volume to be turned up about 50 % more than a cd/dvd or cable tv volume

    17. Rose


    18. Joyce

      Works great! My receiver did not have a phono input (like many receivers of this age) so I purchased this to use my turntable again. Just plugged it in and my old turntable is operational.

    19. Angela

      The product is good and works the way I needed it to.

    20. Debra

      Easy connection for vintage cartridge/turntable to soundbar.

    21. Ashley

      This preamp was easy to hook up and met all my exspectations.

    22. Patricia

      Works well. I like the small size.

    23. Jordan

      This little device seems pretty well made and certainly solves the niche problem of trying to connect an old school turntable to a standard RCA jack.

    24. Christopher

      Simple plug-ins and small size make this an excellent way to connect my turntable to my speakers. Easy as pie.

    25. Juan

      The PP444 sounds great mated with a Shure V-15 Type II cartridge mounted in a Benjamine Miracord turntable. Be sure to connect the seprate ground wire from the turntable to the PP444 to remove any AC hum. And you can’t beat the price.

    26. Joan

      Had turntable and a big box of records stored for 20 years. Decided to listen to some oldies. Had to replace belt on turntable, but then realized that new audio/video receivers don’t have phono (pre-amp) input jacks. This low cost unit does the trick and is easy to connect. I can’t give technical specs on noise level, amplification, etc. but it produces clear sound (as clear as you can get with vinyl, anyway) and I don’t have to crank up the volume on the receiver to hear. Overall, an inexpensive way to listen to my oldie goldies once again. Be sure that you have an available input option for your receiver. We have a TV antenna, so used the cable/satellite input port. Could have used the media player port, but already have a CD player connected to that.

    27. Betty

      The unit is small and compact and appears to be well constructed. The volume gain is moderet but gets the job done. The frequency response is good as is the channel separation. Overall a good solution for the price.

    28. Heather

      Works perfectly with no noise or feedback. Seems to be of high quality and should last many years. Just plug it in and play records–what could be simpler? Fast shipping and great price also.

    29. Janice

      Replaced an old 80’s preamp suspected of causing various hum , noise problems with the Pyle PP444. Application is using upgraded low impedance magnetic tone arm cartridge on old juke box with hi impedance input tube amp. Couldn’t ask for better at this price point. its small size made mounting/ placement easy.

    30. Timothy

      My Optimus turntable has a magnetic cartridge with no built in pre-amp so the simple plug-ins and small size made this an excellent way to connect my turntable to my amplifier achieving the gain that I needed.

    31. Timothy

      Seems to work as desired.

    32. Mildred

      Exactly what I was looking for, took me less than 3 minutes to set it up and the sound was great.

    33. Kathryn

      so far, it works as described.

    34. Kimberly

      Audio quality was just okay. Would not buy another one.

    35. Dennis

      Easy to hook up convenient to use light weight and portable.

    36. Stephen

      Great price, free shipping, arrived one day earley, works as expected.

    37. Joyce

      Easy hookup – the 1/4″ plug allowed me to check with headphones

    38. Dylan

      Works great. Small footprint.

    39. William

      I use these low cost units to amplify new cartridge on record players that have crystal cartridges that have gone bad.

    40. Jessica

      Price. Ease of use.

    41. Walter

      Great product for price

    42. Samuel

      Works great……..

    43. Jose

      Great product

    44. Danielle

      Just received and hooked up. Works great, sounds good, and no hum with proper installation!

    45. Mark

      Needs hook up instructions.Otherwise works fine.

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