Sony XS-R1646 6.5″ 4 way speakers

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Blast out your favorite songs with the XS-R1646 4-way speakers. Featuring a mica matrix cone woofer for punchy bass, and high-power handling for pumping up the volume without affecting sound quality.Mica matrix cone woofer for deep, powerful bass; High-power handling with 270W max. and 50W RMS; Super tweeter for high frequency extension; Ideally designed for …

Blast out your favorite songs with the XS-R1646 4-way speakers. Featuring a mica matrix cone woofer for punchy bass, and high-power handling for pumping up the volume without affecting sound quality.Mica matrix cone woofer for deep, powerful bass; High-power handling with 270W max. and 50W RMS; Super tweeter for high frequency extension; Ideally designed for Sony head units with EXTRA BASS circuitry; Space-saving, easy-to-install design
  1. Paul

    Speakers were easy to install in my Chevy Colorado and sound fantastic – can’t complain about the price , either !

  2. Thomas

    Great for blasting metal in the morning! I love the bass!!

  3. Jordan

    These are fairly easy to install. They come with basically everything you need, minus a clip or two for door paneling. Work well and look nice. Overall a good value.

  4. Alexander

    The sound quality is Great! Love my music again.

  5. Gary

    This Sony XS-R1646 6.5 4 way speakers was pretty easy to install. Following the directions and lay out on the packaging even for someone like me who has never done it before. I do notice much more bass and a clearer crisp sound.

  6. Jerry

    I’ve always loved Sony products, so it was no surprise that I’d like these speakers, they have a good sound and wasn’t had to install. I would definitely buy again. They are nice looking speakers as well.

  7. Bryan

    Price and quality. Great crisp sound with bass for a low price.

  8. Jose

    I’m in Heaven with the sound from these speakers.

  9. Patricia

    Had the speaker installed and it was easy to put in and it fit perfectly. When I put in this speaker the words from the songs were clearer and you can understand it better than the pioneers that I had from before. The base on the speaker as well was good. Glad that the installation was easy and quick. You can literally do this installation by yourself

  10. Sarah

    The sony xs 4 way speakers is an amazing product andd i love how is easy it was to put in the car . Definentley reccomend to anyone looking for a 4 way speakers.

  11. Harold

    I love my new speakers they are super great quality. ! I highly recommend them! Definitely loud enough and they don’t sound muffled like my last speakers. Definitely a good product.

  12. Shirley

    The sound quality, bass and clarity was exactly what I expected from Sony brand. I would definitely recommend these to anyone in the market for new speakers.

  13. Ethan

    I installed today in my car ,great experience , this is amazin I heard today songs that i has been listening all my live and I notice today sound tha i did not heard before.

  14. Samuel

    Just like their tv’s—top quality and impressive—-you win again Sony!

  15. Denise

    Sony never disappoints! I was really hesitant to attempt updating the speakers in my Jeep for multiple reasons, but I can’t stress enough how glad I am now that I did! I’ve never really replaced electrical anything in my Jeep, but to my surprise the installation was much easier than I had anticipated. The directions that are provided are not only written clearly and easily understood, but they also provide you with a visual/ picture to follow along with. Once installed I was amazed at how clear they sound and the bass.. omg! So much better than my old ones and I can finally hear my favorite songs again! Great job Sony!

  16. Tiffany

    good, though I had to disconnect tweeters due too much treble. It added middle range plus kick in my Honda Odyssey 2014

  17. Judith

    Picked these up to replace the stock speakers in my 05 Civic, had to make some modifications to my door a.k.a. self tapping screws. Good sound, good bass, really easy install. Came with the screws, little clip things, and pigtails. I WOULD recommend getting a better headunit/stereo to really make these sound optimal but running a stock headunit/stereo these still push out great sound. Would buy again, especially at this price. (Currently $39.99)

  18. Sharon

    bought these to go with a pioneer head unit plenty of power to push these speakers also added a duel sub nice system.

  19. Joyce

    These speakers do the job it’s supposed to do, they are clear, loud, they fit perfect in my car. Easy to install, if you need help there is a number they provide, if not you can always YouTube it. They came in brand new and well protected.

  20. Tiffany

    Really good sounding speakers that can put out some bass but clear vocals at the same time. Extremely easy to install. Just plug and play and ready to roll. Would recommend these to anyone looking to replace there factory speakers

  21. Judy

    Pretty standard and compatibe speakers for my Chevrolet. Black sleek look, these SONY brand speakers are a great choice if looking to upgrade or simply update your car audio. I’d say this highlights bass sound which is what I mainly enjoy when listening to music while driving. For anyone who is intimidated by installing these on your own, don’t be! The reason being is because this product has CLEAR instructions (both visual an text) on how to do so, and even then they provided a phone number AND someone’s email for any questions/concerns. I’m familiar with the basics when if comes to this but far from a professional but I did have help, it’s safe to say you’ll be able to properly install these yourself. This is a size 6″ 1/2 (6.5) 16cm which is an ideal size. 4 way speakers. This contains a mica matrix cone woofer for those who enjoy a good noticiable bass. Average of 50 watts RMS of power handling. Max power you’ll get from these is 540 which is enough for me considering I have kids, maybe not enough for those who just drive by themselves.

  22. Amber

    I always thought car speakers with good base were really expensive but these speakers have much better sound than the original speakers. The thought of installation made me nervous I’ve never installed speakers or really anything in a car and neither had my boyfriend he read the instructions though and figured it out so I guess they aren’t too complicated but I’m not sure I would have felt confident in my own just cause it’s really not my thing but they do have an installation help line and the speakers are a nice jet black they look cool I’m pleased.

  23. Virginia

    These were pretty easy to install in my Jeep. The sound quality was a lot better then expected. They are loud and clear like I wanted. Very simple instructions and if you get lost just call the number listed in the packaging. They are nice enough that you can leave them uncovered like I did.

  24. Carl

    My Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the factory premium speaker system needed a little extra for when the top was off as the wind noise would drown it all out. I replaced the 5.25″ factory speakers in the rollbar sound pods with these 6.5″ speakers. No cutting was necessary as the screw holes lined up and the Sony speakers fit in the hole perfectly. I did have to use longer screws though, but that wasn’t a big deal. Now, I can hear parts of the music that I couldn’t before at 65mph and no top. I liked them so much that I’m replacing the 4″ dash corner speakers with the matching 5.25″ (or 4×6″) versions of the Sonys and replacing my old other brand media player with a DSX-B700 Media player that I just ordered. Now if only Sony made a 6.5″ subwoofer that would mount in the factory location in the console.

  25. Walter

    Wow! What a difference. The other speakers were on 35 and these are on 12 and same loudness coming out. So glad we purchased. Easy to install too.

  26. Rose

    I bought these speakers about a month ago. The bass in them are amazing as i expected cuz there Sony and there at such low price I have these and there 6×9 by Sony and there the perfect match. I also have the Sony xb41. the best Bluetooth speaker on the market

  27. Cheryl

    good sound and good qaulity brand

  28. David

    The sound quality is fantastic

  29. Timothy

    Nice and good sound on my 2005 Honda Civic

  30. Martha

    The highs and lows on these speakers are equally impressive. I’m surprised at the bass these speakers put off but I still would not recommend going with out a subwoofer if you really like music like I do. I listen to pretty much everything except qrap, but I mostly listen to Rock and Electronica.

  31. Christine

    Easy enough to install but lacking the bass my stock speakers had. Your clue here is the range 60-24k hz…..60 isn’t very low. Also a clue….wt is 22 oz – more bass usually requires more magnet and that = more weight.

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